60 Days In Recap: Institutionalized



I'm a pussy.

I’m a pussy.

I wait my entire week for this show. I love this show. Shall we watch this show together? I’m sort of over my freaky lesbsotronic attraction to Tami and have jumped on the Zac train with all my gay male friends. Either way, I do have way more gay interactions than straight ones these days. I reckon I should bathe and care about getting laid again. By a guy. A straight guy. But that would require washing my hair and shaving a winter’s worth of hair off my legs, which didn’t seem to important on my European vacation but is suddenly becoming itchy. I would never shave a damn thing in prison. I’d probably trade commissary for leg hair braiding replete with beads and declare myself podboss. I have the girth for it,and I’m a bitch.I’m just saying.


With Robert being another little bitch who tapped out, I think we are down to jus Zac and Isaiah for the guys. And if they want to keep Isaiah they need to move his ass back to C-Pod.  They should never have moved him to D-Pod to start with.

Isaiah admits he smoked the crack stick. Which is a segregation offense. Oh Isaiah. You grandmamma is going to be so disappointed by your peer pressure. That said. It is not crack or even an illegal substance so hopefully they decide to roll him back to C-Pod.  Conveniently,  we are told that the Sheriff doesn’t know he has smoked a “crack stick.” Yet, he is concerned about Isaiah’s sheeplike following of a really bad crowd in D-Pod.

Meanwhile, one of Zac’s roommates, Earp,has made some jail house hooch in his room. Zac could totally go down for this, or they could send him to C-Pod. Apparently, Earp has made moonshine before, it included his own piss. Yummers!

The guards come in to do a blanket check. Because that is a good use of time. God forbid there be an extra blanket or two in there. On the other hand, I get it. Everything is money in jail and if you have a spare blanket, you can use it as leverage. Everyone is sent to their cell. Zac tells Earp to dump the hooch.

60 Days in D pod

Isaiah’s mom is visiting him. She is not the mother of his brother who has been doing a long stint in jail. She was 13 when she had him and they “grew up together.” She is hoping he is scared straight by the experience. I never noticed Isaiah had so many tattoos. I view lots of tattoos as a sign of hiding the crazy/hurt/pain #SorryNotSorry  His mom has a few of her own. Isaiah is pumping up his time and acting like he is all big and bad to his mother. She reminds him that she has taught him better than that. It’s a weird feeling I have that his mama is trying to look good for the camera and telling him not to embarrass her. And him getting that he should not fuck up.  It’s a check. dude, earn it and don’t get extra time little boy.  This is a learning experience, it’s not that much longer. His mom is cute. And worried.  She is glad and hopes he get it. Isaiah is resolved to do his best.

Meanwhile, the blanket check continues. Amazingly, Earp takes the rap for his hooch and his three cellmates are cleared.

Isaiah “miraculously” SIGH approaches  Zac after his visit with his mother. Zac tries to set him on the right track. Okay. Now I feel like we are being led down the garden path. Let’s hope it is just editing and they have talked before.

Isaiah’s Mom’s Debriefing

His mom thinks this is a great learning experience.

Still a giant gaping pussy

Still a giant gaping pussy

Robert’s Debriefing

Robert’s hospitalization found NOTHING wrong with him. He’s just a pussy. And a quitter. He’s suddenly just fine to workout and go about his life. I wonder if they make it past the halfway point if the get their full pay. Because he seems quite please with himself.

It’s abundantly clear to us, the producers and the sheriff that he was terrified of going back into the general population. I am sure the producers tried to explain he could go back to C-Pod which was not nearly as bad, but he didn’t.

The sheriff reads a letter where Robert asks to stay in isolation while he was IN  isolation indicating he did not want to go back to gen pop during his stay.

Robert returns all jokey and laughing. Robert says it was so much fun to be in jail.  He has no complaints. He said he had an easy time in there. He says he is enjoying his pain meds for his undiagnosed condition. Which apparently is NOT constipation. Robert is a cunt satchel.  Everyone knows that Robert is a piece of shit.

60 days Miriam


Oddly, I think all of the women are still there, Tami, Barbra and Maryum.  Barbra who began this journey with a very negative attitude about criminal in the jail wasting taxpayer money has become quite the little thugette in jail.  She is as dumb as  Isaiah and he is 18.  The sheriff calls her “the pod mascot” BWAHAHAHAHHAH.  In her interviews she talks about how well she is fitting and how she never expected to make so many friends in jail. Wow. She’s pathetic.

