Carole Radziwill Is Offended. Chronically Offended.

RHONY Carole


“Move on,” says the woman who still calls herself a Countess more than a half-decade after her marriage ended. If she was going for comedy, I’d laugh. Really, I would. We’d all laugh, but she isn’t.

Wow, someone is really fixated on the Countess thing. What difference does it make to you if she calls herself the Queen of England?

“Moving on” is a concept invented by Housewives. Housewives who behave so appallingly all they can do is say they are moving on, preferably in a place where everyone can hear them.

Really? You think the housewives invented moving on? The large majority of people in therapy are there because they can’t move on. The loss of a loved one,  childhood trauma, divorce, losing out on a big promotion, getting fired, whatever the issue is, the goal of therapy is to put a period to mark the end and move on.

To stay put and acknowledge that their actions have consequences and to accept responsibility is simply too painful for this particular brand of narcissist. And not only do they say they’ve moved on, they actually brag about it. They are proud of their ability to move on. “Look how evolved I am,” they seem to be saying, “I can simply move on without regrets.”

They should be proud. The ability to move on is a valuable life skill.



LOL. It’s Housewife speak for: I said something rude and don’t want to admit it by apologizing or even risk bringing it up again but I am obligated to see you so I’ll say I’ve moved on. The fans and viewers of the show are not stupid. Delusion and denial does not equal an apology.

You’re right, about that. Delusion and denial is not an apology but that is exactly what you do. You tweet mean things about LuAnn. You retweet mean things about LuAnn. And to this day you are still ranting on Twitter all the while calling yourself a class act. That seems a bit narcissistic to me.

But “The Housewife Narcissist” is committed to her superficiality. She banks on her ability to scratch her surface and see only more surface. THN doesn’t live in the past — for her there is no past because you are accountable for your past –- the good, the bad, and the ugly. For THN there is only, “What am I doing right now?”

Yes, dear. This is called “mindfulness” it’s all the rage in the therapy and self help realms. It’s the basis of meditation. It’s actually quite a difficult thing to accomplish. Most people, like you, wallow in the past angry about transgression from last year. Dwelling on how offended you are that someone said something to you that you did not like, LAST YEAR.  Still others worry about what may offend them in the future. Living in the now, leaving the past in the past and not borrowing problems from the future is a great life skill.

I’m guessing you think of the Countess every time you take your little boytoy to bed. That must suck.

THN has a lifetime of experience running from one relationship to the next, one friend to another. Running from taking responsibility for what they do and what they say without ever looking back to witness the destruction they leave in their wake. They are always pointing their fingers toward someone else. Moving on.

Reality check, ladies. Your actions and your choices are yours alone.

Wow, you seem really butt hurt over Luann being pissed off that you started sleeping with her niece’s exboyfriend. She is allowed to feel however she wants to about that.

Who calls a friend a pedophile — after making light of her having no children -– who continues with a list of misogynistic bullshit and then moves on without a modicum of regret or apology? Who continued to trash-talk me, my boyfriend, and my business until the very day, eight months later, when the cameras were turned back on and suddenly THN was chasing me around a birthday party with a hula-hoop asking me to move on with her. Thing is, I had moved on, long ago. I didn’t need her apology but I couldn’t believe she didn’t give one. Unlike THN, I live in the real world where it’s impossible to accept an imaginary apology.

Wait? You have a business?  Is it called Sitting Around Being Perpetually Offended, LLC? You are now offended that she didn’t give you an apology? How is it possible to be so immensely offended every second of the day?

To quote my mentor and idol, Taylor Swift, “Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes and she says sorry just for show.” Get it? Wink, Wink… #realgirlcode

This is a joke, right? If you’re going for comedy, I’d laugh. Really, I would. We’d all laugh.


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146 responses to “Carole Radziwill Is Offended. Chronically Offended.

  1. Susan

    Love me some Carole

  2. Jaded

    I don’t think Carole’s boy toy is performing otherwise wouldn’t she be too happy to be offended?

    • Betty

      Agreed. I’m sure every day Carole realizes this relationship is rapidly approaching its expiration date. That’s only emphasized as Carole approaches menopause.

      • Ktina

        I like Carol, so it pains me to say that she’s delusional with this “boyfriend” and it’s embarrassing. This guy is with her because of her money and connections and it saddens me to think that this intelligent woman really believes that he is that into her. She looks great for 50+ but let’s be real, he could do better. What can they possibly have to talk about? I like good conversation and would hate to have to explain every reference earlier than 2005.

  3. Great Purple READ again! Carole was super tacky last year and is even worse (so far) this year. I was team Lu all the way. It’s pathetic to go to someone’s house and hangout in the kitchen desperately flirting with the chef the whole time. Just drop him your number, and hang out later or after the party let Lu know you are interested so she could’ve made the connection for you.

    Every scene w Carole and Adam is so awkward. He obvi doesn’t like her that much but his IG and publicity sky-rocketed for his chef skills since dating her so that’s probably the only reason he’s still hanging around.

    • Laura

      Adam was dating Lu’s niece at the time of the party. He dumped her for an opportunity to advance his own profile. I mean, to go out with Carole. What hasn’t been clearly established is when the boy toy broke up with his girlfriend. Was it before he started seeing Carole or did he do double duty for a while? I tend to believe it was the latter.

