Daily Tea: Technical Difficulties and Other Problems.

iced tea

So I am a bit burnt out and not taking the best care of myself. I put myself on a 24 hour time out/ day off. It took a lot to tell myself that the Internet could survive without me for a day. I mean everything will be fine.

Except it wasn’t. My server crapped out and had to be reset this morning but it is back up and doing fine now I think, I need to take a bit more time to rest and decompress. I have a done going one with the business end of the site and I’ve been blogging everyday without a break for ages. I need to rest up, water my tomatoes and clear my head. I am actually writing blogs in my dreams!

It seems like every day there is some new death either in real life of or in the entertainment industry. I’m starting to feel like an obituary writer. Also, for some dumb reason the 24/7 Mother’s Day commercials seemed to start way early this year. It usually doesn’t bother me but it is for some reason now. I just need to get outside in the sunshine a little and do some watering and get off the Internet. roma_tomato

So here is an open forum. Tell me how your garden is going? I’m having mixed success, the cheat plants that started out a bit bigger than the rest are doing well. It’s been kind of cool here so that may be slowing things down. I’m managing not to kill my basil this year, the cilantro is kids of spindley and may be going to seed. Something is eating my peppers already. My yard guy says  she is having the same issue with his plants. Still trying to get more grass than weeds in the front yard.

The weather is lovely. I am going to get out in it in a bit. I still have a Scandal post to get up and tons of emails. Thanks for those.




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  1. Skeeter

    I haven’t seen the sun in 6 days :( . It’s still a little chilly up here to start planting. We always wait until after the 17th of May to plant anything just in case of a late frost. I do however, have a small hot bed that we planted some mesclun lettuce in and that is coming up beautiful. Within the next 4 or 5 days I should have some beautiful lettuce for a nice salad! Happy Gardening!

  2. Gapeachinsc

    I’m glad you’re OK, Tamara. I was a little worried this morning. I seem to have no success with outdoor plants except for citronella plants. It’s quite frustrating. The # of mint plants and tomato plants that have died on my watch is embarrassing. My indoor plants thrive. I don’t know what it is. I’m gonna be a bit mushy now (you know how I can be) and tell you that I love you. Take some time for yourself… We’ll be here when you’ve gotten some well deserved r&r.

    • wow lol that says a lot GApeachinSC because mint plants are hard to kill in usual circumstances.

      • Gapeachinsc

        Any suggestions, Urethra? I live in an apartment…I’ve heard water from beneath, water from above.

    • Gapeachinsc – winner winner!!
      You killed a mint plant, that is worthy of an award. ?

      • Mark

        I killed an Ivy plant. You know, the ones that can grow on bare concrete on buildings?

      • Gapeachinsc

        Calipatti – I’ve killed several!! I bought another one last week end. So far it’s still alive but looks a bit “wilty”. Maybe it doesn’t like being in a container? I don’t know – maybe I’m just a mint murderess!

    • I like mint in my ice-tea and its expensive for some reason. So I planted a tiny little patch of it 4 years ago.. when I tell you that it grew ALL OVER MY YARD, it did! I couldn’t kill that mint if I wanted to kill it. The root on it is now 3 inches around. I can’t grow anything – but the mint has taken on a life of its own. I don’t know what advice to give on how to grow it because I did nothing. I didn’t even water it. Good luck !

  3. Good Morning Lady,
    It’s overcast, cloudy but the suns brightness is shining through.
    It is a beautiful day. I don’t miss the constant sun we have here.

    Take care ?

  4. Starting early Sunday morning the IFC channel will be running the unintended camp classic Mommie Dearest marathon ALL DAY airing the film back to back in honor of Mothers’ Day.

    This film is one of few films that I have seen at least a hundred times. I live for the drama & the unintentional comedy of it all. Including the beautiful art deco set design & the overall aesthetic of the era.

    • ? UF, Thank You for the info. I use to threaten my boys I would become Mommy Dearest if they did not shape up. They had no clue what I was referring to. I will text them info and a reminder. This will be fun.

      • Librarygirl

        I first saw Mommy Dearest when it premiered, with my gay roommate. It was so full of drama, so heavy handed, that I didn’t react to the film at first. Then my friend started to laugh, and I laughed right along with him through all of the glorious camp that is now legendary. I will never forget that afternoon,. I will have to tune in tomorrow to catch it.

