Million Dollar Listing New York: No Sleep Til Brooklyn Sells

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Here is a recap of tonight’s Million Dollar Listing New York that airs at 9 p.m on Bravo. I got it done while I had the time since it ran on Saturday night along with several other Bravo shows.  This frees me up to watch  60 Days In in real time.


Luis talks to the asshole co-lister of three apartments in one building in Brooklyn.  They had decided to sell the two lower units without showing the penthouse at the open house. Then the asshole guy took everyone up to the penthouse and completely screwed up their marketing plan. This guy asked Luis to come in and assist with the unit. Luis says if he doesn’t want to listen to his marketing strategies and work with him, he doesn’t need to stay on the listing. The sort of apologizes and Luis agrees to move forward.

Luis meets for a business lunch with Fredrik. He hopes that Fredrik will send clients that don’t want to buy into his building to have a look at his three units and he will send his clients to Fredrik.  Fredrik is all in on that idea. I am worried Fredrik will just receive client without giving them.  Luis talks to Fredrik about Ryan’s shady dealings with him on a recent project where Ryan was moving in on one of his builders  They also talk about how Ryan is buying likes on Instagram! Hell, I didn’t even know that was a thing. Followers sure, but likes?

Both Luis and the listing partner both have offers on the first floor unit so they have a bidding war. Neither side gets to full asking price and the seller is not interested in even giving a counter offer. The assholey guys is quite clumsy in his discussions with the seller and Luis has to figure out how to muzzle him. Luis gets his buyer up to within $25,000 of full ask and the seller takes it.

MDLNY fredrik


This is totally the Brooklyn episode. Fredrik is out to visit a repeat client about listing  a refurbished building of 60 spacious ultramodern lofts. The total sellout on the building will be $100,000,000!!! One hundred million dollars. For someone whose checking account currently has three digits because on top of all the other catastrophes this week, my revenue check has not arrived yet, I can’t wrap my head around that figure Fredrik will get a three million dollar commission if he sells all the units.

Fredrik hosts a lavish brokers open house and the developer wants to attend. That is always a bad idea. There are over 500 brokers waiting to get in.  Fredrik is showing off the units and mentions to one broker he once sold a parking spot in Manhattan for a million dollars while showing a $2.5 million dollar unit. There are bidding wars all over the place in the middle of the brokers open!  Because the developer is there seeing all of the excitement, she immediately gets greedy and worries they are underpriced. She wants to hold back a few of the units, perhaps ten or twelve to sell later at a higher price. Greed. It’s a real thing.

Later Fredrick shows the developer that he has sold 15 units at full price. Mona says she wants to hold back three of the units he has sold. She needs to take from the 45  remaining. She says they are the best rental units, which is exactly why they sold. Fredrick tells her that he cannot work for her under these conditions where the rules constantly change. He tells her to hire another broker and leaves.




Ryan is not in Brooklyn this week, he is on the upper west side, asking for a listing. It is a townhome that used to have twelve apartments and is now one gigantic pristine single family home. It is at least five stories tall and has an elevator. There are giant his and hers master baths and three huge master closets  There is a below ground level that is a wine cellar. It’s super ultra modern I don’t think anyone lives there.  It has been on the market for $18 million for over three years. The house is overpriced simply because it is so very big. Ryan thinks it is worth about 16 the buyer actually wants to raise the price to 20 because they are using an agency.  I think his feeling is that with more people seeing it, they can find better qualified buys and a raise in price would cover the commissions. It doesn’t work like that. If it is not selling at 18 then 20 is not the way to go.  Ryan decides not to take the listing at $20 million. Something tells me this is all storyline.

A few days later, the seller calls Ryan and says that everyone else he spoke to agree to the $20 million and it somehow made him think that Ryan was the right choice. So he gets the listing. Quelle surprise!

Ryan’s marketing strategy is to go outside of Manhattan for buyers. The theory is the place is simply too big for New Yorkers (It’s 8,500 square feet! in NYC) so he has called in brokers from LA, Miami and the Hamptons.  The Miami broker has a client who wants to do an inspection before making an offer, but he is super interested. So they do the inspection and it comes back with tons  pages of things to fix that would cost about $25,000.   To be continued….


