Maybe Bethenny Frankel Does Know It All!

RHOBH Bethenny


Bethenny shoots off her truth cannon in this week’s RHONY Blog.

Come on Sonja, it’s like you’re an actress now. “Bethenny didn’t RSVP, so I guess that means she’s coming.” Since when is that what that means? You know I’m not coming because Ramona told you, and because you know we haven’t spoken in months.

One of the reasons they were not talking was her agreement to with Peter to get paid for featuring the Tipsy Girl drink concept on the show.  I explained all of that here.  At that time I assumed that Peter had  trademarked his brand. He had not. Apparently, Bethenny filed for the trademark on the brand to keep him from using it. This was a quick and easy way for her to solve the problem.

And please stop deflecting onto Ramona your substance abuse issues. That’s just cowardly. Own your own stuff.

Suddenly, I am reminded of a blind item. Perhaps you should read it.

Ramona on Bethenny

I’m gonna need that dress back.

The medium. Well, since having my own talk show and having these characters on, I have become quite skeptical. I unsuccessfully tried to not block her, but I wasn’t buying it.

Dorinda has told the loose change story before, Richard and John are very common and very googleable names, and who doesn’t have a photo of them with a parent? I don’t know. I wasn’t seeing the light. 

This sounds like exactly what I said last night. Or tried to say. I was sick with something. Probably just stress.

I look nothing like my mother, and it has been widely publicized that I said I wouldn’t get married again. Google it. Also, my father would definitely ask about my insane divorce, and he would make some nasty comment about my choice in men or the success in my career. I had to get out of there. I was genuinely so happy to not be in the middle of the drama that I was more interested in just shoveling in cheese.

That Kim Fields excuse didn’t work in Atlanta but it seems to be part of Bethenny’s RHONY contract.

The Skinnygirl Protein Shake and Bar launch. I really do work like a dog, and it is so challenging running a business and a brand. Most of it isn’t glamorous but more like a grind. It is my mission to help women in business and give them inspiration and guidance but also to not fool them into thinking you go on TV and voila you have a business.

As product placement scenes go, I thought this one really did do a good job of showing that there is a lot of work involved with Bethenny’s business. I lot of people seem to think she sold it and is living off the money. She sold only the SkinnyGirl mixed liquor drinks and still owns the billions of other products that are now in every grocery store everywhere. That did not happen by magic.

Sonja has had: an event company, a jewelry line, toaster, nigerian football team, fashion line, and now a Prosecco–none of which have come to fruition. It is laughable but more sad. Women, this is not how it works. This is the problem when being a reality star is your actual job versus having a career the show follows. People create imaginary businesses to stay relevant.

A large group of people actually think Sonja has all of those companies. Delusion is contagious.

Dorinda is right that there is room for everyone. I singlehandedly cracked the code and invented a category in the spirits industry, and it was next to impossible.

There is room for everyone willing to do the work. People who allegedly take kickbacks to pretend to have a business relationship with someone on camera have a  place of No.


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48 responses to “Maybe Bethenny Frankel Does Know It All!

  1. Karen

    I thought Bethenny said that she didn’t sell the Skinny Gurl cocktails to Seagrams but that it’s a partnership she retains control of?

    • RescueMom

      She sold the liquor line, but the contract allowed her to maintain a partnership & keep creative control. From what I remember she has final say over new products/ flavors etc. It was all documented / explained on her spinoff. Yes, I watched, please don’t judge.

    • I believe it was Beam that bought the Skinnygirl spirits. Bethenny reportedly does still remain the face of the brand and has some say in it’s future in exchange for some “back end” considerations.

  2. Puppylove

    I say to Bethenny , Right ON GIRL. She knows her stuff and sticks by it. That’s why she has done well.

  3. Meri

    This was a great recap of an even greater blog. I am impressed by Bethenny’s self-awareness as opposed to Jules who seems to live on some distant planet inhabited by millennials who haven’t a clue about anything that occurred before the day that they were born (or hatched). I admire Bethenny’s tenacity and agree with what she said about the psychic. Also, Ramona mentions the situation with her father in her recent book almost to the letter of what the psychic said. I read the book and wasn’t surprised by anything that came out of her mouth. I would have gotten out of there no matter what excuse I had to give. Maybe that my tea kettle was burning and my house was on fire? But, I am “elderly” and have NO money (old or new) so I can’t be trusted.
    My posts have not all been appearing so I am hoping that it’s just because of the problems with this site. I hope that you (TT), feel; better today (I hate puking more than any other illness) and that your stress lessens soon. I understand stress.

