Real Housewives of New York Recap: Tipsying Point

RHONY season 8


It’s time for another episode of RHONY and I am not sure I have slept since the last one.  I am trying to deal with backend problems on the site and I am going to pass out right after this recap. Forgive me if it doesn’t make any sense.


We see Sonja getting a placenta facial. The massage person gets a lot of promotional time in exchange for her free services to Sonja. Ramona is having some sort of get together. I swear my brains are mush and I can barely follow this.


Oh look, we are in the kitchen at Carole’s apartment. It’s like the writers totally forgot the “Carole got rid of her kitchen storyline.  Jules is there and we are definitely going to have to listen to eating disorder conversations. Oh wait, it is even worse than that. It’s  psychic party. Bethenny arrives with Skinnygirl product placement.

The psychic tells Jules she is going to do great things for women’s rights. For some reason I feel like I am going to throw up. Like seriously. Nothing to do with the show. We get the psychic reading and the whole coins and balloons stories.  We have heard all of this before. The psychic says that her dead husband says John is fine for now but he can’t give her the safety she needs.  (update: did throw up, feel better now).  The best part of this scene is Bethenny’s talking heads.

RHONY Ramona

Ramona and Dorinda have a huge fight about John. Bethenny bails to go get Brynn from school.  She’s lucky she missed the Ramona’s dead daddy’s scene. After Ramona tells the psychic that she and her father were estranged until a couple of weeks before his death.  The psychic then says he is mentioning some pictures.  I’m shocked. Family photos at a reunion! She’s really good. There is not way she could have known that! She wasn’t there! Oh Ramona, dumb as a box of rocks. Suddenly, out of no where Dorinda and Ramona cry and make up.

Next, Carole goes to visit Jules. These two hate each other and this bonding over eating disorders crap is not interesting or genuine.  Jules pushes her “I’m the youngest one!” storyline by pretending not to know what an iPod is. This is so lame.  Jules doesn’t know how to boil water. Seriously. Who doesn’t have a tea kettle?? In other news, they still make necklaces with people’s names on them?

Dorinda and John meet for dinner. John asks for a kiss. It is so weird how Dorinda angrily defends her boyfriend of three years to everyone yet is never affectionate towards him unless he begs for the smallest bit of intimacy. They argue about him asking for a second kiss.  This couple makes no sense. Dorinda seems repulsed by him while defending him at the same time. They can’t have a conversation at all. Neither lets the other speak. Dorinda storms out.

Sonja’s party is a birthday party for herself. Because of course it is. Oh and it is the Tipsy Girl “launch” didn’t we fake launch this nonexistent product last season?

RHONY Bethenny

But first, please enjoy this commercial for Skinnygirl.

And now, it’s time for Sonja’s party, or the competing booze commercial. Peter is there! I heard from Peter after this article.  I don’t think he cared for it, but it’s hard to say because he seems functionally illiterate to me.  Sonja points out that his business relationship with Ramona didn’t work out. So now, she seems to think it would be smart for her to do business with him. Why? Because he pays the housewives a lot of money to get himself on the show. Allegedly. That’s what the streets say.

As soon as John walks in, the drunk woman Jules husband is talking to tells John he looks all wired up. Speaking of wired up (and to be fair the woman could have been referring to his mike pac) Ramona comes in and starts telling everyone about Luann regifting her a crap necklace from her trinket line.  Luann comes in with her disruptive script  that reads “Ramona told Sonja that living with you is a bad a idea. You are pissed.”

Sonja announces “her new Prosecco” called Tipsy Girl.  Did I mention Bethenny was not at this party? Sonja says that Peter and his partner trademarked the name. Hmmmm we shall see about that I am sure.

Next Week: Sonja is dead to Bethenny. John is dead to Ramona and I am dead on my feet. Time to sleep. Please talk amongst yourselves.


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87 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap: Tipsying Point

  1. Xanadude

    Someone swabbing their nostrils kind of weirds me out.

  2. I am at a monastery and I am vexed beyond tarnation to have stumbled upon this post (who can sleep in this SILENCE?) because my longing to see Sonja’s party is gnawing at the marrow in my bones. Now laying odds on whether I am the first overnight guest of this fine sanctuary ever to have furtively checked her phone for Tamara Tattles updates. I will never travel without earbuds again.

    • Dalaimama, Amazom Prime will deliver earbuds by tomorrow. Nails in your bed?? ahh

      • Nah, the Buddhists don’t really go for nails, since their primary function is to attach. But you’re right – AmPrime could have hastily rendered Sonja unto me…

    • Minky

      “my longing to see Sonja’s party is gnawing at the marrow in my bones”

      DaliMama, I just can’t even. You done did it. Maximum respect. That is all. Toodles!

