Southern Charm Recap: Beast of Bourbon

Southern Charm Beast of Bourbon Shep Craig



It seems like tonight’s Southern Charm is going to focus on Craig a lot. That will actually be a nice diversion from everyone talking about Kathryn.  I used to like Cameran’s little catch up sequence at the beginning of each show, but now she just seems like a bitch.

I hate scenes where they pretend to wake up with a cameraman in their bedroom. Sadly, that is how we start out with Craig and Naomie “waking up” so that Craig can give Naomie her promise ring by Bravo. Craig is excited to go off to work where he believes  JD is going to name him the head of the bourbon division.  JD asks Craig to help him with an event with the Bourbon side of the business entertaining investors.

It’s time to taste some Gentry bourbon. I think if we have to sit through the infomercial a rocks glass of bourbon should magically appear in our hands. Basically, Craig stands around in awe of oak barrels and complimenting the colors on the labels. He is clueless. Whitney is super awkward when being introduced to people. I mean he’s awkward anyway, but his interactions with relatively normal humans is bizarre.

Everyone sits down to a flight of four bourbons to taste and critique. YAY K. Cooper Ray has arrived. Finally someone worth drinking with.  Camaran is confused about the feedback sheets.  The word aroma seems to confuse her. Craig gets drunk and wants Danni to tell Craig how to run the division. Craig’s biggest task is collecting everyone’s feedback forms. Craig is good at the sad drunk guy routine. JD asks Danni to be the VP of the bourbon division. JD breaks the news to Craig.  Then Naomie rubs Craig’s nose in the situation. Because, best girlfriend ever!

Southern Charm Shep Cameran

Shep and Cameran

It’s the day after Shep’s Craptastic Birthday Party and he is supposed to be at his listing with Cameran. Shep meets with Cameran and tries to convince her to stop being Patti’s little bitch, but she is not having it.

OMG. I am having such dramatic, self-pitying house envy lately and this show just kills me. I adore this listing and we have not even gotten past the porch.  I want this house. I am DYING over this house. I am pausing to take a moment. Woah, it’s 6000 square feet. That is way too big for me. I guess I will have to keep on looking. Too bad though, because I had $750,000 right here in my back pocket. I guess I’ll just spend it on hookers and blow now.


Landon wants to start “kind of an online magazine.” Apparently, she has to fly to NYC to pitch this idea to someone. Um, why? Just open your laptop and get going. I think she already tries a travel blog online and it didn’t seem to do much. I don’t think people realize how much work a website is.

But let’s say for some reason you are pitching your idea for a kind of online magazine about stuff to someone you hope will invest. You know what you should do? You should write out your pitch and figure out your elevator pitch where you explain how spectacular your idea is, and why it is unique and investment worthy in under 90 seconds.  It should roll off your tongue and pique the interest of your target.

Landon goes another route, let’s call it the Sonja Morgan approach to business. She brings a couple photos of pretty places and then starts rambling about travel and fashion and cutting edge technology, and season style, and where to go to see and be seen, for example Aspen in the winter….because that’s original…events….parties….group travel opportunities….a Nigerian football team…dinner with Saudi royalty… and presales to Mars and an annual coffee table book.  Some of those I may have gotten mixed up with Lady Morgan. The guy actually asks her for an elevator pitch. She has no idea. The guy says she needs something unique.  He asks her what is unique about her idea? She is clueless.

Southern Charm Kathryn Elizabeth


Kathryn decides to reach out to Elizabeth to make amends. She is going to go visit Elizabeth so they can catch up. Kathryn explains that she started isolating herself from the group because she didn’t know who she can trust among her mutual friends with Thomas. They cry and hug it out.


Time for more home envy. Thomas’ home is so pretty, and yet a bachelor pad. Shep drops by and they discuss Landon not inviting Kathryn to Shep’s party. Since the hospital incident, Thomas is trying to keep Kathryn appeased.

