Below Deck Mediterranean Premiere Recap: It’s All Greek To Me!

Below Deck Med Jump
Finally a show to be excited about on Bravo! I love a first season before they all get jaded and the producers do more and more scripting. Let’s jump right in and get this party started in the Greek Isles! The boat is called the “Ionian Princess” at least for the purposes of the show, generally the boat owner doesn’t want the real name used for privacy reasons. The boat is HUGE. Way bigger than the Caribbean counterparts.

I saw the teaser for this today and it had quite a few spoilers. I already feel sorry for marine biologist Tiffany, not just because of her name, but because as the third stew, she is going to be ganged up on by the Chief Stew and the second stew. Ben is going to be cast as the asshole chef, and from what I heard from my Miami friends, that is pretty true to character.

Hannah is the chief stew who is traditionally a bitch. Captain Mark lets Hannah know that their first guest arrives at noon the next day. Hannah feels as though a month would be a more suitable amount of time, really?

Below Deck Med Ben

Bryan is the bosun and he will be bunking with Ben. Julia is the second stew and she and Hannah immediately go around talking about how gaudy the boat is. I mean it is, but I cringe hearing the help disparage the boat that belongs to someone renting it out so they can shoot their little reality show. These two are going to be the bitches, obviously.

Because there is a Greek speaking bosun already on the boat, Captain Mark immediately promotes Bryan to first mate, making him second in command. I can see this all going to his head as Captain Mark offers him the job on a probationary period.

Danny arrives. He is a deckhand. Let’s just say he gets into a lot of trouble fairly early on. Bobby is a deckhand as well.  Pretty much all the guys are hot on this boat. There are also three Greek guys in various positions that do the bulk of the real work.

Jen is probably the hottest female on the boat, and she’s a deckhand. Oh, and she is gay. Tiffany says right away that she is not detail oriented. She prefers being a deckhand. I can see now why Hannah is not thrilled with Tiff. I’ve changed my mind, Julia is the prettiest girl. Hannah start trashing Tiff to Ben straight away. Hannah the high school dropout feels that Tiffany the marine biologist just isn’t very smart.

The first guests will be three couples. They are health conscious and have an organic skin care line or something. They love the Pittsburg Steelers. Christine is the primary. They arrive in daisy dukes and khaki shorts. I hate them already for that alone.

Oh Ben, it is not part of your job to challenge the guests palates. It’s your job to cook what you are told. We are barely out of port and he is dictating the menu to the guest rather than the other way around. Oh and the guests are American so they are somewhat shocked by the elderly man doing new snorkeling. They are also obsessed with getting a stream of the Steelers game at 3 am in the middle of the Med.

It’s the first dinner service and the first course is fried cheese flambéed in brandy. While this would please me immensely, these are health freaks who have asked for health conscious, organic diets.  They love it, because fried cheese with brandy sounds amazeballs. Next up is moussaka. Yum.  Hannah serves it and has no idea what it is. They all hate it. It is was too heavy for them. Does Ben realize he is on a ship, on the sea where seafood is healthy and plentiful?

The next morning, Jen oversleeps. Later, she lies to Bryan and says she was just ten minutes late. Jen says she doesn’t know how Daniel gets through life as he has moral and doesn’t feel comfortable lying. She’s a winner this one.

Hannah goes on land to hunt for a bar that can stream the Steelers game she can bribe to open for them at 3 a.m.

To be continued…


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13 responses to “Below Deck Mediterranean Premiere Recap: It’s All Greek To Me!

  1. I must not understand wi-fi and satellite connections for streaming and how it’s works.

    Glad Ben is back, a familiar face. I would like to know if the Greek crew resent the American crew being flown in for the show?
    Those three Greeks looked so yummy.

  2. therealdeb

    It looks like we have crew from several countries and that should be fun, and interesting to say the least. The yacht was a bit much for my liking but it costs far more than my house so what the hell do I know? The scenery so far has been amazing, and I am looking forward to that as much as anything else. The female deckhand is a bit shady already, I see her causing a ton of trouble. The captain is a little odd but seems likable enough, and Ben… Love me some Ben! The male deckhands are nice to look at and the inside crew all seems nice enough so far.

  3. Fried cheese with flaming brandy sounds delightful to me, but please hold the Beef Cheeks ~.

  4. Looks like this will be a good show but I really do miss seeing Captain Lee Stud of the Sea! He just has so much charisma!

  5. Amy V

    I don’t know if it’s an error or not but next week’s Below Deck Med. is on Demand with no commercials.

  6. tamaratattles

    I just noticed the next episode is also up on Bravo as well as the first one.

  7. JoJoFLL

    That fried cheese looked amazing! I am so loving this show!

  8. Cheychey

    The chief stew sat there and wrote down what Ben was serving on a notepad. She then at every coarse when asked what was being served barely had any memory of the dish. Even a 16 yr old working their first job at McDonalds can probably remember if you tell them the hamburger comes with mustard, ketchup, pickles and onions. Then carrying the tray with 2 blueberry martini’s she was using 2 hands like she had never carried a tray of drinks. These are very rudimentary skills you learn when serving guests. Makes me wonder if she has really as much experience as she claims.

    • tamaratattles

      I agree, CheyChey! She talks about being in Corsica so many times it’s simply old hat, but doesn’t know what Moussaka is? That said, Ben didn’t seem to know how to make it either. It’s not a “layer of cheese” on top, it is a béchamel type sauce (that usually has goat cheese in it) and the eggplant is sliced, not “ground up” like she suggested.

      That said, the whole meal debacles are usually contrived for the show. I do agree that this chief stew doesn’t seem very qualified.

  9. Toni

    TT – have you never had saganaki? If not, you must try it. It’s actually really easy to prepare at home, you can make it with halloumi cheese or if you can source it, a sheeps milk feta. Use any booze with a high alcohol content and douse the flames with a squeeze of lemon juice. Sublime!

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