WHHL With Jules Wainstein

WWHL Jules Wainstein

Jules Wainstein was on WWHL last night and I didn’t even put it on my recap list because I didn’t recognize the name!  I just checked the guest list and was glad I didn’t have a late night recap on top of Catfish and RHONY.  The even truthier truth is that I just wanted to watch the premiere of The Challenge Rivals III on MTV because I think I will be 95 years old and still watching MTV challenge shows and there will probably be 83 year old Wes and  Johnny Bananas still falling off high structures suspended over rocks.  But let’s see what we missed on WWHL

First of all, Andy’s tie is almost straight! It’s like the force was with him. Secondly, Jules is wearing a necklace that looks like it is made from the Styrofoam cutout sheets I used to used when I taught in the primary grades. As much as I bitch about you guys, this is way more fun than sitting around all night cutting out random shapes to go with my author studies.  Ususally. But really, this necklace is ridiculous. Is that what old money is wearing these days? Styrofoam? Now that I think about it, there is not a single person on RHONY that has a decent jewelry collection. It almost makes me miss Jill Zarin. Almost.

The drinking word is “like” because Jules can’t go six words without saying it. It’s way too early for me to drink thank God, or I’d be plastered before lunch. Later, they played a count of the amount of times the word like was said during that lunch. It was a whooping 47 times.


Andy goes right in on the eating disorder scene. I must say I was shocked that Bethenny talked about her mother’s eating disorder and did not mention her own issues. A commenter send me a link to this statement on US about Bethernny, “I spent my entire life being obsessed with dieting,” the Bravo reality star told Us in 2011. “Bingeing and then fasting or starving. Forbidding everything. That’s how I used to be: up and down 5 pounds every single day, to the extremes. My metabolism was totally wrecked.”  I mean,  I’m really not into talking about other people’s addiction issues but when Bethenny took a selfie in her four year old’s pajama’s it was clear to me something was going on with her.

Jules says you are never cured of an eating disorder. It is something that will always be a part of her life, but you can go on and live a normal life. Andy asks about it being brought up on the show. Jules gives him that look that new housewives give him when he is basically asking about production and storylines they are not supposed to acknowledge.  She says, she knew it would be a topic, but she was hoping it would be a positive one.  Andy gives her weird side eye as she says that she hopes that sharing her story can be of some benefit to others. Bethenny and Carole both have said things recently as if there would be some big moment where they expose her secret binge eating or whatever.  It’s odd because Bethenny went on a whole “thin-shaming” thing after the Hello Kitty incident of 2014.

On the old money versus new money comment, Jules says at the time she was very hurt by Bethenny and Carole’s rude comments about her home.  She says she was horrified watching it back. Andy asks if she is old money. Jules says she was horrified to see that scene and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Jules says that she was raised better than that and it was wrong for her to say.

Andy has his Met Gala hair. Is he dying it gray these days? The color looks perked up a bit.

The poll question is about who parties the most out of the RHONY. Sonja calls in to say that Ramona “fell asleep” during the reunion.  Sonja says who drinks at work? Um she does. They all do. Sonja says she never drinks at the clubhouse and Andy agrees. He does say she drinks afterward.

A caller asks Jules if she regrets making all the elderly comments about the other housewives. Jules sort of stammers around on her response and says it wasn’t an age comment, it was just about them not acting their age. Which makes no sense. Basically, she seems not to regret it. Jules and Titus have a kiki during the next question where Titus says something and she says something about how she is getting killed (by Carole fans I suppose) about the elderly comments.

Then Andy has Jules play a game called Are They Jewish and Elderly. Jules is embarrassed. The housewives love when they get their tagline mug. Titus got a blanket. Or a “throw” as my mother would call it.

Who parties the most on RHONY? DORINDA wins with 35% of the vote. Sonja was second at 31%.

I really found Jules likeable on this show!  Perhaps she is getting a bad edit on #RHONY?


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38 responses to “WHHL With Jules Wainstein

  1. HiKitty

    I found her really likeable too, very sincere & genuine. Like she’s still being herself & not changed by the wannabe-famous monster!

  2. My husband came in to the room while this was on and we both spent the rest of the show trying to figure out what was around her neck. It was so all consuming that I really didn’t get much else out of the show.

  3. Laurie

    I watched last night and Jules definitely has a problem articulating the most basic thoughts. She needs to slow down, breath and organize her thoughts. I love her because she’s genuine, funny and can hold her own. So, she is growing on me– Much like her alcohol consumption was growing on her last night. She was “naked wasted” by the time the Live show wrapped. She couldn’t keep her head up and her eyes open. Poor thing. She probably can’t handle too much alcohol – I think the shotsky did her in!

  4. Billie_bee

    I mean….when I saw that thing around her neck, I thought of those plastic 6 pack rings and those terribly sad pictures of wildlife with them stuck around her neck. Maybe she was trying to get out a can of diet coke and it got stuck and she was like, fuck it, I’m late to WWHL.

    • I think you’re on to something here. What else COULD it be?

