Who Are Your Top Ten Favorite Housewives of All Time?

Photo: ButYoureLikeReallyPretty.com  @GoRyanGo on Twitter

Photo: ButYoureLikeReallyPretty.com @GoRyanGo on Twitter

This weekend, probably on Saturday, I will post my Top Ten Real Housewives of all time. I just finished writing my part and have a couple of friends you may know from the radiator room contributing theirs.  Now that I have mine hammered out ( I can’t believe how seriously I took this and how I agonized over my choices!) and Xanadude and The Lady Cocotte have their homework turned in, I can now go and read their lists.

While we are waiting until tomorrow (probably afternoon) for me to get all this information organized into a post, why don’t you guys post your top ten lists in comments.  We are giving reasons why we placed our choices where we did, and feel free to do that as well.

For me, I needed to come up with some sort of guidelines to go by. So let me know how you chose. Just housewives you like?  The most interesting?  The most watchable? What drives your ranking?

It's Time for the Real Housewives of Atlanta to Film the Reunion!


Come on, I really want to know. I have been dying to ask you all this, but I needed to figure out my list first!

So PLEASE, jump in  and if you need to be reminded of all 87, I was inspired to do this by this post on Thrillest where they ranked them all!  I could NEVER rank all 87, my top ten was hard enough.

Or if you are just too lazy you can try to guess our top ten. So far, me, Xanadude and Lady Cocotte have lists ready to go. I’m trying to lure one more person in who has been quite scarce lately.  We shall see… I am DYING to see if you can guess my list.


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116 responses to “Who Are Your Top Ten Favorite Housewives of All Time?

  1. Michael Horn

    Here’s my top 10: Kyle, LVP, Rinna, Erika, Heather (Dubrow), Vicki, Tamra, Gretchen, Kandi, Bethenny
    Here’s my guesses for your top 10: Kenya, Kyle, Erika, Rinna, Cynthia, Claudia, Vicki, Bethenny, Eileen, Camille

    *these are all in no particular order

    • tamaratattles

      The whole point is the AGONZING ranking. I had my top ten pretty easily. But the 1-10 part was AGONIZING. I had to figure out the basis of my ranking and work from that.

      • I knew this was gonna be hard.

      • tamaratattles

        Which is why you wimped out on me! LOL. J/K I know how busy you are but I thought I would ask… xo ~tt IT WAS SO HARD. SO VERY HARD. I thought this would be a quick and easy post. I think it took three hours.

      • Michael Horn

        Hahaha ok fine, now that I have time to sit down and actually think, here’s my order:

        1) Kyle: For some reason, I can never ever get mad at Kyle. I find her life to be so relatable, yet aspirational. As much as some people like to find reasons to hate her, I just always tend to like her. And I think it says a lot that she gets along with every cast member this season and has stayed close with so many former HWs.

        2) LVP: As much as I think that she IS so manipulative behind the scenes, I can’t deny the fact that she basically runs RHOBH. And not only that, but she also has VPR and three incredibly successful restaurants. She continues to be a fan favorite year after year and still hasn’t gotten quite as arrogant as NeNe where she won’t film with anyone and thinks she is too good for the show.

        3) Vicki: The OG of the OC. I went back and forth with feeling sorry for her and hating her so many times last season, so I wasn’t sure where to put her. But she’s still here after 11 years, and still seems so humble compared to most of the other OGs. Watching her and Tamra have fun together still makes me so happy, and I hope that next season we can see her happy and having fun again with the girls now that Brooks is out of her life.

        4) Kandi: I love Kandi. She is so cool, calm and collected most of the time, but always sticks up for what she believes in, whether it is the popular opinion or not. If I were to pick a HW to be my friend in real life, it would probably be her.

        5) Heather Dubrow: I almost always find myself agreeing with Heather. She has a way of explaining herself that is so clear and makes everything she says seem logical. She never stoops to the level of some other HWs and seems to give everyone a fair chance. I love her and Terry’s relationship too, and her kids are adorable.

        6) Bethenny: Bethenny cracks me up. She is hilarious in her confessionals, and is SO needed on RHONY. She can sometimes be a little much, like when she was on RHOBH, but overall I really like her. I remember watching her on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart 11 years ago, and its amazing how far she has come.

        7) Tamra: Tamra is the perfect fit for RHOC. If she were on any other city, she would probably have lasted maybe 2-3 seasons (e.g. Brandi, Aviva). But in OC, she fits in perfectly because she has real relationships with the girls. She isn’t afraid to be the villain, and it works because even if she is clearly wrong, she really seems to believe what she is saying. She always knows just who to go after each season, with the exception of season 9 where the tables ended up getting turned on her.

        8) Rinna: I feel like Lisa Rinna has been on RHOBH for way longer than just 2 seasons. She was one of the most natural fits of any newbie (along with Dorinda) since she had a long history with every cast member other than Brandi. A lot of fans have turned on her this season, but I still really love her on the show and hope that she comes back.

        9) Gretchen: I miss Gretchen so much on RHOC. Of any Housewife to leave completely (aka Brandi and Kim don’t count), I feel like Gretchen has stayed the most relevant. She is still a part of the drama, and she hasn’t even been on the show in 2 years. I would love to see her come back, especially now that she and Vicki have made up.

        10) Erika: Erika is one of my favorite newbies of all time. She got involved enough with the drama to be relevant, but stayed out of it enough to not seem desperate for camera time. She has an incredibly interesting life (lives?) and a fun personality to watch. I am interested to see how she handles her second season (Hopefully!) and I’m just hoping she doesn’t go the Brandi route…

      • tamaratattles

        well Mr. Horn, I think your list might be better than my list. I love it. But I had some other people I could not leave off. If I had done this post before I wrote mine, I might have just gone with yours. But I didn’t so we have many differences.

    • Xanadude

      It was easier to just scratch off the people who bored and infuriated me. It was really hard to rank my Top10, but I did. Do I get an extra link on the radiator chain?

    • I am stealing Michael Horn’s list and reasons for ranking.

  2. Jaana

    My favorite housewife of all time has to be Christina from Real Housewives of Vancouver! She was down to earth and sexy and funny. Open and honest too.
    Favorite US housewife is KENYA MOORE! Love that woman.
    Magali Gorre and Gina Liano get special mentions too.

  3. microop

    1.) Stacie Scott Turner- most relatable the only housewife who seemed sane enough to know in real life
    2.) Joyce Giraud- beautiful, positive, strong despite mean bitches
    3.) Cynthia Thomas- classy, kind, fierce
    4.) Heather Dubrow- rich bitch, stuck up and condescending in a way I find entertaining, plus I want her clothes the most, and I’m dying to see her ridiculous house
    5.) LuAnn De lesseps- ummm Money Can’t Buy You Class! And in that awful reunion where Bethenny and Jill hated each other and behaved liked chiwawas she was the only one not to get super petty
    6.) Kyle Richards- I don’t know I just like her, she has flaws but in a very normal way
    7.) Camille Grammar- baddest bitch, smartest too, she actually listened to her PR and turned that shit around
    8.) Kenya Moore- crazy, but calls out porsha and Phaedra for the trash they are
    9.) Eileen Davidson- I think she’s among the most real and sane
    10.) Erika Girardi- sharpest newbie, ridiculous, funny

    • tamaratattles

      Who is Stacie Scott Turner and what show was she on? Actually, it would help if you all did a (RHO?) after the name for those of us whose brains don’t go that far back. Or don’t watch certain shows.

      • SaraSally

        Stacie was on RHDC. She was the realtor who learned of her familial origins on the show. She was extraordinarily normal compared to the others.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh yeah, the black? mixed? I forget??? She was the sane one. I liked her too but I can’t picture her. or any of them other than the white house crashing bitch.

        I also like the britishy one too. Kat? But none of the women on that show should be on anyone’s top ten housewives of all time list. That’s just me. I mean how can they be top ten of all time if I have to ask who they are?

      • microop

        DC! One epic season that I long for! They talked about race (in a productive way), gay marriage, and most of the women had real jobs.

