Southern Charm Recap: You Can’t Skate With Us!

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YAY! It’s time for a new episode of Southern Charm! Even better, it’s Shep’s birthday party at a roller rink. Sure it is a stupid place for a party for adults, but it’s also a great place because it is not elderly friendly! I’m still grinning from last week when K. Cooper Ray called out the yankee woman for ordering everyone not to be friends with Kathryn.


Craig and Naomie are being evicted out of their play house because it sold. I am so tired of this show trying to convince us that Whitney slept with Kathryn, or any woman for that matter. He is simply butt hurt that she would not play the role of his beard.

Craig is super excited about his new job. He is working on the Hotel construction side of the business and he really wants to work on the bourbon line instead.


To continue on with the farce, Whitney calls his “girlfriend” Larissa. Larissa lives in Russia, or Mars or Narobi or somewhere and conveniently makes appearances during the filming season.

Landon and Whitney go shopping for vintage clothes for Shep’s Roller Disco birthday party. They talk about Kathryn. Whitney says he would prefer to go to a steak house and then a strip club. Oh Whitney. No one is buying this. No. Bod. EE.


Southern Charm Kathryn


It’s the meeting of the redheads when Kathryn meets up with K. Cooper Ray for lunch at 82 Queen. For the love of God, someone order the she crab soup so that I can enjoy it viciously. Kathryn who needs a cosigner on her lease, apparently had no problem buying a new taupe Birkin bag. She claims in her talking head that it’s a fake, but I don’t believe her.

K. Cooper Ray tells Kathryn that Patti called him before the tacky flamingo party and tells him he is not to be seen in public with Kathryn. Kathryn says Patti talks about her and martinis. That’s about it. Come on now, Kathryn sometimes Patti talks about her picture book she is going to self publish down at the Kinkos.

K. Cooper Ray tells Kathryn that he does not trust Jennifer Snowden.  THANK YOU! Someone needs to explain that to Kathryn. Snowden is not her friend. Kathryn is not listening to him. This is end up being a big mistake.

Kathryn tries to get Cameran to join her for a cup of coffee or a salad. But Cameran is not interested. Clearly, she is following the Patti decree this season.


Meanwhile at Chateau Flamingo,  the tackiness is still abundant. Her spawn arrives unshaven and she immediately starts to talking about he conversation with K. Cooper Ray regarding…Kathryn. Whitney calls K. Cooper Ray a drama queen. Patti says he will never have K. Cooper Ray in her house again. Because he dares to befriend Kathryn.


Shep has an edgy, artsy girlfriend named Bailey. She is way too cool for him. He needs someone who is preppy and wears pearls. He needs a Cameran type.

Shep goes to his bar, The Palace Hotel. Sadly there was a fire there a while back and they are still rebuilding from that. Cameron and Shep agree to split her listing commission if he brings her a buyer. Shep is 36 and suddenly feels like he should be married by the time he is 40.


Thomas helps Kathryn get moved in to her new house. At the same time, he is moving in to his house. I LOVE Kathryn’s house. If you are counting along at home, three people are moving on this episode.

Landon shows up at Thomas’ house to see it with all of his furnishings. It really is quite the lovely bachelor pad. The nursery is more lavender than periwinkle, and it’s adorable. Thomas is wearing a periwinkle sweater though!  Landon is pissed when Thomas tells Landon to be sure and invite Kathryn to Shep’s birthday. Landon is trying to sound like she has not slept with Thomas. But we all know that is not true.  Landon has decided she wants to write a travel blog. Who is bankrolling all of these trips?  She hints at Thomas to invest in her globetrotting, but he shoots her down.

Southern Charm Shep's birthday

The Shepic Birthday Party

Shep has never skated, is not interested in skating, and there is no alcohol at this disastrous even. Nonetheless, everyone is going all out with the disco outfits. Shep is the first to arrive at the party bus. Landon was late. Landon also lies about Kathryn being invited. Shep likes Kathryn. Shep’s latest squeeze, Bailey is the last to arrive.

This party is craptastic, not shepic. Shep can’t skate, especially drunk and falls a lot. Shep is miserable.

Cameran says that Kathryn has not offended her. She offended Patti and Whitney. And since Cameran lives up Patti’s ass this season, she is following her orders. I am so disappointed in this Cameran this season.  Landon is hating on Bailey now too. She’s really overplaying the bitch card.

