WWHL With Lisa Rinna and Ben Robinson

WWHL With Lisa Rinna and Ben Robinson


Rinna has buckled to the pressure and changed her hair. I have always loved her hair. She admits it was partially because everyone on social media kept talking about how her hair never changes. I’ve kept pretty much the same hairstyle for the last 20 years too. I don’t see the problem. I do think about hacking it all off or shaving my head here and there, but that is when the crazy sets in. As women we all know a drastic hair change is the sign of some sort of mental instability cough Yolanda cough.  LVP has had the same hair for forty years and no one really cares.  Rinna’s hair is darker and combed back, I hope that when it is not combed back it just settles back to a similar style to her previous ones. That combed back look cough Yolanda cough gives me a lesbian vibe. NTTAWWT.

Andy compares Hannah from Below Deck Med to a mix between Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lawrence. Um, NOE.  I think her face looks like cross being a chew oatmeal cookie and a doughnut.  Is it just me?

Andy basically tells Rinna everyone hates her (actually it is simply a rabid group of LVPlunatics) and he has lots of things for her to answer to.

Was this all to insure your spot on the show next season? No she is there to do her job. Andy asks what her job is and she says be authentic and react to what is going on in the moment.

Why be the victim of LVP’s manipulations rather than taking responsibility for your own actions? SERIOUSLY? HOW MANY TIMES MUST THIS WOMAN OWN HER BEHAVIOR? She simply wants LVP to have the same integrity. That will never happen.  Rinna says exactly the same thing. Because, it’s a very simple fucking concept.

RHOBH Lisa Rinna


Lisa, do you think it is convenient for you to scapegoat LVP for everything off camera since there is no proof of that? Jesus, I can answer all of these questions for Rinna. Kyle backed her up, not LVP!

Why didn’t she own her behavior toward Kim last season? UM HELLO? Kim was a raging pill head last season!  Rinna says that Kim’s behavior was outrageous Rinna says that she would prefer to deal with Kim off camera. She says some of the things she said were wrong. I disagree unless she is talking about the text messages.

Next week on Below Deck Med, Hannah goes off on Tiffany while they are off duty drinking at the bar. Ben is asked about Kate Chastain.  He says they were friends with benefits, they were never in a relationship. Apparently now Kate has gone lesbian and yes, Ben has met her new girlfriend who is a pro soccer player. You go Kate. And go and go and go. Ben says it is a weight off his shoulders. It sounds like he is bitter.

How does Captain Mark compare to Captain Lee?  Lee is more gregarious and Mark keeps more to himself. He loves them both.

Next is Rinna’s Instagram rant. Rinna says she did snap at the abundance of haters and trolls (read LVPlunatics) who were relentlessly attacking her. I say good for her. She says, ” I did have myself a little rant, Double Snap!”

Rinna says she has not spoken with LVP since the reunion. She says she had a nice moment with LVP backstage after the reunion.

Ben says that there are more hookups on Below Deck Med. He says that he thinks that Eddie and his girlfriend are still together and that was one of the reasons he didn’t come back. Spoiler for Below Deck Caribbean?

Rinna and Kyle are still friends.

Hannah, Tiffany , Julia  Shag  Marry, Kill for Ben. Shag Tiffany. Marry Hannah, Kill Julia.

I LOVE Bravowood Squares! It is the best game on the show. Rinna gets lounge pants and Ben gets briefs.

Ben rates Adrienne below Hannah and Kate. Probably because she didn’t sleep with him. He also fanciest himself a holistic nutritionist and caterer these days. Which totally explains why he fed the guest friend cheese flambéed with brandy tonight. NTTAWWT!

The mazel and jackhole were both about Munchausen. You had to be there.


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39 responses to “WWHL With Lisa Rinna and Ben Robinson

  1. I just want to say how gorgeous Rinna looked with her hair swept back. I had forgotten what a beautiful woman she really is because of years and years of that brown football helmet of hair. She is striking – what a face !

  2. I just hacked my hair off, so I guess I went nuts. :) If they are both coming back, I am sure the Lisas will find a way to automatically reconcile.

    • Toddy

      I went from boob length to collarbone length to a face-framing jaw length within about 3 months. I’ve never had so many compliments. Bought into the “long is youthful” argument for years, but long isn’t always flattering for some of us. Happily cray?

  3. iloveearlgrey

    I was having a rough couple of weeks two years ago and hacked all my hair off. I think it’s because I felt it was the one thing I could control and would give me a fresh start. I totally agree it is a sign of some deep shit going on when someone hacks their hair off.

    I still like Lisa Rinna and LVP and hope they both come back.

    Andy is a douche.

  4. VioletBlue

    “As women we all know a drastic hair change is the sign of some sort of mental instability cough Yolanda cough.”

    Did anyone notice a few episodes back, right after Yolanda chopped her hair off and all the women were raving about it, Yolanda was acting all “do you really like it?”
    And then, I think it was in her talking head, she said she was trying to get used to it because “I’m not out yet” then quickly rambled about going out in public etc.

    It could’ve been taken any way, but she seemed to stutter a bit before she moved on.
    That’s it. Just an observation.

    • Coco

      I noticed that little slip, too! I wonder if Yolanda is in a lady pond relationship with her health advocate. NTTAWWT I remember when she had her metal fillings removed. David left the room but her health advocate stayed with her. Hmm…

    • that hair style is also resembling Yolanda’s oddly.

      • Dee

        I love Lisa’s normal hair and now it reminds me of odd Yolanda. I’ve read many women keep the style they had when they were the happiest in their lives.