Whitney and Cameran

These two creatures meet up at Shem Creek Bar & Grill  for some bloody marys.  Why am I not at a bar in Shem Creek having bloody marys right now?  Shep shows up and orders a beer.  They talk about Craig and his bourbon tasting that night. He is worried that no one is going to show up.

Shep invites them to go to Lindell, North Carolina to his parents cabin in the woods. Shep wants everyone to go including Kathryn. Cameran has no desire to go in the first place let alone with Kathryn. I question how wise it is to take a woman as pregnant as Kathryn is to a cabin in the woods where the closest doctor is two mountains away.

The best thing about this episode was it was Patti-free! Yippee!!!

The previews of the rest of the season look AH MAZ ZING!


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64 responses to “Southern Charm Recap: Beast of Bourbon

  1. Lisa

    Linville, NC. It’s an upper crust community near Grandfather Mountain, off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Looking forward to seeing his place. This is a mini-Hamptons-esque hamlet for southern rich white people. Great views, good fly fishing, decent restaurants and cool temps in the Summertime.

  2. Mrs. Smith

    TT, where in the hell have all of your commenters been lately? ⏳

    • tamaratattles

      A lot of people are blocked. The server is doing weird things. There was a WordPress upgrade where people are emailing me saying they can’t comment. It’s a mess.

      • Mrs. Smith

        Oh…..dang, I thought those issues had been resolved. So sorry, I know it must be frustrating! I will keep on clicking for you. ?

      • Cat

        I’m here! I had tablet issues for about a week, but that’s all fixed now.

        I haven’t been commenting, because I can’t watch these shows, so I can’t really form an opinion. And I don’t want to comment just to see my name on the screen. I am reading the recaps, though. :)

      • There may also be other like me. About 1/4 of the comments I submit actually post.

  3. Theresa

    WordPress better get their act together. I love the comments as much as I love yiu! Linville is a nice place. Gorgeous sanctuary. I generally find Kathryn very entertaining but sure wouldn’t want to go away with her. She 100% when it comes to crazy on vacation and not thekind where you dance on tables drunk crazy.

  4. Puddy

    Is it just me or is anyone else finding Southern Charm to be pretty boring with hardly any coverage of Kathryn and always filming her without make-up and in faded jeans (although she still looks pretty?) Is Whitney responsible for the disaster that has become Southern Charm without Kathryn? I just find everyone else but Cooper and Craig to be dull, dull, dull.

  5. Matzah60

    I used to love this show. I also used to love all the characters, but like you wrote, TT, I can’t stand Cameron. She is a real bitch. Why in the hell is Shep working for or with her? I am no fan of Landon either. I think she used to be on another reality show a long time ago. The one with one of the Jenner kids, but not sure which one or which show.

    Greg seems to be in real trouble, not just on the show. He signed up for the bar but he probably is now a year away from being in law school. The further away you are from graduating, the greater the chances are that he won’t pass. How is it that he is working for JD? I am confused how he ended up in that position and also confused how he ended up with this new girlfriend. I kind of got the idea last year that he had a real thing for Katherine and that somehow, they would end up together.

    Thanks for the recap. I still like to watch this show but hope they don’t let it go off the rails like some others that started out with a strong first year.

    • Bridgett

      I recently read that Landon had been on the Hills.

      • Matzah60

        @Bridgett. Right, the Hills. Thanks. I was just reading on Bravo’s website that Scheanna and Sandoval(sp?) also had a short run/bit part on the Hills. I guess when you are fired from a reality show, you set your ‘sights’ on the next reality show to pay your bills. It’s a new and lucrative way of making a living. You don’t have to have an education or acting ability. You just have to swallow your pride and make an ass out of yourself on national television…lol.

        Once upon a time, there were struggling actors/actresses that got parts on soap operas. Some became staples of the show and made a career out of their role on the most popular soaps. All you have to do is look at Eileen Davidson. However, many soap actors and actresses are hoping to making a leap from day time to night time. That’s what Lisa Rinna did when she went from soaps to night time. Although Melrose Place was more a night time soap, it was a break for her and gave her national recognition.