    • ~ thanks for that little reminder ~ ???

      {couldn’t find an icon for a wire clothes hanger}?

    • Oh, UF.

      Why can’t you give me the RESPECT that I’m ENTITLED to? I am NOT one of your FANS!

      (Also, “Tina! Bring me the axe!” is screamed around my place almost daily…)

      • “I should have known you’d know where to find the boys and the booze.”

      • UF,

        Have you read Rutanya Alda’s book? If so, what did you think?

      • No Eric I haven’t read her book. I actually had to google the name. So was there any interesting back stories in the book?

      • UF,

        I haven’t read it either! All of the mentions and reviews of it that I’ve seen, though, indicate that it’s pretty satisfying; that she delivers the behind-the-scenes gossip that people want to know.

        For any superfan of Mommie Dearest I imagine it’d end up being a go-to primer. It’s not at the top of my priority list right now, but if I ever pick it up I’ll let you know.

    • Also TCM is showing Mildred Pierce tomorrow at 4. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s the quintessential Crawford film and a wonderful example of film noir.

      “My mother. A waitress!”

      “You think…you can get a new hairdo and some expensive clothes and turn yourself into a lady. But you can’t, because you’ll never be anything but a common frump, whose father lived over a grocery and whose mother took in washing.”

      • Thanks Eric, I love a Crawford movie. I don’t remember if I saw this.
        Last night I was thinking about my 1st movie star crush, Burt Lancaster. He was older than my Dad but I was enthralled. His smile but mostly his body.

      • Hi Patti-

        If you end up watching it, let me know what you thought!

      • Minky

        I LOVE Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest, and I love Joan Crawford in any movie. Even her later work. My favorite “Dearest” quote is Dunaway hollering at the top of her lungs “Don’t FUCK with me, fellas!”

        And I still have a thing for young Cary Grant in Arsenic and Old Lace. So handsome and dignified! They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

      • Sweet T

        OH minky is have a huge crush on Cary grant from arsenic and old lace. What a great a movie and what a handsome man. My grandma hated him because of a movie where he played a bad guy.

    • Natalie

      You do realize that Mommy Dearest is a true story. I read the book as a young girl and could not believe a mother would ever treat a child as Crawford treated her children. The line ” no wire hangers ” is taken right from the book.

      • Minky

        Yes, of course we know it’s taken from Christina’s book about her life with her mother Joan Crawford. And while it a strong possibility that Joan Crawford was not the best mother ever, there’s also some controversy as to the veracity of Christina’s account. Even Joan’s greatest rival, Bette Davis, said that Joan didn’t deserve that kind of treatment from the daughter. We’ll never know the real truth.

    • crampina

      I wish we could have watched it together.

      • I gave my mother a copy of Mommie Dearest for Mother’s Day many years ago. I’m adopted so it gave it a little extra kick. Thankfully my mother and I shared the same deranged sense of humor. Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of her death so it was especially poignant for me and watching Mommie Dearest gave me a few much needed chuckles.

  5. SaraSally

    Wowza! I am so glad to see you up & running. I let my mind go off into a flight of fancy & started to worry. Its good to see that you’re taking charge and living your life. My plants are growing!

  6. Theresa

    Make you #1! You are my main squeeze aka blog. If you take a few days off, it just means I refresh more often. I don’t always comment but I always, always read. …every post and every comment. Love this site and weirdly enough think of you fondly as a friend. We can pick up wherever we left off (except it’s all one sided lol).

    Planting my herb garden this evening. Skipping tomatoes this year. I fail epically with them.

  7. JustJenn

    I was so worried when this site was down today as I love my TT. I went out to brunch with my Mom and Grandma today and am looking forward to this weekend being over and no one randomly asking if I’m a mom for a year.

  8. izmeagain

    Take care of you!

  9. Lovie

    Sending my very best to you!

    We’ve been hard at work on our fixer upper for the last year. I’m hosting a large wedding shower at my home this summer, so I’m feeling a bit of pressure to finish up indoor projects. Fortunately, my husband is quite adept in the garden. He can grow just about anything. Oh, and have I ever told you I have a tree growing in my house? We have a lovely atrium with a live tree planted in the ground…in the house! It’s wrapped in white lights and is so pretty.

  10. Mark

    Do you mean Coriander, silly American? 😉

    Teehee! For reals though, do you guys actually call Carrot & Coriander soup, Carrot & Cilantro soup?

