RHOBH Reunion Part 3 Recap: Apologies Not Included

RHOBH reunion looks
I am once again very behind because I thought this was coming on at 9 p.m.  Did they move it for Below Deck Mediterranean?  I can’t wait for the new Below Deck. But first we have to get through this.

We begin with LVP’s dramatic revelation of being in an abusive relationship. Andy thinks it is odd that she didn’t share this information when others were talking about abusive relationships.  Odd indeed. Kathryn says that LVP has been very vulnerable with her a couple of times. Eileen says that LVP has a lot more compassion for dogs than she does for people. Andy is not ride or die for LVP in this episode, that is for sure. Andy keeps asking LVP if she has a hard time apologizing.

Erika goes after Kathryn for her backstabbing ways. Oh wait, first we have to debate if it’s okay to use certain words. #WordPolice  Erika points out that Kathryn called LVP a “harmless old lady.” Kathryn denies it. Erika reads Kathryn for filth.

Yolanda talks about all of LVPs manipulations. A viewer wants to know why Tom calling her an alligator didn’t bother her but everyone saying she is a spider in her web. Kathryn says she has never heard LVP say a bad word about anything. Was that before or after she got hearing aids? Because everyone else’s jaw dropped at this ludicrous form of sucking up. Can we people move on? EVERYONE with a brain knows that LVP is the biggest manipulator of them all and quite quick to make nasty comments about others. The only reason why we are having another bash LVP reunion is because on occasion certain casts feel the need to point it out for those random watchers who are slow on the uptake.

RHOBH LisavWe get a video from Brandi. She says that likes Kyle better when she is not around LVP. She congratulations Kathryn on her hot younger husband. She compliments Eileen for standing up to LVP. Oh and she loves her hair and suggests she share her hairstylist with Rinna. She says that Rinna is not bipolar. She is seriously nuttier than squirrel shit. She compliments Erika on figuring out right away that LVP is a sniper from the side, because it took her five years to figure that out. She says LVP is a genius at changing the narrative. Brandi admits she did LVP’s dirty work for her.

LVP is furious with Andy for playing this ridiculous video for the ladies. It really is a shitty thing to do. As LVP says, she was fired from the show and now she just gets to sit there sipping wine and insulting everyone and we just have to sit here and take it? No one even wants to respond to her.

LVP brings up that she and Kyle laughed about some of Yolanda’s bizarre Instagram. LVP defends Ken calling Rinna a whole string of names.  The other women agree if their husband had done that they would be appalled. Well, not Kyle because Mauricio has called LVP (I think, it might I have been Brandi) a bitch when they were in Puerto Rico.

We see a lot of scenes with Ken saying rude things about the other women. LVP doesn’t have a problem with it.

Rinna says that LVP told her to bring up the Munchausen and to pretend to be upset of the bipolar comments from Yolanda when she didn’t really care she said it.  Finally, LVP and Kyle agree that they all talked about Munchausen before they did it on film. DUH! Why is this news. Why did it take Kyle and LVP so long to admit it? Kyle once again admits that LVP did try to throw her under the bus. She just isn’t bothered by it.

Andy says to LVP that there have been a lot of accusations made against her today, but pretty much everyone. Is there anyone she would like to apologize to? LVP says no.


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150 responses to “RHOBH Reunion Part 3 Recap: Apologies Not Included

  1. Well, here’s to a watchable season next time. Thanks TT. Going back to watching Grandchester.

    • gluedtothepc

      Did anyone catch what Eileen’s word was for Rinna at the end, and Rinna’s word for Lisa V.? My recording cut off. (Just posting this up top in hopes someone will see it, haha!) Thanks!

  2. Lime Brain

    I noticed that the husbands of the women who said that they would be appalled if their husbands spoke the way that Ken did pretty much refuse to be filmed on the show.

  3. Minky

    Aaaaaaand SCENE!

    Wow! It’s over, right? What a shitty assed season!!! I gotta say: That photo of gold lame-ed Pinky with her sneering face is priceless. To borrow from Young Mr. Grace on “Are You Being Served?”: You’ve done very well Tamara!

  4. Tara

    I think that Ken says those things because he sees that LVP is hurt. Right or wrong, he has her back 100% of the time. He does not just start talking shit for no reason.

    • swizzle

      If another woman hurt my feelings, my husband would not resort to calling her names like some teenager. And it wasn’t once. It was many times. Face it, Ken is a nasty old coot.

    • That’s the way I see it. Ken really loves Lisa. The way he talks about the women is in anger that anyone would speak about his wife in that way. Frankly, I think the women must have a least a tinge of jealously that they are so unsupported. I’d be pissed if some lady I thought was my wife’s friend decided to start a smear campaign against her on national TV. That would be because I love my wife and feel the need to protect her.

      Lisa sticking up for Ken on the reunion is how she supports him. Supportive husbands must be a foreign commodity in Beverly Hills.

      • pokerplayer

        Yeah, Lisa and Ken have each other’s backs, right or wrong, I don’t agree with some of the stuff the 2 of them say at times.

      • It’s not necessary to call women bad names in order to support or protect your woman. Ken is a grumpy old man that needs to get in his rocker and stay there, since it’s obvious to me anyway, that he’s becoming a bit dodgy in the head.

