TeeCee’s List Of Her Most Hateable Housewives

RHONJ Melissa Florida

By TeeCee

My criteria for people in general relied on their moral code. More on that as you read the list. Or don’t read it. I could not care less either way. Loyalty, fairness and being a good friend are big themes in the list below. These shows are more about friendship and social interaction than anything else. I hate women. That is a blanket statement. There are some exceptions. But in general, women tend to be hypocritical, small minded twats. So when I was asked to list my favorites, I naturally declined and offered to talk about how hateable they all are. I said that there is not one of them I like. Some are just less hateable. I would not cross the street to have a drink with any of them, unless it was to somehow fuck with them. I do consider myself to be a good friend to those who I like. That’s important to me. I can’t think of one person in these shows I would make a bet on to be a good friend. There are some possibles: Kyle, Teresa, Kenya, Vicki…but they are all so damned fake and the shows are so heavily edited and scripted, I wouldn’t bet money on any of them. Oh and I refuse to watch Potomac, Australia, Dallas or Canada. I’m over my quota as it is. Here it goes:

Number 10
Melissa Gorga The fakest of the fake. She HAD to get on that show. She is so jealous of her sister in law, a non-threatening 9 on the Benet scale. Poor Teresa is honestly not mean spirited at all. She is just dumb and oblivious. Melissa is as jealous of Teresa’s niceness as she is of her fame.  She’s a money grubbing, untalented idiot who doesn’t even know how dumb she actually is. No humor or self awareness. She might be a decent mother, so she is at 10 instead of lower.

Number 9
Tamra Barney I honestly think she is the shittiest parent imaginable. She tried to pimp out her barely legal son to a drunk twice his age. Her other kids have had to suffer through a lot of bullshit so mom can be a star.


Gif Credit: T.Kyle realitytvgifs.tumblr.com

Number 8
Nene Leakes uses people and then tosses them aside. The worst kind of friend. She lives in a rented glass house and throws boulders. Dangerous because she came from nothing and will do anything not to go back to nothing — but still has nothing to lose.

Number 7
Leah Black I so love Miami and wish they’d come back. This condescending old cunt has no sense of humor and tries to manipulate everything around her. Shit person who pretends to have a pedigree, but really was a stray ally cat before she married decrepit money.

Number 6
Eileen/Lisa Rinna these two have a combined IQ under 50. Imbeciles is too kind. Both of them try so hard to be relevant.  Hopefully Eileen will be a footnote by next season.

Number 5
Kim Richards is a child. A bratty child who expects everything and gives nothing.

RHONY Ramona face

Number 4
Ramona because her lack of self awareness and utter shit person behavior is deplorable. She is a liar and the worst friend ever. She does not have a nice or moral bone in her body. When I talk morality, I mean do unto others, own your shit, honesty and the like. Those are my lines. Everyone has their own morality “line” and we are all different. Where you turn into a shit person is when you do not abide by the same moral code you expect from others.

Number 3
Brandi Glanville the first scene she was in with a high heel and a crutch with boobs flying told me all I needed to know.  Her drunken jackassery and twat on a plate offering…well, I guess that kind of stuff doesn’t bother me in real life or whatever. But…she has kids. Who can read (presumably – thank god for schools because I’m guessing she has taught them nothing). It’s her starfucking disloyal act that I can’t stand. She was mesmerized by Lisa. When someone richer came along, she not only ditched her best friend who had done so much for her, she targeted her as Yolanda’s flying monkey.  The whole “do the worst thing you can think of and then say you’re sorry and all should be forgotten” shit is utter crap. She is an over aged millennial. And I loathe millennials.

Number 2
Caroline Manzo is such a hypocrite. She really is cluelessly convinced that she is on some moral high ground.  She has raised brats — entitled idiots who are as mean spirited as she is.  When it comes out that her husband has cheated on her for years, she is going to need to eat some Camille Grammar crow.  And she is a faux Italian for the most part. Olive Garden and all. But mostly, I hate her because she makes the big 7 fishes dinner on Christmas Eve and stays dirty and disheveled instead of fixing herself up. Martyrey bitch. That scene has stayed with me all these years.


