Shahs of Sunset Recap: We’re Going To Need More Red Solo Cups!

Shahs MJ and Mike


We are back on Shahs of Sunset for an intervention with Golnesa. While I am sure an intervention with GG, could be beneficial if she would listen (she won’t)  no one ever did this with Mike Shouhed. In fact most of them will be drunk out of their minds at this “intervention.” I’m not really sure that is how they are supposed to work.

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As they show how drunk and obnoxious almost all of them were last week, this whole script seems more ridiculous than usual. I don’t see how Asa deals with all of these people. Speaking of Asa, she is in the Winnie making some seafood while Reza grills outside. I remember years ago in one of my very first blogs about Asa talking about how she would go to the park in Germany as a kid and they would grill out.  Some idiot tried to inform me that Iranians didn’t grill out. Which is ridiculous. Maybe I used the term BBQ which is what we call it in the south. That term to me means cooking meat outside over fire. It has nothing to do with a bottle of barbecue sauce. It’s pretty universal over most if not all cultures since the beginning of fire. Asa is cooking shrimp on aluminum foil. Never cook with aluminum pans or aluminum foil.


RealityTVGifs by  T.Kyle

Golnesa and Mike have their first drunken conversation. She says that their problems are not about a specific incident but the fact they have been so close and he is so rude and condescending toward her. He apologizes and they agree to move forward.  Asa wants them to name their issues and literally throw them in the fire. Can we wait until the shrimp done cooking? Can we eat a weenie first?

Reza plays the most ridiculous joke on Reza ever. He pretends he has found a positive pregnancy test, a few pesos and a map to a Mexican abortion clinic in Mercedeh’s purse.  You know MJ, the one who has been trying to get pregnant with anything that moves because she wants a baby so bad? Who writes this stuff? Shervin can’t even act this out with a straight face.

Jessica was out of the picture at this point, so we are going to have fake one sided phone calls.

Next on the call sheet it says, “Talk about Reza’s wedding and how MJ doesn’t want Asa to officiate and thinks Reza doesn’t consider Adam’s feelings.”  But GG seems to be drunk for real and messing up the whole script.  GG says that her RA inflammation has reached her heart. Let’s hope that is not true.  Asa makes sure that drunk as hell GG gets safely into her tent.

Once everyone is settled, the boys terrorize the campsite.  At least they have the sense not to poke the GG bear. Then we get a wakeup scene where we pretend that they didn’t all sleep at the Holiday Inn down the street. This scene is sponsored by Cheetos and Honey Grahams which every good camper knows to keep strewn around the campsite to welcome in the bears and other animals looking for a late night snack. I missed the brand of wine they were also leaving out and available along with their other food provisions.

Shahs Campfire

Next up we have to promote some sort of rope course. To do this, we have a girl who apparently has RA and just has hand surgery should be forced to go across. The premise is that the group will not leave her behind. So after she finishes the first part that she could do, they all leave her behind to do the hardest parts.  Reza gets the guy at the course to claim only 10% of people finish the last part of the course.  This course is kind of like a metaphor for your lives, Mike. It shows how you guys pretend to have these great accomplishments you don’t really have.  And Reza, the phrase is “young, dumb and full of cum.”  One out of three ain’t bad.

MJ talks about why her mother is the way she is on the ride to go to dinner. Vida will be on WWHL tonight to explain it all herself, so I’ll skip this part.  At dinner GG is pissed and not eating. She is pissed that people are talking badly about her behind her behind her back.  MJ says that she is done with GG because of their last dinner together where she trash talked her boyfriend. GG is not welcome at her funeral at this point.  This is a great start to an intervention.

Then we see a coyote. Gee, I wonder why he showed up. Apparently, you can just tell the coyote to go away and he will because Reza says, ” Coyotes and ghosts don’t fuck with Persians.”

Golnesa is talking about how after five years of fighting she has given up on her health issues. Now just wants to say fuck it. I totally get this.  Things are going fine. Then Shervin says he has letters from her family members. He wants to read one from her father. She can’t do it.  Sherv and GG reach an agreement that if the letter does not make her happy GG can punch Sherv in the balls. Because, Golnesa.  (or maybe that was Mike, who knows?) He reads the letter. It was a very sweet letter. Everyone offers their support. MJ and GG hug it out. Things actually end on a positive note!

Next Week: Shervin tries to find a girlfriend. Vida continues to tell MJ that Tommy is not the man for her.  We finally are told that Mike and Jessica are breaking up.


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20 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap: We’re Going To Need More Red Solo Cups!

  1. The trip should have been completely dry in solidarity with GG. Unless you have a problem yourself you should refrain from drinking around someone with a problem – admitted or not *Cough – Brandi – Cough*. My friends and family completely refrain around me because they love me and do not have drinking issues themselves. I have told them I am fine with it but they want to support me in my sobriety, and that means more to them than a glass of wine. If you drink to the point that your tampon string is showing, or you are having sex with male strippers – perhaps it’s time to look in he mirror (sorry for the crossover of franchises but there are some parallels here).

  2. Okay, read the blog, clicked on stuff and did two surveys. Why didn’t they cook the shrimps on skewers on the grill???!!!

    • tamaratattles

      I wondered the same thing. I actually think the word kabab originated in Persia… even though all the arabs use it these days.

  3. Laura

    I always see MJ’s name written on this blog as ‘Mercedeh’. Her name is Mercedes.

  4. What a class act Sherv is, huh? He and Asa would be great together. I can’t see him ending up with GG because he’d be driven crazy.
    TT, I’ll be clicking and viewing all night for you!

    • tamaratattles

      Asa dates a Jackson. so she is taken. I would tell you which but I don’t want to say the wrong one. Click her tag though and I have tons of info.

  5. Sherv is such a class act. He and Asa would be great together, huh? I think Sherv will be driven nuts by GG if they date. I can’t wait for Veda and Mercedeh on WWHL! TT, I’ll be clicking and viewing all night for you!

  6. Why bring an RV and sleep in a tent?

  7. susan

    Who in his right mind squirts poo smell stuff in an enclosed vehicle when a sickly, impaired, unstable person is driving on a busy highway?

  8. Bravocueen

    I tried to watch this. I just can’t with it. It’s like the producers don’t even consider TRYING to make any of this crap believable!!

  9. MLH

    I think the big bottle of wine was Barefoot wine. The label looked like it. Which is kinda cheap, which I can say cause I sometimes drink it and I am kinda cheap too. 😉

  10. DJ

    Asa has me obsessed with everything Persian. I love her caftans, cooking, gold, family!!! She needs her own show!

    I do feel terrible for GG. RA is so painful, and she is so young. My mother-in-law had both her knees, one hip, one shoulder replaced due to her RA. She also had the surgery on her finger ( I imagine similar to what GG had). I wish her the best.

  11. GG’s drunken ramble on the first night was so sad. I wish this was a fake storyline like the rest of the show but I’m afraid it’s not. I hope she gets it together. I totally understand giving up after years of fighting but self medicating isn’t helping.

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