Nene Leakes Swimsuit Model?

RHOA Nene bikini



There is so much to say about this photo on Nene’s Instagram. How much is surgery and how much is photoshop?  That belly button sure did move up a few inches.  Is that a new nose?   Are you buying the thigh gap?

Talk amongst yourselves. I’ve got some dragons to slay.


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32 responses to “Nene Leakes Swimsuit Model?

  1. Crazy in NC

    Laughed out loud at this mess. Who is she fooling?

    • Artistang

      I just took this photo into photoshop and blew it up and everything from her hairline to her wrists is photoshopped to death. Her left wrist skin was blurred to remove something. I dont know why these celebs post images thinking people are dumb? And what does that do to yourself knowing your posting false pics of yourself? No integrity….

  2. She stuck her head on someone else’s body.

    • If you enlarge photo the thigh gap photo shop is cey apparent. Has a point with straight lines. It’s Nene, just cropped, still doesn’t look good. I would not be proud of that body.

      • T D

        Jaws would spit that out. Game fish recgonize false bait. Another prediction, nobody’s buying what she’s selling. Cold shoulder’s turning backs to blowing air.

    • Paula

      This is not NENE, no way!! I saw her on fashion police (I always threaten to stop watching if they have her host again) she needed to loose 30lbs, for real! This is her head on another body, even photo shop couldn’t convert her into this image.
      What’s her problem. C’mon.

      • Jujue

        I was about to comment the same thing–JUST saw her on FP and she was the biggest I’ve seen her in a long time! And I’m with you about watching when she’s on. I don’t want to, but I like the show. The last episode is still partially watched on my dvr– it was baaaaad. But I easily get secondhand embarrassment, so maybe it’s just me.

  3. JustJenn

    Looks like Kim hooked up Nene with her doctor. Her stomach is flat, but she still has big arms and legs. My thighs are much thinner than Nene’s and I don’t even have a gap.

  4. Minky

    Oh boy! What happened? If this is a real photo of Nene’s body, then fine. Whatever. It does look like it’s been tampered with. There’s a weird foreshortening of the torso. And I just don’t know if the proportions are right. For example: What’s going on with the arms? And where is her neck? Also the lighting is off. Why is Nene’s face in a weird, muted shadow, but her chest is lit. And the stomach looks really, really odd. Distended, but pushed in. And it isn’t lit the same way as her chest or face. The thighs look way too thin to be strong enough to carry all of the weight above them. I’m sure I’m missing something.

  5. Dee

    Who is this again? LOL
    (sorry to say I cant get to your site from my cell phone, just trying to help, on my desk top)

  6. BKSweetheart

    Definitely photoshop. Especially between the thighs. If you do a zoom in you can see the outline of the skin is all jagged. Also on the thigh closest to the door – looks all pixelated. It looks like she’s using the insides of her forearms to pull back her love handles which is why her stomach looks so stretched – and obviously tummy tuck as well.

  7. It’s pretty bold to just put a straight-up fake picture of yourself. It’s like they’re saying this is how I wished I looked. If she looked like that she’d be doing all kinds of free-style showing off of her body. Her arms are kept very close to her body because their size would betray her fake proportions as being untrue. And so this means fake likes or likes for fake pics. Total waste of everybody’s time. It’s obviously so OVER edited.

  8. I don’t know whose body it’s on, but the swimsuit is really cute.

  9. Deb in SF

    My first thought was that her belly button was way too high…thanks so much for mentioning that! Not pretty, no matter what.

  10. Aubin

    The eyes are wonky. Zoom in. They’re not even looking in the same direction.

  11. T D

    Aw hell no! I call peacock-a-doodle-don’t.

  12. Everrrbody’s photo shop software must have crashed today because Nene used it all up!

  13. T D

    Saint George aka Catholic kinda P…ookie an’ them have ben known to slay dragons. Iffin’ you’re inn need St. Micheal,, Michael may be morehelpful.

  14. Toddy

    Pfff. Yeah, right, Nene. Cute suit, though.

  15. T D

    Gravity and time resistant belly button? Will this be marked as seen on tv? Not buyinng what’s being sold. As real as some housewives and thhe mysoginist in charge, just sayin’.

  16. So what’s the deal – is she going to be launching a line of swimsuits ? The suit is cute ! Or is she up to something else ? Because she never does anything without an agenda.

  17. Dracla Dunning

    I love when TT’s contributors tear Nene a new ass. Today I was in need of some humor to lighten a load on my heart and this post worked its magic.
    Nene’s body looks like she has battled polio. It’s àll wonky. Her nose is starting to resemble one of the Jackson’s.

  18. Jen

    Why did she do this? So weird.

  19. Deborah

    Talk about being hard on a person. They wore her poor picture out. Sorry child. Nobody is buying whatever you’re trying to convey.

  20. Her belly button is really pulled up high. Love the new mobile look TT.

  21. vonni

    Well her hair looks good even if she used spray on deep tan to create hairline. The rest of her is all PhotoShop from head to fake thigh gap.

  22. Ok, Ms. NeNe we see ya. This photo is so photo shopped it’s not even funny, but the thing that could have used a little fixing is that face. Unto everything, I tried, but she comes off looking like a dude and posing the way she is, makes her face even look harder. Respect her hustle but beyond that it’s a NO for me. Time for a new hair color too.

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