    • tamaratattles

      While cilantro and coriander come from the same plant, they are two different things. Cilantro are the leaves of the plant that we use in Mexican dishes and salads. Coriander is the seeds which we use in making pickles, or ground in powder to make a Libyan spice mix (Bazzr)that can be used to rub lamb dishes or season veggies.

      • Mark

        So it’s an entirely different thing? I was always told when American recipes call for cilantro, use coriander… does it taste different???

      • tamaratattles

        coriander and cilantro are parts of the same plant. The leaves of the plant look sort of like parsley that is what some refer to as cilantro. It’s a leaf. When the plant produces seeds we call the coriander seeds. Some recipes like pickle recipes use coriander seeds as part of the pickling spice. You can see them in pickle jars (there or mustard seeds or cardamom seeds or some combo thereof depending on what type pickles you are making) Usually coriander is ground up for uses in other things like Arabic spice mixtures and such.

        Cilantro is I think the Mexican term (Spanish word) for the coriander plant. Technically the coriander plant produces both an herb, which we call cilantro) and the seeds make a spice. One plant, leaves are herbs and seeds are spices).

        Fun fact. A lot of people really hate the taste of cilantro and think it tastes like soap. This is because they have a special taste bud that those of us who like it don’t have. Or they are missing a taste bud, or something. It’s a genetic thing.

      • I use coriander but don’t like cilantro.

      • JoJo

        I had absolutely no clue that coriander and cilantro were related – great info!!! I’ve always avoided coriander since I had no idea what it was and definitely didn’t know about them being the little sees floating in the pickle jar!!
        So Coriander has entered my realm of possibilities.

      • Mark

        Ah, see we call both parts coriander. Coriander leaf, and coriander seed. I see what you mean about the soap thing… I’ve met some people who HATE, like Marmite hate, the taste of coriander. As in, jump at you from across the kitchen if they see you about to use it as a seasoning hate.

  11. Meri

    This is my first post although I’m a long time devoted reader. I love your blog and I’m glad it’s back up. I was really worried!

    The Mother’s Day commercials also get to me. This past year, your blog has gotten me through the pain of a miscarriage and infertility treatments. I think Mother’s Day is hard for anyone who has lost a mother, had a less than an ideal mother, for mothers who lost their children or for those who can’t be (yet) be mothers, etc.

    It’s really rainy and unseasonably chilly here in here the northeast. We just bought our first house so I’m looking forward to eventually gardening.

    Take care of yourself!

  12. Weeding has become, this year, like my Xanax. When I’m overwhelmed by my (self-employed writer) work deadlines, or worried because my daughter hasn’t called me or worried that my mother WILL call me, I wander outside and begin to rue the day I ever permitted a single chive to remain unmolested in any of my garden beds (they are now as persistently insidious as a passel of Kardashians at a press conference). Then a rogue chive or something will catch my eye – maybe it’s the grass growing under the garden border growing and up the other side where the bee balm is supposed to be, naughty grass growing as exuberantly and enthusiastically as the hair on Paul Nassif’s back, so I yank a blade or two out, and something in me SNAPS. This is WAR! So I get my garden-armor on – the cheap straw Britney Moment cowboy hat with the fake turquoise dangly bits, the day-glo green up-to-the-elbow Lady Godiva gloves, and the khaki capri pants that will inevitably meander south and expose my not-quite butt crack, and suddenly it’s Agincourt for grass! “Once more to the breach, dear friends, once more!” And before I know it, three hours have passed, and I’m covered in sweat and dirt and my hat is inexplicably on SIDEWAYS and there is a mountain of vanquished grass pulled up BY THE ROOT, and even though my back is cramping and I can’t stand up, I feel like a million bucks. Because I had my hands in the earth and my monkey-mind went silent and I probably burned enough calories to eat a gluten-free blueberry breakfast bar and damn, is that a HUMMINGBIRD? Yes. Life gets good in the garden. Because I’m sweaty and sore and there’s an ant in my sock and crap I seem to have pulled up one of the bee balm plants too in my frenzy, but by god there is not a SINGLE blade of grass left in that garden bed, because I am the BRIENNE OF TARTH of WEEDING. That is my garden story.

