Teen Mom 2 Recap: Courtroom Dramas All Around

One of these two is growing at a MUCH faster rate

One of these two is growing at a MUCH faster rate

Where have all my Teen Mom watchers gone?  I know you are reading, it’s okay to come out of the closet and chat with us too!  Let’s check out this week’s drama!


Chelsea and Cole are going to look at a wedding location. Chelsea’s mom comes to pick up Aubree because the location is a good bit away.  Her mom is stuck in a snowdrift because the driveway has not been shoveled. For that matter the street doesn’t seem to be plowed either.  Clearly they live in the middle of no where!  Chelsea and two of her friends have to push the truck out. Where was Cole?

Chelsea and Cole take two of Chelsea’s friends on the road trip with her to plan her wedding. It’s sort of an outdoor winter wonderland at the moment. Very rustic and cute. I think Chelsea has said that just like her engagement her wedding will not be televised.  She has a good head on her shoulders.

Chelsea and her lawyers are sitting down with Adam and his lawyers about child support. Adam has not told Chelsea about a his new house because he is worried it will alert her that he can pay more child support. They met with a moderator who said that Adam did not show up for the meeting and the moderator is going to request his child support be raised to around $1,000 a month instead of the less than $200 he has always paid.

Teen Mom  Javi Issac


Isaac is having a super hard time missing Javi, but Javi is able to call every day and video chat. Leah is back focused on getting through the time and keeping her emotions in check. Javi is miserable and trying to stay busy. He is going off base and they were told ISIS was in his area.

Kailyn reads the boys a book about a boy whose daddy has to go on a long trip. She talks to Isaac about Javi being safe and he should not worry. What on earth possessed Kailyn to get a giant skull tattoo on her arm?  How does that not freak the boys out?


Teen Mom Doughnut


Nathan was allowed to see his son for a whole hour, but David went to the visitation instead of Janelle. If I was a parent and some felon was supervising my child on my visitation, I would be beyond livid.  I believe Janelle was just in court with Nathan where they had a jury trial. Apparently Nathan doesn’t have a driver’s license and doesn’t have a bed or the baby items needed to care for the doughnut. That might just be Janelle’s version I haven’t had time to look into all of that.  I just heard bits and pieces and I am not sure if this is the assault trial or the custody trial or if I am mixing the two.

Meanwhile, Jace is at Jenelle’s for a visit which involves Jace pushing a plastic car down a steep ramp into the driveway while Jenelle and David ignore them both while pretending to rake leaves. David talks about the visitation and says basically that he should be the contact point for the doughnut’s visitation.  The doughnut by the way is more adorable every episode. I wish someone would take care of that kid. Janelle was on The Doctors recently about her mystery illness. They told her that her issues were caused by a new birth control pill she needed to come off of (oh please God no!) and withdrawal from pot. She says she doesn’t want to have a kid for at least another year or two and there are no plans in place for her to marry the felonious boyfriend of the season. Yet.

Nathan goes to see an attorney about filing for custody. His attorney supports his desire for full custody. I hope he gets it. But if he really doesn’t have his place set up for his son during all of this, like we keep hearing, he is not going about things very wisely.

Janelle’s lawyer says not worry about the assault case going to trial. But it has. Janelle has David respond to Nathan’s email asking to see doughnut by requesting photos of his set up and “necessities” for the boy and the address where he will be.  Nathan is fine with all of it except letting them know where he lives, which I can kind of see, but of all that will come out during the court proceedings anyway, would it not? David, genius that he is wonders if Nathan lives in a whorehouse or something. These two should not be allowed to reproduce.

Teen Mom Leah


Ali’s wheelchair is finally fixed and Leah goes to pick it up. It seems very cumbersome to load in the van with a ramp and everything. This conveniently gets done just before court.

Corey and Leah are going to court again because Leah wants to have 50/50 custody again. Leah has a breakdown with her mother on the phone. Where does she live and why can’t she be in court with her?

After court, both Leah and Corey seemed happy. Leah got another day, Thursdays and things were more or less evenly split. They both share custody and decision making. Corey says Leah is doing better and if things go downhill again he will take her back to court, but for now everything is cool.

The film of Leah driving with the girls in the back seat while she grins and talks to them in the rear view mirror scare the shit out of me. The last time I paused to type while being anxious about them at the playground I hit play and Ali fell and hit her head hard with no helmet on. I’m nervous about hitting play again. Thankfully, everyone survives and Leah and Corey have a custody exchange where they agree to work together better in the future.

Next week: David calls the police on Barb! OH NO HE DIDN’T! Not our Barb!


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30 responses to “Teen Mom 2 Recap: Courtroom Dramas All Around

  1. Wampascat

    Leah brought the wheelchair home and let the girls Surat climbing on it lit it was monkey bars. I think that’s how it was broken to begin with. She is a fool to drive like that on those twisty ass West Virginia roads.
    I just can’t deal with Jenelle. She has no redeeming qualities. I feel sorry for the kids and Babs. Jenelle will rinse and repeat the same behavior over and over again until she gets some real consequences for her actions. What a shit show.