    • SaraSally

      Whenever I had turmoil & fall out in the relationship department, I always whacked my hair into another style. The new look would help me embrace a new attitude. I figured Yo was operating with the same MO.

  5. Minky

    You’re totally right about the hair. The one time I hacked all of my hair off it was after I decided not to be a bulimic anymore. I wanted to say goodbye to the former me. My short hair style was inspired by Mia Farrow’s pixie cut in “Rosemary’s Baby”. Shit! Does that sound creepy, or what?!

    • Aunt Sis

      At least you didn’t pull a Britney Spears!

    • Sliceo'pie

      That was a cute cut! I hope you’ve had success in recovery from your eating disorder…

      • Minky

        Thank you muchly. I’m fine now. But that’s one reason I’m totally against any kind of body shaming. Skinny shaming, fat shaming, fashion shaming, etc… Just leave people be. Whether it’s Rinna, Jules on NY or anybody. Why is it okay to do that? And it’s usually women insulting each other’s looks. It’s crazy!

    • I’m proud of you, Minky!

      • Minky

        Thanks lady. ?

      • KatherineNola

        Really proud of you minky!!! You go girl!! The day after my ex served me with divot papers I cut off 9″. He had been obsessed with me having long hair. So I had a shorter bob. It was totally freeing. But y’all ar right, life trauma, we cut our hair!!!!

      • KatherineNola

        Pleaase excuse my typos! ?

  6. Jaana

    I cut my hair really short after a breakup once. It felt so good. I felt free and like the wind was gathering at my back to push me forward.

      • Jaana

        Thank you.

      • Minky

        Yay to you Jaana! We think of our hair as something that houses our strength. When you’ve gone through something difficult you cut it off, partly because you don’t need that strength anymore and because you’re sick of always having to be strong. It’s like you’re saying: “I need a damn break!”

  7. Hate the hair. Not an LVP rabid fan, but can’t stand Rinna. Hope she gets a different story line next Season. Truth cannon is so overdone.

    • Cupcake Scholar

      I totally agree. Trying to modify other people’s behavior is a lost cause. Maybe she will build her storyline around her fashion line which is quite nice I must admit. As adults, we choose what we want to participate in and have the ability to control our own behavior. In other words, “Girl, bye. Control your own darn life choices and leave folks alone.”

  8. Mzjulesaz

    Love the old hair and have for years. Tonight’s style, SCARY!

  9. Sam

    She should’ve stuck with her old style. It looked great and was classic . I feel like as women get older, we learn what really works for us and we don’t have to always be experimenting with different things like we did in our inexperienced and insecure days. Now that’s not to say that a change sometimes isn’t nice or needed, but if you’re happy with your look and it’s not dated, don’t mess with it. I feel like Rinna cares too much what other people think.

  10. susan

    I did not recognize rinna. She needs her hair helmet. Without it she looks like a rubber mask

  11. gapeachinsc

    I liked her new look very much – I like her old look too, but the new look is more up to date. I think we have a tendency to stay with particular hair styles, but it can to “date” us. It took years for my stylist (also a close personal friend) to bring me into this century, and honestly, I;m glad I did. It seems odd but it does give off a “hipper” vibe without actually trying. Sometimes the younger generation view us as “stuck” in the old days when we don’t update our looks.

  12. I adore Rinna’s old hair style! I wish everyone would leave her alone about her hair, it’s as cute as can be, and suits her very well, even if she has had the same style for 20 years. So? If anyone needs a new do it’s LVP…talk about dated. Now that people are ragging her ass about it (thanks to Brandi the Bitch), I especially hope she goes back to her old style and ignores their ignorant yammerings. She also has the most amazing eyes.

    I just cut 6 inches off my hair. I don’t think I’m ready for the nut house, or even considering putting a toe in the lady pond, but it’s getting hot, and it had become an annoyance.

    Bravowood Squares is the best game in the clubhouse, I wish he would play it every episode.

  13. Lindsay

    I guess Rinna truly is as impressionable as she says she is. Why anyone would take hair advice from someone who looks like they raided the dumpster out back of Weaves R Us is beyond me. Her old ‘do was very flattering to her face and style.
    Way to go. You just gave Brandi endless satisfaction.

  14. Bonton32

    Lisa Rinna seemed a tad irrational to me this year, as did that WWHL hair-do.

  15. JoJoFLL

    I just want to point out that Adrienne is successful and respected in the yachtie world. Ben wasn’t working on yachts in the off season, he was catering.

    No one will hire the people that were assholes on Below Deck. Kat, Ben, and Kate are not working on yachts.

    Good for Kate but I have a feeling she didn’t dump Ben. Maybe she’ll be back for season four.

  16. Toni Lee Gildea

    I like Lisa Rinna, but I thought the new hair style was a joke at first. She had this odd dark hairline thing going on, and it looked like Ben’s hairline. I kept waiting for the punchline. Never came. 😉

  17. Julia

    I agree with the concept that rinna is telling the truth about LVP encouraging her.. But at the end of the day, as a grown woman, i could be pressured all day but still be true to myself and my beliefs. Growing up, our parents never let us blame someone else when it came to our culpability. Any “buts,” “he/she did,” “they told me to” invalidated our apologies. It seems like Lisa rinna’s “owning” it always involves someone else taking partial blame. To me, “owning it” is assuming responsibility for yourself only. What difference does it make to drag someone else down when you are both wrong?

    On another note- Does anyone (TT) have news on the mother daughter experiment? I keep checking on demand for updates, and nothing!

  18. AKA Riley

    I just can’t watch WWHL anymore. Andy is a cunt. There. I said it. I feel better.

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