    • Leelee

      I just want to point out that many millennials are extremely hard working and successful and self-aware, having inherited an economy wrecked by many of the policies implemented by baby boomers. Everyone gets so upset with age shaming, but it goes both ways. Millennials are not dumb; many of us are engaged, inventive and involved. Also, Jules is Gen X.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Tell that to Jules! I read somewhere “millenials” are those 35 and under. I guess I’m gen x as a 37 year old. But I’d agree I’d consider Jules gen x as well. It really depends who you ask and there’s so much inconsistency.

      • Lawstangel

        The Baby Boomers did NOT wreck the economy….

      • Weirdiskate

        Lol everyone who follows the economy knows the baby boomers ruined it

  4. beth

    I read the Nov 2015 story again – if Peter Guimaraes is twenty-something, then I’m forty-something.

    • tamaratattles

      No one said Peter was 20 something. In fact I said the opposite what I said was Peter is NOT Sonja’s type (20 somethings).

  5. tamaratattles

    I have made more changes in hopes of getting the mobile commenting issue fixed. Please let me know if you see any changes.


  6. T D

    Burlesque artist Sonja starring in CabaGrey Gardens. A tragedy in one act if memory serves.

  7. Everrrbody’s photo shop software must have crashed today because Nene used it all up!

  8. Kim

    Sonja surrounds herself with yes men and ass kissers. This is why she’s in her situation. Tipsy girl is a weak imitation, which obviously most people will recognize. Sonja, even in her 50’s, has still not found her own identity. Next she’ll start a line of shapewear like called Mummy Tummy (could NOT think of a more clever rhyme) & she’ll be battling with another HW. Bethenny is better off not giving her press & letting Sonja’s drink line drift where it will. Any publicity is good publicity. People will either enjoy it & buy it or it will fade into obscurity. Wonder how Ramona’s Pinot is doing?? Seems like she’s more in competition with Ramona. Won’t be her last project, I’m sure. Bethanny’s success is the exception, not the rule. I get where B is coming from but this is not a threat to her line.

  9. Gapeachinsc

    Poor Sonja. It’s heartbreaking, really. I’m no Bethanny fan but she has worked her ass of building her little empire. It takes real drive to achieve the things she has achieved. Tenacity, as Meri stated above, is what it takes. Success isn’t for the faint hearted, that’s for sure.

    • Sabrina

      I’m sorry for Sonya, because she has had multiple opportunities, including Bethenny’s offer of support – but she has squandered each of them.. The difference to me is Sonya has dreamed about it all, but not done the hard work- while Bethenny put her heart and soul into it for years- before it materialized. She worked on every aspect of it- and we watched – as she tested products to find the niche that had most interest and opportunity- and then she studied marketing, manufacturing, supply, funding, etc., and put the package together.

      Sonya has had access and had multiple opportunities(lots of product people brought her ideas and money, it seemed) , but she never got focused and learned each aspect of the business- so none of it materialized.

      So instead of doing the work, Sonya, who has let the alcohol color her ability to think, decided to do a play on the name- what did she think would happen? And followed the same tired format- as B continues to reach into new product areas and works it. They don’t; all succeed but she continues to work it. It is not just about the party, Sonya- she reminds me of Craig on Southern Charm this week- who believed he didn’t need to know a thing- could be in charge if it was a good party.

      Ridiculous- both of them.

      • Matzah60

        Sonja is so invested in retaining her former title of Mrs Morgan and she thinks that by holding on to that big expensive house that she can still retain her once prominent position in life. The house is falling apart and in grave disrepair. She needs to sell that house and cut her losses. It’s time for to move forward, sell her house, sock away some savings and live in a small two bedroom condo. Sonja is foolish to believe that her identity is defined by the house she lived in when she was married.

    • GApeachinSC … I admire all women who build a multi-million dollar business from a idea. … her “little” empire. Wow!

  10. microop

    Look, Bethenny did crack a code and come up with a new kind of liquor. But not really… Its kind of false advertising. I used to work in a bar and we got a few bottles as free promotion. Her liquor is 1.) Slightly less calories 2.) Lower in alcohol content. When you drink the same amount to get equal alcohol content the calorie difference is seriously like 10 calories. Its also just poor quality.

    I think she’s a great success and it is a good idea, but its waiting to be done better.

  11. therealdeb

    Bethenny is no slouch, that woman has worked her ass off to create what she has, she is a hard driven woman who has done this mostly on her own. She may have had the help of being on a reality show at the very beginning but after that it was all her, her blood sweat and tears and to have Sonja try and copy her is bullshit. You can say what ever you want about Bethenny but she is a hard worker, and she knows what she is doing in business, some people come by is naturally. Sonja is a hanger oner, she will attempt to redo what others have done but she has neither the business smarts nor the shear drive to do it. I really feel badly Sonja, she is a hot mess, and I cannot imagine being her daughter and seeing my mother whore herself out. There was a time when she was a fun loving girl who we all cheered on, now she is just a sad drunken mess.