      • Little g

        I think it was a piece of cardboard that kept a fancy shirt from wrinkling in one of those “old money” stores. When she was removing the pins she was all “squeeeel, look, it’s like a free necklace and I’m like totally wearing it on live TV!”

    • Lime Brain

      Her necklace reminds me of the project runway episode where they had to use the 3D printer to make something for part of their outfit. Justin, the deaf guy, made some jewelry that is similar to her necklace. The judges loved it, if I remember correctly.

  5. Matzah60

    Jules is lovely, kind, and likable. She isn’t a rabid dog like many of the housewives. Her comments in her talking head sometimes sound stupid or incoherent, but I think she has a problem articulating her thoughts. Hopefully, time will improve this foible.

    • tamaratattles

      She’s brand new, and thrown to the wolves. I think she is doing just fine. I’m sure they do some retakes and perhaps they are not using her best ones because Bethenny is the “star” and her comments about Jules, while bordering on rude are hilarious.

  6. Tootles

    All I took away from Jules on WWHL is that Bethenny was 100% right – that woman cannot find her words. She stammered through a good portion of her answers.

    I always watch the WWHL shows the next day, but I wold have voted for Dorinda in that poll, too. Despite Sonja having the most screen time being visibly drunk, Dorinda’s aggressiveness while drinking is more memorable (in a bad way).

    • tamaratattles

      Really? I found Jules to be well spoken for the most part, very open, honest and regretful of some things she said and not others.

  7. JoJoFLL

    When you look that skinny on TV, you are scary skinny in real life. Jules, Bethanny, and Carol, are watching every single calorie they consume.

    • Minky

      Maybe Jules and Bethenny, but not Carole. She just has a “crazy fast” metabolism so she can eat pasta and french fries and pizza whenever. Sure, Carole. Sure.

      • Miguel

        LOL, Minky – sweet!!!

      • Shae

        These people do exist, my mother is one of them lol Woman has been the same size, tiny, her whole life. She doesn’t eat all unhealthy, but she can eat whatever she wants and has energy for days. I don’t think Bethenny and Carole have an unhealthy relationship with food, but I think Jules does, and I’m sympathetic because I can relate. I don’t like her much on the show, but I have plenty of sympathy for people with eating disorders.

      • Minky

        Hey Shae! I’m sure that people do exist who have a crazy fast metabolism, or a crazy slow one, which is why and how one meal would be able to provide energy for days. It just stands to reason that those who do or can eat like that and not gain weight are very, very rare.

        Again, my issue is not with anybody’s thinness. If you’re a thin person there’s nothing at all wrong with that. I’m challenging Carole’s claim of an allegedly fast metabolism. If it’s true, then great. Good for Carole. But if it’s not true, then fuck her. Fuck the lying and the bullshittery.

        Thinness is, or has become, a sort of currency among women of all classes. That malarkey about “you can never be too rich or too thin” is still in play. The women on this show, some who are probably actively dealing with unhealthy eating and/or exercise patterns (ex. Sonja’s diet pills, Bethenny’s issue(s)), are being irresponsible about the way they’re publicly talking about Jules. Especially Carole, the “smart” one.

        At least Jules has been forthright enough to admit that she’s had issues with eating disorders. Honesty is a beautiful thing. This whole thing reminds me of that ridiculous women who somehow shoved her way onto the internet with a photo of her rock-hard body posed in workout clothes with her 3 small children, and the caption that read “What’s your excuse?” It’s just more puritanical nonsense. Talk about idiocy! The point of that photo is/was to make other people (esp. women) feel inferior about not being thin or fit, and to shill some sort of diet and exercise program. Said rock-hard mother also finally admitted to having had an eating disorder in the past. Really? You don’t say?!!!

        Can I wave my education in her face and say “What’s your excuse?” Or does being skinny trump a grad school for the “weaker” sex?

        I understand where you’re coming from Shae. Everyone’s body is different. This whole issue just pisses me off. I don’t believe that Bethenny or Carole are concerned about the health implications of Jules’ weight. They’re envious of it. And they look upon it as either an achievement or a stroke of good luck that Jules doesn’t really deserve.

        Of all the people on this show they really need to STFU about anybody’s appearance. Especially the journalist with the unlined face who’s spent time in a war zone. Bethenny and Carole have no room to talk. They’re so thin that you can see through them. I guess it’s true what they say: It takes one to know one.

        I didn’t plan to write this much initially. It just turned out that way. Sorry. ?

      • JoJoFLL

        Amen Minky. Very well said.

        I agree thinness between some of these women HAS become a currency.

      • DJFL

        @ Minky – I could until just a few years ago.

    • SaraSally

      It is bizarre that Carol chooses to weigh in on Jules’ food intake quota. Carol makes a point at shoveling food in her mouth for camera purposes, & then blogs about she is always portrayed eating on the show. They would have had a heyday if Jules chose to remove her kitchen from her apartment. That’s a red flag if ive ever seen one.

      • Sliceo'pie

        Agree with Carole or especially Bethenny weighing in on Jule’s food intake..