      • queenmarie

        ITA with you Thomas Crane—-my husband always said the same type of things—only a little worse LOL. He was always on my side just like Ken is with Lisa. He really does love her and she loves him so much.

    • microop

      Look its nice to have a partner that has your back. But he could say a million things in support that aren’t degrading. Both of them jump face first in the mud. I mean LVPs blogs are always the dirtiest.

      • puravidacostarica

        Absolutely agree. The mask worn by Lisa V. Has fallen, and people don’t like what they see.

  5. therealdeb

    I just have to say that I love Erika! I also sis love that Brandi got a few digs in, I also think Kyle is a much better person than when she is with Lisa. Not a Kyle fan and I have always love LVP but she was just too much this season.

  6. Tara

    Also this has been one of the worse ROBH seasons ever! Maybe because it was starting as the Brooks shit was dying down. Damn it Bravo! No more fake sickness! Give us fake friends, fake money, fake boyfriends- I don’t give a fuck. Just no more of the – is she? Or isn’t she sick!

  7. I think Erika is a cunt.

    • Minky

      Hahaaa! Love it. Can I sit at your table? ?

      • Dee

        Me too?! Why do people do the show that have secrets? Tamara was right, she’s a paid friend of Yolanda’s.

      • CaliSteve

        Of course!

      • CaliSteve

        Our table would be the fun table!

      • VioletBlue

        @Dee – “Tamara was right, she’s a paid friend of Yolanda’s.”

        I agree with that, but I was also thinking that maybe Erika wanted to slam LVP after she asked Erika if her husband was good in the sack.

        Erika’s mouth immediately clamped shut – only for a split sec – but if you really paid attention, you could see she absolutely bristled!!! She recovered quickly.

        Then to top it off, LVP’s talking head was a light-hearted, yet snarky, devilish laugh.

      • puravidacostarica

        Remember, Lisa V is the one who joked about having sex once a year with Ken. C’mon, people, how many of you want to take even a guess at when she last sucked his cock?

    • Josie

      Save me a seat!

    • And a humorless, smug one at that. I doubt so many people would “love” her without her husband’s money.

      • gluedtothepc

        I really enjoyed Erika until I found out she basically left her son to be raised in NY, while she went to LA to ‘make it’ in Hollywood. That, plus her agenda to help Yolanda this season, took some of the shine off of her for me. I appreciate her wit, but I appreciate Vanderpump’s more.

        Much like Kyle, many of us watchers know that Lisa V. is good at manipulation and driving storylines and we just don’t care. What would this show be without someone trying to stir the pot? We enjoy what she brings to the table, with her fabulous lifestyle and dry humor, and I for one didn’t enjoy the piling on that was done toward the end of the season, and especially at the reunion. And I agree 100% that Brandi had no place at that reunion, and particularly on video.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I keep flip flopping back and forth on whether I like her. I just keep trying to picture her in bed with the old coot. There’s no possible way she enjoys it.

      • Minky

        For now, I just don’t like Erika. It’s so ridiculous with her.

        Yoya! I love your avatar! We all know who that is, but it reminds me of the episode of Lucy where she’s trying to lose weight so she can be in Ricky’s show. Sqweeeeeee!

      • Jaana

        I think Erika has a few toys in the back of that closet of hers. Or someone in that glam squad isn’t gay as she would like us to believe.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Thanks Minky! Someone down thread brought up Yolanda’s pop-tart impression and the memory made me lol. I had to change my avi because it brings me such joy :)

      • Dracla Dunning

        Yoya, your avatar reminds me of an engorged tick right after it has fallen off its host. How fitting for Yolanda to appear that way with the whole Lyme disease excuse.

    • Lawstangel

      NEVER liked her….

  8. Chandler

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but did Andy ever establish why a video of Brandi drinking and insulting the current housewives was appropriate? Did he allow the same courtesy to any other former wives? No.

    It seems as though Andy is trying to alienate LVP more than ever this season–and if LVP doesn’t walk or demand a huge salary increase (aka Bethenny) she is a fool to stay. And I don’t believe LVP is anyone’s fool. My two cents.

    • swizzle

      He did not, but most of the women did talk about Brandi during the season, so it seems only fair that she had her chance too. If they had never mentioned her, it would have been a different story.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        She was barely even mentioned. I don’t think it warranted a video of her insulting the others.

      • Lime Brain

        The Brandi video was filler. There’s only so much you can discuss about Lisa being manipulative.

    • justmee80

      LVP needed just what Brandi gave her she’s a old troll

    • Susie

      Hi. I wondered the same thing. Why did Andy bring in the irrelevant Brandi video? Her sole purpose was to insult Lisa Vanderpump. We already heard enough of it. If Brandi had any class, which she doesn’t, she would say she enjoyed watching the season and maybe add that she agrees with Lisa R about feeling manipulated and leave it at that. Instead Brandi made an ass out of herself by going overboard. Andy disappointed me by airing her tired rant.

      • Andy Cohen is a bitch. I know Brandi asked him to air her video and he likes Brandi because she is trash like him. Humiliating to all!