  6. JoJoFLL

    Charleston is the only place I’d move to outside of South Florida. I miss the oysters and the semi annual Bob Ellis shoe sale. Western NC is also full of rich Floridians.

  7. More Tea Please!

    The previews for next week sound like 100% fireworks!

  8. Betty

    I’m beginning to think the only thing ” real” about this show is Kathryn’s pregnancies. Pregnant women shouldn’t go to cabins. Cameron is becoming a super rag. She can’t even have lunch w a pregnant woman? Whitney is gay and Cameron needs to wear something other than Lily Pulitzer.

  9. therealdeb

    A Patti free episode is perfect, sadly we didn’t get a Landon free one as well. I wonder if it is painful to be as stupid as Landon is, I mean she seems clueless. The wasted time and expense of going to New York unprepared is insane, and the guy she was pitching to was so not impressed with her. You could tell it was a favor that he was regretting granting.
    I do think JD and his wife are probably the most normal and down to earth of all on the show, and I think they have Thomas and Katheryn’s kids best interests at heart. Cameran has so changed, it makes me sad because she was so much fun and so normal and didn’t buy into the bullshit. Sadly Patti has gotten her claws into her. Shep is just who he is, a playboy who has a good and kind heart and pretty much loves everyone. I enjoy him, I really do.

    • More Tea Please!

      It also was not Creepy Whitney Free…

      • elisabetta

        I have to be honest. Of course I don’t know any of these people on Southern Charm. Whitney could be the nicest guy. But my gut always gets the creeps when he comments. And I trust my gut. I am not making any judgment of the man, just commenting on my intuitive reaction.

  10. JanM

    I really enjoyed this episode because it actually showed us some of the “southern Charm” I like to tune in for . I actually wanted to taste some bourbon and I enjoyed having very little drama. I’m hoping it will continue showing us more of this please! Oh, and I automatically thought of you TT when Cameron and Shep were looking at listing that beautiful home. I knew you’d appreciate its beauty as much as I did.

  11. “Craig what do you want to be when you grow up?

    I wanna be a fireman, an astronaut, then a polo player because i love Ralph Lauren, a lawyer, a doctor, race car driver because I love the sound when the car goes vroom vroom. I like balloons so I wanna be a circus clown too, and then a professional poker player because I’m good with games and stuff.

    • amisteree

      LOL!!!!! Love.

    • Monihew

      OMG! Watching him was the highlight of my night! Completely delusional Craig makes for great TV. To think he wants to run a bourbon division (thinks he should and is shocked that he isn’t) and he does not even know what bourbon is!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

      • Kika

        And it looks like Naomi was falling for Craig’s grandiosity as well. Notice how “disappointed” she was that Craig was not going into a partnership with JD. She must be naive to believe that he ever would be.

  12. Chloe

    I’m loving this show, but wish so much focus wasn’t on Landon. She is such an airhead and her giggly pampered little girl act is so annoying. I would take Patti over her any day.

  13. 25

    #NewCraig has had me cringing all season, but asking–at the tasting table!–the difference between bourbon & whiskey gave me so much second-hand embarrassment. He had to be acting, right? The way he talks to JD shows his complete lack of self-awareness. I want to start a crowd-funding page for a bar classes for Craig. One for a state bar exam prep course, and one for a literal bartending class so he can stop sounding like a moron.

  14. tamaratattles

    Last season #OldCraig’s job was complete made up bullshit. It’s the same this season. I like Craig, so I don’t mind so much and he is one of the better actors on reality TV. Also, I don’t think he took the bar at all and if he did he did not pass.

    Honestly, all I care about K Cooper Ray and his dapper savoir faire and the real estate porn. I am going through some sort of house craving thing and it’s like a physical ache seeing all of these southern homes.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Hey TT, build yourself a tiny house replica of your favorite southern home, put it on a trailer and off you go!