    • T D

      Sometimes we weep for different reasons. Cryin’ out loud right about now. Better to cry tears of laughter. Fess up on Saturdasy you’ll be altighht. Too funny.

  3. JoJoFLL

    I’m really shocked at how much I dislike Ramona’s judgy behavior. She’s accusing Sonja and LuAnne of having a drinking problem? Hello, pot, meet kettle.

    She’s really saying some damaging things. I was hoping LuAnne would dump her drink on Ramona.

  4. I don’t own a tea kettle, never have neither does my family, but I DO know how to make tea. Jules’ playing (or actually being) dumb is tiresome.

    • More Tea Please!

      I don’t own one either. On the rare occasion I make tea, I boil water in a Pyrex pitcher in the microwave, then steep the tea in individual cups or in a pot. Am I a barbarian?

    • Wanda

      I think she was too lazy to boil the water and decided to short cut it by putting it in the microwave, but didn’t want to appear gauche.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      She’s playing because she thinks it’s cute, a la Teresa Giudice (who is legit stupid but plays even stupider). It’s not cute, especially at 35+.

  5. Aunt Sis

    I miss the “nice” Dorinda. She is really mean, loud and obnoxious this season. She protest way to much about John. She’s always yelling @ someone. Is she fed up with how these ladies act or is it the booze?

    • Deborah

      Enough of Dorinda talking about John and steadily defending him. She’s getting on everybody’s last nerve. She needs to have several seats because the man is obnoxious and she can’t stand for anyone to tell the truth about him. She’s a pain in the butt all the time. John saids and does inappropriate touching and talking to her friends and she wants to blame everyone else for his behavior. Is she that stupid? Whatever he does wrong, she wants to put the blame squarely on the other person just to make herself feel good. We’re tired of her and her drunkenness.

      • tamaratattles

        Is that the royal “We” because I am not tired of her or her drunkenness. I am confused though because it is obvious she is not attracted to him AT ALL. Her daughter hates him. She has never once let him stay over at his apartment. There is zero intimacy there.

        I have to go with the whole, he’s her dealer theory. And she gets all the free dry cleaning in the world.

        Also last night on WWHL Judith Light was on and Andy played clip of her on Dallas snorting coe and said something like, “If you had a snoopy scarf and a dry cleaners you’d fit right in on RHONY!”

      • Allison

        I’ve got to sit on the same bench as TT. I think there’s something else-either he’s got something on her, she gets something from him she doesn’t want to give up (and it ain’t his lovin) because you can almost see her cringe when she kisses him, and all the other things TT pointed out. She’s compartmentalizing for a reason. She’s soooooo way out of his league. The constant hyper sweaty wired behavior on his part is a dead giveaway for his extracurricular activities.

      • JoJoFLL

        I like the drug dealer theory but two things stop me. He wouldn’t want that coming out of the closet and all shadiness does and Madame Paulette’s doesn’t need the exposure. They are already one of the top dry cleaners in the world.

  6. Whoa, Ramona taking on Bethenny’s business is not going to end well, a really stupid idea. I hope the fireworks Bethenny unleashes over Tipsy Girl and Ramona is magnificent. I would be livid if a friend did that. Unleash the attorneys, hope they chew Romana’s ass up. Guessing Tipsy Girl is legal.
    Ive never liked or thought Ramona could be trusted going back years on this site.
    First time I’ve “felt” real disgust towards a HW.

    • therealdeb

      Sonja has tipsy girl

    • SONYA not Ramona, Jeeze I’m tired. Sonya, Sonya, smacks of desperation.
      Oh here, lets pare Tipsy Girl with cheeseburgers and fries.

      • Speaking of cheeseburgers.. Since these women seem to think that any business under the sun with an adjective in front of the word “girl” is going to net them 100 million, I told my Mom that we should start our own company called “Chubby Girl” and sell cheeseburgers.

      • Noellemybelle

        You better trademark “Chubby Girl” quick. I can see Nene trying to sell direct to home delivery cheeseburgers on HSN. Move over Omaha Steaks make room for “Chubby Girl Cheeseburgers”

    • Whateverman

      I think you mean Sonja – not Ramona!

      Though, disgust towards Ramona is certainly warranted from time to time!

  7. Seriously, what does Bethenny eat in a day? A grape? She was munching on something she pulled out of her purse and I was trying to see what it was. It had to be lettuce or birdseed or something. I remember hearing about this Tipsygirl situation and I want to know what happened. Did Bethenny sue Sonja or did Sonja change the name? Behtenny does not play when it comes to her coins.