      • Calipatti

        Thanks for the reminder!
        RHODC, Stacie Scott Turner was interesting, it easily would had been my favorite franchise.
        The WH photographers wife was disinvited from Christmas party at the WH b/c of Salahi’s stunt.

        Once the Salahi’s (Tarq was a sleaze) high-jacked the show with their White House crashing it was done. Liability for Bravo had to be to much.

        Weird, still feel a little anger towards him. I felt he embarassed our White House.

      • microop

        Also I hear you TT, but I think often the canceled or one season wonders are worthy of the best, simply because they weren’t trashy enough for Andy, which says a lot.

  4. Ms.Minnie

    1.Kenya Moore
    2.Nene Leakes
    3.Ramona Singer
    4.Erika Jayne
    5.Gizelle Bryant
    6.Siggy Flicker
    7.Teresa Giudice
    8.Vicki Gunvalson
    9.Cynthia Bailey
    10.Dina Manzo

    I have more like a top 20 but these women are my top 10 because to me all exude beauty, class, ambition, strength, shadiness and more.

    • tamaratattles

      How can you have a favorite housewife of all time who has yet to be on a single episode? /insert confused emoji here.

  5. iloveearlgrey

    My list:

    10. Kandi Buruss – I like her, find her interesting, and love the fact that she stands up to whoever she thinks is wrong. She doesn’t kiss ass and seems genuine. She’s also legitimately rich, and her crazy mom is entertaining as hell.

    9. Lisa Rinna – Lisa is entertaining and seems like a nice person. Her nuttiness is kind of endearing.

    8. Dorinda Medley – She’s OG NY. I’m entertained by how she speaks, her viewpoints, and her persona. I also have a soft spot for her and think she comes across as very loyal. She needs to dump the sweaty zero and get with a hero.

    7. Jules Wainstein – She’s a noob, but I like her already. She’s ditzy as hell and watching her try to interact with the other NY housewives is comedic. She’s also quirky and interesting, and I like her husband because he seems like a fun guy with a good sense of humor.

    6. Gizelle Bryant – I’m probably in a limited group of people when I say I really enjoyed RHOP, but part of the reason I liked it so much was because of Gizelle. She had great one liners and was pretty chill. I also loooved her 3 daughters, they were cuties!

    5. Nene Leakes – Nene is obnoxious, but she’s entertaining as hell. I like hearing her take on things when she’s not being a bigot or a full on asshole. I wish she’d lose the ego and go back to how she used to be.

    4. Eileen Davidson – I love her look, her honesty, her voice, her manners…everything. Eileen is awesome and everything she does is interesting to me.

    3. Teresa Giudice – I don’t know if I’ll tune in this season, but Teresa is in my top ten because she was always good for a laugh, unpredictable, and entertaining. I don’t like her as a person but love her as a TV personality.

    2. Erika Girardi – Best addition ever. She’s can be colorful and sparkly, elegant and poised, or raunchy and fun. She’s one smart cookie, and I LOVE that she doesn’t allow anyone to ruffle her feathers. I’m trying to soak up her attitude of not giving a crap.

    1. Bethenny Frankel – While she rubs me the wrong way sometimes, she’s an inspiration, seriously. She’s also witty as hell, entertaining on the show, and picks up on things very quickly. I would LOVE to have a friend like Bethenny because she really seems to process everything around her. She is my absolute favorite housewife, and I enjoy her now more than ever before. Queen of one liners.

    • Jaana

      I loved RHOP but trust, it wasn’t because of Gizelle! Lol. However I think that show got a bad rap, it was really good and I hate how RHOD is so much worse than RHOP but they are acting like its a great show. Ugh. Eye roll.

      • tamaratattles

        Dear God, Jaana, what is it exactly you liked about that shit show? It will be back for season two. WHY?

        I have a million things to do tomorrow, but I am just finally having a moment of fun on my own site again… so joust with me!

      • Dee

        I “heard” that the RHOP thought they were filming a show about manners and etiquette. They did not know they were doing RHOP until fimling wrapped. I might like them better as their selves. I go to Kenwood, not a housewife in sight. I “hear” the country club would not let them film.
        Oh, why are Bethanys eyes black? At first I thought sunglasses, now they look evil.

      • Mark

        I liked Ashley. She seemed really normal for a housewife. She seemed genuinely confused and shocked when these dramatic housewife bitches were acting a fool.
        She had respect for Karen as she was older, but still told her she was crazy when she was… well, crazy. Plus, despite the age difference, she didn’t seem like an OBVIOUS golddigger.

      • Jaana

        Tamara, I don’t know why I loved it so much. I have weird taste, I find their ridiculousness entertaining!

  6. iloveearlgrey

    Tamara, I think your list looks something like this:

    1. Bethenny Frankel
    2. Caroline Manzo
    3. Kenya Moore
    4. Teresa Guidice
    5. Vicki Gunvalson
    6. Kyle Richards
    7. Lisa Rinna
    8. Erika Girardi
    9. Kim Zolciak
    10. Claudia Jordan

  7. Karina

    1. Erika Girardi
    2. Camille Grammer
    3. Kim Zoliak
    4. Lisa Vanderpump
    5. Kyle Richards
    6 Kandi buras
    7. Eileen Davidson
    8. Ramona singer
    9. Bethany Frankel
    10. Carlton G. RHOBH

    • Lawstangel

      Not to diss your list, really curious how you can have Kyle & Carlton on the “like” list? To me they are polar opposites…:-)

  8. newjerzeyboy

    1.Jill Zarin
    2.Danielle Staub
    3.Camille Grammer
    4.Cat O’Manney,
    5.Gina Liano
    6.Nene Leakes
    7.Vicki Gunvalson
    8.Simon Van Kempen
    9.Lea Black
    10.Jody Claman

    Honorable Mention – Ms. Faye Resnick

    • tamaratattles

      Jody Claman? Is that your drag name? Did you run out of guesses? Do you even remember why you are my number one knuckle head?

      xo ~ tt

      • newjerzeyboy

        Tamara you simply have to get out more, Jody was the biggest bitch on Real Housewives of Vancouver.

    • Layla

      Jersey Boy, I am intrigued by your list! I would like to read a highlight elaborating on what you love about each one. I love and respect that you have some controversial housewives on your list. I am preparing my list and trying to force myself to make this a practice and being completely honest. Who knew this would be so hard! Ha I love this inquiry TT:)

    • JoJoFLL

      I’m so in love with this list! I wish it was my list.

  9. Blahblahblogeh

    My top 10 based solely on who is entertaining to watch (not likeability) would be…
    Bethenney Frankel
    Nene Leakes
    Teresa Giudice
    Ramona Singer
    Kim Zolciak
    Michaele Salahi
    Lisa Vanderpump
    Kandi Burruss
    LeeAnne Locken
    Jill Zarin

    Some of them are batshit, but they definitely kept me watching lol

    • Espi

      yES!!! Love the list with the exception of the last wife… Maybe Melissa Gorga because she’s so slimy toward Teresa or Gretchen because she was a goofball in the middle of drama every time…

  10. Sam

    I’m going by which housewives I have found the most entertaining (in other words, batshit crazy in a entertaining way, or otherwise over the top.) Some of them I love because I hate them…
    1. Kim Zolciak – the wigs, the cigs, Big Poppa, she thought she had cancer but didn’t. Threw her Mom and Dad out of her wedding.
    2.Jeana Keough – her son was an asshole, so was her husband. All the drama with her family was good stuff.
    3. Vicki Gunvalson – woo hoo
    4. Camille Grammer – 4 nannies. Allison Dubois. Flirting with Nick, her friends husband. Season one Camille was the best.
    5. Alex McCord – and Simon. Ridiculous, pretentious social climbers with kids with stupid names.
    6. Laurie Waring Peterson – went from living in a townhouse and working for Vicki to marrying super loaded George. Lots of kid drama.
    7. Lisa Vanderpump- fabulous darling. Master manipulator but so fun to watch and so rich.
    8. Alexis Bellino – cheeseball dick head husband. Jesus Jugs.
    9. Sonja Morgan – she’s flipping crazy
    10. Phaedra Parks – the pregnancy photo shoot with Apollo. The Boughetto Baby Shower. Morticians school.