      I don’t blame Lu for being pissed off at the time. I would be furious if my friend was a party to anything (even an unwitting one) that hurt my niece. I believe her when she says that she moved passed it because it was so long ago.

      • PaganChick

        Luanne admitted that her niece and Adam had been broken up for a year before Carole even came into the picture. So there was no, he dumped my niece to get with the famous chick.

    • Amen to everything you have said.

  4. Toni Lee Gildea

    This grown ass woman is quoting Taylor Swift? Sad.

    • Minky

      Seriously. Carole’s blog was pathetic. The Taylor Swift quote was just the cherry on top of the shit sundae.

      Again, was she wearing a fedora and hipster glasses while she wrote this? And listening to Taylor Swift for inspiration?

      Also, is there a chance that she’s doing Bethenny’s dirty work for her? Carole used to be so chill, seemingly. What happened to being all zen and shit? Has she been dipping into Dorinda’s coke stash?

    • The Taylor Swift bit was very tongue-in-cheek. Actually, the whole “professionally offended” bit was very tongue-in-cheek, something that appears to be lost on most of the commenters here.

      See, if I’m going to characterize someone else’s behavior, I might draw a comparison by…oh, nevermind.

      • tamaratattles

        While I am hopeful that the TSwift comment was tongue in cheek, the rest of it was definitely NOT.

      • Laura

        I think passive aggressive is a better term than tongue in cheek.

        Her constant use of rude nicknames for her fellow Housewives is a total mean girl move.

      • Minky

        Bingo Laura. Bingo and boom. Yes, Luanne is annoying. But Carole could have chosen a way to address her issues with Luanne in a less bullshit bitchery kind of way. Silly nicknames and twitter wars are dumb. Especially for a princess. Or a duchess? I forget what royal title Carole pretends that she doesn’t care about having.

      • Betty

        The Taylor Swift quote was the only thing that made sense in that silly blog. Leave it to Carole to quote someone 30 years younger than her. Pathetic.

  5. Librarygirl

    I used to think that Carole was smart, and a bit interesting. Now she bores the living crap out of me. This blog of her makes no sense on so many levels. Her petulance regarding the past combined with a preteen level of self awareness is not a good look for a woman of her age. I think that you went easy on her with your famous purple pen.

  6. She is just pissed she only has five good Summers left. It must suck to have a time limit/death sentence attached to a love relationship. No wonder she is perpetually pissed and going after Luanne.

    • After that awkward FaceTime 2-line conversation with Carole’s Boyo, I think she’s down to one summer. Why was he so nervous & abrupt? Dining with someone his own age?

      • Briannatozer16

        It def looked like he was waiting for someone to show up.. And then before the ft shutoff he turned around like someone was there. It was also weird they were, not eating at the hotel they were staying at.. Def a tinder date lol.

  7. Meri

    Carole has been a great disappointment after her first season. Then she was witty and smart and interesting. Now, she is immature and dull and trying way too hard to be young and hip. Taylor Swift? Really? But, having said that, I really think that the “Countess” is an old hag who screws everything that walks by wearing pants and desperately clings to a title that is meaningless. Both of these women need to grow up and “move on” but I doubt if they can considering that they are stuck at age 16. Too bad they don’t look the part as well as acting it.
    Great purple penning and very astute observations as well.

    • Lime Brain

      I agree with everything you said.

      Carole should really knock off this carp. It’s tiresome and not a good look.

  8. Amy

    I do not understand the fascination with Carole. I just don’t get her appeal at all.

  9. oh sheila! you a good judy

    GAH! Carole is THE WORST– one miserably nasty person.
    great post, T.T.

  10. Suse

    Ugh, AGAIN, Carole’s [BAD] grammar offends me! I wonder if the university that graced her with a MBA is offended? I wonder if the editor of her books is offended when he has to correct elementary mistakes . . . I am also offended — but not AT ALL surprised — that Carole and Bethany have managed to find each other and OFFEND everyone by acting so OFFENDED at the hospitable behavior of the formidable NON-OFFENDED . . . (clearing throat). Carole, you ran off with the young chef (and boyfriend of the host’s niece) and “hooked up” with him that very night. It discounts everything you find objectionable about the countess. Where can I find this twitter war (is it one-sided?) that Carole is having with LA? Jeeeez, even her hip-attachment refused to not invite LA to her home (as it IS her house — not CR’s — after all). I am happy that everyone is finally seeing the Carole I saw the very first episode that included her. If I were caddy — I would tell her to take some of the money she has and finish the veneers she OBVIOUSLY started on the top (NAY!). But I am not like that.

    • Leelee

      Can you provide an example of said “bad grammar”? Shit, compared to most things I read on the Internet (and compared to the writing skills of other housewives) her grammar is basically impeccable.

      • Her Twitter profile advertises ‘Media Inquires’. Not a tweet – her profile. Her blogs are full of grammatical errors.

      • Sammie

        Betty…please explain more about Erickzu and his sounding old and “butter”. Love butter more butter please!