  15. amisteree

    How could Cameron change so completely from previous seasons? What a nasty personality change. Landon is almost worse than Patti, if that is possible. (It’s not.) She is over-the-top annoying, and has no self awareness. I want to slap her! Kathryn and Elizabeth seemed to genuinely re-connect, and it was touching. I want more K. Cooper Ray!

    • Billie_bee

      I know, I thought she had survived the second season curse. Is it her turn for a bad edit? Nope, I think she’s upset that Katherine was becoming a fan favorite.

  16. Can I have that porch? Yes, I also got excited about pocket doors.

  17. Miguel

    Lately, I have been commenting, to no avail; but have been reading. Although, it seems I can now, I’m waiting to see if any of my posts come up. Please forgive me in advance for any double posts – thanks!!! :)

  18. I make comments in my head like Cameron is being a bitch this season and then I remember it’s all complete bs. Craig’s job on the show is to be a fool which is still a million times better than practicing law.

  19. jessica

    the first season I thought Cameron was fun – but this constant harping on shep to get married grates my nerves. I would say she is just jealous of his single life but she does seem happily married. either way I wish she would get off his back ..marriage is not the be all end all of life.

    I don’t really understand this Craig job situation..did he basically pay to get a job? can you be an investor and a gopher simultaneously? Or is he a partner? I don’t get it. But I do get that he was insane to think he would be HEAD of any division of anything for quite a while. I think if you are going to buy your way into that kind of job it takes more than 15000.00 (I think that is what I remembered he paid).

  20. Meri

    I love the city and the homes shown on the show. I dislike Cameron and Landon a LOT. Since Craig actually gave to become an investor (partner?) in the firm why is he being treated like some lackey? I would ask for my money back. Not saying that he should be running a department by himself but he is being treated like some gopher. I am also finding the show to be a little boring without more give and take (fighting and making up) between Katherine and Thomas. I found that to be the most interesting part of the series. I hope that this picks up soon and gets less boring or it will take it’s place among my previously watched shows on Bravo (which is most of them.

    • Amy Lou

      What does Craig bring to the table other than cash? He’s not an attorney so he can’t provide legal services to the company, he apparently has limited work experience so he doesn’t bring any sort of learned skill set. I think his buy in was probably a small percentage of the company’s value – I doubt it’s anywhere near a 50/50 split – but a smart move on JD’s part to make Craig put some skin in the game so he’d show up every day. It’s apparent that JD is willing to mentor Craig, which Craig should be really thankful for, and just slow down, learn a thing or two from his boss, and stop pushing for more responsibility than he’s ready for right now.

      • Chloe

        I feel JD gave Craig a job just because he was a friend and was out of work and was fired from his last one. I really wonder if JD even feels Craig is capable of doing much more than what he is.

      • Amy Lou

        I agree, Chloe, and in his talking head Craig was saying how he’s so smart!! No, darling, you’re not smart, you’re pretty. He’s the type of guy you pat on the head and just say bless your heart.

    • Tulsateacher

      I’m waiting for another Thomas/Kathryn incident with her dramatically chasing him, while looking fabulous with her fur coat flowing, and screaming “Tho-mas!” in that smoky voice of hers. It brings to mind another of my favorite dysfunctional couples, Whitney Houston (may she rest in peace) and Bobby Brown… “Bobbayyy! Bobbayy!” #iwillalwaysloveher

  21. HappyGal

    To me the most interesting member of this cast after Katheryn is Camron’s husband. I would love to know more about him. And I wonder how he feels knowing his wife has gone from the little darling of Southern Charm to the big c u next Tuesday this year.

    • momoffourkidd

      I have been wondering about her husband too. He is a Dr that works long hours saving lives as she said at Cooper’s ball. Yet her escort was also a dr. It seems for being still pretty much newlyweds they are not together much. Maybe he doesn’t like how much she changed.

      • tamaratattles

        He will have nothing to do with the show.