    • That grating video of the unwashed pig that is Brandi was just another one of Andy’s pile ups on Lisa Vanderpump. I guess he thought he could save an abysmally produced season by jumping on Lisa V. at the reunion. I don’t know why she would give Andy a chance to bash her for entertainment again. She should leave the show. She doesn’t need it, the other one advertises all of her products and causes, and this one is just a headache. Andy turned the reunion into a pity party for Yolanda, and never asked her a single question, like is it true that you went to 100 doctor before you found one that would give you the diagnosis of Lyme’s disease? Isn’t that in itself a bit unusual. Have you been seen by a psychiatrist? Can you really get platinum blonde hair holistic dye for your hair at Whole foods? What was with the greasy hair and pony tail all season. The dingy sweater sets and the no makeup? Was that supposed to prove something? He was furious that Ramona wouldn’t talk about her divorce, but it’s o.k. that Yolanda doesn’t because she is sick.
      Andy is such a pri**. That show would die without Vanderpump. And hope she does it. And Eileen? OMG. The woman goes around and around and around in circles babbling about apologies until it is she that owes the world an apology for speaking. No wonder Vinnie stares off into bored silence when she starts talking. The woman makes zero sense. What a terrible season.

    • Because Andy is a dick

    • microop

      The stupid thing was it didn’t add any value to the reunion.

    • JoJo

      I recall that Andy said ‘because you all talked about her all season” when asked by LVP why he’d give her a ‘platform.’
      She basically had as much friend time as Kim and Kim was given an appearance at the Reunion. And the current cast talked about both of them all season. So my guess is the less of all evils was to give Brandi taped time in lieu of bringing her on with Kim.

  9. Rolly

    Don’t like Erika. Can’t stand Rinna and Her pinched rat face. Rinna was annoyingly over the top trying to blame LVP. Having Brandi on the show to be petty was stupid & failed.. Like how LVP checked Andy on his shady ways. Eileen is an adultery crying punk. So over Yolanda who seems to be getting better. Maybe divorce had her feeling better. Like how Kyle stuck up for LVP.

    • Tp

      I second that! All of it !

    • Susie

      Agree. Lisa Rinna was way over the top. She has misplaced anger about something other than Lisa Vanderpump. Why get so worked-up? Her trying to call Lisa out repeatedly to “own it” was childish. She is angry at Vanderpump? No one forced Rinna to repeat gossip. Instead of making Vanderpump look bad she showed us how nasty she can be. She acts like a sore loser. Vanderpump said she was sorry for doubting Yolanda. She owned it.

    • Brandi’s taped segment was cringe worthy. Brandi came off as even more unlikeable if that is even possible. And Andy came off as a douche.

  10. marc

    LVP leave ? Never.

    • Meredo

      I don’t know why LVP stays after repeatedly being treated like shit from Andy. It’s obvious he doesn’t like her, in fact he seems to automatically like any HW who doesn’t like LVP. I think that’s why her fans are so eager to defend her. They see her getting the shaft from the HWs and Andy taking their side. I would not come back if I were her. She hasn’t done anything to warrant the way she gets attacked season after season. She’s not perfect but the punishment doesn’t fit the crime as far as I’m concerned. This is how I see it and why I tend to dislike the other HWs. It seems as though all they focus on is taking down LVP, season after season. It gets tiresome to watch her constantly having to deal with this. As I said, if I were LVP, I would not come back, but that’s just me.

      • I think it’s all about the business, Meredo. If she doesn’t need HW, she will quit.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I don’t understand why Andy wouldn’t LOVE LVP. If she’s been manipulating people to drive storylines, shouldn’t he be thanking her? If Rinna had stuck to her guns with the Munchausen thing, it would have been an EXCELLENT storyline. Instead she became too scared about what others thought of her and backed out.

      • I don’t think she will be back.

      • puravidacostarica

        Throw down the gauntlet — if Lisa V doesn’t need RHOBH, then she won’t be back. Let’s see, shall we?

    • Meredo

      I’m sure you’re right, as always, Lisamia. ❤️

      • beauxblue

        from what I’ve read her restaurants are mediocre at best, they’re not the kind of places locals go to on a regular basis, they’ve become tourist traps that thrive because of her celebrity status. if she leaves housewives she looses her relevance and it affects her business. lvp is who she is, the producers manipulate so does she.

      • Actually, I went to Pump a few months ago and it was very good. It’s about 15 miles from where I live–they all are, so we don’t go there regularly, but I would go again.

      • Lawstangel

        Disagree re: restaurants, the lest impressive which is Villa Blanca has a strong lunch crowd from the surrounding area. SUR is pretty touristy but PUMP is the crown jewel. We went last year on Mothers Day, it’s a beautiful place, has good food and good service. We sat next to Chaz Dean who lives down the street. PUMP is always busy.

    • puravidacostarica

      Gotta earn those legal fees! She may not like it but she is as much a fame whore as anyone else.

  11. QueenB

    The best part of this reunion was LVP NOT apologizing. I hope she gets a big fat raise for next season. If I were in her shoes, that would be the only way I would return.

    I wonder what Eileen’s story line will be next season. She clearly doesn’t have anything interesting going on in her life.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Oh, I think she absolutely has interesting things going on in her life. She just doesn’t want to share it on RH, so she just jumped into everyone else’s stupid shit. And this was the worst season of RHOBH to date.
      I love how Yolanda and LVP are still pretending to care about each other. Must be for Yo’s kids.