      • Betty

        Well obviously I meant “bitter”. But yes I’m sure she eats a lot of butter as well as commenting on blogs of shows that he/she could “care less about”. LOL

    • Where can I find this twitter war (is it one-sided?) that Carole is having with LA?

      Twitter wars tend to happen on Twitter. I’d start by looking there.

      Jeeeez, even her hip-attachment refused to not invite LA to her home (as it IS her house — not CR’s — after all).

      I have read this “sentence” several times and have no idea what it means.

      If I were caddy — I would tell her to take some of the money she has and finish the veneers she OBVIOUSLY started on the top (NAY!). But I am not like that.

      Huh? If you were a Cadillac? If you worked at a golf course carrying clubs, you’d tell her that? Oh, Okay.

      Or did you mean, “If I were catty“? It’s a good thing you’re not catty, because then I’d tell you how rich it is for someone to trash-talk grammar errors, then go on to make homophone errors. That would make you a dumb cunt. Therefore, I’m very glad that you’re not “caddy”, or even catty.

      • Have you lost what little mind you have must have calling a commenter a dumb cunt because they made a grammar error on a post about a housewife?!!??!

        She doesn’t like CR so what – she thinks that a professional writer would have better grammar – so what – that does not give you the right to call someone a dumb cunt – only TT is allowed to call people names.

      • Only TT is allowed to call people names? You must be new around here.

        The OP didn’t make a grammar error (as such). She trash-talked Carole’s so-called grammar errors and then went on to make a homophone error. See, when you go after someone else’s mistakes, you need to make sure that you aren’t making mistakes of your own, or be at least be ready to be called out on it. Otherwise, you’ll be called a hypocrite, or a dumb cunt, or anything else.

      • tamaratattles

        Actually, EVERYONE is allowed to call each other names.

        The only rule violations in these comments are the idiots using initials for housewives and god knows what else. It make things super hard to follow.

        Except for TT of course as that is pretty much my actual name at this point. :)

      • Betty

        RELAX ericzku! You sound old and butter. Just like Carole. Yawn I hope you don’t have Gary Busey veneers as well.

      • “Old” is relative, so I don’t know. But butter? You got me there. It’s true, I’m very butter. Rolls and butter, pasta and butter, buttercream….bring ’em on! Love, love, love butter!

      • Katherine 2.0

        @erickzku: hahahahahaha. YES.

      • Mari Anne

        Hey, ericzku – You need to read over your 10:32 p.m. comment. Shall we call you a hypocrite or, maybe, a c*nt?! Ha!

      • Call me whatever you want. See if I give a fuck. (Spoiler: I won’t.)

      • Betty

        I have a feeling you do love butter, as well as commenting on a show you are “over”. Carole is old and bitter. Enjoy your rolls. Lol

      • Where did I ever say I was “over” this show? Please show me. I’ll wait.

        Yes, I DO love butter. I believe strongly in living well; among many things, that includes eating, sleeping, loving, and dressing well.

        As for you, I suggest adding some butter to the bitter batter you keep spewing. It’ll make your bitter batter better.

      • Betty

        “Eating, sleeping and dressing well.” LMAO You do sound like Carole. :) I guess those that are old, childless and bitter need a hero too. Enjoy!

      • JoJo

        Ericzku …. I’ agree with you on your comments that defend Carole generally – because I like her, and cannot stand LuAnn or Luann or Lu – nope don’t like any of the permutations and think she’s degenerated to the most disingenuous and obnoxious snob as the seasons pass. I think that her apology tour = screen time and there is no substance at all to her or the apology.
        Likely she’s not sorry in the least, and I’d give her more credit for sticking to her guns for not being sorry since she made such a brouhaha out of Carole hooking up with Adam, but for the life of her could not find and stick to a story for a genuine reason why.
        Now it’s all theater and lights, camera and action. Only thing she wants to accomplish is her mug on TV hoping people buy that she’s the bigger woman (which she is but that’s another story) and if she believed everything she said last season she wouldn’t be apologizing or “moving on.” Of course she wouldn’t have screen time and she very much covets that.
        She doesn’t believe a word that comes out of her own mouth.
        Yeh I wish Carole would let it go, but hey this is what they’re paid to do – it’s just much more palatable coming from Carole than LuAnn – imo.
        I see a lot of people think that LuAnn’s neice was dating the chef at the time of Carole ‘kidnapping’ and seducing him – but that’s not the story that the ‘victim’ Adam – the 30 year old man – tells. Lu’s niece had slept with him, traveled and remained friends but there was no ‘sleeping with LuAnn’s niece’s boyfriend’ by the time Carole met him.
        Also, if Carole misplaces an adjective or noun or misuses one when typing out her blog, big deal. I can fix those errors in my mind – it’s the substance I appreciate whether those that don’t like her find her substantial at all. Now if she ‘rote’ “What Remains” chock full of grammatical errors I might feel different.
        This is a silly housewife show and I guess we like who we like and really rag on those we don’t while defending those we like – that’s the game right? :)

      • Suse

        You misunderstood (or I wrote it wrong) . . . I can’t stand Carole!!