The Other Number 2
Tie! 2.1 Jacqueline Laurita will do anything for a dollar. She has paraded her tard child all over the place in an attempt to get screen time. She feeds him candy as a reward? Spends very little time with him. There is no reason to banish a baby to “school” when they are under five other than actually having to work.  She seems to just want to get rid of him.  I’m no expert on autism.  But all kids benefit from lots of rest, a good diet and discipline.  He gets none of those things because they are not convenient for her to give.  Her daughter is in the top percentile for worst person in earth. It’s not hard to figure out why. Jacqueline tries to be a cute, naive, coquettish “trophy” wife but just comes off like an overly bronzed turd. The older she gets, the more ridiculous that act becomes.

Number 1
Phaedra I keep hearing from women who have law degrees in Atlanta and one is dumber than the last one.  How do they get law degrees? I understand inferior colleges. But the bar is the bar. Is Georgia’s bar remedial?  Anyway, this woman does not even try to hide her racism. She pretends to be mother of the year. And I’m convinced that she had a part in stealing from pensioners, insurance companies and probably anyone she felt like stealing from. She is an entitled cunt with no redeeming qualities.

Don’t bother to comment. I probably don’t care what you think.


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125 responses to “TeeCee’s List Of Her Most Hateable Housewives

  1. alex1986

    I like you.

  2. Psylocke

    “Caroline Manzo is such a hypocrite. She really is cluelessly convinced that she is on some moral high ground.”

    We are here to join this pot and kettle in holy matrimony. May their joint hypocrisy and delusions of morality never cease to amaze us.

  3. My most hated RH..is Bethenny..she has trashed people after knowing them for all of 5 seconds..her wold of delusion includes..I am right…and STFU.

    Then there is “tell me you love me” 24/7 Vicki Gunvalson..she was so terrified that she would be put at “friend of RH” status..that she willingly dragged non cancer Brooks..to the front of the camera and gladly used illness for storyline

    my all time #1 is Yolanda …whether she is doing acrobatics or cycling in her homeland..she lied about her “invisible illness”..yes it is invisible..it is non existent!

  4. You are a mean-ass bitch, and I LOVE YOU too! TeeCee, you never disappoint.

    • Meri

      I agree but also think that Yolanda is #1. She is horrid in too many ways to count. I would also add Sonja Morgan to the list. Another useless POS.

  5. No Teresa? For sure she would have made number 11…

    • tamaratattles

      The most shocking thing about the top ten list with 12 people on it is the introduction where she seems to be hinting that she is a borderline Trehugger.

      • Are you guys new? I’ve been on her side since day 1. She is really just a kind dummy. She has good intentions. She is not perfect. But she is a decent mom and very loyal to her friends. Think of it this way: if you were in trouble and needed help, which of these women would you want to call your BFF?

      • Betty

        Teresa is a complete loser. She’s no dummy either. They doctored their W-2’s and then she went into a bank and told them she was a real estate agent w her inflated earnings in order to rip them off and get an even bigger loan. That’s makes her a felon. :). She also allows her oldest to dress like a street walker. Go Melissa!

      • Ara

        I always find it hard to understand when apparently intelligent people defend a common criminal/sociopath by blaming it all on their naïveté or basic dumbness. Or by pointing out how cruel and vicious the rest of the world is. And then I think, well… even remorseless serial killers had fans. Empathy can get weird for some.

      • Mari Anne

        Ara – ‘apparently intelligent’? That was very generous of you.

  6. TeeCee, I’m with you! Your most hated housewives are mine, just not in that order. I’d have to put Jac Laurita, Mama Manzo and Tamra closer to my top 3. Mama Manzo favors her boys over her daughter and that is some horrendous parenting. All three are the worst mothers on TV.

  7. EastSideGurl001

    bring Miami back! Was just rewatching and forgot about when Karent was offering facials during teeth cleanings hahahaha. The friends of some of the housewives are even worse… faye…kim and kim from new jersey

  8. nanaintn

    I’m with Jim & Lisbeth SC…love you TeeCee! More, please…

  9. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Tamra is pretty awful. And Jaqueline, forget about the son, how about her constant smothering demands that her daughter “appreciate” that she didn’t have to live the same life Jaqueline did? That was so messed up, no wonder she ran away to California. Poor kid never had a chance.

