Blind Item: English Love Affair

Blind Item


My husband and I flew in from Vegas to London Friday around noon. After customs, at baggage claim, we came upon a flight carousel from Atlanta and I saw someone who looked so familiar but she was furtively looking about, it was odd. Then as I watch her pick up 15 (seriously had to be that many) LV suitcases to my 2 samsonite hard sides. I realized that it was [Someone she had seen on a Real Housewives show!]

She looked very pretty but acted as if she were afraid to be seen. We all collected our bags and she RAN off into the bar by the exit and sat behind a ficus tree and peaked out every few moments. As I waited for our driver I walked by her once more and said [her name] just to see if she would acknowledge it or if I just had jet lag.  Anyway, she made eye contact and I said, “oh excuse me, I thought you were someone else.”


RHOA Kenya So  juicy


By then, I’m hoping to see the all the real housewives come out of customs. But they didn’t, instead a gorgeous man came in and walked over to her and they started to go at it like wolverines right at the bar and knocked over Mr. Ficus!  The police and I’m unsure who else came running over to make sure they were okay and also not some terrorist, it was a big to do! I couldn’t stick around as my driver had arrived.

Hmmm, wonder why a woman would be hiding a romance behind a potted plant. Literally.


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95 responses to “Blind Item: English Love Affair

  1. Matzah60


  2. No clue as ever, but interested to see what others say.

  3. JentheAUBURNfan

    Well romona posted on her Instagram some pictures saying where in the world is Ramona but for some reason I picture Yolanda hiding because it isn’t a sick day for her and she has a boy toy. Hell I don’t know and rarely get these right

  4. SB

    I’m dying to know who this is. Super juicy!

  5. CanadaCat

    Hmmm, don’t know, but that’s some sweet tea!

  6. SB

    So if the carousel is from atlanta it could be a RHOA but atlanta is such a major hub so IDK.

    • Deb in SF

      ATL is a large connecting hub, but since this woman picked up her bags, it was her destination and not a connecting point. The behavior does seem Phaedra-like.

      • Deb in SF

        Please ignore that comment…all my synapses weren’t closing.

      • Hey Deb SF, I considered ATL airport also. It has a lot of direct flights to all over Europe esp. Delta.
        So does NY and SF so I’m going with a ATL HW.
        Kenya or Porshe’, Phaedra is asexual. Allegedly!!
        All of them could make a scene.

      • BeetsWhy

        Only Porsha is dumb enough to knock over a ficus!

  7. Lindsay

    I mean, English, is it Vanderpump?!

  8. Auntie Velvet

    Is it LVP? Anyone else who is English and would be having an “affair,” if used literally in the married sense, is slipping my mind.

  9. DarkThoughts

    My guess is Cynthia Bailey! She would be the only one to have any degree of discretion. As she is still married.

    Wait, how many pieces of side dick does this woman have? Heck, she is entitled to all of it! Hope she is having fun…

  10. Auntie Velvet

    Although I guess it could be the Chelsea or London Ladies.

  11. Tsaj1979

    I’m thinking Cynthia or Porsha. Porsha carries a lot of luggage

  12. Josie

    My guess is Caroline Stanbury. Per her twitter she was in Vegas on the 22nd and flew to London a week ago. She travels with 20 suitcases. If her, she is married so she would not want hubby knowing her extracurricular activities. Final answer.

    • beth

      if we’re to take “Someone she had seen on a Real Housewives show!” as a clue and not a red herring, then it would not be anyone from Ladies of London, and, the RHW was not coming in from Vegas, she came in from Atlanta.

  13. beth

    can’t picture who fits in with the image of going at it like wolverines.

  14. More Tea Please!

    Wouldn’t Sonja Morgan be one to have no discretion? Or the Countess?

  15. Katie

    Wolverines of London is a popular Warren Zevon song……

  16. Barbara R

    Since the plane flew from Atlanta I’m guessing Porsha (and a John) or Kenya (not with her fake boyfriend).

  17. I have no idea, but I sure hope someone gives the answer and not leave me hanging!

  18. Twilly

    I can’t imagine LVP being this crass to do act like that publically. Plus she looks very distinct to me and would be hard to mistake. I don’t watch LOL so I’m not familiar with them. In other words, no clue who this is!