      • JoJo

        Suse – ooops I didn’t think I was responding to you? I meant to respond to Ericzku and there’s only one reply option and a long list of comments:)))
        But sure I understand you can’t stand Carole, guess same way I can’t stand LuAnn so maybe that’s even the reason I like Carole!

      • Cat

        I love a little buttered ericzku. Unbuttered, too.

      • JoJo

        Cat …. I’m buttered and too and lovin’ it!

    • Tulsateacher

      If you’re going to criticize Carole’s grammar then I must point out your spelling error; it’s “catty” not “caddy”.

      • Tulsateacher

        Oops. Late to the game as usual. I see this has already been covered. Now that I’ve read through the comments I must say that the comments about Carole waiting until her husband was ill to marry him and her only being his caregiver are very “caddy” and “butter” not to mention untrue.

      • Betty

        actually, it is true. Her only income has been her inheritance from her deceased husband and her only “success” has been the book she wrote about her, again, deceased husband. Now that she’s over the hill, and probably rethinking some of her life stresses, her bitterness is revealing itself. She’s single, childless and dating a 20 some-year-old “chef”.

      • Tulsateacher

        If Carole’s “only success” is a successful novel then I’ll take that anyday. You just seem overly invested in this Betty. You’re starting to repeat yourself. I get it; you think Carole is old, bitter and according to you that’s because she’s single and childless which is just a stupid assumption to make.

      • Betty

        What are her other “accomplishments”? Btw, I’m not assuming she’s single, childless and over 50. She actually is. :(

      • JoJo

        Betty – Carole was a producer at ABC, then when her husband relapsed and his cancer returned, she was his caretaker. I believe besides what was left of his estate that she inherited, she had made many wise investments that secured her income, besides the royalties from the book “What Remains.”
        She’s been taking care of herself for 20 years since her husband passed and now this show; it’s odd to attack her for being childless (as LuAnn has) and compare her to a trust fund ‘baby’ living off unearned income considering her circumstances.
        I can’t imagine I’d handle things differently in real life were I dealt the same hand as she and lost a husband in my 30’s.
        Of course I realize this all comes down to one liking her or not. If you don’t like her there’s a slew of scenarios that one can come up with to justify that.

      • Betty

        No, she’s not a trust fund baby and certainly is not living off the residuals of her “novel” written many years ago. How in the world would you know if she has made “wise investments”? She has the money her dead husband left her. good for her, but ….. that’s it. Being a producer at ABC is similar to being a vice president at a bank. No big deal. Accomplished? I think not.

      • Suse

        My bad — I f’d up . . . I admit it (I don’t have an MBA, lol). All the more reason not to type so fast your brain can’t catch up. Maybe I should give Carole, the esteemed arthur a pass . . . (you know that was on purpose before you tar and feather me!). I did . . I made a mistake (thank God our speech is not spelled out, Carole would be locked up).

      • JoJo

        Ok I see … you sound a little agitated, in the mood for a run around the ring? ;-
        To answer your question since I stated she inherited what was left of an estate:
        She bought the Co-op she’s living in NYC – major $$ for NYC real estate
        Whatever the estate was – she told a reporter for a publication she invested what she could and wisely (no I’m not going to look it up where I read it – a NYC paper, maybe Page 6 or something during the time she was announced to be one of the new RHONY)
        And how do know what her return on royalties for the book in ’05 or so is? I suspect there was an advance, profit from the sale for time after it’s distribution and now royalties after renewed interest from becoming a RH.
        Or? maybe you’re right and she’s a damn fraud and a hooker and a sugar daddy’s paying all the bills ;-

      • Betty

        A hooker or a sugar daddy? What? At 50+ years old? Lmao She told Page Six she made “good investments”. Got it. Lol

      • JoJo

        OH FTLOG – my bad – why would I think that Iron Betty would get irony.
        And Betty KIA – I said a NY publication like perhaps maybe Page 6 – as if it mattered where I read it.
        Google Carole and find out how she survives – or look in the yellow pages I’m sure there’s work for 50 + yoa hookers \

      • Betty

        ???? Makes no sense.

      • JoJo

        Made sense to me but odd things do.
        And it’s not my style but ‘you bow up against me and I bow back!’*

        *that was a saying from RHOD and I never heard it before, thought I’d use it:)

      • Betty

        Fascinating. Yawn

    • Suse

      Because people on “the internet” speak poorly — Carole gets a pass because . . . why? I am seriously confused by your statement. Carole’s grammar is awful. She is a supposedly an educated author. She gets no pass no matter how EVERYONE ELSE on the internet f’s up the english language.

      • I don’t like Carole at all but to be fair most authors have editors…Carole has one and I remember a seen where her Editor was making fun of all the mistakes she had to correct. I don’t remember Carole stating she was a flawless writer? She writes how she talks and that often leads to lots of grammatical errors. ( I am the same way)

  11. Toni

    There were various rumors about Luann bringing up the ghostwriting thing at last years reunion and that Carole, friend of Andy, asked for it to be edited out. I found that hard to believe at the time, but maybe it’s what Carole is referring to with attacks on her business?

    Cheap shot with the Countess thing…I don’t see Carole reverting back to her maiden name. I’d venture to guess her former mother in law might be a fan of that idea.