Shep calls Kathryn and finds out that she was not invited. Shep is pissed. Landon calls Kathryn a liar and says she is lucky that she was invited and if she doesn’t show up, “Who cares?”  And now Landon is pissed. Shep eaves.

Next week: I’m going to guess that everyone talks about Kathryn.


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78 responses to “Southern Charm Recap: You Can’t Skate With Us!

  1. alex1986

    I truly believe since Whitney is one of the producers and/or creators of the show he has asked other cast members not to film with Kathryn and that is why she isn’t being invited to anything. Cameran wouldn’t invite her to her dinner party, Patricia wouldn’t invite her to the flamingo party, Landon wouldn’t invite her to Shep’s birthday party, and Cameran won’t have coffee with her. I’m not a fan of Cameran this season at all, and I cannot stand Landon at all. Her voice is so annoying. Anyway, I’m pro Kathryn so she better start being more involved this season. Now I’m seeing why Thomas kicks everyone out of his house that they showed in the season premiere.

    • queenmarie

      ITA with you about Whitney telling everyone not to film with Kathryn. God I cannot stand his smarmy ass.

    • queenmarie

      ITA with you about Whitney telling them not to film with Kathryn. Cannot stand his smarmy butt.

    • Jane

      I can believe that about Whitney. I disagree about Cameran and thought she was honest with Kathryn. I would not want all the drama. Kathryn may be able to eventually either mend fences or move on. Landon on the other hand is a cowardly idiot.

      Fun thing. A couple months ago,. I googled the address to a party and up pops Naomi’s house. It was an error because my friends house is two stories. Anyway, I was shocked to see the same house on the show.

    • I agree, Whitney thought Kathryn was just a random Charleston party girl as a one time appearance that he got into bed, but she was way smarter than him…she landed a starring role on the show and now he’s pissed because she slept and pro created with TRav. Whitney is such a douche canoe.

    • GIA

      Gee, I guess Kathryn’s constant pity party, whining and screaming fests have nothing to do at all with some people not wanting her at their gatherings?

    • Jay

      I agree. They were told by Norman Bates and Mother not to film with her, in hopes of squeezing her out. They are not happy that the fans are more interested in Kathryn. Norman wants his show back.

      Also, Bravo, stop trying to make Landon happen. She’s not going to happen!

  2. bella

    Am I the only one who thinks that Whitney’s girlfriend Larissa might actually be a transsexual (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I only just got caught up with season 2, and she looked very masculine when she was in one of the episodes.

  3. Laura

    I loved when Cooper threw some shade at Patti by pointing out that Patti sees more than a little bit of Kathryn in herself.


    I really don’t like Kathryn. She is obviously a gold digger and a user. And Thomas certainly is no better. I have no sympathy for either of them.
    I love this show!

    • Miguel

      Agreed, LINUS – though, I pity her at times!!!

    • GIA

      The more I know of Shep the less I like him. Last season he treated Craig like crap…clearly and weirdly jealous of Craig and just acted like an A-hole toward him. Landon tries to give him a nice birthday and he basically acts like a spoiled frat boy and then holier than thou…”I don’t like excluding people” with regard to Kathryn. Landon isn’t my favorite, but show some class and act like you appreciate when someone tries to do something nice for you. And what is it about all these guys and Kathryn? I mean seriously Landon is right when she says Kathryn doesn’t even have to be there and everyone is so concerned with her. Plus, when Landon was very nice to Kathryn and being supportive, Kathryn turned on her. And speaking of Kathryn, did anyone notice during her out take when she had just gotten off the show with Thomas, she’s just as pleased as pie with herself because she’s finally getting all she’s ever desired and wanted…Thomas’s money. Kathryn is certifiable and a complete head case and yet they all have fallen under her spell. It’s creepy.

  5. Bridgett

    Love, love, love K. Cooper Ray…so glad someone is seeing through Patricia and Jennifer.

    I am also really liking new Craig/relationship Craig. Old Craig was my least favorite cast member.

  6. Chloe

    My favorite show! I’m so tired of Landon…she is so annoying. I think she is desperate to land Thomas or Shep so she never has to worry about working again, and is jealous of Kathryn, Bailey and every woman with whom Shep shows an interest in. I’m enjoying Cooper Ray this season!