  10. JoJoFLL

    This was absolutely brilliant!

  11. KatieAlex

    This was friggin great. Best commentary I’ve read. I consider all these pretentious, self absorbed, fame whoring pieces of trash. Throw in Yolanda and call it a night.

  12. Sweet T

    Thanks tee cee. Your angry rant about the most evil of all housewives made my day. You’re right they all pretty much suck.

  13. Jujue

    That is THE best pic of Ramona ever.

  14. Lin

    That screen grab of Ramona tho. Perfectly illustrated your point and well timed. Lol.

  15. lo

    This was like stand up comedy. Too funny!

  16. captivagrl

    Nice list. Gretchen, Aviva, Lauri, Krupa, Jill and Yolanda would be on my list. No particular order.

  17. jen

    I loved this!! Yolanda should have been on but loved!!

  18. jen

    My most hated are Jill and Aviva hands down.

  19. Cheychey

    I know for sure Meagan from OC and Amber from Jesrsey would make my list. Couldn’t take either of them. Hope to see neither of them on tv again.

  20. EastSideGurl001

    Because I couldn’t resist…Most hated list:
    1. Michaele Salahi (i’m from dc and white house crashing is tacky)
    2. Melissa Gorga (obvious reasons)
    3. Tamra Barney (no explanation needed)
    5. Kyle Richards (including faye)
    6. Kelly Bensimon
    7. Alex Mccord (including her husband)
    8. Taylor Armstrong’s lips tho
    9. Slade (shady slade)
    10. Leanne from RHOD for being friends with Leslie on big rich texas although I did like her cameo in miss congeniality (lisa rinna takes the spot too)

    • Lime Brain

      Bravo is having a marathon of the first season of OC. Slade just broke up with Jo, because she is not mature enough to be a mother to his kids and she likes to go out. She’s only 24.

      Ha! She just drove off in the car he took the license plate off of. Go, Jo! Escape!

      What a scumbag he is.

  21. JanM

    Is it bad that I enjoy reading who people hate? more than who people love? This made my day. You pegged melissa, nene, and Phaedra!!!! Wish I could tweet them this list!

  22. :-/

    ” tard child” ? I can see why you’re a former teacher. That’s a good thing.

  23. Justine

    ” tard” is not ever a word a teacher should use to describe a child. Very disappointing Tamara. I’m glad you’re no longer teaching.

    • Sam

      Tamara didn’t write this. I’m thinking it’s good you’re not teaching anyone either.

      • Justine

        Where did I say I was a teacher? lol… doesn’t matter whether she wrote that or not…it’s disappointing to see it in a repost. In reposting, it’s written here; it’s as though she’s in agreement of the word. That’s all I’m saying. I’m thinking you need not comment when I wasn’t commenting to you.

      • tamaratattles

        What political correctness manual a you reading that encourages you to come on to my site and insult me, a special guest writer, and now tell my commenters they are not allowed to discuss what a gigantic retard you are? Fuck off.

    • Katherine 2.0

      I am reclaiming the word “tard.” In certain contexts, oh say like a humorous send up of a worthless reality show that celebrates catfights, jail time, and poor choices, it works.
      Sweet baby Jesus people, pick your damned battles. Wah.

      • What is wrong with people? I’m so sick of people taking offense for every little thing. So what she used the word “tard” big deal that’s as petty as the idiots that constantly want to correct posters or writers on spelling and grammar mistakes. All I can say is pick your battles wisely there are more important things in life.

      • Elle

        I tend to agree with this sentiment – but not in this context! Yes – “tard ” might be a good line when skewering the ridiculousness of the housewives, etc. but in this article it was used to describe a child who is mentally handicapped.
        People are entitled to their opinions – I’m sure I haven’t changed your mind at that’s fine – but wanted to clarify!

      • Katherine 2.0

        Yea, I knew that.

  24. More Tea Please!

    Both Salahis belong on the list!

  25. Heidi

    TeeCee, I officially have a huge girl crush on you. You are hilarious. I agree with all your choices (especially Caroline), with the exception of the Atlanta “ladies”, only because I don’t watch that franchise.