    • She didn’t mean “business” as in “profit-making enterprise”. She meant “business” as in “things concerning me”. You know, like: “mind your own business” or “you’re all up in my business”.

      Why should she revert to her maiden name? She isn’t divorced.

      As for her mother-in-law, (NOT former, widowhood does not make one a former- or ex- anything) I’d guess that you’re wrong about that. She actually DID divorce Anthony’s father in 1974 but has kept his surname ever since.

      • Toni

        I didn’t say she should revert to her maiden name – I said it’s hypocritical for her to be judging Luann for still using the countess, as it is her right to do so as it is Carole’s right to use her married name so long as she sees fit

        And – since we are calling out inaccuracies – lee radziwill took her husband Herbert Ross’s name and reverted back to radziwill after their divorce

      • Actually, NO. During her third marriage, she was known as “Lee Radziwill Ross”. After the divorce, she went back to being “Lee Radziwill”. Point being: she never stopped using the surname of Radziwill. Therefore, when you say, “I don’t see Carole reverting back to her maiden name. I’d venture to guess her former mother in law might be a fan of that idea.” I’D venture to guess that you are wrong.

      • Betty

        Exactly Toni. She reverted back to the name that had the most cache. Carole, on the other hand, waited many years for the proposal, which only happened after his diagnosis. Mmmmm I wonder why? She then became more of a caretaker than a spouse. Per the book. All those years waiting to be a Radziwell, then no babies to show for it. At least she has the “princess” title. Hope it was worth it. Adam will tire of Carole’s horsey face, marry someone younger, and have kids.

      • If you read What Remains at all, you need to go back and re-read it, as your statements are wrong. Anthony’s first bout with cancer was over and done with before he ever met Carole. The disease did not re-occur until after their wedding. Since your comment is based on a false premise, the rest is complete idiocy that is not worth addressing.

      • Betty

        Not quite. Carole’s dead husbands last name is all the cache she has. Before that she was white trash. No wonder you relate to her so well.

      • Oh, an ad hominem attack. What a surprise. The last resort for those who have painted themselves into a corner.

        Check motherfucking mate.

      • Betty

        Lol. You’re the white trash Queen of ad hominems. You call other posters c–ts. My point is proven… white trash. Btw, no one believes you can play chess. Bahaha

      • What makes you think I’m white?

        How do you define “white trash”? If it is as someone who doesn’t think that being married and having children is the holy grail of existence, then fine, I’m white trash. This may blow your walnut-sized mind, but there are many people out there, both men and women, who could not care less about being married or having children. They are actually quite happy and satisfied being “single and childless”. Carole appears to be one of them. You seem very baby-obsessed. Are you one of those people who think a woman’s only reason for being is to reproduce? It seems that way.

        I called that other commenter a cunt while also pointing out her hypocrisy, something you have failed to do. You have posted one inaccuracy after another (claiming I said I was “over this show” or that “I could care less” about it, as well as factual inaccuracies about Carole’s life) and when called on them, you’ve chosen to ignore them and just call me “white trash”. Can’t argue the facts? Attack the other person instead.

        I’m still waiting for you to show me where I said that “I’m over” this show or that “I could care less” about it. I’m also still waiting for you to point out ONE SINGLE factually inaccurate thing I’ve asserted about Carole or her mother-in-law. I know I’ll be waiting a very long time.

        Go ahead and continue to deflect, ignore the points made, and call me “white trash” or something else. The more you do, the more you show everyone here which of us actually is trash. I need do no more to illustrate it; you dig your own hole quite well.

    • Leelee

      A count/ countess is a courtesy title, not one through blood; therefore, when one gets remarried they lose their title.

    • ktina

      She keeps Radziwill for obvious reasons. If she had children or was married for more than a minute, than she should keep it. It just gives her more clout, like saying that Caroline and John Kennedy were her “best friends”. If they were, she’d know that John was getting ready to divorce his coked up wife.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Oh, Betty, do shut the fuck up.

      • Betty

        Tsk tsk. Put some money in the swear jar. So eloquent. :)

      • Katherine 2.0

        Sometimes less is more, Betty. #themoreyouknow.

      • Wellgeewhiz

        Thank you! Betty seems to believe that the only “accomplishments” in a woman’s life are marriage and children. Even her name is a throwback.

      • Betty

        Ugh. It’s not my real name, just as I assume “Wellgeewhiz” isn’t yours. At least you don’t call yourself a “whiz”. That you’re certainly not, Einstein.

      • Wellgeewhiz

        Betty, you missed the point entirely.

  12. Karina

    Carole’s blog makes me think that she is very unhappy. Not to state the obvious but sometimes we project all of our anger onto innocent people and that is what Carole seems to be doing. Not that lu is innocent, she’s not. That was a mean thing to say to carole about not having children. I believe that is what the real pain and hurt is about for carole. And now with this younger man it’s all been amplified for her because she said he wants children. Lu is an easy target for carole to release those frustrations. Having said all this it makes me feel that sometimes no matter what you have, money, class, connections sometimes reality sucks and we have to make changes to make it better. It must be heartbreaking to be her age and have the regret and reality that her boyfriend wants children and she has to face that. It’s too bad because if she met an older man this would be a nonissue and she could move on and not have that regret. She needs to decide whether to wallow in this relationship that is triggering some hard feelings and regret or change the relationship to someone who is more compatable and supports her needs rather than trigger insecurity, regret, and anger.