        Re’ The kitchen–The majority of single women I knew when I was living in Manhattan, Brooklyn etc..rarely stepped foot into their kitchens-every single kind of takeout in the world is outside your door..everybody works insane hours and orders in –trust me –no single woman gives a shit about a kitchen in NY-it’s not a sign of an eating disorder.

  8. Jessica White

    I like her so much more now that she is admitting her eating disorder battle. She seemed very uncomfortable talking about it. I’m sure it was hard for her. Its such a common disorder and no one admits it, or even talks about it. Good for her.

  9. susan

    I thought it was a glow in the dark, spider web necklace

  10. Mary

    I will be 95 years old watching The Challenge with you……

    • tamaratattles

      YAY! I got an email from someone saying the same thing. We need to start picking our nursing home, hopefully on a beach somewhere. Then we can all go to the same one and be the mean girls who control the lounge TV! It will be just like Camp Cupcake! Hell we may even have time to open a GoFundMe and just build our own somewhere. We can fight about reality TV show idiots and the winner will be the last one with breath! :)

      • Miguel

        You’ll probably hate this, TT; however, if and only if we get TT-shirts?! :)

      • Erica

        Will cats and dogs be allowed at said home? I say we let Bethenny in, only if we can say “shut your pie hole, B.” when watching whatever Housewives incarnation still exists. (Bethenny may have been a rude twat over Jule – but all in all – she was fucking RIGHT that there was an eating disorder issue from the moment she saw Jule.

      • Mary

        As long as I have access to wine I am in!

  11. KaraW

    Oh, funny, I thought they were counting the number of times she said “I” or “I think”. Since it’s live show, the captioning falls apart a lot.

  12. MzKRB

    I also found her difficult to listen to at time because she seemed to struggle with articulating her words. Maybe its because of nerves from being on a platform such as RHONY. It may also be because she seems like she is trying to be overly cautious at times and is unable to “spit it out.” I will say that I was disappointed that we didn’t hear more from Titus!! PINNOOOTTTT NOIRRRREEE!! He is everything!

  13. Meri

    I don’t think that Jules fits in with this crowd. She is too young and too inexperienced and these ladies will eat her for breakfast. Nice or not, I don’t understand why she’s on the show. Old money…new money…skinny vs. anorexic…elderly or middle aged……these are boring topics to me and I really don’t think they make for an interesting plot. I’d much rather hear what happens to Adam and Carole or LuAnn or Ramona. I also think that Bethenny is going to determine whether or not Jules has an easy time being a HW or a difficult one. She is most definitely in charge on this show. I find Dorinda very interesting and in need of help and support. She is obviously falling apart at the seams. Sonja and Jules just aren’t that interesting to watch. This is the only HW show that I am actually watching and I hate to see some inarticulate millennial spoiling it . She is totally unaware of what it’s like to be a mature person and the fact that she is good friends with John and Dorinda puzzles me. They both fit into her concept of “elderly” and of “new money”. They don’t match up in any way and I don’t get the connection.

  14. lump off

    Jules try to form a coherent sentence is so uncomfortable to watch.

  15. JoJo

    I’m not impressed with Jules at all. She very well may be a great gal and very nice in real life, but for this show she is behind the eight ball and cannot for the life of her express herself intelligently. It’s very difficult listening to her and wanting to finish her sentence – or actually say the sentence correctly.
    I remember in the very first episode I believe – and in a talking head – she was expressing her dismay at the gall of Bethenney attacking Dorinda who was the host of the party and with great difficulty said:
    “I mean who does that, you don’t attack the hostess at a party that she’s …uh..mmm… uh ‘hostesses-ing’ at.”
    And I’m still not getting where she’s ‘old money’? Is it her family? Her husband has a sketchy history but is supposedly an investor or Wall Street speculator? Is he the ‘old money’? I didn’t see the WWHL episode and from TT’s recap it sounds like she didn’t answer Andy’s question “Are you old money?”

    • JoJo

      There’s a morale to this story which is commenting before one’s actually seen the Episode (let alone the WWHL) – and the reason I’m a TT blog super fan:
      After just seeing Jules and Bethenney at their lunch – that vignette was the most normal and calm and real I’ve seen Jules this season.
      So I see there’s more to her than I thought, and I’ll reserve comments 1) until I’ve seen the actual episode/WWHL of TT’s blog about it; and 2) I’ll wait and see, maybe there’s a great gal and a great RHONY by the end of this season :)

  16. KIR

    Agree on the Challenge – addicted for life. Poor Wes after the last one :( anyway, Jules grew on me last episode but WWHL was tough to watch because she was so drunk. I felt bad for her – like someone here said she probably couldn’t handle the shot ski – trying to answer the elderly comment question was painful! Hope she finds her voice and her confidence soon!

  17. Christy Woolley

    Am I the only one who could see that Jules was obviously drugged out of her mind and not drunk? We know from the calzone episode that she has an arsenal of “prescription” medication. When you are drunk you never shut up. You say the first thing that pops into your head This girl was clearly high.

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