WWHL With Mercedeh Javid and Vida Javid

WWHL With MJ and Vida

Look Andy, I really need this to be a good episode of WWHL to make up for the weekend that never happened because my server stopped, well, serving.  So let’s do this!   We begin with Andy Cohen being unable pronounce two out of the three guests names. And he can only pronounce Mercedeh’s name because she pretends like it is Mercedes so she just doesn’t have to correct people.

Vida is asked for some advice for the rest of the cast. She is so good at it, I have to transcribe it for you.

Golnesa: Stop being a victim!

Mike: He’s a confused dreamer.

Asa:  Stop using the show for her personal benefit. If she wants to make money do it on her own time. Tell that to Bethenny Frankel, Vida.

Reza:  Stop saying “bitch” and acting superior. (Some translation was needed here)

MJ and Tommy Selfie from upcoming Belize trip.

MJ and Tommy Selfie from upcoming Belize trip.

Vida says she is happy the way she is, she doesn’t need a man in her life. MJ says she wants to find her mother a man. She said this after basically saying all of her friends think Vida is whoring around all over town when she isn’t. Oh, MJ.

You can tell that Vida has come around and actually likes Tommy.  Then she says that Tommy is not educated and doesn’t have a good job.

MJ says she and Mike are on good terms.

Someone asks about the dog makeover on the show where her dog was allegedly painting pink with polka dots. MJ jumps right in to say, “that was real.” Confirming my belief when I caught a bit of that scene when I was not recapping the episode and it clearly looked like a dog suit to me. I don’t think that happened either. I believe NOTHING that happens on this show anymore.

Vida says that the reason she is so hard on MJ is because she never listens to her and it is very frustrating.

MJ says she has not set a wedding date and she is irritated when people ask because she feels like engagements should be long. I get the feeling that having Tommy move in with her has been an eye opening experience. Once we hit a certain age, and I agree MJ may not quite be there yet because she wants kids, the reality of waking up with another person in the house every damn day would be a bit much to adjust to.

Vida picked the dress that MJ’s boob keeps trying to sneak out the side of because she has issues with her wardrobe.

They are playing a game called Mommy Doolest. Isn’t this the show that wants us to believe that Dool is a term for penis? Have you no shame, Andrew?  No, no you do not.  Neither of them were smart enough to play the game and hold up their cards.

Someone asks MJ how she knew Mike cheated before the wedding, she says it was because she saw the texts the girl had written before the wedding.  Um So did I.  She says that she gave a polite answer about not wanting to come alone after the wedding because she didn’t want to expose Mike’s philandering ways to Jessica.

71% of people say Vida will never come around to liking Tommy.


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9 responses to “WWHL With Mercedeh Javid and Vida Javid

  1. Minky

    Tamara! Did you not get my email about the “dool” thing? Well, it wasn’t an email, I just filled out the contact form. Doodle Tallah? Ring a bell? That’s Farsi for “golden dick”.

    I’m just playin’. I know you’re probably up to your eyeballs in correspondence everyday. If you like I will send it again.

  2. susan

    I like Mercedeh’s eyebrow shape

  3. I thought the photos of Veda when she was younger were stunning.

  4. Alexandra

    Gotta vent about Asa’s dresses. I paid $200 for her Istanbul halter dress and was so disappointed. Overall the quality lacks however the bottom of the dress is totally uneven: the right side is up to my ankle and the left side brushes the ground and then some. I had my friends look at it and they noticed something is off right away and all agreed it looks way odd. I emailed Asa about it, offered to send pictures as well and guess what, 2 weeks later no response. Of course, her return policy is no returns, exchanged only and that dress is not in stock anymore. Cant believe she used to be my favorite.

    • AC

      I’m SO sorry to hear that you purchased one of Asa’s dresses and it turned out to be a disaster. I saw the kaftans on the show but knew right away I wouldn’t pay $200 for a dress! They sell GORGEOUS kaftans for only $20 on eBay! I purchased two and they are imported from India!
      Don’t support Asa’s ventures. Like Mike, she is a “dreamer”. She can’t find ONE particular skill she is good at and stick with it. She goes through “get rick quick schemes”. I know it’s hard finding a particular job or craft you can ace but that’s when looking at all of your capabilities and seeing which jobs would help you capitalize best on MOST of those abilities – will eventually lead you to a fulfilling career. It’s one of the main reasons I have zero respect for Asa. I don’t like a “Jack of all trades”.

  5. Justine

    Ironically they gave Lilly such a hard time about using the show to promote her business. I’m not a Lilly fan by any means, but, if Asa doesn’t get attacked by anyone for it by someone, I’ll stop watching. Can’t stand her anymore. What happened to the Persian Punky Brewster who didn’t want to sell out? Vida was spot on about Mike. His bits of wisdom toward Golnesa are laughable. And to claim love for his wife, yet say the disrespectful crap he does about women’s bodies? I don’t even know what word to use for that.

  6. I’ve been watching sporadically. It does seem Seacrest is trying to go back to what made this group fun. Seems kind of tired tho’. I”ve never been an Asa fan and nothing I’ve seen catching up on this show changes that. It’s not that I dislike her more than anyone else on the show, lol…it’s just that her motives have always been transparent and I’ve found her to be hypocritical. I like her Mom and Dad tho’.

    Vida was spot on in her critiques.

  7. T D

    Mercedeh looks so beautiful. The cut and color of her dress complements those dangerous curves.

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