Shahs of Sunset Recap: A Cat-astrophic Night!

Shahs Cast

The new week of recapping begins again with a new episode of Shahs of Sunset!


GG is going to be the Yolanda of this season of Shahs. We are starting the miracle treatments this episode. We begin with GG and Reza in a salt water pool at a local spa. While these two soak in each others funk (the thought of being in a bath with Reza skeeves me out!) GG informs us that the next step in her journey to find a cure is chemo. Oh joy!!


Shervin is apparently a full cast member with his own scenes this season. His mom is in town and cooking for him, and his not exactly at date, GG.  Shervin has the best house out of all of them. I wonder what his real job is. Shervin’s mom wants him to get married. He is ready for that but he doesn’t have any one in mind. He needs to start dating different types of women.

Shervin goes on a date with a blond named Annalise. She’s an Italian from Australia. Shervin can’t stop mocking her accent and making jokes about Australia. She’s not interested.

Shahs MJ


Tommy has moved in to MJ’s apartment. In even worse news, Tommy is getting his sperm tested. Surprise!  The doctor wanted at least 20 million good swimmers per milliliter and Tommy only has less than a million. Great! Can we move him out now?  The doctor wants him to retest after two to five days of not masturbating. One the second test, he had 53 million swimmers. The doctor encourages MJ to get on it because her clock is ticking.

Vida comes for a visit! She makes some kind of celery stew that MJ loves. MJ drops the bomb that Tommy has moved in. Vida says that everybody knows that Tommy is not the guy for her.

Mike and Jessica

These two newlyweds are off to marital counseling. Mike says that after they got married, “the stress of life” ripped them apart. If by “the stress of life” he means his multiple affairs  (Blind Item reveal) that did not stop when he tied the knot, then sure. Is he not going to admit to his cheating on the show? They are not living together anymore. Jessica moved out. Mike says that this is very hard for him.  Mike says he spent the last five years of his life being the breadwinner? Really? I bet Jessica’s dad is laughing his ass off over that comment. Neither of them are discussing the real issue. Somewhere, Mike Shouhed is shitfaced.

Shahs Reza



Reza is still planning his surprise wedding. What could possibly go wrong with this plan? He and Asa head to Palm Springs to choose a restaurant for the surprise wedding.  He picks a windowless cinderblock room in a restaurant. I hate it. Asa and Reza love it.

Wait. Reza has a house in Palm Springs? Why are the getting married in a windowless cinderblock room? Maybe they will just have dinner in Cell Block C and then come back to the house for the actual ceremony?


Asa’s Cat Party

Asa’s mom is throwing a cat party to celebrate her mother’s retirement. Everyone dresses like a cat. It is every bit as ridiculous as it sounds.  Asa has also hired the requisite fortune teller for all Bravo parties. In this case it is someone who reads coffee grounds. The food is amazing looking as usual. Everyone is there except for Jessica who Mike says is “out of town.”

As it turns out the coffee grinds reader is Asa’s mom. It looks like they are going to do the reading privately away from everyone else. This means the script says that the reading will be bad. We also have been dropped little hints along the way that Adam is not going to be down with the surprise wedding.  But that is not exactly what she says. She says that she can’t say one way or the other if Adam will marry him at the surprise wedding but she does say that there is someone on the sidelines who is jealous and bringing bad energy. That would be MJ.

Mike tells MJ that when he got married Jessica thought he would change. And yes, Mike, if by change you mean stop fucking other people, then sure. He tells MJ that she moved out. He says that it’s not really moving out because she didn’t take al of her things.  Mike tells Reza how hard it is on him. MJ is drunk off her ass and spreading the news to everyone.

It would not be a Shahs party if some idiot didn’t ruin a perfectly good cake by throwing it on someone. This time, the idiot is Asa who wipes gobs of it all over her mother’s face. Who does this kind of shit? MJ storms out of the party drunk and the guys help pour her into a cab.

Next Week: Reza proposes to Adam in Cell Block C. Will he says yes to a surprise wedding?


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36 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap: A Cat-astrophic Night!

