The Gals Top Ten Housewives of All Time Lists

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As it turns out the Lady Cocotte is the only one that could grasp the concept of brevity. For that reason, her list is my favorite.  My novella is at the end of this post.

The Lady Cocotte’s List

We all know the Teresa Guidices, the Ramona Singers and the Nene Leakes of the housewives worlds but they’re not the reasons I tune in. So instead of listing the biggest personalities (or names), I decided to go with my personal favorites. Let me specify that there are only a few women on this list I actually like. My choices are based on who I find entertaining (and crazy entertains me).

Number 10

Kelly Bensimon (RHONY) Because, batshit crazy (see Danielle Staub).

Number 9

Erika Girardi (RHOBH) Erika made it on the list because her new video rocks. How many fucks do I give? None!

Number 8

Adriana de Moura (RHOM) The delusion is strong with this one.

Number 7

Heather Thomson (RHONY) She should annoy me (holla anyone?) but I enjoy her NY moxie.

Number 6

Jill Zarin (RHONY) Reminds me of my mother’s family. Don’t judge.

Bravo really doesn't want THIS back on TV? WTF?

Bravo really doesn’t want THIS back on TV? WTF?

Number 5

Claudia Jordan (RHOA) She read Nene to filth.

Number 4

Caroline Manzo (RHONJ) She’s a mama bear who loves her fambly. Plus, the ham game.

Number 3

Lisa Vanderpump (RHOBH) Diamonds & rosé with a healthy dose of manipulation.

Number 2

Lydia Schiavello (RHOMel) Hands down the dumbest housewife ever but I can’t help it, I love her. Plus, she flies to buy cheese.

Number 1

Danielle Staub (RHONJ) Because, batshit crazy (see Kristen Doute).

Honorable mentions: I have a few non-housewives that deserve recognition (I can’t explain why they’re all from New Jersey). Number 3  Kim G (RHONJ) The batshit crazy in her sees the batshit crazy in Danielle Staub. Number 2 Rosie Pieri (RHONJ) Because, Rosie! And she makes Joe Guidice watchable. Number 1 Greg Bennett (RHONJ) Because, Greggy!

Alexia Echervarria with sons, Peter and Frankie on Mother's Day 2015

Alexia Echervarria with sons, Peter and Frankie on Mother’s Day 2015

Tamara’s List

Some of my favorite housewives are one season housewives like Claudia Jordan, Lizzie Rovsek, and Joyce Giraud de Ohoven.  I had a hard time deciding on the criteria for my list and decided to go with housewives who made for interesting storylines.  I tried to pick people I have both liked and disliked over the seasons. For that reason the one season housewives I really liked did not make the top ten. I included Erika Girardi in the one season list as she has only done one but she would be up there on my list based simply on housewives I like. I also tried to limit myself to no more than two housewives per franchise. But I had put three RHOA on the list, because they have home team advantage with me.

Number 10.

Alexia Echevarria (RHOM) Perhaps it is like looking back at an old relationship and only remembering the good things, but I think RHOM was my favorite franchise. I really liked a lot of people on the show. They had the coolest transgender woman, Lauren Foster, before transgender became the new black. And she was amazing. I chose Alexia because she had lots of happy times, a huge tragedy, a son who created a scandal online and all sorts of difficulties in her past and she never covered any of her problems up. She spent a lot of time in Atlanta with her husband during her son’s recovery at Shepard Spinal and I reached out to her as if I knew her and it was my business. She was extremely kind and genuine and gave me updates as if I were a family friend. Her husband was equally kind. I continue to wish the best on this family. And her house, her sunglasses, her clothes, her Miami lifestyle was the reason I began watching the housewives.

Number 9

Kenya Moore (RHOA) I put a lot of emphasis on longevity when making my selections and Kenya doesn’t have the seniority of those above her. She makes my top ten because I absolutely DESPISED her on her first season and if Andy Cohen had asked my opinion, I would have fired her after her first season. Thankfully, no one listens to me, and she is nw one of my favorite housewives of all time!