  7. Monihew

    Just tuning in………..Bailey is “DTF” and Craig is “Blades of Glory” OMG where has this show been all my life! Madly in love. First season and loving every minute. Thanks for the colorful recap.

  8. sue newman

    First time i have ever commented on ANYTHING Bravo…i DESPISE AND ABSOLUTELY HATE LANDON SOOO BAD…may compltely “write off” EVERYTHING Bravo ! As a nurse who works crazy hours and loves bravo “taking me away from life & death”.. Just DONE! And Cameron…cut the crap… You are pathetic too!!

    • nodiva

      Agree with you re Landon! Everything about her is annoying! You’re right about Cameron too – when did she become such a mean snob?

  9. therealdeb

    Landon is actin like a spoiled little bitch, I cannot believe she is flat out lying. This shit it taped, we all see the nasty little lie she is telling. She is pissed she cannot land Thomas, dude is gun shy after the mess with Kathryn. I don’t think Thomas is going to ever be fully over Kathryn, as he said she is the mother of his children but she has also tweaked something in him and he will never be the same. While they may be totally explosive as a couple they do make beautiful babies and cannot really get over the other. The shittiness of Cameron is making me crazy, I had so enjoyed her the last 2 seasons and now she is Patti’s little bitch, must do as Patti says. She used to have a mind of her own, now it is taken over by a demented money grubbing bitch who pretends to have southern money and roots. Poor Craig, he is trying to be a good adult,a nd he wants to be and do more than he is. Love me some Shep! He is pissed!

  10. I’m so glad I can find recaps here!! This show feels like it’s way off the radar somehow, but it’s my favorite! Hated the Disco party. A case of people trying too hard to look hip. Hip just is. Real tastemakers recognize it when they see it; they pull it off without effort and good times are had by all involved. Enough said.

    Babaaay, Cooper brought THE HEAT this episode. He gives me all the Southern Gothic realness I could every want and need. LOVED his commentary as it’s essentially what anyone who’s ever been out of their backyard has already figured out about Patricia over a season ago. That marrying up to acquiesce power and prestige thing is as old the hills themselves, and take note that Old Rams on the Hill always reach a point where they want to challenge those who are younger, firmer, and sturdier of leg than they are. If that metaphor doesn’t exactly make sense at first, it will once you see a few National Geographic videos about pecking order in animal communities…lol.

    As time goes on, so many pieces are falling into place. But let’s start for now with Landon. Landon clearly WANTS to be Patricia one day: but though she has the wiles and ambition wrapped in today’s every popular vocal fry and and seemingly guileless smile, she’s also a little too Janis Joplin-ish in appearance & lacks captivation skills to reel in her hooked fish after they’ve umm, taken her bait. Thomas already let it slip that her talents shine once she’s in intimate settings, but to see that she couldn’t get her good friend to sponsor / invest in her new business endeavors after providing free services, (with him even going so far as to say “I wouldn’t “invest”)… it would appear that she’s not exactly a good “closer” when it comes to wheeling and dealing. Pity that in a world where who a woman “aligns” herself with is tantamount to long term survival and social prominence. Makes me a bit curious how she walked away from her last marriage so financially “uncomfortable” in a community property state.

    In terms of stability I can see how Kathryn riles Landon. For all intents and purposes Kathryn is 10 years younger & has Thomas’s seed, Darling – his heirs. However Landon, like every other woman Thomas beds, is one in a long line of many- with zero soul ties from his end: Kathryn is, and it eats Landon UP. Also, this Celestia Complex she’s always putting on (see: the film Dr. T and The Women, it’s a movie made thing invented as an archetype for spoiled women who regress into toddlerhood to be cuddled and coddled in spite of having everything) : it’s BS. Her faux veneer of innocence is cracking every day, and we’re finding out more and more that she is a serpent…a serpent who like Pat stays PRESSED about K. Calhoun Dennis…a girl who is physically stunning, a wildcat, way too rough around the edges for her station but a girl with a family NAME.. a family name that actually has LEGACY attached to it.