    • Toni

      I read Carole’s memoir, her deceased hubby had had testicular cancer that rendered him infertile. She married him knowing that children were an impossibility. I think Carole’s just grasping at anything she can to show LuAnn in a poor light.

      • LuAnn does a great job already of showing herself in a poor light without any help from Carole or anyone else.

        It’s true that Carole married Anthony knowing he was infertile. That doesn’t mean they had closed the door on the possibility of children though. Maybe they thought about adoption? Using a sperm donor? The book is silent about that. We will never know, but neither will LuAnn, which was Carole’s point in the first place.

      • oh sheila! you a good judy

        i totally agree with you Toni. Carole is doing her damnedest on Luann, but it’s not working. it’s quite ugly and pathetic and i’m glad that it’s backfiring.

      • Leelee

        Sorry, but I agree with Ericzku (as with most things). LuAnn is a pretentious piece of work, who has nothing to be pretentious about. The only time I enjoy her is when she’s been put in her place and is forced to humble herself.

      • Minky

        Okay, you all make valid points about both Carole and Luanne’s behavior. The thing is, Carole, in an effort to make Luanne look bad, is actually making herself look worse.

        Luanne is annoying and irritating. Not my favorite. But, as Ericzku pointed out, Luanne’s already looks awful. And she’s obviously having a tough time, at least financially. Moving in with Sonja can’t be something Luanne is proud of.

        Carole is definitley not taking the high road here. She thinks she sound witty and urbane, but she’s really looking like the kind of person who will kick a bitch when she’s down. And I hope this isn’t Carole acting upon any of Bethenny’s suggestions. I expected more from Carole.

      • tamaratattles

        PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST Luann is only “living with Sonja” for the show. She doesn’t live in the city anymore but has her own place. It’s just no close enough for filming. She is not really shopping for apartments she is waiting for her Bravo lease in season before she goes back home. SSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

      • Minky

        Thanks Tamara. I knew there was something off about that set-up, but I just go ahead and let myself suspend my disbelief with these shows until you tell us what’s really going on.

      • Betty

        She waited many years for the proposal, which only happened after his diagnosis. She then became more of a caretaker than a spouse. Per the book. All those years waiting to be a Radziwell, then no babies to show for it. At least she has the “princess” title. Hope it was worth it.

  13. Perhaps one day there will be a RH Golden Jubilee, so we can see how they handle themselves in their 80’s and 90’s. I imagine Carole will be rocking the Pez dispenser in a Chanel suit look, and still busily working as a Freelance Professional Pearl Clutcher. Which is nice work, if you can get it.

    • Toni

      When you look at pictures of the couple I think it’s quite obvious that Anthony Radziwill loved and adored Carole, particularly the picture on their wedding day in the limo.

      My comment about lee radziwill wanting Carole to revert to her maiden name was tongue in cheek. Carole is on a trashy reality show. Lee Radziwill has gone out of her way to lead a private, dignified existence. If Anthony were still alive, Carole wouldn’t be on that show… And again, I think Carole is free to call herself whatever she likes, she shouldn’t bash Luann for using the title she is entitled to use. its petty

      • Sabrina

        I do think Carole and Luann are self destructing as they attempt to get one up on each other, and comments about children , after the death of a husband, are tasteless and very much like LuAnn but Carole does herself no favors here, that is for sure.

        That being said, Lee Radziwell did not live a private dignified existence- she is perceived by many to be “putting on airs” now as she hopes to make people believe that, but the reality is she (and her sister to some degree) lived an open, flamboyant life during the 60’s and 70’s, amongst European royalty and money- and tried to pass it off as cultured- but failed.. Their father had had money but lost most of it- so they aimed to marry well.

        Jacqueline met Onassis through her sister Lee, who had purportedly had an affair with him in between his Maria Callas rendezvous, , and first was on his boat travelling around the Mediterranean, before Jack died- “recovering” with her sister after the last baby died. Lee married the “Prince” and hung on to the title for dear life. She was not happy with her son’s marriage, reportedly, and Carol was careful in the book when discussing it. There was very little discussion of a relationship after he died.

      • Toni

        Re: Sabrina (for some reason the reply option isn’t showing up under your post??)

        Interesting info about the relationship between Carole and Lee. Carole was very respectful in the memoir and mentioned a few times that the family approved of her in relation to her care of her husband. If there was animosity there, I must give props to Carole for taking the high road

        If you have to go back as far as the ’60-70’s to criticize Lee, she’s lived a pretty quiet life for over 30 years.

      • Toni

        Ok – I see how the reply thing works now — I’ve been reading here a long time but very new to commenting

      • Betty

        She may want to go back into obscurity bc in her interview w Vanity Fair this month she said after her sisters husband( President Kennedy) was shot she ” felt free ” bc there were so many things she couldn’t do while he was president. Poor baby. She then goes on to state that her sister ” can’t stop thinking about herself and never feeling anything but sorry for herself!”

        Lee had flown all the way over to Washington D.C. from London after all following the assassination. Lol. What a sweetie.