      • Miranda Aldridge

        He’s an anesthesiologist. Most of them work Mon-Fri but with early hours 6am or earlier and eight hour shifts with some weekend and evening call. The exception to this would be larger hospitals with level one trauma centers, which would have an anesthesiologist on “in-house” call, meaning he has to remain in the hospital. He has to be good because anesthesia is one of the harder specialties to find a job in as CRNAs can run most cases and they are much cheaper. Anesthesia is also one of the lower paying specialties, because of CRNAs as well. Camran NEEDS the show and her real estate career to support the lifestyle she wants.

      • tamaratattles

        You must be from out west somewhere. In the south CRNA must abide by federal law and be supervised by an anesthesiologist. Only NC and Kentucky have opted out of the federal mandate. Most places where CRNAs work independently are places like Montana and Wyoming and of course California. Here in the south, we primarily use actual anesthesiologists. Anesthesiology is not “one of the lower paying specialties” nationwide and is a high paying specialty particularly outside of major urban areas. So none of this applies to South Carolina.

      • elisabetta

        A little odd . . . . #hangingwithshep and #notthedoc

      • jen

        She said last season he doesn’t want to be on the show. She goes and films with her friends and goes home. What is so mysterious about this. She was a seasoned reality star when he met her. I wouldn’t start rumors about someone’s marriage like that.

  22. Cheychey

    Last year Landon was portrayed as this poor ex wife that was left high and dry in the divorce who had to live on a boat till she got her money together. It was so endearing. Well now we see that her ex was the one who was suffering cause she’s really delusional and scatterbrained in her work life, heartless in her personal life and an overall self absorbed young girl.

  23. Miguel

    The fact that they are all about to perpetuate the Whitney-Kathryn-Thomas love triangle charade makes me think that the group’s righteous indignation over Kathryn’s behaviour is all a farce. Once again, we’ll be privy to the fact that Kathryn has slept with all the male leads – none of whom have been very chivalrous about it!

    This has become a running joke, circa Shep in this episode. Yet, Kathryn and Thomas covet the group’s respect and friendship? Also how is it that Cameron can lower herself to form a partnership with Shep; but coffee with Kathryn is too much – isn’t he as tacky as she is? This is yet another case of the uncouth ascribing themselves classy based on perceived wealth – ahem HW!!! And what’s with theses Southern belles and beaus – Shep, Porsha, Thomas, Phaedra, to name a few?

  24. I am disappointed in how the ladies treat Kathryn..they never screwed up. Yea when you are pregnant you do get rushed to the hospital when you get upset, I have taken different friends. The cast may be beautiful, but their actions are self centered and ugly.

  25. Kiyoshigirl

    I liked this show better when Landon was an after thought, barely showing up in the background of a few scenes. Both she and Cameron have stated they were tired of the “Thomas and Kathryn show” so I’m sure they whined to Whitney and convinced him it was better for them to get more air time. It’s Not. Landon’s pitch to the guy from Vox Media reflected her naivete. It’s like she figured asking the head of a media conglomerate to invest in her “business” would be as simple as asking her daddy for money, and then getting it because she’s cute. Even dear ole dad has figured out his daughter is an aimless air head with no mind for business. I can just hear her now….”You know, I kinda thought, like, it would be like, kinda enough to kinda talk about my vision and maybe he would kinda be able to like tell how successful I am at like everything I do, you know?” Too bad Landon hasn’t figured out she should’ve kept in the background. The extra air time has done nothing but expose her immaturity and bitchiness. She cannot replace Kathryn or what Kathryn brings to this show.

  26. bella

    “the Sonja Morgan approach to business” hahahaha. So true.
    I loved Cameran season 1, but I’m over her. She doesn’t have a “story line,” so I guess she has to team up with Whitney and Patricia to keep her spot. She loves being on tv…wasn’t she also on the Real World one season?

