Teresa Giudice’s Upcoming Court Cases Just Got Interesting

Teresa Gives FANTASTIC Bagel Head!

Teresa Gives FANTASTIC Bagel Head!

There are a few little things to report on Teresa’s Giudice’s court case against her former bankruptcy lawyer, James Kridel.  Personally, I find Teresa’s constant attempt to find anyone to blame for her actions sad and ridiculous.

Kridel feels much the same way I do and asked the judge to throw out the case.  His stance is obvious, Teresa  went to jail for mortgage and bankruptcy fraud. Even it if he did something to cause her bankruptcy filing to be fraudulent, she had lots of federal charges not related to the bankruptcy at all. Like all those fraudulent meetings with bankers where she produced fake W-2s from jobs she knew full well she didn’t have.  Teresa has lied repeatedly about her assets, and most importantly she signed  documents she reviewed that left off most of her actual assets during the bankruptcy filing and she signed a plea deal!

Despite all of that, a judge ruled against Kridel and is allowing Teresa to go on with her ridiculous case. To me this is a non-story.  Idiots can file whatever cases they feel like paying lawyers for with little to any actual legal standing. I read this information and decided it was not particularly newsworthy and didn’t change a thing. The case is still moving forward at the usual glacial pace.

But then, something sort of interesting did happen. Last Friday, the original bankruptcy trustee, John Sywilok, showed up to court with a motion of his own!  Say what?  If you recall, because Teresa (and Joe) committed fraud in their bankruptcy filing, the bankruptcy was not discharged and Teresa (and Joe) still owe their creditors over $13 million dollars in unsecured debt. Instead of discharging the bankruptcy, Sywilok attempted to seize assets to be redistributed to the creditors who the Giudices fleeced. He was only able to recover less than $10,000 toward the over $13 million dollars due to the creditors.

So when he gets wind that Teresa has a lawsuit, no matter how ridiculous, that could result in a five million dollar judgment (if all the jurors are dropping acid during deliberations) Sywilok filed a motion with the court.

Basically, Sywilok has two major contentions, first he claims that because the cause of action in the bankruptcy malpractice case were done prior to any bankruptcy being filed, (and eventually denied) that any judgment by the courts would be an asset of the bankruptcy estate and not the listed plaintiff.  Therefore, he requests that the bankruptcy case be reopened and assigned a trustee.  Sywilok says that the trustee assigned to the case will then determine if there is any meaningful dividend that can be divided and returned to the creditors.

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That trustee will also motion to replace the plaintiff (Teresa) as the actual harmed party. This would essentially give Teresa no standing in the case at all and any award by the court would be divided among the debtors.

A hearing has been set on this matter for May 24,2016.

While I would love for the court to remove Teresa as the plaintiff of her own case, I honestly do not see that regardless of whoever is plaintiff  that anyone  has a case. I believe that Kridel will win the case either way and could in fact win attorneys fees from whoever the plaintiff ends up being.  Also how would the bankruptcy trustee argue fraud in a situation between an attorney and a client?

And that’s the tea.


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16 responses to “Teresa Giudice’s Upcoming Court Cases Just Got Interesting

  1. Room with a Viewer

    Technology has substantially changed legal malpractice cases. Whereas in the good old days, most of the communication occured by phone or in person, nowadays everyone is texting and e-mailing, so it is significantly easier to prove something one way or the other than when it was a client’s word against a lawyer’s.

  2. More Tea Please!

    Do you suppose her current lawyer is working on a contingency basis? Nuts!

    • Dee

      She is,an idiot!! So is the lawyer who thought she had a case. On second thought she gives idiots a bad name!

  3. JoJoFLL

    OMG these depositions will be a dream!! Oh please let this happen!!

  4. Gapeachinsc

    That gif, in that spot, was gold for me! I’m reading this on my phone and it was awesome seeing it when I scrolled down. This really is interesting though. She’s got so much nerve but the smart assed side of me thinks she kinda deserves to be fucked with if nothing but for just for the laughs alone. (And I actually like her.)

  5. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Greed and stupidity, a lethal combination.

    • Minky

      You can say that again Yoya! What is it with Wives and their frivolous court cases not getting dismissed like regular folks’ cases probably would? Are they “connected” or something?

  6. Dracla Dunning

    Teresa will never learn that sometimes it is best to let sleeping dogs lie.
    If that bagel on the top of her head was a speech bubble, it would be saying “duh”.

    • Minky

      Mmm hmm. Yes to that Dracla. To your “duh” I would add “I love, love, love my fambly.”

    • DJ

      “it is best to let sleeping dogs lie” was EXACTLY what I was thinking as I was reading this… WHY drag up more shit? She did her time, PAY THE FINE… and move on down the line… She is opening a can of worms and subjecting herself to more problems… just let it go!

  7. HiKitty

    I have to comment, that is the best picture of T ever, I lol’ed!

  8. It’s such a pity that the people the Guidices screwed over will never get paid.

  9. This gave me life when I read about it a while back. I hope someone sat Tre down and explained to her what it all means. They screwed people over and that’s not ok. I truly think she still has not learned that one simple lesson.

    The only thing I’m wondering is, if they find that Kriedel did screw up, will the Giudices then be able to refile for bankruptcy and get those debts dismissed. I’ve been wondering if that is the long range plan. I don’t see how it could happen, but I’m not that well versed in bankruptcy laws in NJ.

    • gapeachinsc

      I doubt they would get their debts dismissed – afterall, look at all their ill gotten gain. I used to think Teresa just “plays dumb” but I’m starting to think she really is dumb…I’m sure everything has been explained and more than once. This is just one of the reasons I find her so entertaining, although I do feel bad for the folks they ripped off. Things happen – the company I used to work for did something very similar to the Emron deal – we all lost every bit of money we invested but the board made millions each on our losses. Do you think they were brought to justice???? Hell no!!! And this is just one example. Our government and these so called “movers and shakers” have been ripping us off for years…they will never be made accountable – at least the Guidices had to do some time…the folks that ripped us off got PAID while our government looked the other way.

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