They bring in a new inmate. Jessica. She is pregnant and needs a bottom bunk in Barbra’s cell. Barbra immediately befriends her. Jessica says she has mental issues and is having a “false miscarriage.”  Jessica already has six kids. If she doesn’t have mental issues, then she is high.  Even Barbra asks if she is on drugs. All the other inmates see her as a threat. Not dumbass Jessica. She is Florence Fucking Nightingale because this is just a two month sleep over away from her responsibilities to her.  Barb literally says in her talking heads, ” I am an inmate know and I know how everything works.”

The inmates don’t think Jessica is really pregnant.  They think she is trying to get special privileges.  Like getting two trays of food. Which she gets. Another inmate says that she can’t have two until she has a pregnancy test.  Some jawboning  ensues that I didn’t follow and I can’t really tell who is who but drama is about to follow. Will dumbass Barbara take a stand now when she cowered when Tami needed her?

Maryum makes a comment that Jessica is on “the small yellow bus.” Well Barbra who already hates Mayum (because, racist). And Barbra drags Tami and everyone she can into it.  Tami jumps on board and Maryum is the only black girl in there. Oh God,  Tami. don’t pick her as your fight.  Maryum is trying to console Jessica.  Tami is about to go off.  Maryum tries to be nice to Jessica. Tami comes out ready to fight and says “You  are going to say that after what you said about her?”  To be real, all Maryum meant was lay off her, she is not all there. She is a social worker and realizes there is an issue. But Tami is a hot head. Maryum tries to explain that  Jessica is not right. What language is she supposed to use in fucking jail? She was trying to alert them that she is not right. Tami is being a fucking bully.  Then Maryum has to appease Tami and explain that she butts in when in it not necessary and causes arguments.  Barbra and Tami are cunts.

Next Week: Tami out herself as mole!  And in D-Pod,  a guard gets jumped and Zac is unable to help. Barbra is also ready to tap. And Isaiah witnesses “jail sex.”  Two people tap out and Tami is going batshit!


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27 responses to “60 Days In Recap: Institutionalized

  1. GirlMe

    Love how bad they made Robert look with past footage while Robert made himself look bad in the interview. Sad he couldnt man up and even Jeff was more brave than Robert.

    Tami always talks about drama that she creates. She ignored the stay to yourself drama free rule. And she reminds me of people who become cops just to feel special. The worst.

    Barbra is super emotional which I could overlook but to be perpetually offended on other people’s behave. Ugh shes so draining.

    Miriam was awesum this week. Cant wait til thry find out shes in the program.

    Loved the intro paragraph. Im sex free many years now and shaving was the 1st to go. No shorts. No point. Nice to hear Europe is an option;)

  2. Noellemybelle

    They sheriff asked Robert if he has mental issues. I hope that was just for the cameras and they actually assessed that before sticking him in jail for 60 days. I feel like the constant noise alone would make me snap; can’t imagine if I already has some mental health concerns.

    Tami reminds me of the lesbian cob on the ABC family show The Fosters. Random thought

    Isaiah & Barbara both act like they hv no friends or social life on the outside. Very desperate for acceptance.

    Short Bus Jessica; clearly this is not her 1 rodeo she knows all the rules and how to use her “disability” to her advantage. Miriam’s comment was not malicious. I personally considered it a warning, basically quietly screaming, “hey y’all this new chick isn’t not playing with a full deck leave her alone”.

  3. Ms.Minnie

    Lol robert hunny you so messy, you know damn well you was scared to go back in general population. It wasn’t nothing wrong with you and isaiah had me on the floor with previews from next week saying diaundre offering that man some head ?. Nasty just nasty lol

  4. Meredo

    If there was ever a show to scare me straight, this is it! I find it fascinating and scary at the same time. I have to admit I’d never make it in jail. However, it sickens me that Robert signed up for this, chickens out but won’t admit he was scared shitless. He knew damn well he would get his ass beat if he went back to gen pop.because he just didn’t play it right. He’s an idiot, I’m so glad the Sheriff told him what he thought of him. Another mental case is Tami. How in the hell was she ever a cop? She’s batshit crazy! The only ones I like are Zac (duh) Maryum and Issiah. Can’t wait for next weeks episode, this show is the best!

  5. Mary

    The producer who was responsible for Robert being on the show should be fired. He was a joke from the beginning and annoying to watch.