  14. OMG I can see I will hate the word narcissist as much as I do journey! God help me why do they allow them to kill a perfectly good word!

  15. Gracious

    I love Carole but I do think she just needs to get over it whether Luann acknowledges/apologizes or not.

  16. Jim

    What does THN mean?

  17. Nila

    She is lost without Heather. I use to like Carole, her first season and last year found her very boring. I dislike seeing someone try too hard to be too different if that makes any sense? Her little speach about not needing a kitchen because she doesn’t cook and yada yada…”I am just too cool to be a housewife!”…I was comparing her legs to Jules legs when at the brunch and um hello, there is no reason to skinny shame! She may not have directly tweeted about Lu but adding gas to the fire is still just as bad as lighting a new fire, retweeting is the same. I don’t know why she needs an apology if any apology she gets she believes is insincere. Like seriously, let. It. Go.

    • Minky

      Lord! Who dafuq lives in a place that doesn’t have a kitchen?! At least a damn kitchenette!

      I never understood that. I don’t cook a lot either, but if I can’t have a place to wash vegetables or whip up something in a blender I feel like something’s very wrong. And I love to do up some baked goods every once in a blue moon too.

      Why doesn’t she just move into a hotel like a lot of socialites used to do back in the day? It would be very chic and retro.

      • Suse

        She DOES have some fashion of a kitchen — they have shown it when she served store-bought-somethings one time. Everyone needs a fridge (if only for the wine); and a microwave (if only to heat up hot water for the tea) . . .

  18. bella

    The closest LuAnn came to calling this lying elitist wench a pedophile was when she told her she was dating a man that was “Sonja young”. She never wrote it in any of her blogs nor she did not mention it in any social media. I truly do not understand how someone who is supposedly in a great place and in a fabulous relationship could be so bitter and vengeful. On Twitter she went even further than the blog, and was exhorting her minions and followers to go after Luann.

  19. Did she develop resentment about hula hoops riding on the handle bars of a bike and dropping acid?

  20. Meredo

    First season Carole was on she had it in for Luann. She couldn’t say or do anything without Carole admonishing her or making fun of her. When Luann “dared” to ask Carole’s friends to borrow a dress or when she was supposedly copying Carole because she wore a cape after Carole had worn one. I hated how Carole treated Luann and I haven’t liked her since, I find her to be so contrivived.

    • Toni

      I’d forgotten about that. Carole made a comment about her and heather – heather seems tough but inside she’s soft and that she, Carole is the opposite (I’m obviously paraphrasing), that despite her approachable exterior she’s quite hard.

      Luann is no saint but Carole got a lot of shots in as well. Her behavior towards Luann is petty and childish — move forward, if her bff Bethenny can quickly deal with John after a day or two surely Carole can deal with Luann after a freakin year.

    • Laura

      This is true. She only tried to make nice with Lu after she was falling out with Aviva and needed to gather supporters.

    • Tigerlilly


  21. bella

    I just wanted to add, that I really appreciate Tamara’s response to Carole’s blog and how she called her out brilliantly.

  22. Rolly

    She’s insufferable. She think she’s cute and hot. Her boyfriend is a bum. Carole is delusional.

  23. Elizabeth

    Carole sucks at being mean… Luann I think brings out the worst in people she is just so awful up down and around…

  24. Psylocke

    LOL are you really trying to pass off Luann’s consistent apathy and lack of self awareness as MINDFULNESS?

    More like mindlessness (I made a Carole-funny!)

  25. marc

    The past is not dead, it is not even past. William Faulkner. Carole Radziwill just showed her ass in her blog & T.T ‘s purple pen just handed it back to her! Kudos !

  26. Margarett

    I do love a great purple pen. Thanks, Tamara!

  27. JD

    Carole is desperately fixated on her hatred of the Countess. It’s not a good look.

    • JoJo

      Although I like Carole in general, gotta’ agree that if this tiff is for TV and to keep the interest high for RHONY … it’s ‘not a good look’ & runs the risk of sticking.
      That part is played out, she should drop it, stop the ‘retweets’ and salvage her self-respect. and live her 5 summers with her boyfriend to the fullest.
      I honestly don’t think this mean girl crap is her personality but is driven like the reality show car – but there comes a point when the gear shifts just stick 😉

  28. Jen

    Self entitled old ass mean girls. Too PATHETIC. They should get some facework or body work done. Being too skinny makes you delusional and rattlesnake mean, lack of nutrients to feed the Brain. I often wonder if they do coke or some kind of drugs. Somethings up. Kind of sad at their age.

  29. microop

    Why make it so easy for everyone to see that you aren’t happy?

  30. Loved Carole her first season but she lost her charm rapidly after that. She’s not half as amusing as she thinks she is. The truth is both LuAnne and Carole are annoying and pretentious but Carole has a real mean streak that I just can’t stomach. She overreacts to any sort of slight. She was unrelenting – borderline psychotic – in her fight against Aviva and now she’s been unrelenting in her fight toward LuAnne. Yes she had valid reasons to be upset with both of them but she’s so over the top in her response. Let it go lady. And take a look at yourself. You aren’t perfect. Her nastiness has really turned me off the show.
    And I totally agree with everyone who has said Carole seems very very unhappy.

