60 Days In Recap: 11th Hour


Tami can’t take the her lack of authority anymore and she is starting to tell people things like “outside of here I would handle things completely differently” and telling both inmates and prison guards that “it will all make sense  soon.” Basically, she is blowing her cover.

There are lots of arguments among the women. This is making Barbra long for the good ole days when it was one big ghetto sorority in there. She is irritated that it’s just not a fun place anymore. Most of the drama seems to be happening in Tami’s cell which has become the spot for all night coffee rages with the lights on. Her lack of sleep coupled with her already unstable mindset is going to cause a problem.  Tami is bitching about people coming into her cell and waking her up in Barbra’s cell where she has pretty much done the same thing and one of Barbra’s cellmate’s, Lola calls her out on it. Tami goes back to her cell and tries to throw people out. Tami has a breakdown and starts crying.

In some very strange twist of events, Barbra calls a meeting with the pod to discuss the issues and moderates the discussion over all the unwanted visitors in the cells. Everyone agrees that they all need to get some sleep and will be more respectful when visiting cells. I don’t think Barbra ever wants to leave prison. She’s having the best vacation ever. She even brokered a cell swap to get Barbra into her cell.

Barbra is called to be released.  Tami is frustrated because Tami came in after her and she is leaving before her. For some reason the sheriff says he can’t release Tami first because people are suspicious.  It seems to me that the logical thing to do would be to get the one with the blown cover out first.

The producers pull Tami out for an interview to explain why she was not pulled first. She is told that the guards are very suspicious of her.  Tami doesn’t take the news well. She mutters to herself that her “head is very muddled” and it is scaring her.

60 Days in D pod


DiAndre is trading sexual favors for other things. One of the podbosses. “Newbolt” is trying to pimp Diandre out. He says he needs to start wearing makeup. But before the Maybelline can be ordered from commissary, someone ratted him out and the guards come and pull him out of the pod and throw him into isolation.

Isaiah and Zac are talking more. Zac is encouraging Isaiah to join the military. Neither of them know the other is in the program but both know they are going to get out within a week.

Isaiah gets released from D-pod.

One single corrections officer, with no backup comes into the pod after lockdown to look for the phone. While he is in the cell where the phone is, it rings. We have no camera inside the cell but when the cop tried to get the phone all four inmates appear to have jumped him.  Why would they send one guy in to get the damn phone?

Isaiah’s Exit Interview

Isaiah tells the sheriff how they use nicotine and caffeine to make prison drugs. He does not mention the excessive searching he was subjected to, unless they didn’t show that. He seems to say he has a better opinion of the cops at that jail now.

Barbra’s Exit Interview

Barbra has several pages of notes about what needs to be fixed immediately. The first thing she says is, “no one is in charge of this jail.”  Wow!  Barbara is well prepared for this meeting and she is quite well-spoken and it giving them a lot of insight into the problems in F-Pod and how drugs are being acquired and sold and used on a daily basis.  Barbra says that she thinks she would be a good corrections officer.

Next Week is the Finale!  And I’m still not sure Tami will make it.


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35 responses to “60 Days In Recap: 11th Hour

  1. Ms.Minnie

    Great episode tonight, diandre I can’t even describe my level of disgust for his thot ways lol. And please get my girl Tami out of there before the jail ends up burned to the ground lol.

    • Ms.Minnie

      And TT this new mobile layout is much better.

      • tamaratattles

        THANK GOD. I am phone illiterate I don’t really even have one. I bought a burner to have for emergencies but I don’t even know where it is and can’t even dial on it let alone text. So I have no idea what makes one layout better than the other. I’m just glad it is finally working again. I’ve missed all the phone people!

  2. Xanadude

    Some thoughts:

    On what Street would Barbra be considered Streetwise? Sesame Street?

    Barbra says she is less judgemental now. And that she LOVES all the girls (even the black ones?). Yeah. We’ll see about that. I don’t Barbra staying in touch with or offering her home to any parole any time soon. She seems to have learned something in the end, though, so maybe I’m being harsh? Nah

    Barbra’s husband looks, like, scary young. Like, not being old enough to shave young.

    Where was Yaz for the past few episodes? Ever since he black foot stomping on the flag non-controversy, she’s been off camera – maybe somewhere with her Snuggie and crayons? Granted, I bet she’s an amazing social worker in real life.