    Re: Whitney, I already knew before Craig evem said it that he was butt hurt because he wasn’t The Chosen One. Too obvious. As for his sexual proclivities, well, all I can say is that Germany is a very sexually open country, and in liberated show biz circles here it’s not uncommon to encounter couples who are sexually fluid. Witney, btw, has been very invested with sabotaging Kathyrn and Thomas from the start and it’s time somebody finally gave life to what many of us were all thinking. He wanted Kathyryn…but perhaps (imo) maybe Thomas too. However they went off and spawned together and now Whitney’s every waking moment is about making a vendetta against them both. I don’t buy his being Thomas’s friend for a New York minute. He’s a Hollywood guy raised by a Pamela Harriman style socialite who knows ALL about how to create optix for a client, as well as for himself (and dear old Mom). That sabotage he pulled with Thomas’ campaign commercial put his true colors front and center and showed people everything they need to know about what he really is. In EVERY aspect. Not to be trusted.

    • Jujue

      You have made beautiful observations. What an excellent comment! Janis Joplin, indeed..

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      Excellent summation!

    • Chloe

      You write beautifully, sweatteaplace, and have made some wonderful observations. I love the Celestia Complex concerning Landon, which describes her to a “T”.

    • yes I agree w everything you wrote. Especially the divorce bit. She was bragging about how much many her ex-husband had why I was confused as to why she was living in a 400sq/ft boat lol. She kept making references to how lonely she was and how her husband was never there so I would assume she had an affair, to ..fill the void. TT do you have any dirt on Landon’s divorce?? Thanks!!

    • Amy Lou

      I believe that Landon was married less than 10 years and 10 years is a big deal in California divorces. I speak from the experience of watching my boyfriend write big effing checks to his deadbeat ex every month and he had an incredible attorney – 10 years is a major factor. Also, I’m guessing there was a prenup – her ex is pretty successful and Landon’s just dumb enough to sign. Landon probably receives some alimony for the short-term (usually half the duration of the marriage if < 10 yrs) but is blowing through it trying to hook her next fish and knows there's an end to that paycheck. Unfortunately she's a little long in the tooth for TRav and too boring (with an annoying giggle) and apparently of poor character to attract Shep. With that said, I have to respect Shep for calling Landon out with her middle school shenanigans in respect to Kathryn not being invited to that lame disco roller skate party. Also, TRav is not the marrying kind – and even if he does someday marry he's smarmy enough to keep a little something on the side – I feel sorry for anyone who tries to get wrapped up in a relationship with him. Kathryn was young and they do have spark but she would probably tell you now, with experience, just how naive she was to think she'd be the one to tie him down because it just ain't happening. I think Landon needs to move to a larger city, perhaps New York, get a job, grow up, and maybe she might have a chance to land a sugar daddy but I doubt even that will work. I think her days as a cute little plaything have passed and she's not bright enough to be an interesting partner – she better hope one of her bizness ideas pans out or she'll be living back on the island with daddy (if he'll have her).

      • jen

        That’s interesting. My state it is only 3 years…I would love the tea on her divorce.

  11. I now want Cooper Ray to be my best friend. I just love him.

  12. ViVaLaDiVa

    I KNEW when Cooper Ray said in his talking head last week that Kathryn is a baby Patricia that he and Patricia had fallen out. no way would he have said that if they were still chummy.

  13. Lindsey

    Why’s everyone hatin on Cameran?!? I wouldn’t wanna have coffee w/Kathryn either–they weren’t ever really friends and she has a very valid point–Kathryn needs to be focused on her child over being invited to parties. Also, why would a super pregnant lady wanna go to a drunken roller-skating party anyway?

    • alex1986

      It isn’t just Kathryn having the baby, Thomas is too but he still gets invited to everything. Whitney can’t stand her and I don’t think he expected her to be as well liked by the fans and I think it bugs him based on her popularity he has to keep bringing her back every season. So he wants to make her an outcast so she can’t film as much. They need to ditch Landon she is so annoying. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. But if they think Kathryn needs to stay home with her kids, so should Thomas.

      • HiKitty

        Exactly. In this group, Thomas gets a pass & doesn’t get judged for going to a party/event b/c he has a d***? Kathryn can’t have a life too? So judgmental & gross to have a double standard like that & yes, there would be no show w/o Kathryn/Thomas’ star crossed love affair. Jealousy over fame is an ugly monster.

      • Not to mention this is her job!