Number 8

Nene Leakes  (RHOA) Nene Leakes brings the drama, and got a lot of seniority points but those of us in Atlanta knew she and Greg were in trouble with the law and were basically con artists when she was cast on the show. It was even on the local news. As Nene hustled her way to some really great accomplishments, like “Braway” and “DWTS” and her two scripted shows with Ryan Murphy, I kept trying to pull for her, and she ultimately made it hard for me to stay on her side. She’s a very insecure woman who is constantly seeking affirmation by declaring herself to be rich and important when she is neither.  That said, she does at times bring interesting drama to the show.

Caroline Manzo

Number 7

Caroline Manzo (RHONJ) People often ask me who my favorite housewife is and I really don’t have one. I mean what is the criteria for that?  If it is simply who  I could see myself hanging out with, it’s Caroline Manzo. Her family is affluent and despite the editing of the show, her kids do not actually live at home with her with no jobs. I like her relationship with her husband. Sure there are a few skeletons, but she is smart and is one of the few women who left the show and the paycheck and managed to get her own show out of it.

Number 6

Lisa Vanderpump (RHOBH) Oh LVP, what a relationship rollercoaster you are. I agree, life is not all diamonds and rosé  but it should be. Two or three seasons ago when you were railroaded on the reunion I was infuriated. It wasn’t that I didn’t see your manipulations behind the scenes, I admired them.  But once the curtain was pulled back on OZ in the courtrooms of LA and I was shown who you really are, that I could no longer enjoy all the swans and pretty closets or your  husband who is a half step below Gregg Leakes. I’m over you, but I can’t discount our good years.


Number 5

Kyle Richards (RHOBH) Kyle is like the good kind of relationship we should have with men. Kyle ticks off all the boxes but at first you sort of stick her in the friend zone.  She is a bit too easy and there isn’t much danger with her. She has qualities you don’t like.  But then one day, you realize she is driving the whole show. She has a secret power (wait, she’s production?) you didn’t know about. She has a lot of really hard stuff she is dealing with. She has a couple of beautiful homes and a beautiful family.  She is exactly what we all say we want to watch the housewives to see. Then you fall in love. Unlike LVP, she gives a lot of her real life. She keeps the show going. She is the OG of RHOBH and she never mentions it.

Number 4

Teresa Giudice (RHONJ) She’s the ultimate thug in a cocktail dress.  In the beginning she was just an idiot who was at times loveable, and many times she was violent.  She and her husband are just as homophobic as Nene Leakes. She’s the only housewife every to physically push Andy Cohen into his seat. And yet, she still has a job. Because it is fascinating to see a felon on a housewives show. She has amassed millions of fans who will buy her books and swill and contribute to her amoral activity.  She has duped the trehuggers into believing it was all Juicy Joe’s fault her skinny butt landed in prison. I have to admit, I can’t wait to see her on the next season of RHONJ.

Number 3

Bethenny Frankel (RHONY)  She made a bajillion dollar business while being on the RHONY. She is one of the most real people on reality TV. She especially doesn’t have any fucks to give this season where she returns able to buy and sell the entire cast . She is part of Andy Cohen’s inner circle. She went from flat broke to the richest housewife of them all.

This may be my favorite thing ever said on reality TV.

This may be my favorite thing ever said on reality TV.

Number 2

Vicki Gunvalson (RHOOC) Vicki is a flawed person, just like the other 86 housewives that complete the exclusive club.  She is the longest standing housewife of all franchises.  I apparently still follow Brooks Ayers online and I still feel like we don’t understand what really happened with the cancer thing.  I do not believe that Vicki, who owns her own insurance company would be complicit in a fake cancer storyline. Vicki’s greatest accomplishment is her successful business. She would never accept a storyline that would damage her business. Was she aware at some point before the rest of us? Maybe. But I don’t think she had any intent. I feel a sorry for Vicki’s relationship with her daughter. She started out great in the beginning and her nursing career made me want to support her, but what is it that they say about glass houses? Vicki puts up with her douchebag husband but Brianna could never return the favor.