  2. Bridgett

    I have been stalking your page for this recap!

    Jenelle is horrible, any scene showing Jace almost brings me to tears…that poor boy. She is intentionally setting up a powderkeg situation by having all communication with not very smart baby daddy, Nathan, go through her dumb as a rock felon boyfriend, David. I don’t understand how dcs hasn’t removed the doughnut and blocked her from seeing either child. The scene where Jace said he received a 40 on his spelling test and was visibly upset killed me.

    Oh Leah, just because you recite cliches about motherhood does not make you a good mother. I thought it was gross that she told the kids she had “great news” after the custody hearing…they are young children that shouldn’t be confused or asked to pick sides by bringing them into the discussion like that. They did not appear upset by Corey having them more and saying that the change is great news will only make them feel like the other arrangement was bad.

    The other ladies are great with their children.

  3. Bugsy

    Jenelle is the poster child for mandatory sterilization. Farrah is one as well, but we’re talking about TM2.

    • Dee

      This show is worse than American Horror Story. I cover my eyes for Leah and Jeanelle. Barb has been a saint, felon head should leave her be! Love the recap!

  4. jen

    That picture of donut and Jace is adorable!

    I really hope that Nathan gets some custody. She is just wrong, wrong and wrong. Nathan really needs to get stuff for the baby and be done with the argument. He wants to see his son and the baby needs his father too. It kills me to defend Nathan but I got so mad that David brought him for an hour. Total bullshit. He needs to worry about his own children. I get such a creep vibe from David every time I see him, (similar to when I see Whitney on SC).

    Kail has the cutest boys. It breaks my heart that the older one is so sad. I guess its confusing when you have a step dad with a career and your real dad just sits at home and tries to be a rapper. She seems like she has it all together doing the single mom military wife thing. Good for her. That supports her husband to know they are all doing fine. Something makes me think there is trouble there between them though. She almost sounded annoyed when Javi called. Hmmm…hope not!

    Leah. Ugg.
    The wheel chair thing is SO confusing. They have been talking about it for years…then she gets it…then its broken for what seems like years..the whole thing is odd. The doctor keeps telling Leah at appointments that she needs it but they are always trying to get it or get it fixed. Weird. Also weird that Cory was quickly ok with the court decision when he just weeks ago claimed they really needed to be with him full time.

    All of these teen parents are always TALKING about how their child should be with them more; ie Jo, Janelle, Leah, Adam…but they do NOTHING about it.

    Chelsea did the baby voice to Cole on her way to look at wedding stuff and I got up and made a snack…can’t with her anymore. I know she is a great person but the baby voice and the same thing over and over discussions are boring. They have a stable, happy life so its boring lol.

    • Heather

      I am pretty sure Corey had custody for around 3 months before they went back to court. It was longer than what it appears on the show.

  5. jen

    They really need to give Babs more air time…love her. “Oh hi Janelle.”

    This season she seems so easy going and care free..I wonder what she’s on and if I could try it. She just nods and agrees with Janelle. Its hilarious. Maybe she just gave up and is afraid donut will be left at her doorstep soon enough to raise so she tries to keep peace.

  6. JustJenn

    Chelsea’s parents must be so happy that Chelsea met Cole and forgot all about Adam. She’s really a good all around person.

    Jenelle makes me much more livid than Leah. Jenelle doesn’t care about her kids on any level and just uses them as pawns..what a pathetic waste of skin.

  7. Women like Jenelle and Leah are why Child Protective Services exist. They have no business having animals, let alone children.

  8. Xanadude

    I love the fact that Barb now has a web series on the MTV site where she does vaious guys producers found for her on Tindr. If I was a straight man I would SO want to date Barb.

    • Xanadude

      DATE DATE DATE not “does” oh what a horrible autocorrect, Please TT fix that!

      • Sam

        LOL, best typo ever. I was thinking, what the hell? I had to go back and see what channel you said it was on and then I figured out it was a typo.

      • JustJenn

        OMG Lolol..I’ll have to check out that series, thanks for the heads up!

      • Miguel

        Hahaha – I kept reading it over and over, thinking I was having Lyme brain! What a wicked autocorrect, Xanadude!!!

      • jen

        Picture Barb “doing” guys from Tindr…”come herya ya little bitch…be my boooyfriend…”

    • jen

      I’m going to check it out. I hope Barb meets a fantastic man and he sweeps her off her feet for traveling and having fun for years together. She deserves it.

      Janelle can have Jace back and raise him like she should, be a wonderful mother and graduate from her surgical tech magical school she wont shut up about…oh and dump freeloader loser David asap. Also have no “dramastics” with Nathan so baby donut is happy and cute as can be.

      If fairytales came true….

  9. Meg

    Poor Jace being upset about his Spelling test killed me.

    • jen

      That was sad. Barb didn’t seem to care or she didn’t want to talk about while filming was going on is what I’m not sure about?

      • ViVaLaDiVa

        what? she told him it was alright and it happens – she reassured him. she didn’t want him to be upset when she knew he likely tried his best.

  10. Miguel

    I have been on the lookout for your recap, TT & also watched Leah drive with one eye closed, as I thought she swerved when she started to tickle Gracie.

