Tour Group Recap: Kenya Just Try To Enjoy This?

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I really thought I had recapped this show when it first began but apparently I was saving it for myself. If there is not enough interest, I may not continue recapping.  This was a good show that showed a few episodes and then apparently Bravo held a focus group and they got a lot of negative feedback about the one guy who was trying to get with BOTH of the twins or whoever gave it up first. So they spent lots of time and money going back to either edit the guy out or reedit him not to be such a pervy horndog all the time. I think.  This happened so long ago I have no idea who any of these people are or where we last left off. I think we were somewhere in Africa.

We begin in Kenya on a 1920’s style safari camp. This is already the best show ever.  While there are a total of 11 travelers and 3 guides, they don’t all have the exact same experiences. For example tonight, two of the guys will be guarding the camp with the actual Maasai guards. And three travelers will leave for Rwanda the next morning on a private flight to observe on of the last remaining families of mountain gorillas.  One of the three is one of the twins. The tour guide wants them to learn some independence.



Michael and Stephen are brothers from North Georgia with no travel experience. They are receiving very serious instructions on what to do when the lions approach the camp. These two are hysterical.

Sandhurst makes me want to do the humpty dance with him. My GAWD he is hot.

Oh, I remember Michelle now. She is the one who left her son behind for the trip and can’t enjoy the fabulous experiences because she is always worrying about him.  Jared is the one perving on both twins. I think he likes Missy (Misty?) better, but Jenna is the one going.   So Jared, Jenna, Michelle, and the head travel guide, Brandon, trek up a mountain with local Rwandan guides with guns.  OMG seeing these gorillas from my couch made me awestruck. I can’t imagine seeing them up close. Jenna is moved by two young male twin gorillas and how close they are. Jared is crying a bit. I myself am having a bit of an allergy attack.

The main group goes with Sandhurst to a watering hole for a swim. Sandhurst is wearing a black speedo. Oh my! Later they go to a local school in Kenya.  Finally they head to a Maasai village where the entire tribe is decked out in their finest fabrics to greet the group. The tribesman speaking for his group says the men, woman, and warriors have different duties. The women do 70% of the work. The women go off with the women and exchange beauty tips. The Maasai women did not seem to be the least bit interested in lip gloss. Or lotion for that matter.  The travelers were equally not impressed by the women making houses out of cow manure using nothing but their bare hands.

TTour Group Kenyahe guys go to drink cow blood. The locals teach them how to extract the blood from the animal’s carotid vein without killing it. Drinking the blood is sort of a panacea cure for everything.  The gorilla group got the way better deal.

Except for Missy. Back at the camp, Sandhurst invited her to get into a hot bubble bath outside, he had his own and drink champagne and talk.  They are trying to get these twins to learn how to have experiences on their own without worrying about who is having the better time.  Sandhurst loves to be naked, he is back in his speedo. Sandhurst asks he what she is looking for in a man. She starts mentioning her sister.  He asks her about her fantasies. She says it is called “the nightstick” he prods her for more explanation  she says “dark genitals.”   She basically says she just wants to have sex with a black man. I really want them to film this. Is that wrong?  But they don’t.

Later, everyone reunites and Sandhurst says that they will be leaving to go to The Maldives in the morning. Wow.


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10 responses to “Tour Group Recap: Kenya Just Try To Enjoy This?

  1. The Maldives! Can this get any better?

  2. Aerin

    This show gives me serious wanderlust. The Maldives look like heaven. These experiences seem amazing, and I’m kinda mad at the travelers because many of then seem too self involved to even take anything from it. Not all of them, of course.

  3. Matzah60

    This is a wonderful show. I didn’t know you were recapping it. I usually follow your blog religiously but hit a low in my life and my big escape is sleeping late or just sleeping a lot through the day to hide and escape. As I am now getting back into my daily activities, I am so glad to see your recap.

    It’s the best show Bravo has on in the reality zone. Just having the opportunity to see the animals, architecture, and cultural differences is fabulous. Watching the tourists navigate the living conditions, the food, and their follow tourists is fascinating.

    I dislike Jared and do hope they edit more of his presence from the show although it appears that one of the twins is forming a close bond with him (the one whose BF left her a break up note in her luggage.

  4. disgrazia4

    No TT. It is not wrong imo! Lmaoooo Good recap! XD

  5. Yes, the travel aspect of this show is glorious. After 2weeks in Thailand, my son & his wife went to Maldives. He took 3 of her family members with them. It’s a very expensive vacation.
    Beautiful pictures.

  6. Wallace

    I need Jared to stop with the scarf. I just can’t handle the extreme douche factor he’s bringing.

  7. rebecca

    please keep recapping!! this show is so good, i was wondering why it hadn’t been on in so long!

  8. belladonna

    I’m enjoying this show. I wish there weren’t the usual twats and I hope they don’t start showing too much of the stupid fights. I want to see the interesting bits of travel, not the dimwit arguments.

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