  11. For sure my favorite franchise is Real Housewives of Melbourne; and my least favorite is New Jersey.

  12. My favorite moment from Vicki RHOC was when she was on the ski mountain screaming in her shrill voice- “I HAVE NEVER HAD A THREE WAY!!!!!!!!!

  13. Minky

    This sounds very difficult. There are a number of housewives I liked at one point and then I couldn’t stand. Here goes nothing:

    1. Kenya Moore
    2. Claudia Jordan
    3. Lizzie Rosvek
    4. Danielle Staub from NJ
    5. Rinna
    6. Eileen
    7. Jeanna Keogh from the OC
    8. Brandi Glanville
    9. Kandi Burrus
    10. Pinky

    Honorable Mention for a FOH: Marlo Hampton

    Special Recognition for Outstanding House-husband: Gregg Leakes

  14. 1. Lisa Vanderpump RHOBH – Love her lifestyle, her businesses, her family, her sense of humour her bitchyness and inability to own it – the fact that she manipulates and refuses to own it – play the game better guys!

    2. Bethheny Frankel RHONYC – Love her sense humour and wit as abrasive as it may be. Love watching her go from nothing to Skinny girl queen – especially loved her at last year’s reunion – she should do them all & make Andy redundant.

    3. Kim Zolciak RHOA – who can’t love a wine and wig loving gal who can work her way up from professional mistress to professional sport’s professional housewive with 6 kids and nary a broken nail? “SWEETIE! I need a solo cup of wine ….”.

    4. Heather Dubrow – her lifestyle, wardrobe, prevention, acting “career”, the wildness of her children she clearly passes off to nannies off camera – bizarre leech beauty treatments, her pretentious hubby & her building her crazy homes.

    5. Cat Ommanney RHODC – she was bat shit crazy but politically astute. (In fact loved DC, was so sad to see it go, but I guess it was too intellectual for the masses & the wives were not savvy enough to see that when they refused to film with crazy they were done – they all had a brain except for Michaele and Tareq Salahi the White House crashes – only in the US folks)

    6. Gamble Breaux- RHOMelbourne – One from home. Bat shit crazy, questionable dress sense, whimsical humour – she’s actually fun & feisty. Her wedding was beautiful & suitable housewive cast were pretentious & contentious while her Wolf Pup hubby is a sweetheart.

    7. Leah Black RHODC – love the mayor of Miami – her sense of entitlement and “Charity” is just awesome! Love her hob-nobbing with criminals – who can justify being a strong women / feminist role model & being friends with Joe francis? The irony contradiction that is Lea Black.

    8. Erica Giardi RHOBH – Love Erica Jane – love her trashy looks, her cool calm, her glam squad . I look forward to see her and LVP in direct play – she could take on the queen.

    9. Luan De Lessepes RHONYC – got to love “The Cool Countess”.. How pretentious is she? Her elegant sluttiness, self deluded blindness to her own behaviour and her continuous need to school the others in good manners and etiquette. Also her “singing career”? – hilarious!!

    10. Alex McCord – she was fun. Loved her breaking down reality podcasts most housewives. She and Simon were gold – social climbers of the first order – but I also thought they were fun and clearly not as stupid as so many of the other housewives and husbands, even though they were equally deluded as to their significance.

  15. Larry

    Reading these lists I realize I have a favorite, it’s Kyle. She feels like a real person to me.

    Beyond that though I like people only in combinations. I like Teresa when there’s Danielle or Caroline. I like Kenya when she’s up against Phaedra or Porsha. Brandi was great tv for a minute opposing the Richards sisters. The last season cast of NY was amazing for me. But, I can’t isolate them and I often tire of them outside certain combos.

    Point is, this is a surprisingly challenging task. I could probably do it framed as a negative (least favorite).

  16. I’m glad I made my list before I read any of these comments. You all make such good points I would have been swayed.

  17. VictorRhodes

    Kim Richards (RHOBH) : I love her, she look very real for me,like family,she is natural,no plot or games, a lot of people doesn’t like her because her fights with her sister and her alcoholism but i have a soft spot for her.

    Lisa Vanderpump (RHOBH) : OG of RHOBH, in my opinion she is the Queen, i love and hate her at the same time, she is fun to watch and it look like she is straight from Dynasty (Joan Collins).

    Brandi Glanville (RHOBH) : She is crazy and insane at the same time,everyone hate her because she turned on LVP and had fights with Kyle and the cast,but she delivers drama.

    Erika Girardi (RHOBH) : New on RHOBH, such a fun and entertaining Housewife,glamorous,sexy and fun, she is nice and exhale class but with a sexy twist from her alter ego Erika Jayne.

    Yolanda Foster (RHOBH) : Yolanda, Yolanda i was disappointed from you this season,i liked her the previous season,such class,beauty,manners but i was tired of the sick selfie/instagram posts.

    Kyle Richards (RHOBH) : Second OG from RHOBH,she is a part like LVP of RHOBH,for me it doesn’t exist without her,some season i hate her,some i like her,she change a lot and she has a glamorous life,i like her family.

    Heather Dubrow (RHOC) : Classy from The OC,i love her, because she is so classy that she almost not belong the OC,she look like she’s straight from RHOBH.She seems like a control freak but i like her personality and her wit.

    Dorinda Medley (RHONY) : What are you doing here without Dorinda ! I love her, she is class and as the same time fragile, i love her drunken tirade,she is a good fit for RHONY.

    Bethenny Frankel (RHONY) :Well Well Well Bethenny, i’m not always agreeing with you,but i love her,she evolved and changed from S1 to S8,working hard,hustling,her confessional commentary makes me laugh.

    Carole Radziwill (RHONY) : For me she look like she’s pretending that she is still a teenager and at the same time she reminds Carrie Bradshaw from Sex And The City,she has a wit,but still a bit shy,she always try not to engage in any drama.

  18. DejaBlue53

    Um, no. Thanks for all the tea tho.

  19. bria

    1- Kenya-I love the fact that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s funny & entertaining with an ice drop of craziness.
    2- kyle – Can be a team player
    3- Bethenny -Rub me off the wrong way most of the time but I will still indulge in the abuse
    4-Claudia Jordan-Cool & Classic
    5-Erika Jayne- drawn to her life style.
    6- Lisa Rinna- loud mouth but falls down to criticism.
    7-Luan – exaggerated sense of self
    8-Nene-hilarious reads, crazy wigs that makes me forget my hair issues
    9- kandi – her voice & word emphasizes each time she speaks makes me laugh.
    10-Kim Z & Dorinda fought for this post on

    T.T, this was a tough assignment and a self realization for me was some of the people I don’t like end up showing up as my best 10 ?

  20. Dee

    1- Danielle Staub: Did you see her porn when she was sucking onion bagel out of her teeth?
    2- Camille Grammer: Season 1. Talk about Karma.
    3- Alex McCord (and Simon): Faux everything.
    4- Erika Girardi: Everything real.
    5-Kim Zolziak: Wigs and cigs.
    6-Tamra: Encouraged her son to rape drunk Gretchen. Extra points for creepy husbands.
    7- Ramona Singer: Runway walk. Plus Karma.
    8- Bethenny Frankel: Never fails to make me laugh.
    9- Caroline Manzo: “Thick as thieves” awesomeness.
    10- Brandi Glanville: Fuck

  21. Housewivedout

    1) Teresa
    2) Bethenny
    3) Nene
    4) LVP
    5) Ramona
    6) Kenya
    7) Yolanda
    8) Kyle
    9) Vicky
    10) Danielle
    That’s the order I came up with as they occurred to me. I don’t necessarily love them all but they’ve either been entertaining or influential. It’d be a lot easier to do a most despised ranking. Can’t wait to read yours Tamara!

  22. FLo

    LVP. Yes she’s a schemer but she’s a fabulous schemer. She’s good entertainment value. The fact she can’t admit she was wrong or apologise only makes her more fun to watch. I believe wholeheartedly she did the magazine thing. I believe Rinna. I also think think she damaged Adrienne’s business with the Maloof hoof thing, but I still love that crocodile. She gets extra point for being an animal lover.