    Nonetheless, she appears to be a better mother than Janelle – yikes, what a train wreck!!! Over the years, I’ve seen my softy-of-a-wife cry/sob during Jace’s scenes… he is so sweet & so abandoned that it does break one’s heart!

    I have been loving Chelsea more and more, baby talk/voice & all. She was always the most stable/productive of them all. And, Kaitlyn – she’s still Kaitlyn, ever mature, always the adult.

  11. Noellemybelle

    On the after show Jace said he is allowed to play Grand Theft Auto – the video game for adults with hookers and car jackers and he also loves to cuss (in English) unlike adorable baby Lincoln. My question his does he play this game with Barbara or Janelle.

    I noticed Kailyns tattoo as well….frightening

    Chelsea and all those damn animals on the furniture; I’m not a huge animal lover, and kinda got use to the pig in the house, but then the other large animals just walking on the couch ; maybe that’s normal because I believe I’ve seen Javis big dogs on the living room sofa. To each their own…you know you hv nothing bad to say about Chelsea when you can only comment on her animals. I miss Grandpa Randy; we’ve seen more mom this season and less Randy, but I like how he acknowledged the growth in Chelsea. Randy and Babs are my favorite teen mom grandparents. Oh and Corey’s Dad he’s consistent.
    Why does Corey look like he is 40 now, was he even a teen when the show started?

    Btw thanks for the 60 days in recommendation – I dvred it and I’m now all caught up.
    So over the RHO anywhere. Can’t even watch the last of BH and stopped watching Dallas.

    I also will be 80 watching the MTV challenges. Love that show. Stopped watching the Real World a few years back but still watch the Challenge.

    • jen

      I am guessing he plays at Jennelle’s house since David uses her debit card to buy her a game system for her birthday. Every mom of 2 as TT says needs one. In Barb’s words,”what aya high on the weeed agaaain??? What is a freeloader supposed to surprise his girlfriend he met 2 weeka ago and lives with for her birthday? Totally legit.

      I am not an animal person either and I don’t get these “teen moms,” having so many animals? I just look at it and think eeeww gross..so smelly. Cory looks like he’s 40 because he has been dealing with Leah and I believe he has the best interest od the twins but he also has a new marriage and baby…but has to keep being on a dog gone dang tv show he wants nothing to do with so Leah can have money to pay her mortgage. It has got to be stressful to be Corey.

    • JustJenn

      I have all sorts of animals and my big dogs are allowed on my couch, but it’s not smelly because I take care of them and groom them. If anything Chelsea’s animals make me like her more and are just an extension of her compassionate personality, but that’s just my opinion.

    • it’s at janelle’s house, because it was a mother’s day episode and he said that was one of the reasons he loved his mom. LOL

  12. Ms.Minnie

    I love leah because she is young and doing her very best to be the best mother she can be, yes she has mad bad decisions but I believe she will come out on top. I’ll skip Chelsea and Kailyn because there both great moms also but janelle smh. Am I the only one who finds it a problem that every season janelle has a new man but jace is still living with Barbara? She’s so focused on drama with these damn men but jace is in school failing test. I can’t believe this girl is so scared of being without a man that her kids are the last on her list of things that should be a priority.

  13. yikes. neither nathan or janelle should have custody of kaiser. he should be removed and put into a foster home where he can be adopted by a stable, two parent home who can provide what he needs and give what he wants. nathan is no more qualified to parent than janelle, he has no rights to his daughter and lost the court case against janelle (according to radar) because he admitted to having bought NOTHING – not even a baby bottle – and drives the baby around sans driver’s license. while nathan has my gratitude for serving in the military, he has possible PTSD, head trauma (i’m going by the papers janelle illegally/immorally posted online once that were his military medical papers) and definite anger problems. yes he was the one taking care of kaiser as a baby, but kaiser is now a moving, destructive toddler. and i have to question nathan’s parenting choices AGAIN seeing as how it took him all of 5 minutes to hook up with janelle, a fresh out of recovery heroin addict, and get pregnant. neither one of them had custody of the child they already had (nathan has a daughter) and thought it would just be SUPER to have a baby together that they could raise and prove to the world how wrong we were to judge them. ha! that turned out just GREAT. i would be just as afraid if nathan had custody of kaiser as i do janelle. nathan possibly worse. i have watched this show since it’s inception of 16 & pregnant, and neither one of these idiots need custody of that baby. someone please (DCS HELLO?!?!) get this baby out of there!

  14. Allison

    I cannot believe that David has elected himself custody exchange and supervisor king. Who is he again?? If I were Nathan I’d be LIVID that this nobody has injected himself into the situation. 7 layers of effed up.

  15. Julia

    It takes a special kind of terrible to make Nathan look like the good guy. Thank god for Babs (where jade is concerned.) My heart hurts for those babies. Leah’s as well.
    As far as addresses coming out in court, i know here in MA any petition/defense forms (including custody/child support orders) come with a secondary form to protect either party from the release of their address if there is any fear the other party can cause them harm. As long as you have proof, the court will keep your home location private.

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