    • Erica

      She ate a bunch of the cheese tray Carole put out. I noticed it because I wanted some.

    • What was Bethenny munching on? Probably an Adderrall.

    • Calipatti

      I get it that Sonya is a paid mouth piece for Peter’s Tipsy Girl. Sonya talks about it on the show as hers for promotion.
      Bethenny is justified in her anger yet I doubt Tipsy Girl, (2 words) will be competition for SkinnyGirl.

      • Lime Brain

        Bethany was smart to trademark the name Tipsy Girl. Some other large competing liquor company could have bought the name from Peter and make a real go out of it and hurt Bethenny. Bethany doesn’t need this shit, esp. from “friends”.

  8. I love when editing gets shady (i.e.: Sonja’s repeated “I took Bethanny’s advice”).

  9. What this franchise has over the others, is the outside city scenes! I love the streets, sidewalks people even the traffic! Otherwise it’s just recycled storylines. I can’t distinguish one HW from another. Wash,rinse,repeat

  10. I meant SONYA not Ramona.
    Sonya is just sad.

  11. Xanadude

    My wonderful Sonja saying, while getting her facial, “What are stem cells? Is it sperm? It feels like sperm!” and the talk about how the facialist now has to get her placenta on the black market just set the tone for the evening and made me laugh.

    • Noellemybelle

      The Black Market placenta comment was funny and scary at the same damn time. If I were to illegally purchase human tissue for cosmetic purposes I would not speak about on TV right…!?!?!

      • @immelza

        I know it’s gross but having mares that have foals over the years there’s a big market for placenta. I had no idea it is a big thing but apparently it is….and no I never personally tried it – way to slimy!

  12. Noellemybelle

    How tall is Jules hubby? Looks like he walked in standing tall and extending his neck to appear only a 1/2 foot shorter than his wife in heels? I love how the are eavesdropping on the drama and he keeps ibteruptting and she’s basically like “ssh this is getting good”.

    • Sliceo'pie

      So funny..I noticed the same thing..he seemed to shrink over the course of the evening. I loved when she, “sshh’d” him. I have to admit, I’ve done the same to my husband once or twice..

  13. Dorinda was wrong to retaliate like that by throwing Mario’s name at Ramona. A friend doesn’t punch low blows like that to shut up another friend with humiliation like that. Ramona didn’t really say anything with intent to hurt Dorinda, but Dorinda did intend to hurt Ramona. For the record I think Ramona is one crazy sociopath.

    • I think what Ramona said was intended to hurt, and it did.

    • Calipatti

      UF, Ramona has had a mean mouth for the last few season’s, she just lets the comments fly then laughs it off. Ramona has had it pointed out to her nicely but she continues.

      It is past time Ramona received a remark back. WTG Dorinda.

      • Lime Brain

        I’m with you, Calipatti. Dorinda kept warning her to stop it, and Ramona kept poking the bear.

        Sometimes Ramona needs to be hit on the head with a 2×4 to get her attention and to knock it off.

    • Sliceo'pie

      So because she’s a crazy, “sociopath” she gets a pass for saying something hurtful and unkind? I don’t think so.. Ramona knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s been on this show since the beginning and she knows the game. She’s entertaining to watch but she’s also a bitch.
      For what it’s worth, I respectfully disagree that Ramona is a, “sociopath” you might want to look up the definition. I don’t doubt that she has some kind of personality disorder but sociopath? Um, no.

  14. More Tea Please!

    Ramona was particularly out of control throughout this episode. More and more Dorinda is slurring her words, there’s definitely a substance abuse issue there. And her walking out on her dinner with John…the veneer seems to be cracking on that relationship.

    • Wanda

      Most of them were out of control; like bulls being let out the corral. Wow; who attends a party and starts bashing your friends?

  15. Dee

    Great job on fixing site! I noticed another Dee, should I change my name?

  16. Roposhu

    It’s so nice not being subjected to Bethenny’s therapy scenes anymore…

  17. Ktina

    Ramona better watch it. She’s insinuating way to much about LuAnn “staying up until 6:00” and doing more than drinking. With that being said, I think some of these ladies are reliving the 1980’s.

  18. Cheychey

    On a recent episode of Christley Knows Best the daughter had a towel hanging in in kitchen that said skinny bitch please eat. This neads to hang in the RHNY set. I don’t mean this to sound insensitive but half of the women are severely underweight. It is a joke for Jules to say she could be a champion for women who have fought anorexia. She looks as if she is very much still struggling with it now. I understand some people have a overactive metabolism and can’t gain weight, that is a different issue.

