WWHL With Leeane Locken and Cecily Strong

WWHL Leeanne Locken


Tonight’s #WWHL is not live tonight because Andy is at the Met Gala Ball. Leeanne looks great tonight. Has she had work done? Oh Andy asks her about it and she deflects. She has had major work done. Andy then asks about her blush issue. She acts like it was a one time issue at the Mad Hatter’s party but it was not. She is constantly Mary Kayed up to look like a tart.

Leeanne wants us to know she is not jealous of anyone.  Then he plays a montage of people trash talking Leeanne. Ouch, Andrew. Isn’t this her first time in the clubhouse and you have her sitting second chair. Leeanne claims she is not in menopause. She’s 48 though so she’s getting close!

Wow in a clip from next week, Leeanne goes batshit crazy and starts attacking the crew! Like seriously, attacking them!


RHOD Leeanne


A caller asks Leeanne what her response it to people who criticize her (lack of) wealth and say she raises money because she doesn’t have any to give. First of all, what is wrong with raising money for charity if you can’t donate as much as you would like?  That should have been Leeanne’s response. Sadly she said she is not one of the poors and she can tell us that she has donated $10K in one month for two charities. My screen is paused while I type and the look on Cecily’s face as she say this is everything.

Leeanne gives a long explanation about how long she has lived with her boyfriend and they own a home together and you think she is going to say that they are practically married now, so who cares. Because that should have been her answer. Instead, she has apparently snooped and discovered that he already has a ring. Who admits that? You can tell Cicely is not a fan of Leeanne’s.  Leeanne says he is very romantic and is waiting for that right moment. In eight years, you would think a good moment would have arisen by now if he was that interested. Do you think she is lying about the ring?

Leeanne says that we will see her relationship with Brandi go through some ups and downs but that Brandi has a very forgiving heart and she would love to become closer to her. Again, Cicely’s face during all of Leeanne’s answers is everything from bemusement to utter disbelief at what Leeanne is saying.  She basically says that Stephanie is the real bitch.

Luanne tells us about her carny life but she uses so many carny terms I have no idea what she is talking about. Flat Joint? Stick Joint? She started work at age three.  Both guests “win” two in one wine and martini glasses. Which is a good time to point out that last night Andy had on two black male comedians from Comedy  Central and gave them both hoodies! I don’t think I’ve seen hardly anyone get a hoodie before and that just seemed…well… it made me feel uncomfortable.

Leeanne says that Katie, her friend brought the kid who trash talked her to the party because she didn’t have the never to do it herself.

How do we have callers on taped shows? How do the know when to call?


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21 responses to “WWHL With Leeane Locken and Cecily Strong

  1. Will

    I used to work on-air for SiriusXM for about 6 months in 2013. Sometimes, when we’d pre-tape “live” shows that would air during holiday weeks, the producers would just make up names and call-in from the other side of the studio. It’s pretty simple. I’d imagine that’s what happens on these shows too.

  2. izmeagain

    Hoodies for Key & Peele?
    Dang Andy. No shame.
    I love Cecily. I’m sure she was taking notes. Haha

  3. queenmarie

    TT a friend on fb got contacted to be a caller on WWHL—-THEY give you the question to ask ! I kinda wish I didn’t know that now lol.

  4. Jessica White

    They select callers from their fans on FB and tell the caller what to ask and a time to call in. Supposedly the questions are actual questions from fans.

    • queenmarie

      I always thought so until she told our group (it’s a closed fb group) that they gave her the question to ask. IDK —maybe they do some of both.

  5. LeeAnn looks really odd. She has to have had something done to her face. Maybe I’m just used to her being one big pink smear. He jumpsuit is interesting too. It kinda looks like she just won a WWE title belt.

  6. Billie_bee

    When WWHL came on, I literally did not even recognize Leanne. I had to click the info button on the remote to see who the guests were.
    And why was Leanne second chair? Isn’t this her first appearance on WWHL? If so, shouldn’t she get first chair? Shady Andy much?

  7. Meri

    I have tried to watch The Dallas show twice and I just can’t like it. The people are awful, the show is not interesting and I hope that it’s cancelled. I am wondering when someone will get some disease.

  8. jen

    Leeanee c you next Tuesday. She is just so rude. Queen of charities…uggg

  9. So what mental illness does Leanne suffer from – supposedly – allegedly – because normal functioning people do not act this way – so I have to assume the mental defect angel is coming :)

  10. alex1986

    RHOD would be an okay show if they didn’t talk about poop in EVERY EPISODE. Its not funny, entertaining or I interesting. I actually am probably in the minority because so far I like LeeAnn.

  11. JustJenn

    I fucking love Cecily and am sad that I missed this WWHL.

  12. Ms.Minnie

    Leeanne is the Kenya of Dallas, I see Andy is gonna have a love/hate relationship with her.

  13. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Ok does anybody remember LeeAnne being on Big Rich Texas? Someone said this but I don’t recall this AT ALL. Now it’s driving me nuts.

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