Number 1

Kim Zoliak-Biermann (RHOA) Sometimes it is not about the money.  That seems like a strange comment regarding Kim but financially Bethenny and probably Vicki both blow her out of the water. That said, she was the side chick of a rich man from the get go. And a single mother. Then she was cast on what would be Bravo’s most lucrative show. And she quit. Why? She had what she wanted. She got herself a hot husband, a free wedding by Bravo, her dream house and passel of beautiful babies.  She did not have a spinoff when she left, she had an NFL husband who treats her like a queen and who didn’t want his pregnant wife brawling with idiots on reality TV.  She got her own spinoff where she is paid much more than she made on RHOA, and she gets to stay home and film with just her family. Her beautiful family. She wins.


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46 responses to “The Gals Top Ten Housewives of All Time Lists

  1. JoJoFLL

    These are both awesome!!

  2. Love your lists & your reasoning girls! This has been fun! xxx

  3. susan

    Fun list to read.

  4. Great list. Thanks TT!

  5. That Danielle Staub reign just won’t let up!

  6. Love your lists! Danielle Staub is my all time favorite. We stayed at the same hotel once and my poor husband and kids endured five days of constant prostitution whore updates.

    • tamaratattles

      OMG. This may be my favorite comment ever. Please expand on the prostitution whore updates. We are WAY more interested than your hubby.

      • Really!? I’m so flattered!
        1. Every morning she did yoga on the beach in full makeup. She is extremely petite.
        2. When I approached her for a photo she was super sweet and made me promise not to post on social media because she wasn’t photo ready. She was patient as I made the cabana boy take picture after picture until he got one that made me look skinny. You can bet I immediately made that my Facebook profile picture.
        3. Every night she appeared fully Jersified in the lobby and waited for a taxi with her daughter Jillian (who is stunning).
        4. I wish I had more details for you but I stopped short of using binoculars. I kind of regret that decision now.

  7. nanaintn

    This will probably be one of my favorite posts, ever! Great job Tamara & The Lady C. Soon after finding your site a few years ago, I immediately told every one I knew about Tamara Tattles. The Jodi Arias trial pulled me into a full blown addiction and now, I read most everything here (including recaps of shows I don’t even watch). The amount of time you devote to getting the most accurate and well written info always amazes me. The intelligence, wit and downright hilarity that often ensues in the comments have carried me thru many dark times in my life. I realize that I’ve even become a little snobbish now to those who didn’t follow my advice to come here when discussing certain subjects.:) I don’t comment often but do want you to know you’re one of my favorite guilty pleasures!

    • tamaratattles

      OH my gosh! Thanks so much. It’s been a long dark week and I appreciate the kind words!

    • Dee

      Oh…Nanaintn, you just expressed exactly how I feel about Tamara’s site but could not put in to words. Thank you so much!!

    • I agree TT, I found you because of Jodi Arias and now I read and watch shows I probably would never watch but the recaps are pretty funny so I gotta check them out. Southern charm, child genius(my new fave)
      I’m kinda missing some real world news here but appreciate what you put out. I need to watch another trial or something, housewives shows are all becoming repeats.

  8. 25

    Teresa has become the queen of RHONJ on the back of her family joining the show and making her the connecting piece between the Manzo & Gorga families, but I would never rank her above the ORIGINAL Jersey thug in a cocktail dress–Danielle Staub. She wore the engagement ring from her defunct marriage in front of her ex-husband’s new wife. She brought armed bodyguards with her everywhere she went on her second season. She is reality tv gold and I genuinely believe that she wasn’t even trying to be. I could watch the first 2 seasons of Jersey over and over again.