    • Calipatti

      Heidi, I have the 1st girl crush on TeeCee, you take a number and wait behind be.
      I’m not smart enough for her so your wait won’t be long.
      TeeCee’s most hated list is probably not printable, if this is the least hated. Enjoyed reading this, hilarious.

  26. Meredo

    Wow, I dislike almost everyone you do for the exact same reasons. Especially regarding Melissa Gorga, Brandi Glanville and Caroline Manzo!
    It has been so much fun reading all these lists, TT. Great idea. I tried to compile one and found it hard to narrow it down. I definitely dislike more of them than I do like them (doesn’t sound right, but I think you get my point), which only made it that much more difficult. I’m battling a migraine so I just gave up. No way could I spend 3 hours as you did though it certainly would have taken me that long at least! Thanks for all your hard work!

  27. Jacques - Arcadey

    TeeHee sounds way meaner and nastier than most the people she’s judging on this list!

  28. Spacey Lacy

    I have a 6 year old son with Autism. I have been reading TT for a couple of years and love her. Even have talked with her about landscaping our yards on Twitter. However, calling any child a “tard” is just beyond ignorant. I only read TT’s recaps because everyone else’s suck and disappoint (minus Xanadude, he is on point). Teecee, you should educate yourself before speaking on anything foreign to you. We fight very hard to bring awareness of Autism to people who are unfamiliar with the disability. We spend a lot of time trying not to pay attention or cause a scene with people like you out there. I’m glad you don’t care what people think. Must be quite liberating to make light of a child’s disability who is innocent, being children can’t pick their parents. You’re gross.

  29. Suse

    I’ll give you a good 7 out of 10. Not bad! Carolyn Manzo — the WORST. I like Brandi and, poor Kim, well . . . Lisa Rinna stinche was coming through my screen the first time she was on . . .Eileen’s fake, squeak of a whatever drives me insane. Not bad all the way around.

  30. Oh shut tup. No one is unaware of the condition. All you people do is yap about it like its some kind of badge of honor, proudly demanding that regular kids’ education be slowed in order to focus inordinate amounts of attention on kids who should not be in the mainstream. You’re not doing anyone any favors.

    • Matzah60

      You are so right, teecee…….I spent the first ten years in education as a special ed teacher. My first job in the school system at the time was as a resource teacher and the buzz word at the time was ‘mainstreaming’…..I was young and naive and thought that this was the right thing to do for classified children because I believe it gave them a fair shake in the system, just like any other child. I have since changed my mind. In fact, after ten years of commuting from Arlington, VA to Laurel, MD, I was burnt out and came to the realization that the time and money spent on mainstreaming children was wasteful, useless, and took so much time away from all the other children’s needs in the classroom.

      Inclusiveness in the classroom forces a teacher to teach mediocrity to all children. Mainstream/inclusiveness is more about civil rights for all children but does not address the best educational practices in the classroom. The school system is entrenched in being politically correct due to much pressure for parents of children with disabilities. Just my two cents.

      • tamaratattles

        Matzah, it is even worse in my county now. We literally had to do individual lesson plans FOR EACH CHILD IN THE CLASS, like an IEP for each of them explaining how we are differentiating every little thing for each unique and special snowflake and match their “learning styles” literally minute by minute through the day. Teachers were CRYING constantly about their lesson plans. We were turning in dozens of pages of buzzwords and stupidity each week. Oh and at the same time we were pretty much given a script on exactly how to teach, what books to use and what questions to ask EVERYONE all together. So um, wait, do it in this robotic way, ignore all of your expertise in your field and don’t teach any two kids in the same manner. And they wonder why everyone is leaving.

        Essentially, we have moved way past mainstreaming and now everyone is in special ed with their own IEP. It’s insane.

      • peachteachr

        Bravo, ladies, bravo. It is not a popular opinion but I agree.

    • Auntie Velvet

      Teecee, why are you conflating the objection to an ableist term with a specific position on education? You used hate speech. It happens, but show some balls and own it rather than do a Trump-style deflection attack on those who pointed it out.

      • If by trump like you mean unapologetic, yep. I really did not need anyone to point anything out. I’m well aware that the world is teeming with idiots who think words matter more than actions. Eat a bag of dicks whoever you are. Was I somehow unclear on the topic of caring what you think?