    • tamaratattles

      This gardening story was TOTALLY worth weeding twice. My garden is just a small strip of dirt between the end of the house and the driveway. I was warned about mint taking over everything, and it has, but it is relatively easy to pull out. I just cleared spots for my tomato cages and left the majority of the mint to grow. It is supposed to be a good companion plant for tomatoes becaue they use up different nutrients or some such. Pluse In the ghetto there isa HUGE rat population and rats hate mint. So bonus points. Because I have plunked hundreds of dollars of organic dirt an manure into this strip weeding is pretty easy. I have been pulling the grass up, cutting it down to size and poking it in the seed patch where my lawn is supposed to be.

      I had no idea chives took over as well, I’d like to grow some of them as well. Pluse don’t they have pretty flowers?

      ANd lastly the money plant is taking over the front area under the shrubs and jumping out into the yard. I well relocate all the seeds to the backyared which will soon just be an ocean of purple flowers in the spring.

      • SashaV

        Up in WI my cilantro is about a half inch high…… second year that it is coming back over the winter from last year’s seeds. I am so excited! Discovered it today as I was weeding. Even at half inch high it smells good when you accidentally pull it out!

        Can I ask what the money plant is? Never heard of it and an guessing it is your own name for something expensive? Glad you are back up and running. You are the best?

      • tamaratattles

        This is money plant. It grows a deep purple flower but most people grow it for the dried seed pods. It grows disk shaped seed pods (they are green now with the seeds growing inside) in the late summer or fall the disks will look dead. Then you rub the coins and the sees go everywhere and you will have a jillion more plants everywhere next year. They will ABSOLUTELY take over but if you have a partially shaded area under trees or if you back yard is a forest more than a lawn, it’s great.

        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunaria_annua This is the sort of thing you should get for free from someone who has them. I think Banjo or something might have eaten my flowers in the back yard this year. The blooms disappeared way before the ones in the front yard did LINK

      • Librarygirl

        This is funny. I weeded two days ago, with abandon. Then realized that I had transplanted some ground cover into that area and had most probably yanked most of it out. On the other hand, I see that everything else, all plants gifted to me from friend’s gardens, are up and ready to bloom. I need to rake and make the whole thing look proud.

      • Erica

        I love chive flowers! I think they are pretty anyway. I haven’t started my garden yet – and I am only confessing this here – the cat and I didn’t get out of bed until about 8 PM today. I read, played on my phone – but also generally just snuggled with the cat letting my mind go blank.

        I need to go back on my vitamins and allergy meds. Plus – I’m thinking I’ve missed some thyroid meds.

      • SashaV

        Ooh thank you for the Lunaria in link. Very pretty, it looks a lot like phlox. I will have to see if any of the greenhouses up here have it as I don’the know anyone that has a yard full! Thanks again!!

  13. Weeding has become, this year, like my Xanax. When I’m overwhelmed by my (self-employed writer) work deadlines, or worried because my daughter hasn’t called me or worried that my mother WILL call me, I wander outside and begin to rue the day I ever permitted a single chive to remain unmolested in any of my garden beds (they are now as persistently insidious as a passel of Kardashians at a press conference). Then a rogue chive or something will catch my eye – maybe it’s the grass growing under the garden border growing where the bee balm is supposed to be as exuberantly and enthusiastically as the hair on Paul Nassif’s back, so I yank a blade or two out, and something in me SNAPS. This is WAR! So I get my garden-armor on – the cheap straw Britney Moment cowboy hat with the fake turquoise dangly bits, the day-glo green up to the elbow Lady Godiva gloves, and the khaki capri pants that will meander south and expose my not-quite butt crack, and it’s Agincourt for grass! “Once more to the breach, dear friends, once more!” And suddenly three hours have passed, and I’m covered in sweat and dirt and my hat is inexplicably now on SIDEWAYS and there is a mountain of vanquished grass pulled up BY THE ROOT, and even though my back is cramping and I can’t stand up I feel like a million bucks. Because I had my hands in the earth and my monkey-mind went silent and I probably burned enough calories to eat a gluten-free blueberry breakfast bar and damn, is that a HUMMINGBIRD? Yes. Life gets good in the garden. Because I’m sweaty and sore and there’s an ant in my sock and crap I seem to have pulled up one of the bee balm plants too in my frenzy, but by god there is not a SINGLE blade of grass left in that garden bed, because I am the BRIENNE OF TARTH of WEEDING. That is my garden story.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Goddamn, that was a fine gardening story! I can relate. Deadlines were a bitch the past few weeks.
      Go forth and weed, Brine of Tarth!