    • Friday'smom

      Yes I thought her refusal to apologize to them was the one honest moment of the whole season… Clearly they never accept her apologies anyway. The faux outrage levels all season have been at an all time high. I thought we got to see the real Erica for the first time.

    • Sweet T

      Yolanda’s face was also honest during the reunion. She smiled and looked to the side at Erika when Kathryn said lvp never said anything bad about anyone. Yolanda’s smirks revealed a lot about how she feels

  12. Miguel

    Congrats TT, on making it through one of the crappiest seasons of RHOBH with your sanity and wit in tact!!! I won’t hold my breath that Andy and Bravo will get this right; as I fear the cameo Housewives, Brandi & Kim, will be back – YUCK :(

    • NO Miquel NO! shhhhh, please don’t speak it into the universe, lest it become manifested :)

      • Minky

        Oh Gingersnap, honey! If the universe listened to one goddamn word I ever said I’d be able to fit into anything smaller than a size 12, have a gorgeous, successful, handsome husband who adored me, and I would have been way farther along in my career by now.

        Hey, Universe! Did you hear me?! Help a bitch out!

      • Marla

        Hey Universe! I’ll take what Minky ordered.

  13. Miguel

    Did anyone notice that Yo is the only happy housewife, in TT’s picture above? Game, set, match to Yolanda – she got everyone to buy her lemons and turn on Lisa V in one fell swoop. Talk about the cat that ate the canary…

    • Sabrina

      Sure, Yo got away with murder; she went through three hours of reunion with little or nothing said or asked about her divorce, and zero hard questions about the illness” and “treatments”. It’s interesting that so much of the season could be focused on her illness and quest for attention/money from the divorce, while significant reunion time was spent on a discussion not on film, that was minor in the scheme of things. Andy gave Yolanda several lay-up questions that allowed her to appear to be just “sharing my opinion” while skewering LVP. Its clear that the producers knew no one wanted any more time spent allowing Yo to praise herself about Lyme, so they focused on these minor issues with LVP to change the topic.

      It’s apparent that the recent hires have been allowed to demand some topics in their lives not be touched- like Rinna’s marriage and husband, and, apparently ED talked them out of covering her marriage troubles. I bet that the same is true of Erika. Which leaves the producers with a few women who allow their families/issues to be discussed- until they shut that down. Then what is left? Apparently, LVP and her husband- that is the only explanation I can come up with that makes any sense.

      Otherwise, this session was reduced to allowing the women to attach halos to themselves, while going after LVP. I thought ED’s objection that she was made to look tough or attacking( I don’t remember the exact phrase) priceless- since that is exactly what she was doing- and she and Rinna derived so much glee from it.

      These were wasted hours, to me.

      Aren’t LVP and Kyle exec producers of BH , TT? So of course they are involved in creating storylines- and the others are jealous of their ability to influence the process. Kyle, I am sure, felt she needed a season off after last year with Kim,(as did the viewers ) so it was LVP’s turn for the bad edit and the challenges.

  14. Shirley

    Omg I can’t with the LVP trolls! Talk about denial!! This ppl are drinking water from the Nile river!! Geez!!

  15. microop

    I didn’t hate this season. Brandi and Kim were gone, so it was much more enjoyable. Erica was fun. Katherine’s husband was hot. And LVP kind of got exposed. Kyle threw some good shade. I’m excited for next season. I say keep them all (if Yolanda is “cured”, if not she needs to go. But I do want to see her and LVP have it out).

  16. Lurker

    It was very tacky and unnecessary to have the clip from Brandi. I’m so glad they aired Vanderpump calling Andy on his shit.

    Of course Vanderpump said the stuff off camera. Who the fuck cares?? It’s a reality tv show and they all plot on each other and form strategic alliances. They’re Hollywood friends and not real friends.

    Eileen and Lisa R. were insufferable. Every word out of their mouth was about LVP.

    It says a lot about Eileen that she redecorated her house after Brandi insulted it on national TV.

    • Swizzle

      The cast talked smack about Brandi during the season. I think it wa fine to give her a few minutes. I thought it was pretty funny…mostly to watch LVPs outrage. Please.

    • Tp

      I’m calling bs on Brandi complimenting Eileen’s hair this season. It still looks like shit. In fact, Eileen needs to hop on a time machine and punch in 2-0-1-6. Surely her c***y friend Erika Jane has one she could hitch a ride on.

      • Jujue

        I wish someone on the couches had noticed & called out Brandy’s nasty pasties showing through her top. Like just wear a damn bra. ? Instead, they sat there looking so bothered.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      @Lurker I noticed Eileen redid her house too. Talk about insecure. Brandi meant it was American Gothic style and there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t even think she was trying to insult Eileen. Or maybe she was? In any case, not a thing wrong with American Gothic style.

  17. Gracious

    Thank god this season is over!!

  18. iloveearlgrey

    Yolanda is unbearable. Lyme disease my ass. All of a sudden, she’s cured y’all! Leaky silicone tit and/or divorce shenanigans for the win, if she even has anything physical going on at all. She was so fucking gleeful when she was badgering Rinna about Kim, disclosing that LVP and Mohammed don’t talk, and being overall obnoxious and butting in every-fucking-where she could. In a battle between LVP & Yolanda, I hope LVP slaps the sour lemons right out of Yolanda’s mouth. Kyle was great this season. I love Eileen, but the soap opera voice has to go. I also looooove Erika and the zero fucks she gives. She couldn’t be bothered with Andy, and I fucking loved it.

