Real Housewives of New York Recap: Birthday Bashing

RHONY season 8



Bethenny is obsessed with Brynn. It’s cute. She’s pacing up to go on at trip with Brynn? I don’t think she is allowed to film per Jason’s orders.

Okay I am done recapping and this packing scene had absolutely nothing to do with anything at all this episode. I guess they just needed a Bethenny scene and stuck it in as filler. Did I miss something?


Carole and Dorinda out to lunch. Carole starts right in talking about Jules’ house.  And her body. Carole talks about who ate what.  Then she says the energy may have been off because of John. Dorinda did not like that one bit. She has decided to just not bring John around the girls. Good idea.

Jules arrives to lunch and Carole acts like she wasn’t just trash talking her. But we move on to Jules talking about how critical Bethenny was of her home.  Carole of course defends Bethenny. Jules says she is old money and Bethenny is new money. You know Jules, when you start a new job you need to check the lay of the land and find out who is tight with the higher ups. Then you steer clear of them and try not to trash talk them. Jules says she wants to sit down and chat with Bethenny. Oh Jules, I’m not sure you are up to that.

RHONY Sonja Luann


We are back in Grey Gardens where you really need to step around the piles of dog poop. Ramona stops over to show off her divorce papers. Ramona is not sad about the divorce. She’s over it.

Ramona tells Sonja that Bethenny didn’t invite her to her birthday party because Sonja drinks too much. Ramona says that is the reason she hasn’t been hanging out with Sonja because her drinking reflects badly on those who hang out with her.  Sonja tries to say Ramona is just as bad. And she actually may have a point there.  Sonja in this scene and Ramona in her talking heads are wearing very similar blouses. Looks like someone sent them free clothes. I had several shirts like that back in the 1980s myself.

This scene is out of sequence. Sonja is talking about Luann moving in. Luann has already been seen living there this season.


Bethenny and Jules meet for lunch at the Tipsy Parson. That is weird because Bethenny has trademarked TipsyGirl as a beverage line because the owner of this place wanted to market it and market it on the show through Ramona. Oh wait, that is another bar called Tipsy Girl.  No relation to Tipsy Parson.

Bethenny is already irked with Jules before the food comes because she brings up being Asian. She does talk about being an Asian Jew a lot. As Jules is super tongue-tied,  they show talking heads of Bethenny trashing Jules.

Out of the blue Jules says that she never graduated from college because she was battling an eating disorder. You can almost hear the producer saying “Okay enough of that, now talk about that time you had an eating disorder.” There are zero organic conversations on these shows anymore. Bethenny cries and says that her mother had an eating disorder when she was growing up. Bethenny says a lot of people go their whole lives an never admit it. You don’t say.


Carole and Bethenny have lunch at Ramona’s house. Apparently Bethenny ordered in food.  Bethenny relates her lunch with Jules with these two.  All the lunches are for the purpose of talking about another lunch. Bethenny does not mention Jules bout with an eating disorder. Bethenny says that things are in a bad place with Luann and it all started when the RHOBH girls came to town four months ago. Luann really wanted to be invited to the dinner and Bethenny said no, it wasn’t really her party, it was a party for the girls that she was cooking for. Or something. Basically, Luann was not allowed to go for whatever reason.  Bethenny says she doesn’t trust Luann anymore. I think it’s all bullshit and she is taking Carole’s side in her fight with Luann.

RHONY Dorinda

Ramona’s Birthday Luncheon

So Bethenny and Carole are both at odds with Luann. Ramona is at odds with Sonja. Dorinda is at odds with Ramona.  And Carole has some sort of seething hatred for Jules.  Bethenny has issues with Sonja as well. Clearly, it’s time to make them all sit down together and stir the pot. It’s time to ruin another birthday!

There are FIFTY women invited to the luncheon. How many will get out alive?

When Jules walks in I see for the first time how tiny her legs are. Maybe she is thinner than Carole. Jules meets Sonja for the first time and likes her right away. Luann walks in and snubs Bethenny and Carole. Mostly Carole. Luann gives Bethenny an expensive handbag for her belated birthday. Very odd. And she gave Ramona a necklace from her trinket line that she had already given her. This is also very staged. Bethenny accepts the bag by a designer whose name was said multiple times in consideration for promotion. And then Bethenny and Luann fight about her not being invited to dinner with Kyle. Bethenny goes on a Rinnaesque rant about Luann needing to own her stuff. Luann cries.