  27. Bree

    It was weird last week at Shep’s bday party when Craig asked Cameran why she wouldn’t go to lunch with Kathryn and all she said was “well she didn’t do anything directly to me but she was mean to Whitney and Patricia.” Um…exactly. She did NOTHING to you so why can’t you have lunch with her?? Then she just said “I don’t give a shit and on that note I’m out.” She comes off like such a mean girl this season and it’s obvious she was asked (or told) not to film with Kathryn.

  28. Gapeachinsc

    Just finished watching the episode…wasn’t really liking Craig’s girlfriend’s reaction to the news he wasn’t heading the bourbon division. She was super disappointed. I get it, but it made me hope their relationship is just for the show.

  29. jen

    Elizabeth is a lovely woman. I hope Kathryn cherishes their friendship for now on.

  30. JoJoFLL

    Actually, Whitney isn’t bothering me so much any longer.

    It’s hard to watch Cameron, Landon, and Patricia. Their behavior is cringe worthy. I know why with Patricia, trying to pass herself off as something she’ll never be or be able to buy but I’m shocked at my dislike of Cameron and Landon. Landon’s entitlement is off the charts for me.

    I love watching Thomas, Katheryn, Shep (I love Shep), Cooper, JD, and Elizabeth.

    I’m meh about Jennifer, Danni (she’s growing on me), Craig, and his girlfriend.

  31. mar

    JD is the star of the show sometimes…I think it’s his laugh. I ran into him recently at the Volvo open and he was super friendly so maybe I’m biased now. He and Elizabeth just seem pretty normal compared to everyone else.

    Landon is driving me crazy. Everything about her is obnoxious.

  32. Shae

    I actually still like Cameran, sure she doesn’t want much to do with Kathryn, but that alone doesn’t make her a bad person. Landon, however, is just annoying beyond all belief. She perpetually looks confused, her voice is grating and she has no earthly idea what she’s doing. How do you propose to pitch a business when you don’t have a pitch? Vague ideas with little to no detail or planning don’t get invested in. It was awful to watch her squirm that way. Idiot.

    I think it was big of Kathryn to man up and go see Elizabeth. She was right, she convinced people they’d done something to her and she was angry, but I can understand her keeping distance for a while after the Thomas debacle (s). It shows maturity that she was willing to admit she was wrong and ask Elizabeth to be friends with her again.

    Don’t even get me started on Thomas, I have never seen a more insane, scary, juvenile man-baby. He legit frightens me when he gets angry and starts yelling, I can only imagine what Kathryn endured from him off-camera.

  33. Queen of the Nile

    Without Kathryn (and the gorgeous homes, of course) this show would be totally boring. Landon is as irritating as she is dumb, and I’m starting to mute the sound when she starts whiny-talking. I can’t wait for Kathryn to have her baby, be able to get liquored up and fire back at all of the mean girls and even meaner old hag/Patricia. I’ll be happily clapping.

  34. LK

    Did anyone else catch that weird conversation between Craig and Naomi, when he was trying to talk around his initial obsession for Kathryn only “because I have this thing about trophies”?! That might not be a direct quote (and it might be from the last episode, since I watched them together). Naomi didn’t care even though its a totally creepy and superficial thing to do (say? It’s pretty clear in season 1 that he was all puppy dog-eyed in love with her). That and Naomi’s strange reaction when he revealed he might not lead the Bourbon division – because, delusional – makes me think these two are just two pretty-ish people trying to use one another to “win” at looking good on reality TV. Please, people!

    Give me my normal Cameron back! Shep misses her too, I can tell.

  35. Miami SunRise

    Landon is a sad cup of tea, and YES to the MEAN girl. WOW You know there are thousands of REAL PEOPLE with REALLY GREAT ideas who are NEVER given an opportunity to make a pitch like that. She wasted their time with NO VISION, IDEAS or PLANS. Those people were very kind to her. I would have thrown her out of the office.

    She gets the AIR HEAD Award for Southern Charm. Makes me wonder if she is a spoiled rich kid that has been given too much all of her life. She needs to work for a living for a while.

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