      • Auntie Velvet

        I think it’s clear we don’t care what one another thinks. Emotions aren’t really the point.

    • Ktina

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! Thank God my son got out of that “inclusion” crap when he went to high school. His teachers were constantly redirected to the “special” child and my son and the other students had to suffer. What are these parents thinking? I’m so sick of these psycho moms. They are hurting their children by displaying them like trophies and highlighting every single idiosyncrasy on social media.

  31. Mrprez

    You can sit with me.

  32. satinbliss

    Great list! Only changes i would make would be to swap out Ramona and Rinna/eileen for Porsha and Shannon Beador.

  33. Allison

    oooo-you went there w the mainstreaming. I luurrrve you. Yolanda on there, and it’s perf.

  34. Pam

    Teecee, I absolutely comprehend your blanketed statement on woman. We are cunty bitches and that being said…we don’t say “tard” anymore…it’s “special needs”. LOL

  35. Gosh I wish I had more time to read this in depth – great idea – great list TeeCee! Can tell I’ll be staying up late tonite, lol!!!

  36. Matzah60

    Love this list, teecee and TT. Thanks for posting. I am in complete agreement with all. I particularly loathe Jacqueline, Manzo, Phaedra, and Nene. I love your line that Nene lives in “a rented glass house and throws boulders” as well as your thoughts on Phaedra stating that, “this woman does not even try to hide her racism. She pretends to be mother of the year. And I’m convinced that she had a part in stealing from pensioners, insurance companies and probably anyone she felt like stealing from. She is an entitled cunt with no redeeming qualities.” For these very reasons, I find her even more horrible than her convicted felon husband, Apollo. I couldn’t stop laughing as I read through your list.

    I love that you didn’t try to be politically correct and you cut through all the bullshit when you wrote your honest assessments on your list.

    Thanks for all the lists, TT. I didn’t get a chance to read until yesterday as I spent the whole weekend mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs, and raking. My knees ached like hell and after coming inside when the sun went down, I could only muster up the energy to shower and get into bed. Great idea for all three posts. ?

    • Lime Brain

      The thing with Phaedra that I don’t get is that she is so horrible and Bravo coddles her and tries to make her look like a good mother. They even had a think tank to try to rehab her image with viewers.

      Her nasty tongue is reason alone to be number one.

      • Matzah60

        I agree with you, Lime. Does she have an online law degree or did she actually graduate from a real college? She claims to be an entertainment lawyer but the only person that I’ve heard that she defended was Bobby Brown and we all know his ship sailed a long time ago. Oh, and I think Kandi once said she was retained by the ‘little people’ that showed up at Kandi’s pre-wedding party.

        I say the same thing about Porscha. Why do they keep bringing her back to the show, with a peach no less. Three attacks that we know of and who knows how far back and how many other people have been on the receiving end of her violence. I am totally baffled!!

  37. DanishDynamite

    I’ve been excited to read this! Teecee will forever be remembered as the person who saw Brandi for what she was.

  38. Phaedra is my number #1 too. She’s the worst. It’s baffling to me how much she gets away with in terms of law breaking, bending, lying, conniving, and manipulation. Her law suit against Angela Stanton says it all.

  39. Worst housewives list. Kenya, Teresa Giudice, Caroline Manzo, Bethenney, Ramona, Phaedra, Jim from RHONJ.

  40. Frosty

    TeeCee’s list is one I was looking forward to reading and it didn’t disappoint. TeeCee is a boss.

  41. Meri

    Don’t forget about Heather Dubrow. Biggest fake ever. I would have her tie with Yolanda for #1

  42. Noneya

    I just don’t understand why you watch these shows since you hate everyone so much…

  43. dontgiveaflyingfuck

    Long time reader, first time commenting. If I were a religious person I’d say thank you Jesus, but since I’m a heathen I’ll just say …I mother fucking love this god damn post! You’ve left me wanting more

  44. elisabetta

    Finally! Someone who is not worshipping at the Nene Leakes altar. Her ruthless ambition was clear from season 1.