    I’m going to open a store called Bed, Baggage and Beyond

    I swear I’ve seen Diundre somewhere before..MSNBC’s Lockup, perhaps? I dont know.

    and, as always, Zac is dreamy

  3. Pip

    This was an awesome episode.
    I laughed so hard when Barbara took control of the pod and Tami’s head was swinging around like she was watching a ping pong match. Tami was like “whaaaaa”?!
    Diaundre’ looks familiar to me too, Xanadude. It probably is from a Lockup episode.
    Isaiah and Zac were cute. I loved watching Zac mentor him. I think this whole experience may have been eye opening for him. And btw, I did rewatch some episodes last week and holy cow you guys were right, they definitely patted Isaiah down and searched him harder than the other guys in the pod. It looked really bad.
    I feel sorry for Tami. I really do. She is taking this shit hard and she’s use to having control.
    Zac really has been the ideal mole. He will make a great DEA.
    Next week… Yowza. Those dudes are pummeling that C.O. I am really bummed this show ends next week. Does anyone know when season 2 will air? I will go into withdrawal without this show to look forward to on Thursdays.

  4. In or out of jail DiAndre is not going to have a long life. I feel very sorry for him because so far in this series he’s been manipulated/coerced into fighting & prostitution. He’s been a human shield for the more predatory inmates.

  5. Tami is very immature emotionally. I expected more professionalism and focus from her towards the program’s mission- to collect information. Mostly she’s stuck in a loop of emotional dysfunction in her own head. Without her uniform she has no authority, confidence or even savoir faire to deal with people smoothly.

    • GirlMe

      “Without her uniform she has no authority, confidence or even savoir faire to deal with people smoothly.”

      This is so true. Makes me wonder about other police officers.

      Of all people who were suppose to keep a secret, Tani was tge worst. No promotions in her future.

      • tamaratattles

        Why y’all gotta be such bitches to muh girl? /sigh

        But um, yeah no promotions. I think she should move into corrections and get off the beat.

      • TripleOGpearl

        If she can’t hang on the street she definitely can’t hang within the walls. All of the street deputies that come into our prison are super skeeved out when I give them tours.

    • My feelings exactly. To me, Tami became a police officer to try and disguise her deepest insecurities and fears. Like being a police officer would either make her tough or at the very least, look tough. She needs a uniform real quick.

  6. Blondesense

    I called my son into the room when Diaundre was pole dancing and said ‘if you go to jail – that guy might be in your room’. Scared straight – mission accomplished. I am surprised Barbra’s comments about the rapey pharmacist were aired. I’m hoping the dark blurred out faces on the 60 Days In poster (or whatever you call it) are seasons 2 & 3 cast?

    The new layout is great Ms T, my only feedback is I will be using the old site in my cache because I am vision impaired and can’t zoom in on the mobile site, but it is clearer and more user friendly.

  7. AKA Riley

    I love the new mobile site. On my computer I have multiple problems. I can spend up to an hour trying to navigate. Many times I simply give up. This phone layout is the bomb. I just dig out my second set of eyes and everything is hunky dory. :)

  8. GirlMe

    Barbara had the best comments. She really kept her eye on the task which was surprising considering all her friend drama. Like shes really gonna be friends with others outside of jail.

    The best part was when she said “we are in jail but we are human too”. That was worth the whole show because she thought nothing of prison life before.

    But I wonder if gather comments was a ruse just to give the show a purpose. The look on the sheriffs facecwas like “really girl”

    Found out DiAundre is only 19 and was in for firing an unregistered gun.

    TT: mobile layout is not scaling properly. You have to scroll right to see right side of comment box. Its like tge footer is too long. Sorry yiure having so much trouble.

  9. monica

    I think it is scary that Tami is a cop in real life. She is one loose stitch away from coming completely undone.
    This is a great layout. Cool!

  10. noellemybelle

    I would like a reunion show or after show when the reunite all of the cast members. Would really like to see if Isaiah and Zac keep in touch and if Isaiah really looks into joining the military. During last nights episode they didn’t air much of Isaiah’s follow up interview, I hope he was able to give more info than about the crack stick.

    I could see Barbara having boundary issue as a CO, wanted to be friends with the inmates. But it was refreshing to see her with more self confidence and the ability to assert herself in the Pod. Maybe Tami could learn something from her, assertive does not equate to bitchiness.
    I think Yaz will provide a good follow up interview, because she appeared to be very observant while bundled in her snuggie coloring.

    Did you notice on of the inmates had a tablet out in the main area. Interesting that tablets are allowed by cell phones are not? Maybe it was just for games and music, it just seemed out of place.

    • tamaratattles

      I didn’t notice the tablet, but maybe F-Pod orders commissary on it? Did we ever see them sitting at a computer on the wall like the guys did?