Dorinda is loud and drunk and perhaps on something. It’s kind of sad to watch her self-medicating her depression. Jules tells Carole she thinks Bethenny is great and very “warm.”  Um okay.  Dorinda rants more about how all the women are jealous of her relationship with John.  Oh Dorinda, you are delusional. Dorinda gives a toast to Ramona. It’s pretty good except for all the dead husband talk. She says she is trying to send Ramona a message about their friendship being about loyalty. Clearly, she is still pissed with Ramona.

Next Week: A psychic comes to yet another get together and tells Dorinda she will get married again but not to John.  Ramona blurts out, “Thank God!” and Dorinda fires back saying that Mario left her for someone else. Dorinda fights with a sweaty John at a restaurant.  Later Dorinda, tells Luann about Ramona’s feelings about the regifted necklace. It looks like Sonja tries to introduce the TipsyGirl beverage that will never happen.


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53 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap: Birthday Bashing

  1. Xanadude

    Who “sweats” more – RHONY John, SHAHs Mike, or the SURvers?

  2. Gracious

    Sonja doesn’t look well. Something is up with her face.

    • Lime Brain

      I noticed her face, also. It looked bloated and more manly. I couldn’t stop wondering about testosterone patches from a recent blind item. Allegedly.

    • Every recent picture of her that I have seen is bad. There is something going on and it isn’t good.

      • bluesuedeshoe

        She might be having work done on her teeth. As you age, sometimes you loss jaw bone mass and the metal implants wobble. Watched a dear friend go through the agonies of a total reset a few years ago after she was kicked in the mouth by her horse as a teen. Reshaping the teeth can change the look of your entire face, you can’t eat properly, and you’re in pain.

  3. therealdeb

    I am disliking Dorinda more and more, she is not a happy woman. This goes far deeper than John being a sweaty coked up pig that she cannot live without, this is soul deep sadness. Sonja is still delusional, and Ramona God bless her is trying to be “adult” and failing. She has had her trashy drunk moments and she is failing in the message she is attempting to give to Sonja. Luann is still stuck on cuntess, oh I am sorry, countess… Don’t be uncool. Jules is a mess, she speaks like an uneducated teenager.

    • K.

      Dorinda is so great. She may have a wierd boyfriend, but it’s no one else’s business. She needs to figure it out herself

    • Betty

      I think Dorinda is still deeply disturbed over her husbands death. I feel bad for her.

    • Something Clever

      I just can’t understand the hold John has on her. Much of his behavior turns her off: ordering her food so he can eat it, PDA even though he knows she doesn’t like it, his badgering her about living together, etc. God, I hope she doesn’t let him move in, because she will never get him out. He crushes her boundaries repeatedly. Yet she can be quite the tough broad with her friends. And his monthly celebration of their anniversary is something I find suffocating. She told both him and Bethenny that she was angry at both of them at the bra party, so what exactly happened for her to forgive him for his wretched behavior? She does seem to be fragile at the core.

    • Erica

      You know how Jules said you can’t really function when you having an eating disorder because of the lack of calories? I am thinking that is why she can’t string words together to make a sentence.

      • Briannatozer16

        Yea based on her answered about it on WWHL her disorder is still very much a part of her life now. Her arms and frame looked so thin on WWHL tonight it was hard to watch ?

      • queenmarie

        Yes because it’s obvious she still doesn’t eat much—-a few crumbs here and there.

      • Toni

        Jules I just can’t get a read on – she comes across so insecure in person but then her talking heads are so assholey… She’s old money, her house is bigger, these women are elderly.

    • I like Dorinda. She is still far from recovery after losing Richard. It takes forever to get beyond such a devastating loss. I think this show is good for her and is helping her see her way through the grief.
      What blocks her recovery, IMO, is John. He is like the leach that attaches to someone when they are at their lowest point and then takes over ownership of their victim’s soul. Dorinda can’t recover until she pushes him out of her life and finds out who she is again without depending on anyone else.

  4. Gracious

    Watching Jules on WWHL. I’m really liking her.

  5. K.

    Carol is way too stuck ip. Why is she even on this show if she’s above it all? Bethany is down to earth and funny. Why must she pick every scab (housewife ) until it bleeds? Leave Luanne a lon, she really is cool. Dorinda, well she may be unhappy but she’s cool too, let her figure out on her own

    • Something Clever

      The scene where Adam didn’t want to talk to Carole right then was hilarious. I guess the shiny newness of the romance has worn off.

      • Miguel

        I know, Something Clever – I was embarrassed for her!!!