    • Toni

      Carole goes mean fast. Her telling Aviva she has no soul was brutal and I’m no fan of Aviva.

      Carole played the ghost writing thing so wrong and was so vehemently angered by it, as a viewer you start to wonder if maybe there is some truth to the rumors. It would have been smarter of her to coldly dismiss and refuse to engage with Aviva’s assertions…instead she was chasing her down in Aviva’s own apartment spewing insults. Kinda like what she’s now doing with Luann…

      • Betty

        Carole’s only claim to fame is the inheritance her husband left her, his last name and a book she wrote about him after his death. That’s it. Carole is stuck in the past, has let many years pass her by and now she is just bitter, childless and pathetic.

      • Yes!! Carole was so over the top in her anger toward Aviva that I thought “Wow Aviva hit a nerve!” I really began to wonder if Carole DID have a ghostwriter. lol. Carole should’ve snarked at Aviva once and then let it go. Perhaps even laugh at the absurdity of Aviva’s accusation. She only made the situation and I think she’s doing the same now with LuAnne
        As the song goes – Let it go, let it go!!!

  31. Room with a Viewer

    I’m also surprised that nobody is bringing up that Carole has called Luann “every whore in the book” (to use a Kenya Moore-phism), but LuAnn is the misogynist? Even in her talking heads, she says that LuAnn’s dates don’t last till morning, that she sleeps with married men, etc. It’s like LuAnn is the new Aviva for Carole. Over it. LuAnn is no angel, but at least she’s entertaining.

    • Betty

      Lol. Luanne definitely has her issues, but at least she can be fun. Whereas Luanne is an OG, Carole just comes across as …. old. I always wondered where Adam was driving her on the handlebars of his bike. I’m assuming the pharmacy to get her some more Boniva

      • Jen

        Hahaha I love it. They need to reel in their OL Crazy Broad behavior. It only makes them look more off kilter. Haha. Chill…..learn to chill and stay off handlebars you goofy Woman! Still chuckling.

  32. Rach

    Really disliking Carole now. She’s obsessed with Luann. The relationship with Adam clearly isn’t going well as she’s obsessed with his ex girlfriends aunt. Something is not right. Hanging around Bethenney (whom I actually like) is revealing her true colours.

  33. Room with a Viewer

    Calm down, there is no way Adam is dropping her from those handle bars. You don’t go from relative nobody to an instagram mini-star by dropping your meal ticket. My favorite thing is that nobody is questioning Adam’s motives in all this–he’s moving closer and closer to the spotlight and making a career out of it. Watch him launch something soon if he hasn’t already. Meal ticket by Bravo.

    • Toni

      I’ve wondered if that was part of Luann’s response to the whole Carole dating Adam thing. I’m totally speculating here but maybe Luann thought that by dangling the opportunity to be on camera catnip to Adam that she would reunite Adam and her niece? Carole wrecked that plan.

      Honestly though, at this point, if Adam didn’t care for Carole he’d have been gone long ago.

      • Room with a Viewer

        From the looks of it, he is gone most of the year and has a free crash pad in the village when he’s back. Worked out well for him.

  34. tamaratattles

    Who is this Bitter Betty Bitch? I’m assuming she is related to Marco Rubio?

  35. JustJenn

    Carole is a bitch. I really try to like her, but I can’t. Luann is a grown adult..maybe she’s having trouble coming to terms with her divorce but there is no time limit on greif. Carole seems to mourn her dead husband at times and both are perfectly normal and okay. Don’t be a bitch and ask Luann what you did when you know damn well what you’ve been saying

    • JustJenn

      Grief even.

    • JoJo

      I’m not sure I agree that Carole is still mourning her dead husband (I only recall her making a deal of it last season leading up to the re-interment of the ashes and bonding with Dorinda).
      Maybe I’m missing it because I haven’t written her off … yet and still like her, but can’t deny that she is either a bitch or doing a good job acting like one, or LuAnn’s gotten so far under her skin having done things of which we aren’t even aware.
      I’m hoping all of this is director/producer-driven and for our benefit. I agree with you and even LuAnn, perhaps there’s something behind all of her smug, pretentious, phony behavior – something that would make all of her behavior understandable and her more likeable.
      But I figure if we knew the secrets of what make these women tick, they would be less interesting than their bad behavior or that some already are:)
      The one that really worries me is Dorinda.

  36. hannahkingrose

    You know I’ve got a novel idea here. Instead of all these housewives “moving on” with their lives, how about they actually take responsibility for their actions, deeds, words, and comments (texts and retweets included), do some fucking soul searching and give a real apology??? No matter who started it or who continued it, these are grown ass, supposedly sophisticated women. An apology sometimes isn’t so much for making the other person feel better but to free the one making the apology. Then they can truly move on without carrying the issue with them. If after giving a sincere apology and the person doesn’t accept it, the one apologizing can walk away from the situation knowing they did the right thing. I’d have more respect for that person. But I guess that doesn’t make for good t.v. right. Even though we all profess to watch to see the lavish lifestyles, it seems drama sells. People get offended and want the other person to suffer.

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