      • I noticed Robert had a tablet and looked it up. Modified tablets are being made available in correctional institutions all over the US. Inmates can have limited access to a VPN, not the www & they are chiefly to cut down on written mail which can contain contraband. Thy run on AA batteries from commissary and can access movies, games and music. Inmates caught sharing tablets usually go to the hole and they cost $50 to $75. A lot of politicians and victims rights groups are protesting their availability in correctional facilities when accessibility to technology for impoverished families is a huge concern.

  11. Toni

    Sorry if this ends up as a double post — my first seems to have disappeared??

    Possible spoilers?

    Tami is retired and has been for 15 years. She did a Facebook Q&A and states the show only refers to her as a trained correctional officer. Tami is a loss prevention officer (store security). You can see her at work here (forward to 15:40)


    Barbara is an actress aka RW Parka. Her IMDb page lists 7 credits. Not exactly the stay at home mom the show tries to portray her as…

    • tamaratattles

      Nah, the were just held because links are not allowed. :) I just now got a second to check this out.

      Congratulations. You have ruined my entire life! :(

      I am such a naïve idiot. I was not surprised that Robert had been on another reality show that never made it to air, but I never suspected that Tami is not a cop and Barbra was a reality media whore. I is dumb.Dumb. DUMB.

      Thanks for the info. Sort of.

      • Mary Losson

        UGH! I fell for that show hook, line and sinker sans Robert. I will still probably watch the second batch of actors play jail when it comes on again.

      • JustJenn

        Tami was a cop for 9 years after being in loss prevention. I’m shocked that 3 people have been on tv or movies prior to 60 Days In, though.

      • Toni

        Not dumb, never dumb…just misled along with the rest of us. I know you don’t want links to other blogs, did not know that extended to all links in general. My bad.

        I think Barbara was mostly an extra – her roles all read like “girl on bus”. She also wrote a self published book about being a teen mom. Even though she’s a bit of an attention whore, she has to this point given them the most valuable information about what’s going on in their jail.

  12. Toni

    In Tami’s Facebook Q&A she specifically answered to the question about why she is portraying herself as a police officer when she retired 15 years ago by stating that she is a trained police officer and when asked if she was an actor, replied that she is a retired police officer and a mom. When questions started rolling in about the caught red handed thing, the Q&A quickly ended. I’d link it here but I now know better

    Tami was very polite about Robert and she came across as intelligent and kind.

    • tamaratattles

      Maybe I didn’t mention the no links rule in my new trying to be reasonable rules. But if you want to post a link, you MIGHT be able to, it will just be moderated like your last one until I can check it out. In your case I did and I put it through. The same might happen with your like to the Q & A. :) I just need to know where I am linking before allowing it. Which I usually don’t.

  13. milena

    As a lawyer I can help myself to think about the possibilities that some of the prisoners will want some sort of compensation for the usage of their “image” on the show. I know the show is not about them. But for example that “crazy Ricky” guy who punched Jeff and got beaten up himself was “the main star” in at least two episodes. Just my observation. Hello to you all from Slovenia (Europe)

  14. tamaratattles

    He probably just signed a release. Most people here are just happy to be on TV. The production team just say, You want to be on TV? Sign here! and idiots do it all the time. I’ve seen and have in my possession a reality show contract. I did not want to be on in the first place, (but I did audition for fun and was asked back) There is NO WAY IN HELL I would sign a reality contract even if I was a reality whore.

    • milena

      Thank you for your reply Tamara. I really enjoy your page. Of course, I didn’t even thought of that. I would argue that he wasn’t in the right state of mind when he signed it… Ok now I really have to get this imaginary client of mine out of my head :). P.S. I love the new layout!

    • This guy bothered me too because even-though I understand that releases were signed, isn’t it contract law 101 that a person must be of SOUND MIND? Clearly, that inmate had issues, as it was part of the story with his anti-psychotic meds that he wasn’t taking as prescribed.

  15. So the wikipedia on this has been updated AGAIN and now they are saying that my beloved ZAC! is also an actor. OK-TT, no links allowed–but I actually downloaded the show that was mentioned, and the “zac” on that show, is not the same name as the wikipedia article says. I found actor Carl Marino, from “Homocide Hunter” and other acting credits. But Carl has a different wife than the girl on 60 Days in.

  16. I love Zac! But his exposure from this show would compromise his undercover work as DEA, no?

  17. tamaratattles

    FYI Robert emailed me to ask me to do a story on his work with orphans. Here is his website.


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