  6. JustJenn

    Sign me up for the Zac train *swoon* Robert is a total tool..I knew he was faking last week.

  7. pokerplayer

    Robert is just so happy to be on TV just like the Captain said…he’s so fake and he’s a Teacher???

  8. Barbara

    So strange that the inmates have no issues with the crew filming the illegal activity. Really odd to me. But inmates are not known for being smart, so there is that. Tami is not a good match for this show and if this show doesn’t help her see she needs to get counseling, well I think she is a time bomb. Robert should not be rewarded for being fake. I think he thought he was smarter than everyone and I personally am glad he got the edit he deserved. Karma for wasting a chance for someone else to do good for the program. Maryum is exactly the type of person they need for the show, rstional, smart, etc. but I don’t think she is going yo obtain the intel they need because she is not going to get too chummy to be in a position to get the dirt. Barbara on the other hand will likely get the inside scoop because she tries to blend in and make friends. She may be the surprise success. Poor Isaih, he is young and really needs a good male role model, otherwise he will wind up like his brother.

  9. Tulsateacher

    Robert will be plugged up and unable to shit properly the entire time he’s taking those pain meds he’s so proud to have #poeticjustice

  10. Allison

    Tami is awful. For a cop she loooves to be in the middle of inmate drama. I can’t imagine what she’s like in uniform. I agree that Barbara is racist as hell. She’s an ignorant sheltered moron. I like Zac-hes playing his part perfectly. So glad Robert is gone. He was transparent and horrible to watch. Idiot.

  11. Deborah Browder

    I absolutely love this show. Pussy ass Robert is a real coward, because he wasnt being honest withhimself or the show. Did he have constipation? Yes! He was scared shitless! What a joke. Even his students will know the truth, he was scared! There is no shame in being scared. It is jail, it is supposed to be scary. His honesty would have really helped be a deterrent.to many.
    Poor Jeff, he would have done anuthing to fit in. He was a bully’s dream come true! I would have called foul when hit by the mentally unstable man too! At least he was honest. Unfortunately, he set himself up for disaster by being too nice! You cant buy friends in jail, you become a target.
    Isaiah please put the fake crack pipe down! Unfortunately, he can be a follower. I hope he listens to his mom and now Zac. I guess he reached out to Zac after a come to Jesus moment with his mom! Wow, he is 18 and his mom is 31. I am glad that he is experiencing jail on a television show and not in reality. I hope he makes it out without additional charges.
    Pathetic Barbra! THE MASCOT! She needs to get a life. All about making friends abd being in the clique. Girl, this is jail! She didnt have balls to have Tami’s back, but now she wants to instigate some BS with Yaz aka Myriam. She wanted her husband to be upset about the coloring picture that was misinterpreted only by her. SAD!.
    The best participants are Yaz and Robert. Getting info on the facility in a real way! Tami is a wild card. Her baggage from her childhood present too much of a problem for her to be in jail. It is obvious why she chose law enforcement. I thought she was going to be thebest, but NO WAY! She is way to invested in the social environment. She is right in the middle of most drama. Yaz was trying to tell the other girls to leave Jessica alone because she was special. I have actually used the phrase little yellow bus when I wanted to describe a persons mental or emotional status without using technical terms. People got the message immediately to leave the person alone. She probably saved her from getting beat up. Robert is working it and will be able to give valuable information to the warden. Thank you Yaz and Robert. SMART ENOUGH TO GET IN AND OUT UNSCATHED!

  12. Brittany

    Best show ever! The hour it is on flies by. Barbra is the most annoying inmate next to Robert. Tami is having some sort of meltdown. I don’t even get it. And when they talk about Prison Sex, I laughed out loud. Maryum is great. Crazy Jessica reminds me of Pensatucky on Orange is the New Black. Between OITNB and 60 Days In I am hooked on the prison shows. Zak is gorgeous and I don’t get why, but whatever. I think it’s his intelligence. Does anyone else notice that it looks like he has purple lipstick on in some of the interviews?

  13. Where did they find this Robert. He is such an uneven character and seems mentally ill, except he is not. I’m shocked he’s a teacher!! Whatever his problem is, he is a strange, annoying cuntsatchel who deserves to be left alone with a room full of really mentally ill people in a psych ward in his next pretend bravado stint with no white towels. Tami also annoys the hell out of me. The only thing this experiment/secret op achieved for her is the her own realization that she is just one click away from being capable of doing some shit to really land her in jail and God forbid that ever happen because, loose canon, nervous breakdown. I’m looking forward to when Barbra finds out Maryum is also a plant.