  1. Dawn

    Specific chemo drugs do have other uses and some people suffering from arthritis do take “chemo” drugs to help treat it. It’s really not fair to compare a treatment that’s actually proven to work to the crazy bs Yolanda was trying to sell everyone.

  2. Ashley

    It is true very common treatment for RA is in the “family” of chemo therapy drugs. However it is not the same as getting treated for cancer and GG shouldn’t confuse people that it is. I am done with these shows that are making health issues a storyline. It’s irresponsible. They say they are just sharing and creating awareness, but nothing any of these housewives or partners of housewives have done has been helpful, or even ethical. Health is not something bravo should exploit.

    • tamaratattles

      The worst part of a storyline with a health issue is all the comments we have to read by people dissecting the person’s treatment plans and yammering on about their own.

      • Lime Brain

        This is the first episode I’ve really watched this season. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the other ones. So it’s the first time I’ve seen MJ’s boyfriend.

        I would rather watch GG’s health problems than watch MJ’s boyfriend ever again.

      • Lime Brain, I am with you there 100%. MJ’s boyfriend is blech.

      • Ashley

        Sorry sweetie but you start the conversations by your ignorant comments!!

    • G.

      Agreed, this is super misleading. Taking something like Interferon and Methotrextate for RA is not “doing chemo.” They’re drugs used to treat an increasingly wide range of conditions. Annoying.

      • The “chemo” treatment GG was talking about is most likely Rituxan. I’ve used it, but with no results for my RA. I hope it works for her. I think the pain is a tiny part of the reason she drinks. The pain can make you nutty.

      • Sabrina

        As several have mentioned, there are groups of drugs used to treat RA. When people use the term chemo it may be referring to Rituxan, but most often is referring to Methotrexate, which is a traditional treatment for RA, and was historically used in combination with other drugs to treat cancers. So some patients use that language for two reasons:(chemo)
        1) As the doctors review treatment options, they walk through risks, and methotrexate risks as articulated sound scarier than other options, since their historical uses in combination with other chemo agents raise risks like new cancers, severely compromised immune systems with minimal ability to fight infection, etc. Now the doctor must mention them, but the explains real experience does not bare this risk out. That being said, it is scary until you think about it and listen to the doctor, when reason should take over. Methotrexate works well for some RA patients, but drama- prone ones like GG use the chemo language to get attention. I should also say it is not easy; some become nauseous and lose their hair, like me
        2) If they are drama-prone and like attention, they use the term chemo to get sympathy and attention, which is not unwarranted completely. There are some docs to this day who don’t recommend Methotrexate after seeing the damage/side effects it led to in people. Depending disease presented and other results, other drug families like TNF’s can used. This area is growing rapidly and GG will have may good options as there is a lot of progress.

  3. Laura

    Shervin had a technology startup in Silicon Valley but now owns a few nightclubs in L.A.

  4. Christina D

    Shervin is a gem.
    Also, I thought tonight would highlight that clip where Jessica is running away from Mike & he’s like “err, Jessica!” And she’s like, “you cheated on me!?”
    I thought we’d see it go down. Sigh.

  5. Thanks, TT. Aaaaghhhhhh, I don’t want to watch any more sick people! I want to see GG go shopping. That’s what she does, dammit!
    The cast needs to do a cook book. I want to know how to make celery stew. I don’t want to know that Tom is jacking off 20 times a day.
    Why are they going to that cramped restaurant for the surprise wedding and not Reza’s beautiful home??
    I forget, what does Barfy mean in Farsi?
    It must be some kind of weird tradition to smash cake into someone’s face.

  6. Mike LP

    Annalise needs to get her own reality TV show

  7. susan

    My mil ate celery every time her stomach was upset. Mj needs to lose those beige tight yoga pants thingies. At first I thought she was just wearing a thong.

  8. Matzah60

    I loathe Reza. He is a self-serving, egotistical, racist asshole. I never realized how often he refers to every woman as a bitch until Vida pointed it out. What kind of idiot masterminds a surprise wedding after jilting his soon to be husband the first time.