  45. Lots of you want to add Yolanda. I will, despite my policy to never explain, explain. Yes, actually disliked her back when you were all oogleing her fridge and charmed by her calm strength. I never trusted her or thought she had particularly good intentions. I think if you were to go back to the archives here, you’d see some examples of me being in the minority and getting flack for criticizing her. I’m not always right, but when I am, I won’t hesitate to gloat. But the funny thing is, I just pity her now. She’s washed up. She had it all. Now she has to try to rebuild and is probably feeling pretty shitty for mistreating folks. So, I’ll save her for now. Let’s see how she handles her next chapter. Three things could happen. She could overcome and maybe through her humbling become a better friend and person. She could go off the deep end and come out swinging. Nothing would thrill Cohen more than pulling another borderline personality into his snake pit. Or she found quietly go back to some semblance of the life she had before bravo. I honestly wish the last choice on her. The first two will be hellish. Maybe going private will be hellish too. I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to have made your life about and by being beautiful. When her beauty fades and she watches her kids live the life she misses…well you have to be a big person to suck it up fir that. And I do truly think she is a great mother. So, we shall see.

  46. Gapeachinsc

    Great list, Tee Cee! You never disappoint! Having worked in the field of Special Needs for many years, I really never understood the problem with the word “retarded”. It’s pretty damn descriptive as far as I’m concerned. I’m out of touch with a lot in this world, but I always thought the word was “banned” cause folks over used it. So I guess developmentally delayed is better? I don’t get it. Both mean the same thing.

    • Gapeachinsc

      I said over used when I really meant used as an insult. But any set of words can be used as an insult, so…

  47. Heidi

    I think you need to lighten up. This is a blog about people who are at best amoral. TeeCee brought humor to her post. I don’t know her, but I seriously doubt she’s knocking over special needs children’s wheelchairs at her local wal mart.

    • tamaratattles

      You’re right Heidi. TeeCee would never be caught dead in a Wal*Mart. She’s very good a provoking people into a tizzy though. :)

  48. bluesuedeshoe

    As a former special ed/speech pathologist who worked in a private tuition school for severe to profoundly communicatively disabled children, I believed in miracles because I saw them happen. IEP’s and individual programming is costly and a pain in the butt to administer….but, the results are amazing and worth every dime.

    Mainstreaming is a great concept as long as the disabled child has an assigned aide to assist in transition. Otherwise, too much is demanded of the primary teacher, especially with normal class sizes over 25 kids, and the “normal/regular” kids suffer.

    Unfortunately for most of the disabled kids, unless they had ferocious parents and legal assistance, they suffered and did not receive the benefits entitled under law.

    • Gapeachinsc

      I was in Special Ed 2 periods a day when I was in high school but because I was above average in most of my subjects (college level) I was “recruited” to provide 1:1 assistance with students needing help with reading. My issues were beyond the scope of what the school could offer at the time. This was a long time ago. I don’t think my case would be handled the same way now but who knows? I attended a rural highschool and that may have made a difference. My parents would have been livid if I had ever told them what was happening. I just knew I was glad I didn’t have to deal with my own issues, lol.

    • tamaratattles

      The IEPs for special ed students are mandated by federal law and completed once per marking period for the SPED teachers for their very small number of students.

      What I was saying is that our country has decided that no two snowflakes are alike and now we have to show a literal minute by minute differentiation plan for each kid in the class. It’s like completing one IEP on each kid (around 23) for each activity of each day. There were literally 23 differentiations for everything. It was completely ridiculous and we eventually just manufactured bullshit so that we would have time to prepare the actual lessons we really did.

      My BFF was always the SPED teacher to whom I bequeathed all my worldly goods on the way out. Whenever her kids were having good days I was their reward. When they had bad days, I was their time out spot. I also took them with me on all my field trips because their classes were small and didn’t really have enough students to afford the bus rental.

      Teaching is not rocket science. But the government makes everything more complicated than it needs to be. We need to get rid of the department of education entirely. This whole transgender bathroom issue becoming a big national mandate with media attention with scandalous headlines might just take down the entire national public school system. And perhaps it’s time for that to happen.

  49. I have missed TeeCee, I was hoping she would write on her Christmas dinner and other meals.

  50. TripleOGpearl

    I agree with damn near everything TeeCee said. My exceptions? I think Eileen is FAR from an imbecile. And I DO think Teresa can be just as mean spirited as Melissa. However, Teresa’s IQ is so below average that it is easier to swallow.