  19. There goes both these STORY LINES next Season pleae>>>>No Lyme or any other disease. No LVP the evil mastermind manipulator (she scored big on the 50/52 year old, lol)

  20. There was not even enough good reunion drama for 1 episode – 3 was ridiculous. There better be a lost footage episode with LVP saying ‘there goes our fucking storyline’ or I’m done with this crappy show.

  21. alex1986

    Eileen really wanted to go after LVP. She was constantly interjecting comments under her breath or out loud about LVP. I cannot understand why Eileen goes on and on about the Munchausen conversation and she had nothing to do with it. But she’s certain LVP is lying and Lisa R is telling the truth regarding how the “word” even came up. Lisa R claims her hairdresser brought it up to her but now Lisa R and Eileen are certain LVP and Kyle mentioned it first.

    I also found it interesting that Yolanda and the other girls thought Ken calling Lisa R those names was appauling and /or inappropriate but everyone was fine with Erika using the c— word in a derogatory manner while talking to Kathryn.

    Yolanda needs to go. She adds nothing valuable to the show or the reunion.

    • Psylocke

      You really don’t understand the difference between a grown, married man calling his wife’s friends dumb bitches, and a woman trying to reclaim the word cunt?

      So much for the nuances of language.

      • Minky

        It’s hard to have an alternative opinion on this matter without starting a riot of some kind. I was told when I was young: “If you heard it, then it was said to you.” Sometimes people hear too damn much. Ya know what I’m saying’?

      • Hiba

        She wasn’t trying to reclaim the word ‘cunt’ in how she addressed Kathryn. She used it in a derogatory way.

  22. If LVP gets ANY more ” work” done to her face…she’ll have to learn sighn launguage.

    • Ktina

      She looks terrible

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I thought she looked gorgeous this reunion!

      • It helped a lot that she had Erika to copy from…which in itself spoke volumes. Of ALL the dresses she had at her disposal, she picked on that looked like Erika’s, and I don’t care if LVP wore the whole dress, while Erika wore the top only. That’s not the point. The viewers didn’t know that since Erika was sitting down anyway. I think that was one of LVP’s attempts at one-upmanship, a way to attain superiority. What it showed me is that LVP is very insecure (and I thought it was very FUNNY) about Erika, as she well should be. Erika doesn’t strike me as the type to play games, especially LVP’s since she’s totally on to her, and it didn’t take her very long to have her figured out either.

  23. JustJenn

    I went from loving Eileen to hating her..I may like her even less than Yolanda. Her behavior at the reunion was so appalling she just kept on and on and on and on about the same bullshit and every single time that someone attacked LVP Eileen jumped in like a crazed fool. Ugh.

    • Lime Brain

      It’s because she had zero else to talk about.

      • Lime Brain

        Now that I think about it. I wish Lisa V. Just admitted that she manipulated Lisa Rinna in the first 5 minutes of the reunion. Then they could all just sit there and stare at each other for the next 10 hours of taping because there was nothing else to talk about.

        I know that Lisa encouraged the Munchausen story, but the other women keep attacking her to deflect from what’s going on in their own lives.

      • JustJenn

        That would have been perfect! Here’s a 5 minute reunion and 2 hours and 55 minutes of Yolanda’s journey lol

  24. Katherine 2.0

    Just found out that May is both Lyme Awareness AND Mental Health month.

  25. Shae

    I will never complain about the quality of a RHOBH season after the excruciating disaster last year was with Kim and Brandi. I said if they got rid of both of them I’d never complain again lol

    It was painful to watch LVP squirm, Eileen was being direct, clear, sincere and fair and Lvp was just dodging. It was believable when Eileen apologized for hurting LVP’s feelings, if inadvertently, and telling that despite Eileen telling LVP umpteen million times she offended and hurt her, LVP couldn’t manage one, single, sincere apology- only her half baked bs to placate Eileen. LVP is better than that, she should act accordingly.

    I do think Kyle is a bit battered by all the horrible situations she’s been in with her sisters, I think she does sweep her feelings under the rug sometimes in the interest of peace and harmony which is why she was so quick to let the bit with LVP go. She totally backs Rinna, she just doesn’t care.

    I was rather disappointed to hear Katherine say Erika was talking smack about all the ladies on the Dubai trip, I wanted to think better of her. Criticizing the ladies’ hair/makeup? Not everyone flies a glam squad with them around the globe, be real. I still like her, I just found that a tad disappointing.

    I also have to agree with the ladies that although I fully understand Ken defending Lisa and having her back, i would be disgusted and angry with my husband if he attacked ladies that way. he could’ve used different, less aggressive language. It also makes me think he didn’t really like the ladies to start with, despite what LVP said, if he is willing to think they’re scum the instant they get into a fight with his wife. Those couldn’t be very strongly held friendships if you’re so quick to dismiss them when someone says or does something you don’t like.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Great post, Shae. I, too, was disappointed in that revelation about Erika, along with the “sorry for hurting your feelings but not sorry for what I said” apology to LVP. They’re cut from the same cloth.
      I don’t give Ken a pass for his poor choice of words, but acknowledge that he’s old and cranky and seems to have had his fill of this phony drama after all these years. He should have been aiming that venom at Andy Cohen.