    • HiKitty

      Eww I hate the mentality that once you’re a parent, you’re not entitled to have a life. It’s a friend’s bday party, not a rave at a night club, she is right to feel slighted for not being invited and it is shitty to not invite her just b/c she is preggo or has a kid. Getting knocked up or giving birth is not a jail sentence where you’re not entitled to have fun or socialize at a party or other social event. Going to one doesn’t make a mom/dad a bad parent either. That is ridiculous & misogynistic. In that case, Thomas isn’t allowed to attend parties or drink either.

      • Lindsey

        I didn’t mean it to sound like that. But it was made to seem as though she’d been having complications w/the baby and I’d think she’d wanna stay out of the situations that cause her so much stress. Have the baby and then fight w/your frenemies again

    • Elsa Reyna

      Exactly. Kathryn acts like an immature, undisciplined and spoilt brat most of the time, She is not in the same age group as the others and, except for her ties with Thomas, has nothing in common with them. It’s sad, because either for purposes of the show or because she wants to infiltrate the same social circle as Thomas very badly, and she just doesn’t fit in.

    • Lindsay

      Feeling samesies

  14. Meri

    Landon is a user and a huge nothing. She has no talent, is horrible to look at and listen too and is annoying me on one of my favorite shows. I am disappointed in Cameron who used to be the voice of reason and the narrator of this show. Katherine is no prize but she is young and being taken advantage of in many ways. Thomas….needs to grow up and stop acting like he’s a frat boy. His age is showing and dementia seems to be setting in. I actually like Whitney even though he sits around grinning like an evil cat most of the time. Shep and Craig are ok but neither of them has much substance. Patricia is perfect in her role as grand dame and I agree with Cooper thaqt she was like Katherine in your youth. I can see why she resents her. I hope that the show doesn’t go down hill or that anyone gets some mysterious illness (ala Bravo’s usual themes). Great recap too.

  15. Miss Whitney LOL or is it Mz. Whitney it being the South and all? When Kathryn gave himthe what for on the veranda, i wanted to warn her to stand back or that dil do might come flying out of his hole. LOL

  16. Great recap. If not for Kathryn noone would have a storyline why do they not get that??!

  17. JoJoFLL

    Landon needs to stop trying to play the ingenue. She’s way too old.

    This party was all about Landon and nothing to do with Shep.

  18. jen

    I love Craig this season! He is level headed, fun and just too cute. Love. Glad he got his shit together. Cameron is a bitch. I guess she is following the script this season :(

    Good for Shep telling the whole group it bothered him Katheryn was excluded. Landon is just dumb as a box of rocks. Her hatred for Kathryn is suspicious. This fun group I love to watch is turning into bitchy castmates that hate each other just llike Housewives shows…..stinks I loved this show before. Danny is a sweetheart. She reminds me of a true Southern Belle. Polite, nice, smiles a lot. Whitney is just vile. The skate party was very lame. Landon is just a waste of space on this show. No Pattie this episode in her moo moo….I suppose there was a good Bingo game going on somewhere to keep her occupied.

  19. Queen of the Nile

    Great recap, TT! I loved Kathryn’s house, too. Landon has shown her snake core and it’s very ugly. And what happened to Cameran?? I get that she’s trying to ingratiate herself with Patricia — the carpetbagger/Charleston socialite pretender — but I didn’t expect the mean girl from her. Turning Kathryn down for a simple coffee was cold. I think Shep was the hero of the episode when he stood up for Kathryn — good for him! That’s a true Southern gentleman.

    • Chloe

      I thought Cameron was not exhibiting Southern hospitality or etiquette in turning Kathryn down for something as insignificant as meeting for coffee. She is very much ingratiating herself with Patricia this season.

      I feel like there’s more to Landon’s divorce and settlement than we’ve been told. Given Landon’s immature behavior and love of money, I bet she didn’t just walk away and turn down her husband’s money and support. She’s looking for too easy a ride on the show. Why would she turn it down when she had it?

      • HiKitty

        Yeah, she wasn’t very kind about it. Though she spoke clearly & level, she was clearly trying to dig at or hurt Kathryn by being a bit merciless in her responses. She expressed herself but didn’t, in turn, listen to anything K had to say or give her a chance. If you’re going to be a jerk, why even answer the phone!

      • Exactly, she was acting like a 10th grader about it. Making weird faces and squirming like her friends were there and they were gonna add Kathryn to the burn book, but it was even more lame bc Cameron was alone so she was just putting on a show for the cameras. Then in her talking head she’s a completely BIATCH.