    2. Kyle. Kyle get such a hard time. I think she’s quite honest and loyal but gets read the wrong way a lot. She also does good splits. Go Kyle.

    3. Dorinda Medley. Love her. I don’t mind if her brass is Columbian Courage induced, I love her tenacity, her messiness, her loyalty and she’s fabulous.

    4. Gina Liano. Love, love, love me some Gina. Even though she’s gotten too big for her bedazzled platform pumps, she’s too fabulous to hate.

    5. Yolanda Foster. Yolanda got painted as manipulative. Let me tell you, she’s just Dutch, they really don’t know how to be duplicitous, it’s not in their culture. She thinks she is sick, she thinks it is Lymes disease, she is in no way doing a Brooks and she was treated poorly. I love her, I hope she recovers fabulously. Go Yo!

    6. Bethenny Frankel. She’s tough. She’s streetsmart. I also think she’s a selfish and a loony sometimes but she’s gold. She’s fun to watch. She tells it like (she thinks) it is and I appreciate her for that.

    7. Kim Zolciak. I’m sad she etched her parents out of her life because they didn’t fit the mould. Sad that Kroy doesn’t see his family much either – they will regret it one day. But I admired that Kim always knew what she wanted and was always herself. She’s great Mother. Terrible spender, I think they will regret that when the football well runs dry, but I’m rooting for them and their beautiful family.

    8. Nene Leaks. Crazy lady. Years ago she would have been number 1. No she’s got herself in all sorts of bother but she still has credit with me. Hi Felicia. xx

    9. Kenya Moore. Just Gone with the wind fabulous. She is authentic and a clever lady..

    10. Gamble Breaux. I just like her. And love Rick and their son.

    Close misses in my top 10 (sorry ladies)… Jackie Gilles … shine it up girl. Carol Radziwell (she’s the one I kinda love to hate on , she’s cool and really watchable, but she just loves herself so much that is a crime in my household)…

    • tamaratattles

      The one issue I have with Kim and Kroy is their parents. I get that Kim has some shitty ones, but they are still her kids grandparents. I admit that if it were me, I’d be DONE DONE DONE with them too, but I’m not a parent, and I hate that all those beautiful babies don’t have grandparents.

      Kroy’s parents are lovely good people who apparently hate his wife. I get it. Kim is a lot, she was with a married man (at least on paper) before Kroy, had a brief lesbian affair (NTTAWWT) But seriously, do they watch the show and see how happy they are? Kroy needs to mend fences with his parents and they need to learn to accept Kim for who she is. And who she is pretty special.

      • FLo

        Here’s my guess at your list – haven’t made it to 10 yet..

        Caroline Manzo
        Lea Black
        Bethenny ?

  23. FLo

    Oh no how could I have forgotten Erika Giradi! Sorry, Erika is number 3 on my list.

  24. Shellbelle

    Here’s my top 10 of the HW’s. Ranked in order as if we were real friends ( and not just through my TV) Ha!!

    10. Kandi Burruss: I like the fact she’s so laid back. She would be a good one to have a BBQ with (a real one) and play badmitton or a game of corn hole.

    9. Kyle Richards: I could spend the day being a lady who lunches. And shops.

    8. Carole Radzwill: She’s very, um, hippie and I like that. She would be the one I would want to road trip with. The windows rolled down and loud music playing.

    7. Tamara: She would be fun for a night on the town drinking but one I may be embarrassed to be seen with during the day. She’d be my one night stand.

    6. Heather Dubrow: I just want to see her house and closet.

    5. Kenya Moore: She can be very funny and relaxed. She would be the friend I would take to the beach and people watch.

    4. Bethenny: She’s a no nonsense kind of person and her one liners are hilarious. She would be the one I would take to a bar and laugh hysterically. She would make me tired with all of her energy, so I would only take her in small doses.

    3. Kim Z Bierman: As someone else said: what’s not to love about Wine, wigs and cigs? Plus her kids are adorable. She would be the friend to sit around the pool and drink wine while the kids play in the pool. She would also be the one to sit with at school functions and gossip with.

    2. Ericka Girardi: She’s so laid back and cool. I could totally see her as the friend that shows up for coffee and gossip in the morning. She seems to be fiercely loyal and we all need at least one friend like that. She would be the ride or die friend.

    1. Caroline Manzo: She loves her family and is a mama bear. She’s the friend that you go to for advice. She’s also the friend that tells you like it is, and loves you while she’s doing it. She’s the friend that you have family get togethers with and invite to your kids graduations and know she will cry tears, too.

  25. 1. Lynne Curtin – How nice would it be to wander through life clueless and stoned.
    2. Cat Ommanney – We still use the word “bullocks” in our house because of her.
    3. Lydia – Cuz her mom was so quirky.
    4. Jeana – She didn’t let the fame get to her as much as the others on the show.
    5. Erika – I know she’s new but I did enjoy her going through all this giving no F’s.
    6. LVP – She still holds her own to me and I like that she remains the same.
    7. Sonja – I am worried about her mental state but I am entertained by her.
    8. Dorinda – I know a few women similar to her and I love them.
    9. Kandi – There’s a realness to Kandi that I like to see on these shows.
    10. Kathryn – Again, she is new but I enjoyed watching her.

  26. lo

    1.Teresa Giudice I just have a soft spot for her regardless of her flaws
    2.Kenya Moore She is simply fantastic and entertaining.
    3.Bethany Frankel Her quit wit wins me over every time.
    4.Dorinda Medley I love when Dorinda yells “Back that shit up!” I find her blowups eye-poppingly outrageous.
    5.Lisa Rinna She’s fun and entertaining.
    6.Kandi Buress Very talented and she comes across as 100% authentic.
    7.Sonja Morgan I have a soft spot for Sonja for some reason as well. She’s funny and fun and altogether a hot mess.
    8.Ericka Giradi I love that she has two personalities.
    9.Eileen Davidson Can’t explain why, but I like her.
    10.Kim Zolciack Raunchy and totally in love with herself, I cannot look away from her.

  27. JustJenn

    1. LVP – I think LVP is fabulous and embodies everything that a RH should be
    2. Kyle – Kyle is probably one of the most normal and sane housewives ever. Plus all of her drama with Kim makes me really feel for her.
    3. Vicki – Vicki drives me crazy and reminds me of my Mom at times, but she’s like an old friend by now,
    4. Heather Dubrow – I love Heather and Terry’s relationship, they are a bit out of touch, but I like them anyway.
    5. Cynthia – She’s sweet and drop dead gorgeous.
    6. Bethenny – Bethenny makes for great TV, but she’s someone that I don’t think I could be around very long IRL.
    7. Kim Z – Kim is another one who makes for great TV and I’ve grown to really like her after watching Don’t Be Tardy.
    8. Kenya Moore – Kenya is so smart and over the top..what’s not to like?
    9. Nene – Nene is my love to hate housewife.. such a ridiculous charade of a woman.
    10. Rinna – Rinna is a little crazy, but she also seems to have a heart and cares about her friends and family.