  19. beauxblue

    it’s sort of turned into the real world (current editions not original) for middle-age menopausal women.

    • Sabrina

      It did feel like a catty sorority house reunion, – they were each going after each other. Very little pleasant or positive. Ramona’s eye re-do really bothers me- while she is criticizing every one else, she looks like 55 attempting/failing to look 45. A number of them seem pretty desperate, don’t they?
      Unless something changes quickly , Dorinda will win the award for HW who self- destructed in 6 episodes. She has become unstable and a mean-spirited bull dog.

      I have a hard time understanding- after the reunion is put to bed , don’t the women evaluate what was said and attempt to learn/grow from it? It’s obvious that they discard all of it .

      • Aerin

        That’s a good point about the lack of refinement from one season to the next. I guess the issue is that takes self awareness. And that is not something most HWs including but limited to Dorinda, seem to have.

      • Sliceo'pie

        I definitely agree that Dorinda is unstable-Obviously we don’t have the full picture but it seems she’s never fully dealt with Richard’s death and who knows what other issues she had before he died?
        I disagree that she’s mean-spirited-I don’t think there would have been an argument if Ramona hadn’t opened her big nasty mouth. Dorinda was just sitting there listening to the psychic. She went after Ramona because she keeps poking at her-I would have told her to STFU too.

  20. peachteachr

    So Sonjia throws a party with lots of booze to launch Tipsy Girl. She’s always looking for a shortcut no matter her mission.Unless you watched the first couple of years and saw how really hard Bethenny worked to launch Skinny Girl, which started out as low calorie cookies and cupcakes, it is difficult to explain exactly how hard Bethenny worked. She drove a yellow VW with red Skinny Girl ads all over it. She met the Countess for drinks in the Hamptons and Luann made fun of Bethenny, But, Sonja has a party and she’s in business.

  21. Meri

    The whole mess was confusing. Jules and her dumbness, Sonja and her insanity, Luann and her hula hoop, Bethenny and her “I know everything and am the only business allowed to function in NYC”, Dorinda and her disgusting drunkeness, Carole and her back-handed comments which are supposed to sound clever but are really mean-spirited and snarky…
    Who are these people and would Bravo please bring back HW’s that make sense and are fun to watch? I am trying so hard to enjoy this last HW show that I have chosen to watch and it’s a huge fail so far. I guess the HW’s are not going to be a part of my life (well, after I watch the OC and give them one more chance). IF not for these blogs I would not know what I have been watching. Now I will heat up my imaginary tea kettle and try to calm down.

    • More Tea Please!

      Let’s not forget disgusting John and his ever-present Cialis Flush. Ugh! When will the inevitable train-wreck come to a tragic end? Bravo, please make it stop, these are real lives whose weakneses you are exploiting!

  22. JRich

    Did anyone else notice Sonja’s neck lift scar under her chin during the facial?

  23. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Burning questions:
    1. Whose placenta is it?
    2. Why is Lisa Lampanelli behind Ramona in that shot? Is this Sonja’s party? I thought it was Dorinda at first.

  24. Every1becalm

    I can’t stand Jules trying to talk. It’s so annoying. Stop. John and Dorinda need to leave the show. DO YOU HEAR ME?

    It’s as if somehow.. They’ve thrown my favorite RH franchise into Sonja’s (with a sexy J) bidet. It’s awful.

  25. therealdeb

    I always wonder if they are ever worried about how they will come across on screen. I mean do they realize that people all over the world are seeing their nasty behavior and it could affect their businesses? The John and Dorinda thing is just too insane and sad to watch, she is desperate to have a relationship yet I don’t think she really wants one with him, she just wants to be wanted and will defend her poor choice to the bitter end.

  26. 3Sweeties

    Did anyone catch Ramona on WWHL saying that her long-time friend Sonja’s a pill-popping alcoholic who doesn’t pay her interns? I mean, we all knew that, but Damn.

    • Sliceo'pie

      She’s a nasty piece of work..I’m at a loss as to how anyone could sustain a relationship with Ramona..She’s the kind of friend who’d throw you under the bus at any opportunity. What did she have to gain by saying Sonja took pills and drank? I realize the whole Sonja/LuAnne moving in together is a storyline but I truly think she’s jealous of their friendship.
      I dunno, I don’t understand any of these women….maybe that’s a good thing.

  27. flo

    I can’t believe some of you don’t realise how awesome Dorinda is. She’s loyal – she was to Richard and even though she knows John is no long-term match – she’s loyal to him. Most f the other’s wouyld have ditched John the minute they got a Bravo contract as he doesn’t fit the image. She’s funny and she’s tough as nails. While they all run around kissing Bethenny’s posterior, she has enough gumption to be herself. LOVE her.

