Exclusive RHOA Tea: Test Shooting Has Begun for RHOA

New girl testing on the right.

New girl testing on the right.

This is exclusive Tamara Tattles tea. Read it here today and watch the thieves steal it tomorrow.

I’ve been holding out on some RHOA tea because there is not really any shocking news involved and I don’t have tons of details yet, but there is some misinformation flying around I thought I would clear up.

First of all, every season, the real housewives franchise works the same way. Once a season ends, the folks at Bravo, with input from the production company for that franchise, sit around and evaluate the previous season. They decide who, if anyone needs to go, and how to jazz up the ratings in the next season. In this off season, the housewives are “officially” off contract.  This is when they go visit their African princes in Nigeria, get their full body lifts,  have their boobs jacked up, finish building their houses, show up at random political events to appear to seem politician worthy, post photoshopped pictures of themselves in hootchie wear on Instagram, or get IVF injections or go to the White House Correspondents Dinner as an LGBT ally.

Also during the off season, a handful of potential housewives do test shooting with one or more current housewives. Sometimes there is an opening for a new housewife, other times this is just back up in case someone gets indicted by the FEDs, or has to do a long rehab stint, or has a husband commit suicide. You know, things that happen to the cast of these shows about “socialites.”

Same new girl testing on the left.

Same new girl testing on the left same location

Next season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta appears so far to be bringing everyone back except for Kim Fields.  That appears to be a mutual parting of the ways; however, Andy Cohen continues to take shots at Kim even after the separation occurred.  Andy has acted like the bitter ex-wife whose marriage did not turn out the way she had hoped.

In a sense, Nene will be replacing Kim who replaced her after her last hissy fit departure. You can expect a lot of will she or won’t she return regarding Nene, but Nene has learned her lesson about leaving RHOA and will as surely as one can be about such things be returning next season. We saw on the reunion that Nene has allied with Kenya (!) and Cynthia and Kandi against her one time minion Porsha. Porsha is currently Phaedra’s minion and they are, for now, each others only ally.

So that means we have four against two. THOT one and THOT two need a friend. Phaedra in particular needs a friend in case Porsha ends up in jail after her next violent attack on someone. In fact, if they could find two friends for Phaedra, Porsha may once again be vying for a peach and potentially relegated back to friend status again.

So RHOA is currently testing three women. These photos have surfaced of one of the women who is doing the most testing currently. Her name is Maryam Aytac and she is the owner of  three Mediterranean restaurants called  Café Instanbul.  Both photos are from a birthday party for a makeup artist held at Café Istanbul 3. Shamea was also there, so you know it was classy.  Oddly, there seems to have been a change of outfits for the ladies.  The filming could have been done on different days but the photos all emerged on Instagram at the same time about a week ago.

Maryam Aytac  and her husband

Maryam Aytac and her husband

I’ve been doing some digging around and consulting with my sources who are scattered around the globe at the moment. Maryam has a good looking Iranian husband and two teenaged kids. She also keeps two pygmy goats in her back yard. I need to borrow one of them for a weekend!

I am really liking Maryam as hopefully some sort of hybrid of Asa from Shahs of Sunset and Lisa Vanderpump from RHOBH!

The only other news I have about the other two women testing is that they are considering introducing a non-black cast member. I would not hold my breath for this as segregation has not officially arrived on Bravo TV yet. Bravo considers RHOA to be “the black franchise” and due to its success tried to create another one in “Potomac.”  But if they do, I am already hoping for Maryam Aytac!

As for the misinformation floating around in this testing season, for one, they are not “filming for next season.”  It is not time for that. Testing footage almost never makes it to the show. This is more like on camera interviews where the new women are testing primarily with Phaedra and Porsha at the moment. Sometimes they will gather a larger number of the housewives together to see how they do with members of both “teams” in the picture, sometimes not.

The other thing is the ridiculous idea that Mariah or anyone else from Married to Medicine is testing for the RHOA position. That is completely false.  We’ve seen a few scenes with a M2M doctor on RHOA but no one will be switching shows.

Finally, as always, there will be the pass the peach game right up until the last minute. That is what the three women are testing for.  Think of them as alternate jurors who will be poised and ready to take any position that might arise in the future. It is much too early to be speculating on new cast members, Particularly since there are no available peaches at the moment. If things go according to plan, the best these women can hope for is a FOH slot.

Unless, the team of four can band together and keep the little violent girl off the show entirely. Those four made it very clear at the reunion that they did not want to work with her. Will Bravo listen? Probably not. But if they do, three options will be standing at the ready.

And that’s the tea.


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27 responses to “Exclusive RHOA Tea: Test Shooting Has Begun for RHOA

  1. mel

    Bravo needs to get rid of porsha and Phaedra. They are dead weight on the show I don’t understand why bravo won’t shake things up people are sick of this same group since season 5 time for a change

  2. Librarygirl

    TT delete if you see fit, but I was hoping that someone else had caught Ms Leakes “appearance” at the correspondent’s dinner last evening. In the reception area the camera catches the back of a blond head. There is someone tugging and tucking at a wig. Then a stylist whips out a brush to do a touch up of makeup. In the reception area! The commentator notes that this is Ms Leakes, from a reality TV show. Moments later we see Nene in the reception line, stylist still glued to her side. Now said stylist is yanking at Nene’so dress, an umpire number, massive amounts of material, gathered round underneath the bust line, slit to the waist line and making her back side resemble a zeplin. As a final flourish, the assistant pouffs out the big dress for best effect, revealing Nene’s leg up to where undies should be. I knew that I was in for some laughs when I tuned into C span last evening, but Nene’s strange performance really had me laughing.