  28. Friday'smom

    Kyle, I always like her and her husband and kids, and ball crazy dog.
    LVP… Love her zoo, including Ken.
    Bethanny, she irritates me sometimes but more often she is so funny and usually bang on.
    Heather, I just like her and her fabulous houses, cute kids and hubby.
    Luann sometimes… Meh.
    Cynthia, so pretty, married to a dog… But seems like a nice girl.
    That’s it

  29. Tulsateacher

    Here are ten housewives that I rooted for and defended and have let me down:
    1. Teresa Guidice: I overlooked her spending cash hand over fist for extravagant and tacky crap because she was trying, albeit poorly, to make the jump from Paterson to Franklin Lakes. I liked her friendship with Jaq and her Caroline. I didn’t care that she flipped out (and flipped a table) at Danielle because I thought Danielle was condescending with her book drama. But after learning of her and Joe’s scamming ways and her refusal to admit her part, I can’t anymore.
    2. Nene Leakes: When Nene was so excited to go to Shere’s birthday party, getting her hair and makeup done and going with her girl Kim and then denied entry I saw legitimate pain on her face. Same when she was trying to find her biological father. She jumped the shark for me when she yelled “I’m rich bitch!” to Shere and bragged about cashing Trump checks.
    3. Tamara Barney: She came on to the show husting real estate, mothering young kids while dealing with a surly twenty-something year old son she had at a really young age. I wanted the women to like her! She called out Jesus Jugs! She got Gretchen “naked wasted”! I stuck with Tamara far longer than the others but finally had to let her go when she had her faux religious awakening and her backyard baptism.
    4. Brandy Glanville: Her little boy dropped his swimming trunks and peed in Adrienne’s front yard and I thought, “Finally! A true motherhood moment” and she laughed it off as she should have. When the Richards sisters hid her crutches I became firmly Team Brandi. It was only when Joyce Giraud entered the group that my eyes opened to Brandi and I’ve been done with her since. I was glad when she was fired.
    5. Yolanda Foster: I liked her quirkiness and her accent and her “love”. Then she began “her journey”….
    6. Jill Zarin: I loved first season Jill. I loved her relationship with Bobby, her daughter, her mother and sister but especially I loved her relationship with Bethenney. Then her jealousy set it and she turned on Bethenney and showed her true pettiness. It pained me to let her go.
    7. Jacqueline Laurita: Girl from Vegas trying to fit in with her husband’s big loud Italian family was something with which I could relate. I was genuinely happy for her when she was able to conceive Nicholas. When Nick was later diagnosed with Autism and she subjected him to filming with the noise, the lights, and all of the crew around him I was disgusted.
    8. Kim Richards: I could tell she was under the influence season one; I just couldn’t put my finger on it. That’s a struggle I deal with myself so when Kyle blasted her in the limo I hurt for her. It was when she kept insisting she was sober when she obviously wasn’t that I sadly began to tire of her. I began to understand and like Kyle more and now at this point I continue to wait and see what will happen to her.
    9. Porsha Williams: I cheered when she divorced Cornell. I was hoping she’d take her freedom and end up on top… which she did when she began screwing men for money and gifts. Now she has big fake tits, better quality extentions and dresses and acts like a trampy fool. Her mother needs to knock her ass out. She is a true embarrassment to her family and its legacy.
    10. Aviva Dresher: She was interesting with her leg and her horny father. She seemed cool and has anxiety issues like a lot of us. When she made the flight to meet up with the ladies for vacation I knew it took a lot for her to do that and was cheering. But when she flipped out because, in her mind, the women didn’t properly thank her husband for getting her there and then ruined her time there for refusing to let it go I wanted her gone. When she slammed her prosthetic leg on the table I beyond ready for her to be gone from the show.

    • Toni

      Great list! I tapped out on Tamra when she screamed in Jeana’s face for her to mind her own business and threw her wine on her because she answered a few interview questions, particularly when Tamra had spent the season digging dirt on Gretchen and that Jay Photoglou guy. Then she proceeded to slam Slade, going so far as to contact his ex wife to get dirt. Hypocritical and trashy. She ruined the show for me and I no longer watch that series.

      I still have a soft spot for Jill Zarin, she tries so desperately hard that I feel sorry for her. She was the first one whose manufactured storyline bit her hard in the ass.

    • tamaratattles

      This is a fascinating list. It’s ten ways that HWs fall from grace.

    • Great list. I’m with you, Brandi lost me when she became a rude jealous cunt satchel to Joyce. Sad they let Joyce go after that season.

  30. Yeah! A rankings thread. How fun! Here’s mine..
    10- Lisa vanderpump
    9- Camille Grammer
    8- Kelly Bensimon
    7- Kenya Moore
    6- Vicki Gunvalson
    5- Alex McCord
    4- Sonja Morgan
    3-Teresa Giudice
    2- Ramona Singer
    1- Luann Dulesepps

  31. T D

    Alex served with a side Simon
    Kathy because desserts

  32. Cheychey

    1.NeNe-she sells clothes,is a housewife of Atlanta,does fashion police,sitcoms,Broadway spin off shows and was a stripper lets face it this girl knows how to make a buck.
    2.Bethany- her sarcasm reins supreme. She would be me if I were skinny and rich.
    3.Kim B.- she married a sexy football player had cute kids and she can afford expensive wine glasses but drinks out of red solo cups.
    4.Vicki G.- she is an overcome r. She doesn’t let life get her down. She knows how to have a good time.
    5.Kelly Bensimone-she was batshit crazy and made me feel a little more sane.
    6.Danielle S.-she was a real live criminal with a dangerous past who wasn’t afraid to shake things up.
    7.Sonya M.-she really doesn’t give a damn what people think of her oh yea she dresses like a slut and bangs a lot of young guys.I would never do but maybe in an alternate universe?
    8.LVP-wife,mother,business woman and night of course.
    9.Gretchen R.- someone who thru it all I think remained sweet. Also someone who left that I would actually like to see return.
    10.My number 10 goes to Dwight. He is not a housewife but he should be. He throws the best, most over the top outrageous parties. He has snappy one liners and dresses impeccably for a man about town. I want him as my Best friend.

  33. Judilu

    1. Caroline Manzo: feeds you and tells you like it is
    2. Vickie G. : woo hoo, I want to party with her at Andale’s, and like her work ethic..
    3. Sonja Morgan : the delusion is strong..like the Star Wars force (in a good way)
    4. LVP : love her refusal to own up to anything, and the three tears she can summon up
    5. Kenya. : so fabulous and I want her to have a happy ending
    6. Lizzie R. : so sweet I have a cavity and I am so jealous of her, she is perfect
    7. Dorinda : tough, loyal, slurry…
    8. Danielle Staub: the eyebrows, the crazy,nice scenes with her daughters,want her back!
    9. Luanne: who else can go from one night stands to please do not talk to the help
    10. Kelly Bensimonn: satchels…Makes my crazy look ok

    Honorary:Bethany :I couldn’t decide if love or hate , but I admire the fact she has grown her business the way she has.

  34. My list changes after every season because someone will piss me off LOL

    1. Carole Radziwill
    2. Bethenny Frankel
    3. Lisa Vanderpump
    4. Kyle Richards
    5. Caroline Manzo
    6. Lea Black
    7. Eileen Davidson
    8. Erika Jayne
    9. Kristen Taekman
    10 Heather Dubrow

    Can’t wait to see your list!!

  35. Jaana

    1. Christina Kiesel. RHOV

    This girl is just fun. When she listed her main source of income as alimony from her two divorces I fell in love.

    2.Brandi Glanville. RHOBH

    Mixed emotions right here. I feel like Brandi drives the conversation whether good or bad and Game Night was spectacular. Bravo.

    3. Camille Grammer. RHOBH

    Allison Dubois. That is all. (Her Malibu house was amazing too)

    4. Danielle Staub. RHONJ

    Bat shit crazy. I loved how she called out the Manzos as well.

    5. Lisa Vanderpump. RHOBH

    Fabulous and amazing. Diamonds and pink feathers. I drank the kool aid until season 4, but well done on creating and maintaining that image and fan base Pinky!

    6. Vicki Gunvalson. RHOC

    I have a love/hate thing with Vicki. I love how straight forward she is, hate how mean and nasty she can get, but overall she wears her heart on her sleeve. I am one of the few who thinks she was really duped by Brooks. He is a conman of the highest order.

    7. Magali Gorre. RHOCheshire

    Magali was spicy and fab with a gorgeous family. I loved how she tolerated no bullshit and her tell it how it is attitude. I miss her.

    8. Gamble. RHOMelbourne

    Funny and quirky with a good heart.

    9. Kandi Burris. RHOA

    Loved her in Xscape and she didn’t disappoint on the show. She is a bit calm while everyone around her is crazy. (Mama Joyce) Glad to see she is no longer buddies with that snake Phakedra.

    10. Kenya Moore. RHOA

    Saved my fave for last! She singlehandedly brought the show its highest ratings and the crazy doesn’t stop! I love her!

    Does this list have a lot of villians on it? I’ve been told I like villians.

  36. Kevin

    My Top Ten:

    10: Karen Huger, RHOP. As one of the few people that watched the whole 1st season of RHOP, I did enjoy “Lady Elouise” and her over the top antics.