    • Katherine 2.0

      I’m with you, flo. Dorinda wears her heart on her sleeve. We see her struggling to ditch John, but afraid to be alone. Being a widow wore her down. She’ll come through it.

  28. Dorinda needs to be on mob wives…Bethany is a bitch ( love how the phsycic was like…yeah I don’t see you getting married either #shade). Carol WHO!! Jules needs to go back to 2cd grade & learn how to finish a sentance. Luanne is a mess, she doesn’t look that great. Sonja & Ramona, well…just Sonja & Ramona.

  29. Allison

    I can’t take John and his bloated, sweaty grossness. How many people have called him out on how wired he looked? What is Dorinda thinking??? Just vile. I feel like she knows she can do better but for some reason, doesn’t. And while I get Bethenny freaking out over the skinny girl/ tipsy girl thing, Sonja has the opposite of the Midas touch, most of her endeavors turn to shit. This one might get some life from the name kerfuffle, however. Her business partner gets an A for effort in making the RHONY rounds…ha

  30. JanM

    Wis that Lisa lampanella in that picture with Ramona? She has really lost a ton of weight.

  31. BKSweetheart

    This is my first season watching RHONY and its funny how drunk these women are 24/7 compared to other RH franchises (well I haven’t seen OC/MIA/DC so I could be wrong). Clearly they aren’t fall down drunk, but they’re always at least tipsy, especially Ramona and Dorinda. I’m not mad at them though. In NYC we do drink a lot (at least i do anyway!). Its just funny to see it so accurately represented on the show..

  32. CoKatie

    Wow. Long time lurker, first time commenting. What was with Sonja “being allergic to makeup” and touching up the inner nostrils with QTips?! You wanna just take out an advertisement to let the world know you’re doing coke? Yeesh!
    With regards to Jules, has anyone else picked up that she loses her every day annoying speech pattern in her talking head comments about her Jewishness and suddenly becomes Fran from Queens? It could just be that I’m from NY and pickup on various local dialects.
    Thanks TT for a great site (love the new improved look) with endless laughs. You AND the commenters.

  33. T D

    Here’s a psychic predition that botox will be replaced by carborum grit sixteen. Less harmful side effects. Soon they will resort to balsam and canobic jars.

  34. Is Dorinda the only one that doesn’t push/promote any business/product on the show?

  35. Lindsey

    I thought Bethenny had a neck brace on during the psychic party…that sweater was uggg!

    • Sliceo'pie

      That was, “The look” this past winter..I saw those sweaters everywhere..It’s just an old classic, revisited..

  36. boatymcboatface

    I believe that The thing Dorinda is battling more than anything is her grief…and grief manifests itself in different ways. She’s clearly fragile and moved to tears so easily. She’s not over the death of her husband and running around with John, drinking and partying is all a way for her to cover up her grief without actually dealing with it. I don’t think she could ever really love John and she knows that which is exactly why she has stayed in the relationship. I actually really like Dorinda, I think she’s one of the most authentic. I don’t excuse her lashing out but I understand it…im rooting for her to deal with her grief so she can move on and live a happier life – with or without a man.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Dorinda reminds me of the new women I see in the rooms of AA..obviously the excessive drinking, the severe sensitivity, vulnerability, the uncertainty, low self-esteem (hooking up with a guy that you have nothing in common with who’s unattractive, people think is, “beneath you”- believing you can’t do any better). I’m not saying she’s an alcoholic-only Dorinda knows if she has a problem.
      I’m probably projecting a bit but I just can’t help seeing the similarities.

  37. Dorinda saddens me. I used to like her Princess Di-in-the-rough look, and there was an almost musical cadence in her voice. Now she slides into slurring every week, sometimes even in her talkie heads. And she and her fella seem to be making more and more frequent forays into the land of Carmela and Tony Soprano-lite. I suspect Dorinda goes unwillingly, perhaps suffering from some kind of inverse-Stockholm Syndrome. Or is it Stockholm Syndrome-by-proxy? Never mind – I have exceeded the federally permitted use of hyphens in this post.

  38. “In other news, they still make necklaces with people’s names on them?”

    This seems to be her prized possession, as was mine circa 1988, but she doesn’t know what an iPod is. Oy, she’s a horrible actress.

  39. Mari Anne

    ‘Smart’ and “Sonja” in the same breath makes me laugh! Ha!

  40. Yes Jules, the I Pod was invented in 2001, about the same time Carrie started wearing that name necklace on Sex and the City…and I believe you were 20 years old at that time…not 2.

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