  3. Ms.Minnie

    I’m going to say this and if Andy, Carlos or anyone at bravo reads this please listen. We the viewers are tired of the same storyline each season, we are tired of porsha and phaedra and there drama and hate for Kenya. Maryam would be a breath of fresh air but please don’t stop there and bring in more new women so we can get back to what the show used to be in seasons 1-5. The last three seasons have been horrible from casting to the editing, for example Tammy was perfect but the way she was edited and introduced people were confused and put off because we didn’t know much about her and that created confusion for the viewers. Shamea was also a cute addition but I don’t wanna see her with porsha, we wanna get to know her and her only. Atlanta needs a major shakeup bravo just like NYC because we don’t wanna see Kandi, Phaedra, Porsha, Cynthia, Kenya and Nene next season in that order because that lineup is dry and boring. Season 9 needs to be Nene, Kenya and maybe Cynthia and kandi if they can bring something new because they haven’t been bringing anything. But other then them four we are going to need 3 new women bravo so get to it because were tired of seeing phaedra ass in the kitchen cooking with cutie pie aiden thinking she’s doing something.

  4. AprilTea

    I want to see the ladies do “real” work in the upcoming season. No matter who they are just show us your life and the drama. I’d like to see Phaedra win a case or work on a funeral. I’d like to see her at the courthouse, if she’s going to be on the show. I’d like to see Porsha off the show. Period. Everything lie that she said Kenya, she has done it for real. Fake boyfriend, fake car, fake hair, and fake boobs. No more Shamea. Bring Marlo on full time. Bring back Miss Lawrence, Dwight and Derek J. Kandi needs to work with some musicians. David Foster brought musicians on RHOBH. Nene works, but I’d love to see more of her family. Years ago it was good to see the soft side of her regarding finding her father. I’d like to see Nene’s aunt who raised her come on the show as often as we have seen Mama Joyce. Kenya’s dad can come on more. He is funny. I’d like to see Kenya being a boss with her hair care line. Cynthia is always working so she is good. Maybe Malory could be a friend of the show and we can find out what’s going on in her life. I’d like to see more of the ladies lives instead of their breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings to dissect the shade. If a new character is added, cool because Shamea has a career but wasn’t smart enough to showcase it. Instead she used that time to shade Kenya because Porsha was told to get along with Kenya for season 8. They all have great platforms but production does very little to show it because drama makes a good show. We have great characters from the past and some of the ladies. Mariah can come on over because they ladies of M2M have just turned their heads from her. I hope the new lady is friends with Mariah.

  5. pfffttt

    Is it true that Mariah Huq was originally asked to join RHOA but decided to pitch Married to Medicine instead? Mariah would have been interesting. Mariah does not like Phaedra. Phaedra called her a slut on WWHL for no reason and Mariah clapped back and insinuated she was involved in Apollo’s criminal activity. Would have been interesting to see them go head to head.

    • Minky

      Personally, I would love it if Mariah emigrated to RHOA. I don’t like the way they treat her on M2M. Mariah used to be great friends with Quad, but they had a huge falling out. Quad is real close with Phaedra. So, naturally I do not trust anyone who’s that tight with Phaedra. And I believe, regarding Phaedra, that Mariah would totally bring the pain, so to speak.

  6. Matzah60

    Loved your intro. Really explains how one is inducted into the show and how Bravo and producers work together to create an ensemble cast.

    I also found it unseemly when Andy Cohen named Kim Fields as one of the Jackholes on WWHL. It was unnecessary shade for someone who voluntarily departed from the show. His comment made it seem like he was in fact the Jackholes of the day.

    So Sheree will not be returning in any capacity?

  7. tamaratattles

    Y’all are obsessed with this Mariah character. My sources specifically stated she is not being tested. And would not be. No one is coming to RHOA from M2M.

  8. Miguel

    Sweet tea, TT… though, I know I’ll be complaining/whining about them next season!!!

  9. maryam

    is maryam aytac persian or turkish? or is she a persian turk? i would love to see phaedra and porsha gone….psquared. mariah would be GREAT on rhoa. i wonder if she will be back on married to medicine atlanta? definitely time for a shake up!

  10. TD

    Is Sheree going to hold anything next season ? Right now I kinda expect a housewarming party in Moore Manor and then we may rehash the Kenya and Sheree beef all over again.

  11. bria

    Interesting clarification TT, I will like to see any body join this cast except for Phaedra & Porsha

  12. Disclaimer – I have really bad vision at the moment (optic neuritis – probably the worst MS symptom there is) and I have really bad facial recognition and I thought the new gal was Rachel Dolezal

  13. Rach

    Juicy tea. Thank you. Please Bravo, new storylines. Please.

  14. AC

    What about Sheree? Does she have a shot at a peach next season? She was quite prominent at the reunion

  15. Room with a Viewer

    I don’t know if it’s a Bravo segregation thing, or a cast dynamic thing, but I think every time Bravo adds (or starts with) a non-African American cast member to a predominantly African American cast, the girls all eventually turn on whitie. This happened to Kim Zolciak on RHOA and it happened to that British chic with the giant lips on Married to Medicine. To a lesser extent, it’s happened to Katie on Potomac (although that’s a whole other Oprah).

  16. Sarah

    Who are the other two women? I’d love to see a strong middle eastern woman!

    • tamaratattles

      Why are you posting as both “Sarah” and “Farrah” neither of which are your real name. Who picks the name Farrah out of a hat?

  17. FRLCB

    I went to high school with Maryam, seeing her like this is all kinds of hilarious. Let’s just say you never would have pictured her like this, at all.

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