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22 responses to “Million Dollar Listing New York: No Sleep Til Brooklyn Sells

  1. Dee

    Great recap, Luis should get rid of that guy.
    Mobil working!

  2. Micheal

    I wish I lived in New York when I watch this show. But London won’t be a bad second choice.

    • T D

      Should you find yourself on the other side of the pond the big apple would shine all the brighter. Best wishes.

  3. Pip

    I love this show! Keep forgetting it’s on!

  4. Theresa

    Commenting before I read. I am on mobile and all seems well. Completely new format. Looks good.

  5. Matzah60

    Yes, same here with the formatting change. I went to Wawa’s to get a cup of coffee and drank it sitting in my car and reading TamaraTattles. Yay! Glad it’s resolved, Tamara. I love the NY million dollar listing the best. Luis used to be my favorite because of his passion and work ethic, but he has a temper that sometimes sabotages his own efforts. I love the relationship with Fredrick and his husband. His hubby is seriously good-looking and has such a gentle nature.

    Thanks for the recap.

    • Skeeter

      Hey Matzah60! I used to work for Wawa Corporate. Where are you? I’m south of Philly!

      • Matzah60

        Hi Skeeter. Sorry, just saw your post. I live pretty close to AC in a town called Northfields, close to Linwood and five minutes across the causeway to Margate. I grew up in Cheltenham Township off of Washington Lane.

  6. Theresa

    Oh wow! Came to double check the site and the new format is on the story pages too! I can actually see what I’m typing vs the miniscule font. Good job! I hope this means some relaxation and rest in your very near future. Hovering over a stubbpen server sucks

  7. Monas Wrongdoings

    Frederick & Mona…

    Can you say….

    “C U NEXT TUESDAY.”….?

    Enough said.

    • tamaratattles

      Who is the cunt? Mona? I don’t see that. I just see her realizing her project is worth more than she thought. I actually think Luis could have talked her down and explained the pros and cons of holding on to units. She is (allegedly) a developer and generally they choose to pump and dump and move on to the next. They generally want to sell out the building as soon as possible and move on to the next project.

    • tamaratattles

      I also can see Fredrik being pissed because she keeps changing the rules, but his job is to sell the damn units and take home the big checks. In real life there is no way he would walk away from a three million dollar commission. It’s all just storyline. Mona is the client, if she wants to fuck shit up that he as already done, he needs to work around it.

  8. Roposhu

    I love this show. If I win the powerball, I want Fredrik to help me find a gorgeous pied a terre in NYC! Sidenote, is anyone else majorly bothered by the makeup in the talking heads?? It’s either the makeup or the lighting or both, but it always looks like all 3 guys have bright red lip gloss on and the same shade of’s so distracting and not cute!

    • Jim

      It appears that they oversaturate the colors during editing for the talking head scenes. I find it very distracting too.

  9. Espi

    Love the new format!

  10. Barbara R

    Just checking from phone to see if it works. Format is nice and clear.

  11. Bighead

    Loved Amelia leaving the gun on the table, 1st person who dies makes dinner – how cute, I think she really is good for Ryan

  12. Blackstone

    Who was “Ward” that ws using Ryan to sell the 7 floor property?

  13. Kim

    I’m a New Yorker a little familiar with Williamsburg, Bklyn neighborhood. It’s literally the first subway stop out of Manhattan, so it’s a quick commute from the city, if you take public transit (which SUCKS at rush hour though). That neighborhood is still in process of gentrifying. There is a huge contrast between run down & remodeled buildings depending on what block you’re on. (If you watch them get out of the cars, there are walls with graffiti & abandoned buildings, some right across the street from the development.). So up & coming neighborhood but not necessarily the high end neighborhood being portrayed. I would guess there are more investment properties for the time being.

  14. Janean lee

    People who don’t keep their word, e.g. Mona, are the reason we have contracts. There never seem to be any written offers, counters, listing agreements, etc., only oral agreements on this show. Talk about crazy! She could have stipulated up front which units were off limits, but she waited till he had promoted and sold the project to get greedy. What will she do about paying commissions? I wouldn’t count on her to honor anything else.

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