    9: Camille Grammer, RHOBH season 1 only. The dinner party from hell, the NYC trip, the Vegas trip, the divorce, the money, hell even the shoulder shrugs. Season 1 Camille was the tops for me.

    8: Ramona Singer, RHONY. As much as she infuriates me, there is something about her that just keeps me from completely hating her, can’t explain it and wouldn’t want to try.

    7: Heather Dubrow, RHOC. I was never a fan or watcher of Orange County until Heather came along. She’s like the calm in the shitstorm that is Vicki and Tamra.

    6: Bethenny Frankel, RHONY. I have liked watching her progression over years. Whether is good or bad, Bethenny has no problem laying it all out and saying how she feels, while keeping it very real.

    5: Dina Manzo, RHONJ. Seriously, she is the only reason I ever gave a damn about that show. Enough said.

    4: Kenya Moore, RHOA. If anyone knows the score it’s Kenya. She knows this is not real life. She’s playing a character and she goes all in. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and whether you love or hate her, she’s the reason why RHOA has been able to sustain over the last few seasons.

    3: Gina Liano, RHOMelbourne. “Persistence is king and I’m the queen of it”. That tag line alone has me falling at her feet. Gina has been the only Melbourne wife that I have consistently liked over the 3 seasons of the show.

    2: Lisa Vanderpump, RHOBH. Oh Pinky, where do I begin? The house, the swans and horses, the cars, the mind games and manipulation. Whatever she does, she does it well. It seems almost every season the cast turns on her but yet still want to be friends with her! Who else could do that? LVP is the MVP for me.

    1: NeNe Leakes, RHOA seasons 1 thru 5 only. Now before you start throwing tomatoes let me explain. NeNe has been falling out of favor with fans of the show quite steadily since season 6 (although some would say the decline started earlier), but let’s remember the good old days. The early years of RHOA was truly a golden period and NeNe carried the bulk of weight on her shoulders. Who could forget “BLOOP!”, “Close your legs to married men!”, “Low down dirty monkey with a wig on!”, and her signature line, “I am VERY rich, BITCH!”. I may not love her way I used to, but I have to give credit where credit is due.

  37. Travis

    1. Kyle. BH..she finally has along term acting job and she has endless drama with her famous family..and she is married to the hottest husband and rich! That is what we want to see.
    2.Jeanna..OC..remember when the first season of the franchise was about relationships and wealth versus staged fighting?
    3.Kim..Atlanta..who can forget the first season of her puffing cigarettes and singing and her thinking she was a REAL singer..
    4. Nene.. Atlanta..I dont like her but I watch her. And Kim and her play it well..
    5. Gina..Melbourne.I still think this is one of the best franchises..more should watch..they all actually have money
    6.Jill..NY..poor thing..rich and totally only lived to be seen..and heard
    7. Bethany..NY..she’s always right.isn’t she? Another great duo match with Jill
    8.Vicki..OC..she did not arrive on the good ship lollipop and 11 years is nothing to sneeze at.
    9.Heather..OC…her biggest problem is which shade of napkins to use..
    10. Phaedra..Atlanta..this one will piss everyone off but face it..she bedded a hot man..and he took the fall for her..she not stupid

  38. Katherine 2.0

    Lots of ways to break this down. I am going with the Divability factor, combined with a certain charm and/or delusion that makes them fun to watch. A little bit of game, but not so much that you want to hiss at the screen overtime they make an entrance.

    1) Sonja Morgan
    2) Bethenny Frankel
    3) NeNe Leakes
    4) Kim Zolciak
    5) Vicki Gunvalson
    6) Ramona Singer
    7) Lisa Vanderpump
    8) LuAnne DeLesseps
    9) Sheree Whitfield
    10) Kyle Richards

  39. JoJoFLL

    Damn that was hard. I could barely figure out my own.

    10. Chyka RHOMelbourne

    9. Camille RHOBH

    8. Lisa Hochstein RHOMiami

    7. Kim Zolciak RHOA

    6. Kelly Bensimon RHONY

    5. LVP RHOBH

    4. Countess LuAnne RHONY

    3. Erika RHOBH

    2. Lea Black RHOMiami

    1. Bethany RHONY

  40. T D

    So many former castmate favorires are being listed. Nice to see that past and present long shots are being bet down. Last years bug boys have also shifted the odds in their favor.

  41. Been watching since day one. Love your site Tamara. Here goes-really hard-in no particular order.
    Kim Z
    Lisa VP
    Vicki G
    Carolyn M

  42. CupcakeScholar

    10. Sheree – Atlanta (Doesn’t accept anyone’s abuse)
    9. NeNe – Atlanta (Multiple personalities that I love to watch…mean, sweet, loyal, shady…you never know who is going to show up)
    8, Lori – Orange County (Secretly, I would love my day-to-day to include unlimited access to a Black American Express)
    7. Kenya – Atlanta
    6. Luann – New York
    5. Teresa – New Jersey
    4. Peter… >:-D
    3. Erika – Beverly Hills (I now pat the puss on a daily basis)
    2. Kim – Atlanta (Hot mess that I looooved watching)
    1. Bethenny – (Quick wit that is really shady and funny)

    • tamaratattles

      LOL at Peter. I have a feeling he may be the next Felon by Bravo though. Just word on the curb. IJA.

  43. Maggie moo

    This was a tough one but here I go:

    1.Kim Zolciak (the Big Poppa days)
    2.Kenya Moore (because she just keeps on twirling)
    3.Kandi Burruss (minus mama Joyce)
    4.Theresa Guidice (I can watch her flip tables all day)
    5.Vicki Gunvalson (must I state the obvious?)
    6. Tamara Barney-Judge (naked wasted!!!)
    7. Jill Zarin (thought she was good entertainment)
    8. Ramona Singer (the light is on but nobody is home)
    9. Bethenny Frankel (keeps it 100%)
    10. Lisa Rinna (she OWNS it!!)

  44. QueenB

    1. Kenya Moore (best shit starter)
    2. Nene (best one liners)
    3. LVP (best boss bitch)
    4. Bethenny (best hustler)
    5. Caroline Manzo (no nonsense)
    6. Kandi Burruss (most family drama)
    7. Cynthia Bailey (best supporting cast)
    8. Jeanna Keogh RHOC
    9. Joyce RHOBH (Best hair & sweetest)
    10. Kim Zolziak (best goldigger b4 Erika)

  45. amisteree

    Disturbing: I treated this as though my life depended on it. I obsessed and agonized over it, adding and subtracting wives for hours(!) and I’m still not satisfied. ?Perhaps I should be embarrassed, but my sons and husband spend days on their March Madness lists.?

    1. Bethenny (RHNY)
    2. NeNe (RHOA)
    3. LVP (RHBH)
    4. Kyle (RHBH)
    5. Rinna (RHBH)
    6. Kim Z. (RHOA)
    7. Kenya (RHOA)
    8. Caroline Manzo (RHNJ)
    9. Vicki (RHOC)
    10. Alex (RHNY)

  46. ingrid

    love these!

  47. ingrid

    My favorites:
    10.Heather Dubrow (RHOC) She is easily horrified at the other housewives’ antics, her lifestyle is so cool to watch, her husband is part of the deal.
    9. Gretchen: (RHOC) The whole time she was on I was thinking, “Is she being devious, is she just that unaware, is she cheating on Jeff, is she just taking some time off, what is UP with her?” Also hooking up with Slade was awesome.
    8. Jill Zarin (RHNY) Her family relationships, along with her self-importance, and her promotions!
    7. Lynne Curtain (RHOC): really dumb is so entertaining, cuffs!
    6. Kandi Burruss (RHA): Real talent, crazy mom, found love, great career, and stayed calm until you pushed her last nerve.
    5. Danielle Staub (RHNJ): Paranoid, angry, S-stirrer, pushed buttons, loved to hate her
    4. Ramona (RHNY) Model walk, “who are you to get me wet?”
    3. Sonja (RHNY) : Just brushes herself off and moves on, the interns, the dogs pooping on the floor, the tooth flying out,never stops trying trying, (yes I typed that twice)
    2. LVP (RHBH) I know she is manipulative, but I dont care, she is awesome, and loves animals, and works hard, even though she doesnt have to.
    1. Bethenny (RHNY): Once was referred to as the “Greek Chorus” of RHNY, her comments are priceless, she makes the show so much more entertaining. It may be b/c I am from NY and I understand the affectations, the frankness, see it all the time here. She is not without controversy, but she is always so good to watch.

    that was harder than I thought it would be, may change it tomorrow.