  20. It was so telling when Landon was bitchy about the painting that Shep got. As if Landon’s art is worthy of a museum. Shep loved it and that is all that matters. And that is what really irritated Landon.

    Am I dreaming or wasn’t Landon a designer? Why doesn’t she focus on that – perhaps team up with Cameron to do home staging even.

    I am team Ginger all the way – I love Katheryn and Cooper Ray as friends this year.

  21. Puddy

    Omg.. where to start. Love Kathyn’s “faux – real” Birkin, and love the Cooper Ray of hope, light and valor! Coop is more of a man than any of them! Ready to battle the old dragon-lady for his lady fair – Kathryn. Why do I keep having flashbacks of “Suddenly Last Summer” everytime I look at Mommy Fearest and her baby boy. “Violet and Sebastion – Sebastion and Violet!” I bet she would lobotomize Kathryn if she could.. and the 20-30 age something bitch-biddies are like the hanging on relatives, joining in the attempted destruction of the young beautiful girl in hopes of collecting scraps from the manor. And the greatest item of person concern for “queen Patricia” is that “it makes her crazy when her pillows arent right?” T Rav is so stupid and spineless. He was not manipulated by Kathryn but by the jealous uglies who ruined his Senate chances and his chance for a loving family – married to Kathryn and with his and her 2 beautiful children! As for Landon, she is unfortunate looking and has such a terminal case of lock-jaw that someone should administer a tetanus shot! Maybe that is why she acts like such a rabid bitch?? “shep” her to Long Island on her stinking tub.

  22. bellabee

    Patricia seems creepily obsessed with all things Kathryn. Doesn’t she have anything better to do?? Oh, right, she doesn’t..

  23. I understand completely how Kathryn feels, she went to that polo thing and Thomas can’t stop playing around to wait for her to arrive and to pay attention, I don’t see him wanting those kids, he’s alcoholic and a Peter Pan.
    He’s annoying as a father and she can’t count on him. Also the law is she has full custody, she’s gorgeous, loving mom, grow up Thomas and marry her!

  24. B BELL

    What about that creepy Josh Royal, friend of Thomas’? Supposedly, he’s a former porn star. Bizarre…where did he come from?!

  25. Off topic? I hope not – but can anyone tell me what type of purse/handbag Cameran was carrying? I’m a little obsessed with it…

  26. Val

    SO love Shep for saying it is best to take the high road. He was raised by decent parents. Hate mean girls that turn into mean old ladies.

  27. Shae

    On one hand I think it was a little cold for Cam to shoot Kathryn down, but if she really has no interest in building a friendship with her, best to be honest rather than fake. I think some of the volatility displayed by her and Thomas would be more than enough for me to politely be cordial but keep my distance- because I don’t believe for a second those two are finished. But at least she knows where she stands with her, the others should be so honest and maybe Kathryn wouldn’t be in such a tough spot trying to figure out who to trust and who is genuine.

    Landon’s voice has always driven me insane but now her personality is, too. It was massively fucked up to plan a party the birthday boy wouldn’t like and even worse to refuse to invite his guests and lie about it. Shady and stupid. If you’re throwing a party for someone the goal is for them to enjoy themselves, it’s about them, not you. Disappointed in her, I didn’t realize how catty she was.

    Also shady for Cooper to be talking so much smack, he want to Pat and kissed her ass about not wanting their friendship to suffer then turned around and threw her under the bus to Kathryn. Either be friends and civil with both but stop lying. I hate fake people who feign concern for their relationship with someone then immediately discard it.

    I did not buy Whitney’s call with Larissa for anything lol, that sounded insanely awkward and contrived. Embarrassing.

  28. Patricia reminds me of a couple ex-boyfriends’ moms which is equally disturbing and amusing. My current theory is that Whitney and Patty schemed for Patricia and Thomas to get together and for Whitney and Kathryn to get together as a twofer socialite status climb. Unfortunately Thomas doesn’t do age appropriate, nor does Kathryn doesn’t do beard. And although I agree that Cameran wants to be friends with Patricia more than she should, I do think she is distancing herself equally from Kathryn and Thomas. I’m sure it is production driven as well, which has Whitney fingerprints all over it. Still enjoy watching and Cam is still my favorite girl. Always disliked Landon and I’m glad her true colors are starting to show. Have fun never being Shep’s girlfriend, Landon. Hope daddy keeps paying your car insurance.