    • Lime Brain

      DalaiMama, Can I borrow you for a few days for my yard? :)

      The bane of my existence is tansey and crown vetch. I’m not sure which one I despise more. The plant with the 3 mile long tap root that reseeds everywhere, or the one with the underground runners that takes over everything.

      If anyone ever wants to get sweet revenge on someone, offer them a flowering tansy plant as a gift. If they plant it, they will curse you for years to come.

  14. JoJo

    I live in the driest, hottest desert metro area of concrete and jungle of the human kind – called ‘entertainment capital’ for those that partake.
    I have 2 desert plants that have balls of root and recently removed from ‘some other place’ (not mine) in buckets ready to be planted – no other soil around the balls. I’ve killed everything that I’ve tried to grow in containers – even drought resistant and unkillable weeds. The one recent plant in a hole amongst my desert landscape – meaning rocks and a Palm that won’t die is called a ‘White Kamame’? I think it’s a Kale plant and it now looks like an errant weed and it lives.
    The to-be plants in buckets are a ‘Lantana’ with orange flowers; the other is an unknown pretty ball of green heart-shaped leaves with delicate white flowers – well a couple. I was ready today to pull the ugly Kamame out and plop these still living flowering plants in their place today. And? it’s freaking raining like cats and dogs – the kind of rain that happens here like … oh twice a year!!
    And while I’m lamenting the rain that I normally love, I pull up your site and see their’s a new post on Planting Things!
    Is this an omen:)

    • tamaratattles

      Sounds like a Tripoli climate. We had the orange lantana outside our gates and hibiscus inside. And I believe a banana plant. We actually had some grass inside the walls somehow too.

      • JoJo

        I have A red Lantana in the backyard … the only thing that’s lived that flowers, so it must be one of the sturdiest plants since Moses and God plagued the Egyptians! I’m not familiar w/ Tripoli weather, but I’m about 100 miles from Death Valley – Vegas.
        I wish I could identify that round green-leaved bush w/ a couple white flowers – but that’s the ‘price’ you don’t pay when you get a plant from neighbors that moved and didn’t water and don’t know it’s missing :)

      • tamaratattles

        Tripoli is the capital of Libya and is located smack in the middle of the Sahara desert.

      • JoJo

        Oh Jesus … I must have subconsciously known about Tripoli, the Sahara Desert and Egypt since I invoked Moses? (I know God made Google for a reason I should have used it)!

  15. JoJo

    Regarding the technical difficulties – anyone else have a completely different page view than their used to? And everything is one one side in a column? And writing a comment but it won’t post?

    • Dee

      I’m having problems

    • Dee

      I couldn’t get the site until a few minutes ago. I’m happy to read but nothing posting.

    • rainidaze

      Yes. Since TT came back online after the server issue, the page has a different look for me, too. The very top of the page is different with a blue stripe that says ‘menu’, the TT header looks different, but that may just be because the page layout is different looking, too. Where the blogs used to be on the left of the page for me (using FireFox if that makes any difference) with a column of recent topics and recent comments, it’s now spread wider and centered on the page. Comments still have the same look for me.

      The content is still here, it’s still good, the pages load smoothly – all is good, just a different look. :-)

      • JoJo

        Rainidaze, yes that’s the ‘view’ I’m getting too – I’m using Chrome. But if I go to one of the recent comments and hit the link, then the page view that I’m used to comes up.
        It’s all good, just different!

  16. More Tea Please!

    I put my tomatoes in the ground mid-April, way early but the 10-day for ast looked good. This week we’ve had lows down to 40 and my babies are not happy. They are sitting there, getting slightly yellow despite being planted in a heavy compost amended raised bed. This morning I gave them epsom salts, hopefully they will green up.

    I have also acquired two fig trees, which will need special winter protection…I’ll worry about that in November. For now they will live in containers, and maybe move in to the garage until they get too big.

    Carrots, radishes, spinach, arugula are up. Home Depot kale and lettuce are doing well. Bouht broccoli plants are doing nothing!