    • Allison

      That maniacal laugh of Roberts is something else. He may say he’s not mentally ill but…..I beg to differ.

      • ClassyLady80

        Agreed, Allison. He’s one of those people who you can tell just by looking at them that they’re disturbed. How he became a teacher and passed the mental evaluation is unclear, but he’s definitely not right.

    • I don’t believe that Robert is mentally ill at all. I think he is acting the way he does in an effort to get attention and be on television. He’s hoping this will segue him into some other/additional “reality” tv situations or interviews about how he found isolation a “happy place and fun.” I think he is a calculating idiot and just got in over his head with this show. One would think they’re all mentally ill for even doing this, but Robert is just devious and obviously desperate for attention.

  14. alex1986

    I have never liked Tami since the episode where she OFFERED to buy the ingredients for Sam’s farewell cake and then had to point out SHE bought all the ingredients because that’s the type of person she is.

    Barbra is pathetic. She hasn’t done any investigating to try and figure out how drugs and paraphenalia are coming in. But she has outed a clear racist in Maryum. Kidding of course) She was a total jackass about that picture and just wanted to create an unnecessary fight. She’s about as valuable as Robert was!

  15. Xanadude

    Did we ever get any resolution on the whole “one of the ladies is smuggling cigarrettes in via the lunch tray thing?” beyond Tami telling producers?

    • BeetsWhy

      I’m guessing we will get that at the end during Tami’s debriefing but she shouldn’t get any credit, it was announced to the pod that the woman (forget her name) was looking for something on her tray. The prison cameras and the “documentary” cameras were right there so everyone heard. That seemed weird to me that she would announce so prominently in front of everyone

  16. Gapeachinsc

    For me, this show has turned into a social experiment. Barbra has completely forgotten why she is there, and honestly, Tami is no better. I was getting frustrated watching them, but once I started looking at it as though it’s a reality show about what it’s like to go to jail, I wasn’t so frustrated. Tami should seriously reconsider her career choice. Aside from her emotional issues, it seems as though her judgement is also impaired. She should have been able to tell right away that the new girl was “off”.

    Zac is dreamy (thanks for the word, Xanadude) and will probably be able to provide good information at the end.

    I like Isaiah and his Mom. He’s so young!! I hope he learns a lot from this experience and doesn’t follow in his brother’s footsteps.

    Maryam is a ray of light and I can’t wait for the other women to find out she’s part of the program. She is so kind and it kills me that Tami & Barbra have an issue with. They are both morons.

  17. BeetsWhy

    Robert so badly wants to be on TV, my question is how the producers and Sheriff/warden didn’t do a basic Google on him. He was on a TLC show about saving time that only lasted one episode but the internet is full of his attempts to be an actor, an artist and a teacher…it’s everywhere. Robert Holcomb. He is such a manipulator and narcissist it’s actually disturbing. What a pussy.

    I love the show and it has been picked up for a second season. How are they going to fool prisoners a second time with a fake documentary? I get that they don’t get to see the show/channel in prison but their families do. Maybe they bring in a second group right after this group with the same “documentary” team?

    • BeetsWhy

      Subconsciously I forgot to mention he is from my world…Philadelphia. ?

    • Xanadude

      On Twitter the Sheriff said the second season was filming simultaneously or there was overlap in filming so that the real prisoners wouldn’t catch on. I don’t know how thats possible, but if it means more #60daysin, I’m cool with that.

      • BeetsWhy

        I hope that means it airs sooner rather than later cuz I am hooked! Hoping for a three part reunion just to see how they all feel after the fact and so Robert can be skewered over and over for wasting his place in the program.

  18. cherise

    Thanks TT for alerting us to this show! I caught up with it on demand- now I can’t wait for the next episode!! I knew Robert would wuss out – I know alot of cops who are undercover agents and it’s a tough job but I think Zac definitely has what it takes! Think Tami shouldn’t have gone in – with her past and all she was too vulnerable – wonder if she will make it out ok mentally? Maryum cracked me up while watching Tami go off on Boston – sitting there eating popcorn!

  19. Annie

    I also love Zac, think Robert is an attention-seeking pussy, Isaiah is young and impressionable, Jeff was a marshmallow, Tami is disturbed from her troubled upbringing, Barbra is a dumb blonde & Yaz is cool.

  20. what happened to the officer that got jumped looking for a cell phone

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