    Mike is a lying sack of shit. He didn’t own up to anything in therapy. I do give kudos to Jessica for saying that she did everything possible (including converting) to prove to Mike she was worthy of being his wife that she lost her identity. Mike clearly wasn’t grateful or humble about the life-changing things Jessica did for him. I love your line, “somewhere, Mike Shouhed is shitfaced.” That is the sum total of his life. He doesn’t seem to have a job, savings, any income, and any respect for women in general. His parents must be embarrassed beyond belief.

    Thanks for the recap, TT.

    • Lime Brain

      Matzah, I can’t stand having Reza on my tv screen, also. But, I don’t hate him. I pity him. He is so miserable. I think he behaves so horrible because he loathes himself so much and takes it out on everyone else.

      He really needs to get some mental help and he can afford it.

  9. Allison

    I kinda cant wait to see how Mike spins the dee-vorce. But will someone please, PLEASE, for the love of god, snatch that ratty looking cheap ass wig off of MJs head? She has got to have a few extra bucks for a weave, better wig, or I dont know, maybe just try her real hair? In the scene where she’s drunkenly freaking over Jessica moving out, you can see her real hair poking thru that thing she put on her head. Stop the madness.

  10. Jill

    So, after watching Mike and Jessica at counseling, it seems like there were other issues that started off the split. They both made it seem like Jessica found out he cheated two years ago and she took off, before the show aired. I’m I missing something?

    • Fraidycat

      I don’t like the way they are wasting our time with Jessica and Mike as a couple. The whole world knows they are divorced and we know how it will turn out. If they pull a stunt and on the reunion they are back together, I will never watch the show again. I wonder if they may be getting back together and this is all for publicity and ratings and getting more viewers ? It is TV afterall. I think their marriage is over since it was built on lies and not a fair playing field from day 1. I sadly think Jessica tried to hard to win Mike over. He just does not seem like hte marrying type. She converted, she learned Farsi, she changed her look and dress, she won his family over but we never saw one time Mie tried to accomidate Jessica. Very sad. I hope they both move on and find happiness.

  11. S

    Why does Mike keep saying how girls are throwing themselves at him ?

  12. So glad Shervin is back this season, he’s so sexy, kind and smart. He’s what I would call eye candy.

  13. Cheychey

    It’s pretty sad when Reza and Mike can find someone to marry but Shervin can’t. He is fine has money his own place and I don’t see what’s the problem.

    • Fraidycat

      I think Shervin is a total package but he is looking for a Unicorn. He does not have realistic expectations in a woman. He wants an intelligent Barbi Doll. I think he is a little too caught up in the Hollywood Lifestyle. He has so many woman who would love to be with him. I think he needs to find someone he will pursue. After the last episode I was suprised and disappointed to see how immature he acted on his date. I will be honest, when he first came on the show I thought he was gay. I hope he finds someone. If he wants a wife bad enough, he could find one.

  14. Fraidycat

    I love Asa’s mom. She seems so comical. I do love the way in more than 1 season we see how much Asa does love , value and honors her family. I feel sorry for MJ because of her relationship with her mom. Vida is tough and I don’t think she would approve of anyone. I do have to be honest, if MJ is happy good for her. I don’t know these people personally but I don’t care for MJ’s boyfriend. He talks too much and is too loud. Like I have been embarrassed fro MJ a few times by the way he goes overboard with his loud comments.

  15. AustralianFanofTT

    Until this episode I thought shervin was hot .. Now i think he is a bit of a dick. Stupid man ..has a hearing problem and his imitation of his date was not only incorrect, but rude and pathetic. She should have imitated his high pitch stupid voice.

  16. Cat

    Hmmm…I dress like a cat whenever the mood strikes.

    When I was in chemo, I always wore one of many cat ear hats. For me, the cat represented Independence, Strength, Flexibility, Landing on my feet, and having 9 lives.

    Not only did it make me laugh, but made others laugh, too. And as they say, laughter is the best medicine.

    Since then, I have added fingerless “paw warmers”.

    Yeah, I know…weird, huh? :)

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