  17. Tamara, so many of us read daily but rarely comment. I admit I’m guilty. But please know the pleasant, and in many cases the much needed diversion you provide is a much needed stress break so many of your followers desperately need. You make us laugh, think (but not too deeply) and entertain each and every one of us. For this you deserve our thanks and yes, respect. You are a unique voice in the virtual world of blogs. You have depth, excellent communication skills, sophisticated subtle humor, and honesty that simply isn’t found elsewhere in this venue of public interaction. You give continulessy and don’t ask for anything in return. Rare indeed in today’s culture. So let me say thank you Tamarra with a sincere heart and wish you the desires of your heart. And if your heart needs a break, TAkE IT! We’ll be here when you come back refreshed and be better for it, and so will you. There is a time for every season under the earth. That includes time to refresh and restore. Time to sink your hands into your garden, walk.your dog, start your book, time to play, time to pray, and time to visit with you. I know you understand what I’m trying to say without being too overt. We’ll be here waiting on your return. Take some time for yourself you deserve it and your readers respect that need. God bless you Tamera. Please take care of yourself and do as your heart prompts you. With fond regards, Georgia2

  18. sarcasatire

    It’s been beautiful in Brazil these past few weeks. But I hear it’s rainy and cold in NYC. Reality (and rain) will hit me soon enough.

  19. SubLife

    I am very much so a garden novice and it shows in my back yard. Of all 6 herbs we planted, (basil, parsley, oregano, thyme, cilantro, and rosemary), I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to kill everything except the basil. The basil looks & smells amazing. That sucker grows every day.
    My tomato plant is looking awesome as well. It has become the mascot of our backyard. Even the kids are excited to check on it. We had to shoo a few sandhill cranes from getting too close to it the other day. It was sheer panic all around about them getting too close to our baby toms.
    Our jalapeño and chili pepper plants seem to be stuck. Every once in a while, we will see a little bud forming but by the next day it’s fallen off. It’s happened three times now.
    I am really glad to have this little distraction outside every day after work. It will definitely keep me occupied once summer is here. Thank you, Tamara.

  20. Meri

    I’m so glad that you weren’t trying to uninvite me from this site. I got worried when I couldn’t get in yesterday morning and was relieved when things returned to normal. I would miss this place terribly if I couldn’t read and comment here. I hope that your technical troubles are behind you now.

    • Dee

      Meri I wondered the same thing. I got in after hours of trying; then I couldn’t get in again till hours later, now. I thought perhaps I was in WLS. Lol

      • JoJo

        Dee – I thought same thing too – the site is going back and forth between viewing normally to some spread out stretched look and new threads in columns!
        And I commented on WWHL Jules – but it didn’t make it but I don’t want to push my luck and type it out again (it wasn’t that complimentary).

  21. T D

    Happy Mothers Day TT! I look up to you and not just because you’re tall and I’m short.

  22. Tha Riddler

    Enjoy your day off Tamara! It’s well deserved. sunshine therapy and dirt under our nails is good for all our souls. Thanks for this community of tattlers you have created, it’s quite an accomplishment. I hope Banjo is on good behavior for Mothers Day.

  23. Natalie

    Three tomatoes so far from my cheat plant! They are not quite ripe but one fell off, on the counter finishing up. As we just moved to the south I am looking forward to using duke mayo on my tomatoe sandwiches. Found a 4 foot snake skin in our hedge about three feet off the ground so am keeping my eyes open for that thing!

  24. JoJo

    Tamara: I don’t see anyone mentioning it. But speaking of growing herbs in normal gardens, and since I have literally rock and caliche and sand and gardening is on another planet for me – wonder if anyone else has tried what Carole’s boyfriend Adam Kenworthy ‘spouts’?
    Apparently he’s a vegan of the most pure nature and his Instagram is almost nothing but his vegan food (beautiful photography btw). But all he uses are “Micro Herbs” and grows his own in these little balls of what looks like burlap.
    He always uses the hashtag #growyourown and @grow.bar
    I’m thinking of trying it since I do have a Garden Window which is funny since it is bare and overlooks a concrete fence and the neighbors window :)

  25. I was feeling crappy this morning. Missing my family in California. So I went out and tied up the tomatoes and planted some tomatillos and watched my bees.

  26. Margarett

    So glad you’re going to be taking better care of yourself, Dear! It must be very hard to not have regular “office hours “. Would it be possible to set them for yourself? Anyway, enjoy whatever time you’ve carved out for yourself.

    I have a hard time growing cilantro. Some things are coming back that I didn’t expect (mums) and some are dying (rose). My favorite Camilla is blooming well…just yummy!