    All that being said, yeah Kim ZB has earned my #1 spot too.

  9. EastSideGurl001

    1. Since Craig from RHONJ isn’t official…Carole Radziwill
    2. Mama Elsa (Marysol’s mom)
    3. Caroline Manzo
    4. Yolanda Foster
    5. Aviva Drescher (I mean she threw a fake leg and remember her dad)
    6. Sonja Morgan
    7. Adrienne Maloof
    8. Camille Grammer
    9. Kathy Wakili
    10. Erika Girardi

  10. Dee

    This is so much fun!! Thank you Lady C, thank you Tamara, love this

  11. Micheal

    Can I just say how surprised I am that the Aussie housewives got a few mentions, especially Lydia.

    This seasons reunion will be amazing. Lydia really was the star of this season, for all the wrong reasons. Who would have thought that?

    I agree with the reasoning for everyone’s lists. They all make complete sense, yet I find my own personal list changing all the time. Clearly Vicki, Kyle, LVP, Nene, Bethanny, Ramona, Caroline Manzo, Tre all should be in it – they have really brought the drama and are the stars of their respective seasons.

    I would like to say that Gamble from RHoM would make my list after this season. Her facials expressions (even with all the botox) crack me up. Also kudos to her for not becoming Gina’s lapdog.

    • Agreed about the Aussie girls – so nice to see they are appreciated! I’ll admit Lydia – or Lydiot as Janet has been referring to her this season, for unfortunately very good reasons. Looking forward to the reunion tonight! She was nearly on my list for her delusions of intellect and morality!

      TT, did you hear the gossip about when the Aussie girls met the RHOBH crew in Dubai? They were accused of stalking the LA women ……..

      • Hysterical! I would love to see a RHOBH vs Melbourne cage match!

      • Micheal

        I remember when Gina and LVP were all fake buddy buddy ages ago. So silly.

        I believe that the Melbourne ladies stayed in the same hotel as the BH ladies but the shittier rooms (budget friendly).

      • Well, despite the fact that the Melbourne Housewives would have more cash than most BH’s Wives, Toorak is not as well known as BH and RHOBH have a bigger global audience so they are not getting comped with the best rooms!!

        At least they didn’t wear caftans all the time and they went to the cultural centre & were far more respectful of local cuisine and customs.

  12. iloveearlgrey

    WOO HOOO! I guessed 7/10 right for Tamara, just not the right order :(

    Tamara, can we do a top ten most disliked HW list? This was so fun!

  13. Allison

    LOVE. I agree-pretty please, a top ten worst? Or most disliked? ::applause:: well done, ladies, well done.

  14. Thanks TT…great idea and I’m loving ALL the lists…just too drugged/exhausted etc to make my own. Can’t decide criteria in this state, lol.

  15. Xanadude

    Its nice that Lady C and I both like Ham!

  16. Christina D

    The Kim part touched me.. My heart is full. Goodnight Tamara ❤️

  17. microop

    Hmmmm I think Kim is a great explanation, she does win. Winning is an interesting way to make a list, it would def change mine. Bethenny and LVP would have to squeeze in (even tho I’m not really fans of either). I’d also like to compile favorite non housewives of housewives. Cedric, Apollo, Alison, Dwight… So many good ones!

    • FarFromPerfekt

      Ahh, Cedric … fond memories of his DMV visit with LVP and of course, his speedo sportin’ dip in Hadid’s gorgeous indoor pool. For me, he was most delicious eye candy in all the land of FOH’s, right next to that athletic woman that had the hots for Tamra.