    • Friday'smom

      The other husbands don’t really film. I understand Ken completely and agree with him about Rinna. Eileen’s apology was the same as all of LVP’s during the season. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings but not sorry for what I said. No. Different. The only person I saw manipulating over the season was Eileen… Sorry Eileen you need to own it.

      • Shae

        Eileen didn’t say that, Eileen said “I’m very sorry for hurting your feelings, I didn’t intend to, that was not my goal.” and when LVP reiterated she thought Eileen was being “mean” during the season, Eileen explained she wasn’t, she was just being honest about what she felt and saw. She sincerely meant she was sorry for hurting LVP, she didn’t qualify the apology.

        I don’t think that is even remotely like all the bs apologies LVP gave :”I’m sorry for asking you too many questions”, “I’m sorry I asked you about your life”, “I’m sorry I asked you the wrong questions”, and then finally “I’m very sorry I hurt your feelings, I didn’t mean to” (and two seconds later, admits she didn’t mean a word of it and laughed.

        If you can look at LVP and Eileen and think Eileen is the manipulator, that is pretty astounding. Eileen comes off as someone who can’t stand discomfort and discord and tries, too much sometimes, to speak her feelings and resolve it. LVP is the exact opposite and over many seasons of the show has shown herself to be a very effective architect, let’s say, of narrative. I don’t mean it maliciously, as I like LVP, but I see that front and center- she runs shit and she pulls the strings. That is not Eileen’s personality or character.

      • Katherine 2.0

        To clarify, and maybe unnecessarily, but I was referencing Erika’s “apology” to LVP, not Eileen’s.

      • Shae

        Katherine, I got you, I was responding to Friday’s Mom re: the apology :)

  26. Friday'smom

    When my 10 year is lying about things he gets all agitated and offended that he is doubted. The story gets bigger and more elborate in an attempt to make you believe. Sometimes he brings his bestie Matteo in for support. Lisa Rinna dancing around screaming own it and changing the story every 4 minutes or so, and Eileen affirming “her truth” is just like that. I guess Eileen is the one who gets to decide what the truth is, so pompous and judgemental… Must be so fun to be married to her.

    • gapeachinsc

      Didn’t Lisa Rinna say that she and Kyle had discussed it at dinner the night before and LVP wasn’t there? I could have sworn that was one of her explanations – which would then make sense as to why LVP was worried that Kyle would be brought into it…because she and Rinna had discussed it the night before. I still maintain that LVP may manipulate but these are grown women – Rinna is 50+ and if she allows herself to be manipulated like that then she is extremely immature as well as foolish.

      • Shae

        Yes, Rinna said she and Kyle discussed it at dinner at Shu, LVP was not there. Clearly Kyle told LVP, because she knew about it and spoke to Rinna about it before the whole scene where Rinna came to LVP’s house and spoke about it on camera.

        She’s been saying that from the start, I don’t know why people think her story has changed. She pointed out that Kyle and LVP both knew about it before she spoke about it on camera and that it was fake how they acted all shocked when she did. They had been texting and trading pictures questioning Yolanda prior, but she was the one who brought the term “munchausen” into the equation- they simply knew about it and discussed it prior to it airing on the show. She also said LVP called her several times encouraging her to bring it up.

        I think it makes perfect sense and I don’t see the inconsistency. I think Rinna and Kyle’s stories match perfectly, LVP is the only one claiming otherwise.

      • JustJenn

        I thought it made sense, too. I like Kyle but when I found that out I was disappointed that Kyle acted so shocked and questioned why she’d be brought into it when Rinna told her first!

  27. More Tea Please!

    Does anybody else hate Yolanda’s dress? I think it’s awful!

    • Toni

      I kinda like Yolanda’s dress, I’d never wear it myself but she carries it well.

      This reunion was boring and did not need to be three parts.

      It occurred to me while watching that part of the boredom came from Eileen and Lisa Rinna not having storylines of their own. Rinna tagged along to everyone else’s events and was shown prepping for those various trips, Eileen had the trip for her sisters ashes and a fight with her hubby. I think they were more likable their first season because you saw them doing more than just gossip about other people. Even Yolanda had more storyline than those two.

      • Meri

        I thought that Yo’s dress looked like a slip or something you wear to bed. Maybe she brought her own cot and was prepared to lie down at any given moment. After all, she is so, so sick.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      It’s hideous. What up with the flesh-toned mesh parts? Yuck.

      • I hated it…I kept trying to like it because it had potential, but after all was said and done, I still hated it.

      • Lime Brain

        Her dress looked like it takes a lot of energy and thought to make sure it stayed correctly on her body. The very things that Yolanda supposedly doesn’t have.

      • Minky

        Hated Yolanda’s dress. She’s easily the worst dressed one there. Again, Bel Biv Devoe video vixen. I guess the 80’s are back for real.

    • gapeachinsc

      I did not like her dress and thought she looked older than she actually is.

