What is Andy Cohen Looking For in a Partner?


Andy and Wacha Enjoy the Hamptoms
Because Andy doesn’t get nearly as enough time to talk about himself on WWHL, his radio show, his tours with Anderson Cooper, his weekly “Ask Andy” online segments, His Then & Now shows, his Snap hat, Instagram, Twitter, constant periscoping or the aftershows,  he is now getting his WWHL guests to interview him from time to time.

The interesting thing about this brief segment with Lisa is not about his desire to be swept off his feet, because I don’t see that happening. I firmly believe that you could remove Andy’s date for any event or dinner and swap them out with someone completely different and he would never notice the difference.

What is interesting to me is the fact he is still renovating his apartment. I actually have a source who is very familiar with his building who told me a couple of years ago at least that Andy had purchased the apartment next door to his and was going to open it up to be one large apartment.

This is going on Chateau Sheree levels of ridiculousness. Why doesn’t Bethenny get him together? How does he have the nerve to keep asking Sheree what is taking so long when his own renovations are moving at a similarly glacial pace?

Finally, can you imagine Andy Cohen as a dad? That would really cramp his style. He vacations all the time with groups of single men.  His dog spends as much time with the dog sitter as he does with Andy. How would that work? Do you really think he wants to settle down with a family?

I don’t really believe that is what he wants.


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27 responses to “What is Andy Cohen Looking For in a Partner?

  1. I think I just barfed. What a complete douche!

  2. I believe Andy wants to get married and settle down but its one of those “grass is greener on the other side” thing.

    As he’s getting older hes becoming more of a cunt.

  3. Lime Brain

    Is he still dating that guy from the blind item? Allegedly.

  4. I was too distracted by Rinna’s hair to care what Andy yada yada-ed about. I didn’t watch her WWHL so this is my first time seeing it in “action.” Me no likee. Luckily, it looks like the same cut, just styled differently. Am I wrong? I hope not. She looks so much better with her usual cut.

    • T D

      Homage to Caroline Manzo’s Flock of Seagull’s? When good girls hair goes wrong.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I feel like she was trying to prove Brandi’s wig allegations wrong with this hairstyle.

    • T

      I quite like her new ‘do … she has a beautiful face so really suits short hair. I guess she succumbed to all the pressure from folk who kept piping on about her having had the same hairstyle for 20 years. There’s nothing wrong with that though, especially as that style suits her well. This new ‘do is a bit of a change-up … it’s cool.

  5. T D

    He’s more of Kandi coated nights type of popcorn, peanuts with no prize. Guess he’s into cracker Jax?

  6. JustJenn

    I could see Andy having twins named Andy Jr and Mandy who would be raised by the nanny while Andy Sr is out being randy. Married and settled down, though? Never. He likes his life as it is and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  7. I think those first two or three sentences were the BEST I’ve ever read, as well as an accurate diagnosis. He reminds me of this weird movie I saw starring Kristin Wiig called “All About Me.” If you catch it, you will understand.

  8. maryam

    andy talked about his apartment on his ac2 tour. he said he had purchased the apartment ABOVE his and is now making it into a two level apartment….the only one in the building, i believe. he said that the gentleman who lived above him died and he was able to purchase it and begin the conversion.

    • Kaya

      Agree with Cali above. Andy is just trying to avoid appearing as an elderly flame..the marriage thing is about him keeping up with his image.

  9. Andy just needs to marry me and let me have and raise his children, coo over the hotness of his latest boyfriend, show the dog (and kids) pictures of him so they remember him. I believe we’ll discuss the society events I wish to attend and he can arrange dates when he is unavailable. As long as I have housekeepers, nannies, shopping money and travel (with my littles) I would be fine. Am I right??

  10. Shay

    Andy also said that in his book a couple years ago while waiting for his neighbor to die.

  11. Mari Anne

    Andy is such a douche, he can’t afford to be choosy. If he finds anyone willing to spend more than a couple of hours with him, then that’s the ONE.

    • tamaratattles

      I disagree, Andy is the gay version of the kinda cute asshole with more money than sense. His problem is he thinks vanity is cute. IT’s not.

  12. Jackson

    His boy toy in the Windy City is named Sam Cushing. Everyone knows that.

    • tamaratattles

      and yet, you still posted it. Because, new here much?

      • Jackson

        This is my first time, yes. I would think the blog owner would use some manners to a new poster.

      • tamaratattles

        That was me being nice. Where in you Manners For Dummies book did you read that it was polite to wander onto a site with thousands of posts and hundreds of thousands of comment and start mouthing off about what “everyone knows” to a group of people who have been dissecting the topic for five years? Everyone knows that is cuntish.

    • Dee

      Jackson, it appears from your comment everone doesnt know. Wrong name, look in archives to see his current beau 😉

      • Jackson

        I was not mouthing off. I was just pointing out a fact. This is your blog and if you wish to treat people who did nothing more than make a valid point, especially being from Chicago, and knowing this, then feel free to call names and be rude yourself. I have not looked on your site till yesterday therefore I did not know anything was posted previously about him. I feel sorry for people like you who must insult others via the web. If that gives you pleasure than you should seriously review your own behavior. I will not post again on here. I wish you well. Since you wish to be a cunt, I imagine you are some miserable, obese woman with no life, no sex life, who feels she is some “celebrity” for having a blog. Get a life, cunt, and fuck you.

  13. beauxblue

    in spite of what Bethany may say, doing reno on an apartment in nyc, particularly manhatten, is hard, even harder than building a ginormous house in buckhead. you have to live through it to appreciate it.

  14. T

    I really like Lisa as an interviewer. She’s a good presenter on that shopping network too … she’s missed her calling. She’d be great on a show such as ‘The View’.

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