  48. Okay, late starter, but here it goes:
    1. LVP: Anyone who can carry a swan through Beverly Hills has my undying love. I know she loves dogs, but she acts like one amazing cat woman.
    2. Kyle: I identify with Kyle more than any other housewife. She’s funny. She’s short. She has the hottest hubbie on any franchise.
    3. Lynne Curtin: Made stupid into a work of art.
    4. Camille Grammar, first season: That dinner party. Those evil side glances. Damn.
    5. Caroline Stanbury: Always fun, even when infuriating.
    6. Heather Dubrow: Come the revolution…in the mean time, I will enjoy the ever expanding mansions and her adorable arrogance.
    7: Kenya Moore: She is so gorgeous and so funny (bull horn). She can turn tripping on a runway into a win.
    8. Sonja Morgan: Grey Gardens, that’s all.
    9. Gretchen Rossi: Fake engagement. Amazing performance in Las Vegas. Bring back Gretchen!
    10. Juliet Angus: Bull in a British china shop.

  49. Alison Francis

    It’s funny you should ask this, I think it would be fun to go on a trip or party with these ladies, Vicki Gunvalson, Joanna Krupa, kyle Richards, Alex McCord, Jill Zarin, Sonja Morgan, Heather Thomson, Carol Raziwill, Kathy Wakile, and of course Phaedra Parks.

  50. Mick


    10. Erika girardi…she epitomizes no fucks given and I love it.
    9. Nene Leakes – pre-fame and braway Nene is the best. I loved her bad teeth and bad skin.
    8. Vicki Gunvalson – so dramatic.
    7. Lisa Vanderpump – the pink. The animals. The cheeky sense of humor.
    6. Camille Grammer – she made television excellent with her “definition of the day” talking heads, and sidekick psychics.
    5. Heather Dubrow – because she is rich, over the top, and the seemingly normal one
    4. Kandi Burruss seems like a really down to earth woman who sees “this” for what it is. Also that baby is the cutest?
    3. Karen huger – delusion is key…black bill gates, outdated kitchen, Tory bunch nylon bag, bad eyebrows. She is a beast with her reads and shade. I love her!!!
    2. Sonya Morgan – tooth issues, her squad, and Interns. The woman is crazy. I love her.
    1. Kenya Moore – poor misunderstood Kenya with her beautiful. Beautiful self. I have always had a girl crush on her. She makes for great television. She is funny, dramatic, fake,sincere…all of that. You never know what you are gonna get.

  51. RosesandGin

    Loved this exercise!

    Some criteria I used:
    –Someone who props up the show… but doesn’t destroy it.
    –Lifestyle and personality are of interest and value to the show.
    –Used the show to improve themselves, not tarnish or damage their own reputation.
    –Notority before the show, or significantly more gained from it.
    –Some insane moment, that is memorable.
    –I have both liked and disliked them, which pretty much doesn’t narrow it down at all.

    1. Bethenny – How can you not respect her rise? I may not love all her commentary. But even that, I love to see what crap falls out of her mouth. She went from a virtual no one, built herself up with hard work, succeeded, and basically carries the show, even though that’s tough to admit. I already love this season… bc shes back. Oh did we forget she managed to get her own talk show out of it all?
    2. LVP – master manipulator, and I freaking love it. She drives her show, and is key, just like Bethenny. Not to mention she managed to get her own spin off with Vanderpump Rules, and I watch that too.
    3. Kim – another success story. White trash to happy Mama. Her own spin offs, and one hot husband. Bravo girlfriend. Bravo.
    4. Tamra – another one like Kim… successful gym with that fine ass husband of hers.
    5. Sonja Morgan – I cant get enough of her pure delusion. Plus, I really like her ability to remain the ever optimist despite the her townhouse both literally and figuratively collapsing around her.
    6. Kandi – TLC No Scrubs… sex toy line… Kandi coated nights. Enough said.
    7. Kyle – she plays the game, but shows her pain.
    8. Heather Dubrow – she has a life that appears to be something I would really freaking like to have. Her smug nature is infuriating, and yet part of the reason I tuned in. We are here to see the rich bitch in action, and that Mrs. Dubrow fit that to the T.
    9. Yolanda – I don’t like her, not one bit, and she may be seriously ill… mentally. But her initial life was one that I wanted to see complete with lemon trees, glass fridges, random piano parties, and her King David. Her kids are more successful than ever, and for that, at least something may have gone right. And her storyline, I followed like a hawk on this site. Rinna and Eileen should be thanking her.
    10. Erika – she is last but she could be first, shes only been on for one short season, so its too early to really say. But her new video is everything. Plus, who wouldn’t want to live in that house of hers with the chapel?

