Dance Moms Finale Recap: Last Dance

Dance Moms on Lifetime: Why the Outrage?

This was supposed to be the finale episode of the season, and maybe ever, as it is the last episode with Maddie and Mack on the show.  However, rating were really good so production has add a B season and more episodes will be airing soon. Perhaps they just want an idea of how ratings will be once they leave.

The veteran moms are still pissy with the mini moms. At pyramid, Abby points out that the minis were the only team to win last season. They are also the future of the ALDC.  Despite coming in fourth last week, Maddie is on top of the pyramid.

The group dance is hip hop because that is what the girls wanted. She gives Maddie and Mack solos. Kendall will be working with the minis.  One of the minis also has a solo that is a tribute to her  brother who has a traumatic brain issue.

The pizza is here! I think I will eat it rather than recap the moms bitching about every little thing and Melissa crying.

I like the never before aired episodes. Jo Jo is a lot better than they edit her to be.  I wonder why they never aired that competition?

Chloe and Maddie Best Friends

I just realized that this show is an extra half hour. It seems that entire half hour is going to be the moms bitching about the lack of fanfare over Melissa and her kids leaving.

The moms all show up wearing black and wearing black veils. They tell the new moms and the minis that they cannot walk in with them. Seriously?

Areana’s Solo

Areana’s dance is very depressing. She is very talented though. I am going to assume that she will win particularly because they rolled her disabled brother into the auditorium and she gets to tell her whole sad story. She cries and they tell her to go hug her brother. Abby cries. The judges don’t criticize a thing. She will probably win first OVERALL too.

dance moms mackenzie freak out

Mackenzie’s Solo

Mack’s solo was a jazz/acro. It was mostly acrobatics. The Australian judge calls her a “pocket rocket.” Everyone laughs. It was her usual gymnastics. Nothing special. Not enough to beat Areana that’s for sure.

Maddie’s Solo

Is it just me or is the most depressing episode ever? Maddie’s solo was great. It was a lot like her Sia video choreography. Dark, depressing, perfectly executed. Clearly she will win. The moms are all crying. Abby is not but she looks like she has just been told she has one week to live. Or that she is going to do five years in Camp Cupcake.

Abby’s speech to the groups talks about how leaving the ALDC is like graduating from high school. It’s an exciting time. It may even be a blessing in disguise for those staying behind. No one knows what the future holds. It was very lackluster. The original moms are pissed. Melissa screams at the mini moms and tells them that there kids will be nothing and the fans will hate them.

Dance Moms New Season

Mini Group Dance

The minis were super cute. They did great for their experience level.

Junior Elite Group Dance

I am worried about the hats and suspenders. Lots of potential for wardrobe malfunctions. The dance goes extremely well. Why haven’t they done more hip hop in the past?  You could tell the girls loved the routine. Everyone was really good. And the crowd cheered through most of the dance. The judges loved it and compared the dancers to Janet Jackson.



Areana got second place.  How is it possible that Mack beat her? Oh wait! She didn’t. She didn’t even place. That doesn’t surprise me. Areana not getting first place does.

Maddie of course wins first. There was no beating that solo.

The minis group won first place. The Junior Elite Team also won first.

The competition director gives a huge speech and a bunches of roses. Melissa is called up to speak, but she can’t she does manage to thank Abby so does Maddie.

They have a party in the dressing room. Abby tells the minis that they are officially her new team. When this was filmed Abby thought she was going to get a break from the show. She is but just not as long as she thinks. Abby gives Maddie and Mack a rough critic. The girls and Melissa walk out. After 136 minutes, my DVR has had enough, and so have I.

Next Week: (Actually tomorrow I think. Sorry I am behind) More bitching on the reunion.


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9 responses to “Dance Moms Finale Recap: Last Dance

  1. Miguel

    These moms are such hypocrites. Are these women in black/mourning the same ones whom were green with envy, over each other’s children’s successes – big and little, alike!?! I seem to recall Holly, Jill and Melissa going at it pretty heavy last season, with each video release or special appearance. What about when Nia & Jojo were completely excluded; and now Holly & Jess are so heart broken? Get real, ladies!!!

    Hey Melissa, the new moms are continuing on with the tradition of whining & moaning; so the show will go on! Also, in as much as Maddie is a beautiful dancer, she didn’t invent the concept of dance – people have been doing it since we wore loincloths; so the show will go on! I, for one, shall continue on, as I did when Chloe & Brooke (my two favs) left. The show actually lost three dancers and two better dance moms; and, guess what? THE SHOW WENT ON!!! I’m already enjoying the Minis and the dynamic they and their moms are bringing to the show; so enjoy your children’s successes & get over yourself! The show is called “Dance Moms,” not “Melissa’s Variety Hour!”

  2. Puddy

    Love the photo with the original girls, including Chloe and Paige. It was never the same without them. Additionally, it seemed that Melissa was pretty unfeeling about Areana’s solo. Why does the last week have to be all about Maddie and Mackenzie? They have found fame and fortune so do they have to hog the limelight on the way out? They do seem ungrateful to Abby, bc she did make them. However, karma. They are doing to Abby what Abby did to Chloe and Paige.

  3. Wrote a reply … I will wait awhile.

  4. Xanadude

    Melissa really went out in a blaze of bitchiness – “you shouldn’t do the dance for your disabled son (who was flown out here specifically to see this dance) because this week is supposed to be all about my girls”
    Eff you.

  5. Cheychey

    Melissa looked just plain ridiculous insisting there should be some kind of hoopla around her girls quitting. That should mean that they should not go forth with great routines for the other kids. Did she really think that Abby would do any less than put the spotlight on someone else out of spite for them leaving. I really thought it was funny how all the moms were forever complaining about the special treatment that Abby gave Maddie, but when she’s leaving they are so broken up about the original team ending. Not a mention of the other original team members who left. Jojo,Kendall and Kalani were actually not the ‘original’ team members.

  6. Rita

    I always knew Melissa was a manipulating bitch. All these years of kissing Abby’s ass and now that she got what she wanted she’s acting like an ungrateful, conceited bitch. This all has to be scripted. It’s just too fantastical to be true.

  7. swizzle

    Abby gave the ultimate bitchy send off to Mackenzie in giving her the horrible “dance” that had no chance of winning. Maddie gets a winner again and Mackenzie doesn’t even place. I hope that now that they are off the show Mackenzie can find her own passion and stop living in Maddie’s shadow. Not sure Melissa is capable of that, though. I just feel bad for that kid. Maybe she’ll take up gymnastics or something else that can be hers.

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