  28. Meri

    I won’t be watching the next season (or any season) of any housewife show if they continue with the illness theme. I am tired of it and don’t believe most of it. Yolanda is a vicious person and it is SHE who is the biggest manipulator in the group. She has women who follow her around to do her bidding and confirm her terrible trials and tribulations. The instagram photo of Yo hatching out of that foil container was hilarious and ridiculous and I laughed at it too. I know that LVP is a manipulator and a lady who doesn’t like to admit that she’s wrong but I also think that she doesn’t think that she’s wrong and therefore, has nothing to apologize for. Right or wrong, that’s who she is and Kyle is right…she has more good qualities than bad. If they don’t like how she acts then don’t hang around her and don’t come on a show that she is obviously the star of. I NEVER want to hear “Own it” ever again. It is so trite and typical of someone grabbing on to a popular expression when they don’t have the ability to express themselves in an intelligent manner. Eileen was horrible and bitchy and she should go back to her soap and stay there. She is either over-acting or way too sensitive for this type of program. She and Rinna need to go. Erica is gorgeous and smart and a worthy opponent for LVP but I don’t like her and find her to be cold and just as unemotional as LVP. They should be great friends or even greater enemies. I can see them turning the next season into a total fight for who is HBIC. Katherine can’t compete with these women so she needs to slowly move away and never come back before they destroy her. Kyle will always sit on the fence and that is just who she is. LVP seems to know that and doesn’t care so they can continue being besties. As for Ken, I don’t blame him for defending his wife who he has seen being torn apart for several seasons. I would expect my husband to do the same. I admire him for defending his wife and having her back. Was he supposed to take the side of some witch who is hurting his wife? Thanks for the great recaps of this season since I didn’t watch it and got all of my info here instead.

    • Agree on all points, Meri.

    • Toni

      I wouldn’t mind another season of Rinna and Eileen if and only if they bring it. Let’s see some of their soapy friends, some behind the scenes at their acting gigs (and not at a QVC taping)…they seemed to start and never finish the Eileen redecorates storyline – I want to see that!

      The one I really can’t do another season of is Yolanda. We were sold a false bill of goods with that one….in the beginning it was lemon groves and Babyface, now it’s a robe and a condo.

    • Yolanda collects broken people that she can manipulote. Brandi, Kim – and just wait until we see Erika’s true colors next season.

  29. janet

    Katheryn calling LVP a harmless old lady, how embarassing for LVP. Kathryn is in her age group too!

  30. Frosty

    Finally! Maybe it’s just me but these housewives seasons are WAY too long. It felt like this season lasted 8 months! ALL the stories are too weak to last that long, no wonder I was bored. And aside from Munchausen fatigue, this season was also Peak Vanderpump for me. Now that LVP’s been outed for the wily manipulator she can be, the rest of the cast will have no excuse in the future for being her cat’s paw. I hope this storyline, too, is DUNZO.

  31. Sam

    I’m fucking pissed at this whole ridiculous farce. Everyone sat in that room for three episodes worth of repetitive nonsense while ignoring the giant, smug, journey-taking, white pants wearing elephant in the room. Not a single word about the utter bullshit that Yolanda has been spewing into the universe for months!?? They ALL have to know something isn’t right. It’s OK to hammer Kim Richards about whether she is using or in treatment, but no one can question Yolanda on her insane crap? Insulting to the viewer.

    • VioletBlue

      I agree Sam.
      Andy is afraid of her for some reason.

    • Sabrina

      Very well said- and key to the season. The single biggest issue was Yo’s illness and how literally insane her pursuit of the entire process was. The women were mostly afraid of/retreated from their early questions ( that is Rinna, ED and Erika) ad they spent the entire rest of the season avoiding dealing with the truth that everyone outside the show knew and were saying- that Yo has a serious mental problem- that requires treatment, but no one would address it directly. Instead, since they were not willing to have honest stories about themselves on the air, they avoided the issue and talked about nonsense, indulging Yo’s obvious dislike/jealousy of LVP by going after her on issues they knew were not fundamentally important to anything. It was high school mean girl nonsense spoken by high school mean girl without brains .

      A waste of my time, for sure- why watch any more of this if this is the best they can do after Brandi and Kim? The truth is, the season was so much more pleasant and enjoyable without Brandi and Kim that the producers did not have to work too hard to appease the audience. But they truly blew it- with this disappointment. There were so many ways they could have gone this season- such a shame.

  32. Susie

    It was a good season thanks to Erika, her husband, her fabulous house, and her bad dinner guests. And no Brandi was nice.

  33. GIA

    The more I know of Shep the less I like him. Last season he treated Craig like crap…clearly and weirdly jealous of Craig and just acted like an A-hole toward him. Landon tries to give him a nice birthday and he basically acts like a spoiled frat boy and then holier than thou…”I don’t like excluding people” with regard to Kathryn. Landon isn’t my favorite, but show some class and act like you appreciate when someone tries to do something nice for you. And what is it about all these guys and Kathryn? I mean seriously Landon is right when she says Kathryn doesn’t even have to be there and everyone is so concerned with her. Plus, when Landon was very nice to Kathryn and being supportive, Kathryn turned on her. And speaking of Kathryn, did anyone notice during her out take when she had just gotten off the show with Thomas, she’s just as pleased as pie with herself because she’s finally getting all she’s ever desired and wanted…Thomas’s money. Kathryn is certifiable and a complete head case and yet they all have fallen under her spell. It’s creepy.