  52. Cgal38

    Am not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed that I found myself thinking about my favorite HW’s all weekend and had to join the site just to play. Thanks to Hulu, I’ve been watching old seasons – it is fascinating and I have a lot of opinions – having read TT and watched old shows, my opinions on a lot of them have vastly changed. My criteria – they had to show authenticity and vulnerability, intelligence, be good moms with lives outside the home, be funny and interesting to watch, and not be total and obvious famewhores – this may have swayed me towards earlier seasons, however – my favorites have had to remain as un-famewhore like as possible. And NO ONE who I think took part in criminal activities to take advantage of people or not pay for services. After thinking about it – I went with my gut, and I was actually surprised at my own choices. Here we go: My criteria eliminated:
    1) Bethenny – The queen – she not only showed how to use reality TV for business, she wrote the fucking book, mastered everyone on it including Andy, got a spinoff, left, came back for fun, is hilarious, and through it all – has remained real, authentic, and honest – she never shied away from showing the pain of her divorce and the embarrassment of her spinoff – only to get separated right after. And she seems like a great mom. She gets extra credit for having legit good products and books.
    2) Carole – I love her personality, I love her wit, and I love the fact that I totally believe she’s stoned most of the time (and I can relate – I think we both use weed for hormonal issues!). She isn’t scared to fuck around with different guys and I like her realistic stance on Adam – they’re at different stages in life, it may not work, but it’s fun for now. I totally fell in love with her last season in London, when she just listened to music and remembered Anthony. Anyone who has lost someone – whether it’s a love and it didn’t work out, or someone due to death – can relate to her listening to music and hanging with her memories. I am getting married to a wonderful man, but in my private moments, I do the same and think about my first love. She won me over again this last episode with her reveal that she uses an old school Ipod! Me too! And side note – fuck Jules for “not knowing” what that was – I am 38, she’s 36. Stop playing up the “young” card. Stupid bitch.
    3) Alex McCord – I may be biased since she used to live in my sister’s neighborhood and, by all accounts, was a very normal, likable person who found herself in way above her head with the women she was with (she had signed on to RHONY when it was supposed to focus on mom’s, not craziness). I found her smart, funny, and – in later seasons – in on the joke, which I appreciate. While her and Simon may have played up the reality TV thing a bit much – I think it may have more been Simon, and I think they truly were people who were struggling with the economy and trying to earn a living. I loved them showing her condo renovation, though she did lost points since I like my HW’s to be fabulously wealthy and princess-esque, I liked her authenticity enough to rank her high.
    4) Heather Dubrow – I find her smart, funny, witty, somewhat “in on it”, and her lifestyle is just amazing. I appreciate that she does work and have a career when she clearly doesn’t need one, and I like her and Terry – when she is dishing out marriage advice, I listen (she once told someone that they needed to have sex regularly – it was a very real moment and real advice, which I can fully get behind). She seems authentic, despite being a total princess. I also think she’s creative – I like her Champs/Bowling nights!
    5) Kenya – Atlanta’s not my favorite group and I did NOT like Kenya at first so I actually thought it was funny that she came out strong in my list (like I said – went with my gut) – she loses major points for being a famewhore – BUT – I think she’s smart and funny, she’s a hustler, by all accounts she’s a kind person off-screen, and when she lost Velvet I completely bawled along with her. She’s probably my most controversial pick, in my own mind, but there she is.
    6) Kyle – I read House of Hilton (and recommend everyone does too!) and – the thing is – she came from HORRIBLE people, and, despite that, she seems to be a kind, caring individual. I partially think it’s because of Mauricio, who is a god among gods (and if he’s cheating – I don’t want to know) – but she can bring the drama without getting dirty – thus – playing the game, she loves her kids and dogs, she seems like a good friend, she’s fun and funny, and has real struggles with her family that she is somewhat open to bringing on camera to be real.
    7) Jenna – even though she wasn’t all that fun to watch – and her kids were HORRIBLE – I like Jenna. She was honest with her struggles with weight in Orange County of all places – that earns MAD respect from me. She was honest about her financial situation in her later seasons on the show, honest about her marriage – something about her seemed truly sad and for that reason, authentic.
    8) Lori (RHOC) – she had both lifestyles, and we got to see her struggle and be a princess. She was also totally honest about her son’s battle with heroin, and I can’t imagine how difficult that must be. She did dick over Vicki later on which does classify her as a Famewhore but – I liked her.
    9) Danielle Staub – Just for the watchability factor – I can watch her seasons of RHONJ on repeat – she is NUTS and probably should never have been on the show, but in the end – she actually WAS right about Theresa, she was right about a lot of things, and in later reunions Theresa admitted that there was a lot she could have said that she didn’t. Also I sensed a lot of sexual tension between her and Jacqueline – just saying. I think she was dragged through the mud, dicked over by friends (and maybe lovers?), and in the end, maintained her morale ground.
    10) Tammy RHOC – Talk about authenticity – we watched her lose her childrens’ father, attempt to guide them through that while dealing with her own grief, then she left reality TV because it clearly wasn’t the right thing for her daughters. In today’s – “Theresa checks in” – days – that earns points.
    Jo de la Rosa – She became a famewhore later but ultimately turned away to be in corporate America – she’s fun and funny and I felt bad for her during the Slade years – they were clearly at different times in her life and he made her look pretty bad
    Dorinda – I legit feel terrible for her, I think she misses her husband and is mourning and sad – she’s also fun to watch, and I loved a few seasons ago, she told Bethenny she used an old phone because – why not? I also recently heard that her ex, Richard, was the inspiration for a Sex and the City character? Does anyone else know?
    LVP – I used to LOVE LVP – thanks to TT I see the light with her, but I do still like her, and I am an animal lover and totally, totally respect her love for our furry creatures (though the tiny pony situation lost points) – when Eileen (HATE) said she may like animals more than people – I actually relate to that and therefore, she earns a soft spot in my heart – she may be a manipulator but she’s fun to watch and knows how to play. I can’t put her on my list, though, because of the shady lawsuits going on – if she’s not treating employees well – bye.
    Josh Flagg – I’m cheating, he’s not a housewife, but I love him and his relationship with Edith. I recently lost my amazing Jewish Grandmother and his struggle with her death brought me to tears every week – so, so true.
    Melissa Gorga – she’s a famewhore so she’s not on the list – but something about her, I like. She’s fun and funny and while I think she originally came on to ruin Theresa’s life – after a couple of seasons, when shit really went down, I think her heart truly was in the right place
    Brandi – Dallas – Too early to really tell with her but she seems sweet as hell and FUN and needs to leave her husband immediately
    Asa (Shahs) – a queen – LOVE
    The worst:
    ANYONE who has taken advantage of people (no order), anyone who acts stupid, anyone clearly fake, anyone using their kids for fame:
    Phaedra – I am NOT buying her innocence with Apollo for one millisecond. She knew, she had him take the fall, there were innocent victims, she sucks and I hate her.
    Theresa – see Phaedra, though T may be worse since she uses her kids so much
    Brandi – I didn’t like her but thought she would be fun. Then I heard an interview where she laughed at rumors about Mauricio cheating on Kyle and – after all she went through with Eddie – I thought that was straight up disgusting.
    Jacqueline – the way she drags her poor son around the spotlight so she can stay relevant is so fucking disgusting I can’t even comment
    Caroline – she is the biggest fucking hypocrite on the planet and it makes me want to puke. She was so horrible to poor unstable Danielle – whose children went on to college and amazing things – while her loser sons are hawking black water and her daughter is following in her EXACT footsteps
    Tamra – while she earns points for being fun – her entire life is reality TV, she’s dragged her children through the mud over it, and she started becoming really sad to watch
    Gretchen – total reality TV whore, let’s not forget that she was FRIENDS with Jo, and 100% saw her opportunity to get famous and dick over her friend
    Mike Shouhed (SHAHS) – just a gross human – ruined some poor woman’s life, probably gave her all kinds of STD’s – I’d respect him if he had just broken up with Jessica and banged whoever he wanted, but he ruined her
    Lynn C (RHOC) – dumb as rocks, I just couldn’t with her
    Lisa Rinna – I can’t STAND her – she’s the girl who goes out drinking with you – encouraging you the whole way, stops drinking after 1 while you proceed to get hammered, then calls you the next day to make you feel bad. I have a lot of “friends” like her. Plus she’s annoying as fuck, and is always causing issues so no one asks about HER life. HATE

    • tamaratattles

      I didn’t read all that, but I am posting it despite it violating the commenting rules in order to suggest that you READ THE COMMENTING RULES.

  53. Cgal38

    Thx! I enjoy writing, I will shut the fuck up next time. Hope you had fun reading whatever you read and really love the site

  54. Lawstangel

    In no particular order…

    1. Kyle (RHBH)- Hometown girl! Love her family, despite what people say, I believe her and Mauricio really love each other, devoted to her children and am sad she takes so much crap from her sisters. I believe she is smarter than people give her credit for. If she is a friend, she is a true true friend (e.g. Faye, LVP) tries to see the good in people. She did not deserve the vitriol that Carlton flung at her. She is also a dog lover!

    2. LVP (RHBH)- Elegant, rich, loves animals, even though she is elegant, she has the craziest, classless staff EVER!!! But has learned how to make money from them!!! A hometown transplant She is also a dog lover!

    3. Cynthia (RHATL)- Good mom, beautiful. A Real model. Bad at choosing men.

    4. Joyce (RHBH)- Pretty, nice and was not ready for Brandi and Lisa to work her over….A dog lover in the making…I liked her and did not think I would.

    5. Heather (RHOC)- Smart, funny, educated and witty. I love that she is raising her kids (I know she has help) but she makes sure the kids are fed good nutritious food and she is not “checked” out. She loves her husband and is RICH Wealthy!!! I like her absurdness (does she need an ambulance?) and the parties!!! I’d have smacked the bitch who ate the bow as well 

    6. Kandi (RHATL )- Like her her business savvy, she does need to not depend on anyone, she can make it happen for herself. A REAL singer. Wonderful mother. Wish she was not saddled with Momma Joyce. Another dog lover.

    7. Jo de la Rosa (RHOC)- She was pretty awful to Slade but she was a free spirit.

    8. Caroline (RHOC)- I do not find her to be fake. Devoted mother. Cam stand on her own 2 feet!

    9. Jill (RHNY)- Now that time has passed, I see that much of what Jill said about Bethenney was true. It was definitely a stunt friendship. Too bad Jill did not see it. Too bad she reacted poorly and let Bethenny play her. She clearly loves Bobby and he her. I hope all is well in her world these days. Big time dog lover.

    10. Lu Ann (RHNY)- What Can I say, I just kinda like the “countess” she carries herself well.

    Honorable Mention

    NeNe- When she is not mean she is funny, gotta respect her hustle

    Cannot Tolerate
    1. Ramona- Hypocrite, classless
    2. Vicki- Hypocrite, judgmental
    3. Bethenney- Plays the game too hard, judgmental
    4. Tre- Liar and thief

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