  51. susan

    And the term to use is not ‘normal’ it is ‘typically developing peers.’ But this is a blog about shitty housewives so I think we can adjust to that ‘r’ word for a minute

    • tamaratattles

      Apparently we can’t. I’m the only one who said retard. TeeCee in the ten thousand years I have known her prefers tard. I myself use the fucktard varietal most often. But I do like to use retard in it’s simplest form for idiots who screech about not using the R word.

      It never ceases to amaze me that the word police will bust in to be offended about one word or another. In the original medical diagnosis of retard, moron and idiot, no one is at all offended by the I word or the M word which I find spectacularly retarded thinking,

      • Matzah60

        My IEP’s back from 1975 referred to students I serviced as retarded. I also thought I saw a great post from you talking about how every child has become a special Ed student. That says it all and all you said is the truth!

        Now IEP’s are programs on a computer where each person responsible for the child fills in info on the space provided; at least in NJ. When I started out, we had mimeograph machines and my hands were always stained purple. You had to hand crank each copy of something you wanted copied. One copy machine in the office that was just for office personnel. Each IEP was hand-written and it took weeks to write them. At the time, we were required to do them 4 times a year. We had a child study team that met once a month and no parents were invited. As a teacher and parent, I think parents should be informed, but I think parents have too much involvement now.

        I also agree with you that the Department of Education has made teaching inordinately difficult. Too many mandates and way too much paperwork.

  52. Allison

    I’m not offended by the word-especially since I’ve been known to do some pretty tard-ed things in my time. Its not like the “N” word was used for chrissake. Lighten UP, people. If your sensibilities are that easily offended, this isn’t the blog for you.

    • Auntie Velvet

      I’m unclear why what amounts to, “Hey, that was great except for that one hate-word” equates to pearl-clutching.

      • Calipatti

        Auntie plus few others,
        Is not a hate word, especially in here.
        This is a caring group that does not need to be corrected or called out over a word you deem inappropriate.

        “tard” wasn’t used as a derogatory comment towards a child, it was in reference to the HW using her child’s
        I am NOT explaining TeeCee or standing up for her, neither one she would appreciate, accept or want. Dont whack me TeeCee.

        People in here are intelligent, kind and educated, with a built in bullshit button attached to a quick sarcastic mouth. <~~ wish more of that came back

  53. Sam

    I’m probably breaking every commenting rule, and this is my first one, but I have to say that the thermos crack up there is the first thing I’ve laughed out loud at in weeks. That was awesome, thanks. I think this TeeCee person might be my spirit animal. And I am endlessly entertained by the chronically offended, so this post is pure gold.

    Housewife shows are my guilty pleasure. I love this blog. ATL represent!

  54. dontgiveaflyingfuck

    Don’t let the use of 1 word distract attention from a post about the narcissistic tendencies & overall freakish behavior exhibited by the housewives.
    The entire housewife franchise is a modern day freak show where grown ass women are paraded around in horrible bedazzled fashions & given insane amounts of alcohol. Off camera they are led to believe they are role models & can change the world by bringing awareness to bug bites. What we have today instead of the 2 headed lady are two 50 somethings, Sonja & Ramona, who when not sloppy drunk & screaming turtle time, are huddled in a bathroom peeing on a stick, all the while forgetting they left their underwear at home. Instead of the fire eating man we have Luann giving bj’s with an extra row of teeth. We have Nene the amazing giant woman. And last we have Phaedra the unscrupulous “lawyer” who has managed to evade criminal charges unlike Teresa. All willingly led by Andy, the great misogynistic ring master.
    If you must be offended then be offended by the fact that some people actually take these women seriously.

  55. SB

    I couldn’t agree more regarding Caroline Manzo and her unbearable children. If I was Caroline’s husband, yeah I’d probably cheat too.

  56. RVA

    Phaedra deserves the #1 spot.
    Hiding behind her religiosity to mock a woman who wants kids but hasn’t had them, too deride a woman for not having a husband (felonious husbands are worthy catches , I suppose )
    Can’t stand her stupid fake sanctimonious ass

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