      • Meri

        I got the feeling that Adam was thrilled to have escaped from Carole and I see that relationship as being doomed. Dorinda is suffering from depression and it’s really hard to watch her fall apart. She never finished grieving over the loss of Richard. I don’t like her behavior or her choice of men but I feel for her and hope that she gets help before something tragic happens. Jules….a big fat (skinny) zero, imo. Why is she there? Sonja looks like she is full of fillers and it’s freakish and sad. LuAnn is NOT cool but she sure tries hard to be (whatever her definition of cool is). I don’t think that being cool is telling everyone that you are cool every two minutes. And, that hoola hoop…insane. Bethenny annoys me and amuses me at the same time and I enjoy the bobsy twins (Sonja and Ramona) when they are giggly and ridiculous (that’s because I am elderly and have NO money I suppose. John…look up pig in the dictionary…there is a picture of John beside the definition.

  6. Will

    One of the many reasons I love RHONY the most out of any of the RH franchises is because each season doesn’t revolve around one exhausting, looming storyline (Brooks’ cancer, whether or not anyone said Munchausen, etc). I like that we’re seeing some of John/Dorinda drama, some of Sonja/Luann hijinks, some Carole/Luann feuding, some Jules/Bethenny bonding… all of those are completely separate storylines. It’s so refreshing… and ya know… FUN! Like TV is supposed to be.

    Also, I’m really thinking Ramona is coming off better, cooler, saner, and funnier than anyone else this year. Or maybe we’ve all just learned to embrace her Ramonaisms.

    • Miguel

      Well-said, Will! This does make for far more enjoyable/comedic interactions between the cast. As a refreshing twist, it seems that the ladies don’t really care how they appear this season, with the exception of Luann – whom managed a few tears to assuage Bethenny.

      Hence, the faux interactions can be trivialized/fun; and, like you, I’m loving it! For the first time over the entire 2015-16 HW franchise, I can say I’ve been consistently entertained – to the point where I find myself laughing so hard that I miss stuff.

      For a change, I’m actually loving the show in conjunction with TT’s recaps! Prior to this, I had to rely solely on TT et al. for the entertainment part of HW reality. Thanks so much for doing your part RHONY & please don’t ever stop with the Grey Gardens references, TT!!! :^)

      • Definitely! I agree on all that you say AND the Grey Gardens references are hysterical. Only TT can come up with such funny stuff. That’s even better than “…somewhere Mike Shouhed is…”

  7. Stacye Johnson

    If I had $100 for every time Jules said “like” while TRYING to talk to Bethany I would be the richest housewife in America.
    Did that drive anyone else crazy?
    I also see her as a one season wonder. Very unlikable …especially the “old money” comment”. That one made me cringe.

    • Andy counted it on WWHL last night and i believe he said it was 46 x’s . I also believe she was either medicated or drunk. She talked with her eyes closed most of the time and kept fidgeting in the seat. Hard to watch for sure.

      • Briannatozer16

        Oh yes .. Really strange behavior .. She kept getting super close to that black guy in the other chair too and he was giving looks like bitch .. I don’t even know you lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why her and dorinda and John are such great “friends” there parties seem to consist of Coke and cola (alcohol) lol

      • tamaratattles

        Brianna, you have typed in your full email as your user name on your last three posts. I have fixed it for you each time. If you want to use your email, that’s fine. But if not, please fix it on your next comment! Thanks.

    • Toni

      I agree 100%

    • Skeeter

      It drives me nuts too! Any kind of a phrase like “know what I mean” after every statement and the famous “ya know” and “know what I’m sayin'”. Once I realize it’s being said over and over again that’s all I seem to hear and it makes me crazy LOL!

  8. Cheychey

    Ramona does appear to be a little less crazy. Still a pot stirrer though. Telling Sonja after she said she was busy with her daughter, well no you weren’t even invited. I kinda laughed when Ramona’s small cake came out to feed her 50 closest girlfriends. Who has 50 ‘close ‘ friends anyway. I know 50 people. I wouldn’t call them my closest friends. I have 2 close girlfriends, maybe 5 I would call my girlfriend circle then the rest are just people I know that I speak to from time to time.

    • It just shows how superficial Ramona is. I don’t think she really has one very close girlfriend. If she did that woman would be able to tell Ramona how odd she is when she is out in public and can’t control her mouth.

      • Briannatozer16

        It was/is dorinda … Dorinda tried to tell her all last season and apparently tries to shut her up next episode lol.

    • Toni

      Ramona was an ass to Sonja. And she lied about why Sonja wasn’t invited to the party. I was glad Bethenny called Ramona out for lying to Sonja.

      First Ramona has a go at Dorinda, now Sonja…was she threatened to bring it by production or is she really that lousy of a friend?