  18. 1. Kim zolciak
    2. Gina liano
    3. Tanya – Cheshire housewive
    4. Audriana – Miami
    5. Teresa – saw her flip a table at 4am on a Monday morning and made me hit the Internet to watch every ep of every series rather than wait the 3+ years it takes to air in the UK
    6. Danielle staub
    7. Sonja
    8. Bethenny
    9. Jodie – Vancouver
    10. Kyle

    But my fave, not technically HW, will always be Big Ang and drita

  19. FLo

    Great lists. Makes me remember how much I loved Marysol and Mama Elsa.

  20. Love the Melbourne housewives mention! I was always a Lydia fan, but lately I’ve taken a liking to Janet and Chyka. I can’t wait to see the season 3 reunion!

  21. Dee

    TT: Thanks for this. It’s been a terrific distraction from the shitshow that is my actual life!

  22. TexasSissy214

    10. CAMILLE GRAMMER (rhobh) – Love her innocent act, lol!
    9. KIM ZOLCIAK (rhoa) – Don’t be tardy for the party!!!
    8. KANDI BURRUSS (rhoa) – The richest housewife to date.
    7. KENYA “WHORE” MOORE (rhoa) – She loves the skin she’s in. Lol!
    6. KYLE RICHARDS (rhobh) – Her hubby Mauricio is so hot!!!
    5. LISA VANDER”BITCH” (rhobh) – Love her accent while being a bitch.
    4. CAROLINE MANZO (rhonj) – She’s all about family and takes no shit.
    3. GIZELLE BRYANT (rhop) – says what she wants and means it!!!
    2. “Shade”dra PARKS, esq (rhoa) – best one liners of all time, lol!
    1. NENE LEAKES (rhoa) – she is the 1st, she is “Motha”, and she is a “RICH BITCH” deal with it!!!

  23. ingrid

    top 10 “friends of housewives” or “househusbands” would be fun, too

  24. Espi

    Love to hate:
    1. Melissa Gorga
    2. Tamara Judge
    3. Kenya Moore

    Miss and wish they would come back to hate or love:
    1. Jill Zarin
    2. Gretchen
    3. RHO DC (yeah, I said it)

    Love to love because of the insanity:
    1. Teresa Guidice
    2. Lisa Vanderpump
    3. Nene Leakes

    Love their stories
    1. Bethenny Frankel
    2. Kim zolziak
    3. Joyce

    I wish they were off my TV:
    1. Eileen
    2. Cynthia Bailey
    3. Shannon Beador

    Let me add my favorite bravolevrities
    1. Both casts of million dollar listings of LA and NY
    2. Jeff Lewis and company
    3. When project Runway was on Bravo…

  25. Xanadude

    Not to be all sexist, but the guys went logical and the gals went on their emotions while making their lists.

  26. Hey Tamara,
    Loved a look at your favs. I must agree wholeheartedly with your #8. I felt the same. Season one i wanted Kenya run out of town but now she is the only reason i watch Atl. TeeCee hit on my most hated w/Fakedra. You have Kim as your #1, I could never do that but out of all the HW’s I actually envy her life most.
    I won’t say a word about your #6 except I drink her Koolaid and I know the flavor.
    Finally I LOVE Teresa but have never thought her innocent or it was all Juicy’s fault.I love her because she’s flawed and is still wining.

  27. Laura Jossey

    10: Kathy Walkilie- I’m not even sure I spelled that correctly, but this lady is real. No pretense.
    9: Tamra Judge- I love her because she’s who she says she is and unapologetic.
    8: Nene- Just cuz- its Nene> My little girl says, “Emmm, K.”
    7: Lisa Rinna- because she’s Lisa.
    6: Teresa Guidice: I am Italian, in Alabama, so I respect the pronunciation of the name.
    5 Kyle Richards- She is who she is. She makes no apologies. I think that is a great part of her.
    4: Rosie RHONJ- This is what it should be about.
    3: Camille Grammer- Bitch owns it and she should.
    2: Kandi- No more real housewife ever. She had no story line this year, but who cares? I love to see real.
    1: Lisa Vanderpump- I love this woman. She is successful, beautiful and smart.

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