    • tamaratattles

      Thanks Margarett. Sadly the nature of this beast is you have to have your finger on the pulse at all times. Usually, Friday and Saturday are slow, so if I am to take downtime I do it then. Sunday nights pick back up again and we start all over. :) I’m not complaining. I just need to hire more interns.

      I um, currently have a type of intern I prefer. Let’s just say that the only interns that get along well with me and The Lady Cocotte are dudes. :)

  27. tamaratattles

    I know my a rule about ads where we don’t talk about them and as far as the banner ads, and such that is true. Just visiting TAMARATATTLES is all that is needed. As I constantly tell you, the best thing you can do to help this site is to simply tell others who might like it about its existence. Nothing else is needed.

    HOWEVER, I am working with a survey company at the moment who asks you to answer a simple question before reading each post. I get it is sort of annoying and I appreciate that most of you are willing to help me out. My understanding is that you select a post to read and answer a question and that’s that. Also not everyone sees a questions on every post as the survey company is simply taking a random sampling. (for now)

    I have each post set to ask you a question, so it’s possible you could be asked several times a day on different posts as each survey has multiple questions. (Sidenote: Please do not discuss what the questions are here! or what companies you are asked about! This is proprietary information and if you do so in comments that could be a legal issue.)

    If you are being asked multiple questions ON THE SAME VISIT TO THE SAME POST let me know. Some have said they keep having to answer either the same question or multiple questions. I need more info. Is it the same question over and over for each post you open? Or is it a lot of questions to open one post?

    If AND PLEASE ONLY IF you are being asked multiple questions explain everything to me exactly via email. tamaratattles on Gmail. Thanks!

    Also, since the server crash, also let me know if things are not back to normal for you by Tuesday. I am having issues on my end too. Which is a PITA.

  28. Megsca67

    Am I supposed to remove the flowers from my chives like I would with herbs?

  29. My garden is finally all in for this spring. Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, onions, beans, cucumbers, squash, watermelon, pumpkins, radishes, zucchini, I’m sure I’m forgetting something but you get the drift. So I was out there quite a while yesterday and was pretty sore but my grandkids came over and had a couple plants for me for the garden so I went out there to quickly get them in the ground. Once they were all planted I realized that I could not get up. I did not grab my gardening stool because it was only going to take a minute and “I’ll be fine”. No so much. . . There was nothing to hold on to and my knees were not going to cooperate. There were 20 people milling around the farm but I really did not want to embarrass myself by asking for help. At one point one of my goats, Ted, walked by and I was able to call him over to me. He actually help me up and out of there but now he thinks it’s ok to go into the garden after I spent all spring teaching him it was off limits. It’s ridiculous what I do to keep a brave face in front of my family!

  30. Cat

    I just bought a smartphone. Eek!

    I also got my tablet issue fixed today, so will be back online tomorrow. No more library, I hope. The problem turned out to be the cable to the connector. I think maybe a cat thought it was a string toy. Not a bad fix for $21.

    Cats are doing great. Jesse is a cuddlebug, and spends most of his time on my lap. So nice to hear purring again.

    Calli is still kind of afraid of me. But she is no longer hiding. Last night, she slept on the couch with Jesse for the first time. I gave them one of my tiger throws…..I was going to wash it, but thought maybe if she got used to my scent, she would approach me without fear. Someday…..

    • Dee

      Cat so happy to here your houseguests are warming up go you!!

    • Margarett

      It’s always a pleasure to see you, Cat! Sounds as if those kitty kids are doing great. I hope you enjoy your new phone as much as I have mine.

      Have a great week.

      • Cat

        Thanks! I’m nervous about the phone. I used to love change. Now, I can’t handle the stress. Even a minor change stresses meowt! :)

      • Dee

        Cat I am the same way, don’t like change. When my son replaced my push button cell phone with a touch phone I thought I would never get used to it. It took a while but I did it. I still prefer the buttons but understand time moves on :)
        On another note, is the print small for everyone? I was on my cell phone so thought it was that, now on PC very tiny. Is there a way to make it bigger? Yeah, I’m old :)

      • Cat

        I have a little trouble with the small font, too. And I like the old format better, where options are to the right. On my phone, I can’t navigate the site at all, because it doesn’t let me scroll to the bottom where the options are. Hopefully, the new phone will be better.

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