Thoughts On This 21 year old? #TBT



Do you even recognize this #TBT photo posted on Instagram yesterday? Who knew she was a blond bombshell for awhile!


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32 responses to “Thoughts On This 21 year old? #TBT

  1. Rescue Mom

    Kim Richards

  2. PopcornAndVodka

    I recognize her because I was in love with her as a little girl. I LOVED her. The first episode she was on RHOBH just burst that bubble.

  3. WhyOWhy

    Is that Kyle Richards?

  4. Laura

    It’s Kyle

  5. Toddy

    I’m guessing Kyle

  6. gapeachinsc

    KIM!!!!! Super gorgeous!!!

  7. Barbara R

    I think it’s Kyle. Pretty sure Kim was always blond.

  8. I think it is Kyle..

  9. Sam

    It’s a young, blonde Kyle.

  10. PopcornAndVodka

    If that really is Kyle, I take it all back LOLOL.

  11. Its Kyle. Kim has always been blonde.

  12. ninjapanda1

    This was waaay before Kyle’s nosejob.

  13. My first thought was Paris Hilton.

    • Miele

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that for a second! I would have never recognized her as Kyle without that…

      • Sherry

        Yes…I did that too….instantly went to Paris, then, duh…she has always been blonde, then I could see Kyle.

    • I didn’t see Paris but I did see one of Kim’s girls (Whitney or the other blonde one, I can’t tell them apart). Makes sense since they’re cousins.

  14. AKA Riley

    Speaking of Kim….they put the Mother Daughter Experiment back in the guide for tonight….and then took it off. Again! TT, do you know anything? Will they at least have the reunion?

  15. WTH

    Definitely Kim Richards

  16. CanadaCat

    It looks like Kim but must be Kyle as Kim has always been blonde.

  17. Therealdeb

    You can tell its Kyle because there is very little upper lip

  18. JustJenn

    Kyle with the beautiful hair for 500. She’s giving me a little Sonja Morgan in that pic.

  19. Maggie moo

    Totally Kyle

  20. JanM

    That is definitely Kyles mouth!

  21. BeetsWhy

    I would guess Kim, i had a girl crush during the Witch Mountain years!

  22. New kid

    Kim Richards!

  23. New kid

    No I think that I was wrong. Now that I read it again, I think it is Kyle because it says ‘blond… for awhile’.

  24. Kim: “You STOLE my goddamn LOOK!”
    Kyle: “All I’m say-eeng is who needs Hayley Mills? WE could make ‘The Parent Trap’ ourselves!” Kim: “I am the star, not you! I am the BLONDE! You will never be ME!”
    Kyle: “One day you’ll be sorry for say-eeng that, Kim. One day you’ll have to face reality….TV.”
    (Yes, I have a vivid imagination and too much time on my hands, but I can only imagine the field day Freud would have with these two – young Kyle transforming herself into her sister’s doppelganger…to the last, I grapple with thee…)

  25. nancy83

    Looks like Kim’s daughter Kimberly.

  26. Cheychey

    My thoughts are Kim Witch Mountain also. But didn’t realize how much Paris resembles young Kim.

    • CanadaCat

      They all look closely related. Despite the awkward phase Kyle went through when I’m her teens (I can relate), plastic surgeries and top-notch skin care accessibility, they’re all an attractive bunch.

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