      • tamaratattles

        They were all lying. The reason Sonja was not there was because she was holding out on her Bravo contract, as she does every damn season. Ramona and Luann were too. Luann signed just before the birthday scene in the Hamptons. Ramona may not have been all in yet which is why she just put in an appearance and left because she was likely on a day rate for that scene until her contract was hammered out.

      • Lime Brain

        Thanks, TT. That makes sense about Ramona. I was trying to figure out why she invited Dorinda and John to stay at her house for the weekend if she was going back to Manhatten that night. It was an obvious lie, I just didn’t know why.

      • Toni

        Interesting. That makes Ramona even meaner in my book. Why not let Sonja make up her own lie/excuse as she tried to do by saying she was spending time with her daughter? Ramona went straight for the sucker punch and then poured salt on the wound.

  9. KIR

    Luanne can be annoying with her haughtiness but she has grown on me the last few seasons – hated seeing her cry last night. Love Bethenny but wtf is up with her timing? Trust me, I’m all about keeping it real but there is such a thing as tact and manners.

  10. Maybe it is just me but if someone called or texted me and really seemed to want to be invited to a party I was having – I would go ahead and extend the invitation – not continue to withhold it like some prized possession I knew you coveted and I enjoyed keeping from you.

    I just would not do that to someone I considered a friend and they do consider each other friends or are friendly with at least.

    • kendrawm

      The point that was missed on Luann was it wasn’t Bethenny’s party, she was hosting the party for Kyle at her house for Kyle’s BH friends. Bethenny wasn’t in charge of the guest list, she was allowing Kyle to use her house to have the BH girls over for dinner. So it would have been wrong for Bethenny to invite Luann.

      Now if she didn;t invite Luann to her b-day party that would be one thing, but she did, because she could control the guest list for that party.

      • Does Luann even know Kyle? Or did she just want camera time? Why did she want to be invited so badly? Seems odd to me.

      • Bethenny obviously waited for the cameras to bring this up. I really dislike this off camera stuff that we aren’t privy to. B keeps bringing up things that we haven’t seen. Not fair to us, the audience. If we don’t witness it, we can’t really comment on it. B did the same w/John. I haven’t seen John going to the bathroom every 5 minutes which is a sign of using coke. Ever. Dorinda either. So we don’t know what Bethenny has seen. Again, not fair to us or him calling him a coke addict. There’s been absolutely no sign of it, yet. B needs to keep these off camera events to herself since they don’t involve us & we can’t make educated comments about things we haven’t seen.

    • Toni

      I agree – and I think it would’ve made for a better episode of rhobh if Luann was there at the dinner. I’d be willing to bet that Luann has met at least a few of the bh cast more than a few times at various bravo events and at the upfronts


    Sorry TT, you can leave it .. Every time I go to make a comment it automatically fills in even if I changed it before …

  12. Rach

    Okay am I the only one not believing that Ramona is over her divorce? I think this will be a storyline that pops up throughout the season.

    Also did anyone notice the dirty look Carole gave Jules when she walked into Ramonas party, it was a split second then all of a sudden she switched to a smile.

    I need more Sonja and Luann scenes.

  13. JustJenn

    That scene with Adam and Carole was everything..I’m sure it gave Luann a good laugh.

    Dorinda is a mess, but I like her and am rooting for her.

    • Something Clever

      Yep, that romance is OVER!

      • Tuffy

        It was an uncomfortable moment when Carole asked Adam if she looked cute on FaceTime. She definitely seems rather insecure this season.

      • Katherine 2.0

        I was reminded of calls to my kids when they first moved away from home.
        But with the way Bravo’s producers selectively edit, who really knows?


    I think I figured juels out. I’m just getting around to watching those episode and she talks through every meal so she doesn’t have to eat. She acted extremely pissed and over the top w Carole and dorinda about Bethany. She was ranting non stop and managed to even pretend to eat. Then a Bethany she didn’t even order bc she did her over the top Asian act. Then she dropped the eating disorder bomb (while Bethany was stuffing her face lol) when it was time to eat again. There was also that time she was over the top and dumped her hands into the ice bucket when it was time to eat. Very awkward and sad to watch.

  15. I think Jules is nervous about being a newbie & after that horrible brunch, who wouldn’t be nervous? She doesn’t have the lay of the land, yet. But she will. As for Carole, I wonder if she’s aware that Bethenny wanted Aviva back in place of Sonja or Ramona, according to sources on another site. This is when B & C were becoming BFF’s & had just taken a trip together. With friends like Bethenny…we all know the rest.

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