  12. tamaratattles

    Scrolls up to see if I pointed out that the Tipsy Girl thing is not Sonja’s business and she was paid to pretend that it was on TV.

    Yep, yep, there it is along with multiple links with more detailed explanations. /bangs head

    Sonja’s role is to market the knock off product on the show in exchange for a few bucks from Peter. Just the same way Ramona was paid to pretend she had something to do with his Sports Bar.

    • I fear you are going to need another color to your blogs so that things get noticed 😉 . I will admit I sometimes do have to read your blogs twice they are so packed with info!!! I went to the one you linked to this one too and it was LOADED! Love this blog and have for a very long time

    • Kim

      Love your blog!! I think the confusion lies with Sonja presenting the line as if it were hers and Bethenny defending her business, confronting Sonja. Not sure if that will be cleared up on the show but it’s great that you painted the true picture. Always enlightening!

  13. T D

    Bethenny should call the Belmont. Now making room in my mouth for my foot. Truth grows on me like lichens on an old tree.

  14. Auntie Velvet

    I’ve admired and gotten a kick out of Bethenny since even before RHONY, when she was on the Martha Apprentice. She clearly has been working her ass off for a long, long time (and should have won, but I think she was too “ethnic” or “street” or something for Martha.)

  15. Gapeachinsc

    I think the saddest part of it all is that Sonja isn’t listening to the people closest to her. I fear her ultimate demise. She wants so much to be successful but her demons aren’t going to allow it. She needs to acknowledge her “brokenness”. (Is that a real word?) Maybe just acknowledging it will help. I don’t know. Her denial is so strong. I have a family member who refuses to acknowledge anything unpleasant in her life and I do get exasperated because she creates most of the messes in her life. She’s had some bad things happen but the root of almost all of her conflicts stem from her so called coping mechanisms. She refuses to see it and how she’s constantly in her own way. Thank goodness she doesn’t have Sonja’s financial problems.

  16. T D

    Being fairly well certain of having been shot out of a cannon tea is most enjoyed in the shade.

  17. JanM

    Is that Lisa lampanelli in red in the picture with Ramona? She’s lost so much weight!

  18. Lime Brain

    I wish Sonja had stuck with the toaster oven idea and cookbooks. I would have bought one for the fun of it. The rest of the things these women peddle, I have no interest in.

    She could have even worked with Bethenny making recipes using skinny girl products.

    I think that was her best shot at making any money on her ideas.

    Maybe Bethenny should steal my idea and get revenge on Sonja. If she does, she owes me a car. Lol!

    • PaganChick

      I agree. I think the toaster oven and cookbook would have been right up her alley and she could have not only launched it but continued to market it on the show. It was a good starter project that could have helped her get her feet wet and then since Bethenny was willing to be a mentor to her, she could have helped Sonja take things to the next level as far as adding different cooking accessories. Squandered opportunity.

    • Ohhhh – I would love a toaster oven in that shade of red that she uses. I just don’t want skinnygirl written all over it.

  19. Matzah60

    Tamara, sorry for all the aggravation you are having with WordPress. Stress can really bring a person down and make them feel sick. I hope things get easier and improve quickly. Feel better!

  20. JoJoFLL

    Oh Sonja! You didn’t even realize that when you cross a gay man’s bestie, you cross him? No wonder Andy was so cold to Sonja the other night on WWHL. You may lose your place on RHONY.

    Sonja squanders everything. She lost two very expensive vacation homes attempting to be a big shop in the film business.

  21. Katherine 2.0

    Sonja could be so easily “branded,” and I am not talking about a tattoo. By accident or design, she’s crafted a quirky personality that is sexy in middle age, stylish, funny and cosmopolitan – and a bit of a ditzy attention whore. Can’t some PR genius work with that and help her come up with a logical, accessible and easily manufactured brand? Perfume? Skin Care? Home Facials? A cruise line?
    And yes to the damned toaster oven.

    • Gapeachinsc

      You’re right about all of it but the problem is Sonja herself. She doesn’t listen to the people who truly have her best interests at heart but listens to folks who stroke her ego for their own selfish reasons. IMO she doesn’t have the skill set nor the acumen to handle her business. Unfortunately to me she looks a lot like a liability from a business standpoint. She should have listened to Bethanny, as well as a whole bunch of other people. She jumps from one delusion to the next. As I’ve stated before, I’m not a big Bethanny fan basically cause she can be so mean and heartless but when she tried to help Sonja, she was actually quite kind to her and treated her a whole lot better than she treats most of the other women. Sonja wanted no part of it. Sonja lives in a land of delusion and she appears to be quite comfortable there.

  22. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    And this is why I’m ride or die for Bethenny. She’s no idiot.

    • Gapeachinsc

      She speaks so rapidly a mile a minute. You know her brain is moving faster. She analyzes everything all the time. It’s who she is. And she’s good.

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