  34. FLo

    I LOVEDthis season. I really enjoy getting a peak behind the curtains and finally some of the LVP machinations are exposed.

    I love LVP but she is a manipulator for sure.

    I DO think Yolanda has integrity and is sick. Her diagnosis may be wrong but she is honest and is sad that the other girls don’t have integrity. It’s a super Dutch trait to be straight forward. She is dissapointed in LVP and Kyle, even though she deep-down agrees with Rinna, she sees that Rinna plays it up too much for camera time, she likes Eileen and trusts her and Ithink she’s bemused by Erika and the best friend production farce but she’s willing to ride with it. Katheryn who?

    And now for my psycho-analyses of Ken, there is nothing wrong with calling a fame-hungry woman who has wronged his wife a wanker in his eyes. It doesn’t mean the same on this side of the globe. Over this way, if anyone attacks your loved on (real or perceived) of you DONT call them a wanker you are a pussy!

  35. tamaratattles

    Y’all are hysterical for thinking LVP would leave the show. She needs the money. She will do her dramatic threats not to come back as part of her contract negotiation and be right back on our TVs next season.

    I am glad some of y’all are seeing what a dick Ken is. He lost a court case about degrading women at Villa Rica. And he doesn’t confine his misogynist comments just to people that LVP is warring with (which is usually everyone) This season he made a lot of derogatory comments about Kyle who was Lisa’s ally and said on more than one episode that Kyle didn’t deserve to borrow one of Lisa’s dress because she had no fashion sense. He’s a wanker.

    • janet

      Ken has made fun of Kyle and her caftains. I think its competitive bull shit, because Kyle is gorgeous and youthful. There is no comparison between her and LVP to me.

  36. tamaratattles

    Also, Andy used to worship LVP. I wonder what happened to make him go so hard for her this season. He has done it once before and it was even worse. They must have had a falling out.

    • Gapeachinsc

      Yeah, the vibe between them (Alissa and Sndy) wasn’t as it has been in the past. Thinking about Ken, I want to say his derogatory attitude may be part of his age and upbringing. Remember years ago when Sean Connery took some flack for talking about smacking women or something like it? I don’t remember the particulars now. I’m not excusing it but I wonder if their age and all that factors into that kind of behavior.

    • swizzle

      I was wondering the same thing about Andy and LVP. Something has clearly changed there.

      And Ken is the Master Wanker.

    • VioletBlue

      Hmmm… Andy is being a dick to Lisa and kissing Yolanda’s ass. Hmmmm

      • tamaratattles

        You must not have seen the first part of the reunion when Andy and LVP ganged up on Yolanda and berated her with questions about her divorce.

  37. Friday'smom

    A divorce that she concealed from everyone…. She had a few questions coming, or is LVP the only one who has to answer uncomfortable questions?

    • I agree she’s on a reality show why is her divorce off limits… he never let any other housewife off that easy when dealing with the issues of their divorce its expected!

  38. gluedtothepc

    Help! I finished watching the last part of my recording and the episode cut off with the one word Eileen said about Lisa R., and then the one word Rinna said about Vanderpump. Would someone please let me know what they were, if you remember? Thanks!

    (P.S. Kinda funny that production let Kathryn’s black bra strap hang out of her left arm for a few crowd shots prior to some of the ending close-up comments, where it was fixed – seems like someone would have noticed it and let her know.)

  39. Because the latter half of this season and these reunions have doggedly continued to beat the dead horse of Munchausen blame, I gave up and in champion binge-watching form, watched all of season 3 over the last few days. I was struck most with Yolanda’s aggressive “healthy girl” image back then, her chiding Brandi as they are jogging up the Seine, touting how wonderful exercise makes her feel and showcasing her athletic fitness, taunting Brandi who can’t keep up. As a bookend, the Secrets Revealed episode of Season 3 shows a still assertively super-healthy Yolanda visiting an old friend with ALS (which is terminal disease and a terrible way to die). What does Yo choose to do on camera? She visits her friend, bedridden and clearly having labored breathing, to show her a photo album of herself and her kids, veryone looking fit and fabulous. When the friend falters and wistfully talks about treasuring that time she felt okay, the camera is on YO. Yo, with quivering lip and eyes pooling with tears, turns her own face to the camera so that it might capture her suffering. Yo, in her talking head speaking in trembling voice about how terrible this sickness is, to take a healthy woman and render her an invalid. Then presto, within a year YOLANDA is the bedridden, bravely suffering victim, always so Yolier-than-thou. Worst of all in this reunion, playing the sick card and encountering little opposition, she emerged smug and relatively unscathed. Rewatching season 3 in hindsight, it seemed chillingly clear that super-healthy-and-fit Yo made a decision (perhaps because of whatever ailments she has) to transform herself into Martyr Yo. I can’t help but feel, after taking in that big picture, that Yolanda has successfully weaponized illness, and for that, I despise her.

  40. Lime Brain

    I don’t know why, but t Bravo sowed the upcoming episodes of the hidden footage and RHONY, Southern Charm and possibly a few other shows.

    I won’t spoil, but at least the hidden footage episode was actually pleasant and not all about Munchausens and who said it first.

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