  29. GIA

    The more I know of Shep the less I like him. Last season he treated Craig like crap…clearly and weirdly jealous of Craig and just acted like an A-hole toward him. Landon tries to give him a nice birthday and he basically acts like a spoiled frat boy and then holier than thou…”I don’t like excluding people” with regard to Kathryn. Landon isn’t my favorite, but show some class and act like you appreciate when someone tries to do something nice for you. And what is it about all these guys and Kathryn? I mean seriously Landon is right when she says Kathryn doesn’t even have to be there and everyone is so concerned with her. Plus, when Landon was very nice to Kathryn and being supportive, Kathryn turned on her. And speaking of Kathryn, did anyone notice during her out take when she had just gotten off the show with Thomas, she’s just as pleased as pie with herself because she’s finally getting all she’s ever desired and wanted…Thomas’s money. Kathryn is certifiable and a complete head case and yet they all have fallen under her spell. It’s creepy.

    • What planet are you on? Landon wasn’t throwing that party for Shep it was a party for Landon. She is self centered and self absorbed and everyone there knew it. Craig “Landon is throwing the party she never had”..why would Shep enjoy something that clearly isn’t about him? Landon was completely fake to Kathryn all last season, nice to her face and then putting her down in her talking heads. Shep and Craig have a relationship that goes back before the show..they said they are like brothers and Shep was using some tough love for Craig to get his shit together (even if it was awkward for us to watch). Shep has always been all inclusive. Not to mention, everyone has said Kathryn is an enjoyable person when Thomas isn’t around. All of you seem to forget that the only reason Thomas decided to try a relationship with Kathryn in the first place is because she comes from a very prominent and well off family…she doesn’t NEED Thomas for money he’s just an easy outlet since, I mean.. he did knock her up.

      • SC Gal

        If Kathryn’s family is well off, why aren’t they helping her? I do not think they are wealthy.

      • Briannatozer16

        She has only been living w them….in their plantation .. That’s why she wanted Thomas to consign bc she said she didn’t want to live w her parents anymore and wanted her own house in town.

      • tamaratattles

        Help her with what? Spending her six figure income from the show at age 23? How much help does she need?

  30. GIA

    Earth – and my feet are firmly planted. And I don’t think Thomas ‘needed’ to bed and or be in a relationship with Kathryn for her family ties. She’s getting what she’s “entitled” to now having had a couple of kids with him and now she’s happy, but apparently still whining about not being invited to the shin-digs because after all – they owe her another opportunity to throw a hissy fit.

    • lol why are quoting misquotes? nowhere did I saw he needed. I said DECIDED. He was (at the time) trying to rev up a political campaign so bedding or dating or marrying or procreating (with) a direct decedent of John C Calhoun and other prominent government officals wasn’t something (as a Ravenel) he would shy away from. Def a step up from messing w that Jennifer nobody that Kathryn is friends with. Being excluded when your other half is being included would make anyone pissed, yes of course it’s dramatized but it is after-all TV!

  31. sarah

    Will I be the first to say it ? But shep and Camerans super pompous platonic friendship is a little wierd and getting on my nerves. The lunch dates, boat rides, constant “love ya”s, quirky nicknames. Also, I think the reason Cameron does not like Kathryn is because Kathryn took the attention away from her as the main female on the show. Because as far as I knew, without kathryn and Thomas this would be a bore. I did not like the patronizing tone Cameran used with her when she said “your SECOND pregnancy…” not very sweet at all I think.

  32. Christine

    Does Landon have daddy’s credit cards still?? When she tells him about NY, he scolds the child she is +hopes she’s not clothes shopping! How on earth would she be ABLE to shop (or even FLY) to NYC w/o daddy’s plastic.. and I’m pretty sure daddy ALSO pays Bravo to keep her busy!!

  33. My opinion of Kathryn is mixed. I liked her better this season, but motives for Thomas are questionable. However I think Thomas treats her like crap, knew she was in love with him, and he played off of that.
    Then here comes the most annoying one, Landon. Kathryn isn’t stupid, she knows what happened with her and Thomas. Landon, to me, is the most deceiving and far less innocent one than any of the others.

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