    • More Tea Please!

      Plus why would she have to get it on in the airport. Im sure she has a flat or two in London!

  19. Sammie

    Sounds like Phaedra, and she would seem like the type to over do the airport “romance”.

  20. Kjenn

    I say Kim Biermann, she was on RHOA and didn’t she brag about her LV luggage in one episode?

  21. Brie292002

    It’s someone she “seen” on Real Housewives meaning not a Housewife. Plus she saw the person in the Atlanta Hub with 15 LV suitcases. Sounds like Marlo. On instagram she’s in London. Also who else would be hiding out behind a plant groping soms guy but Marlo and some rich married man.

    • Twilly

      That makes sense! Marlo and a john!

    • Sam

      It wasn’t in the Atlanta Hub. It was in London, after she went through customs, at a baggage claim carousel that was for a flight that had come in from Atlanta.
      It has to be an Atlanta housewife.

  22. It’s Marlo – I follow her on Facebook and she is in London right now

  23. jen

    This is great tea. ..I have no guesses. Wait I do…Cynthia? 15 LV bags…please not Kim Z?

  24. jen

    Gasp at the could be revolution. …Erika????

  25. Hmm, could wolverines be a clue to Michigan Wolverines? Kenya…..

  26. bria

    The only name that sticks without doubt is Phaedra. Porsha will throw any romance in our face, so long as it is not a sponsor .
    The description of that character fits Phaedra. Phaedra is okay to have someone.

  27. Yes & no! Kim B. loves her LV luggage but Loves Troy more!
    Plus she hates flying anywhere and leaving her babies.
    Kim B. has never looked at another man since with Troy.

  28. Dre

    Porsha. With all that luggage…making out with someone in public…it’s Porsha.

  29. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    I’m pretty stumped. Guessing it’s a married HW, why else would she be hiding it? “Love affair” of course makes me think LVP. But I can’t imagine her “going at it” with anyone!

  30. Kay

    The only other English housewife I can think of is Carlton

  31. Amy V

    Obviously the final destination is London so therefore they were at Heathrow airport. Caroline Fleming is the most beautiful of them all not to mention all her significant others are simply gorge.

  32. Ann

    look on her instagram page it says London.

  33. She was at her destination, Heathrow from Atlanta. The clue says she’s from a Real Housewives show, not Ladies of London.
    And another clue states going at it like wolverines. Huh? Wolverines? That’s sort of out there. If the clue had said ‘going at it like minks’ then that would fit, but why like wolverines?
    And because Atlanta is a major hub this could be just about anyone from the USA.

  34. Melissa Sloyer

    I think that it is not someone from Atlanta, rather someone maybe someone was visiting their daughter at College in Atlanta……Ramona. I can totally see her hooking up with Jax in a bar (with his Wolverine mutton chop sideburns.) As to why a woman would hide her romance behind a potted plant – she is divorced so she wouldn’t need to hide it but maybe she is trying to hide it from her daughter who is constantly embarrassed by her actions. I seem to recall a recent photo that Ramona posted of her whispering into Jax’s ear in that really inappropriate way she leans into guys when she is drunk and trying to flirt. What do you think?

  35. Auntie Velvet

    “Wolverines” could be just an expression because the witness said it, not TT. But if it means anything, friend-of RHOA Tammy has a (bad) history with a Michigan Wolverine.

  36. imagrandma2

    Phaedra has been promoting in Flint, MI this past week. Michigan Wolverines?

  37. Frosty

    Meeting at a major airport with loads of luggage? Hiding behind potted plant? Amateurs!

  38. My experience from moving and hiding behind or cleaning around those Ficus plants, which are usually fake in offices and airports is they are very top heavy, light and super top heavy. so… very easy to tip over. I had them in my restaurant and customers would knock them over because they look so real. They’d be surprised as a real one in a pot doesn’t tip like that.

  39. Lime Brain

    I’ve been trying to figure it out and this is what I’ve come up with.

    The source said that they expected to see other housewives to appear. So, it must be a franchise that’s currently filming. The only one I know that is filming now is OC.

    The source also said that the person was pretty. I’ll leave that comment alone with the OC.

    The Dallas franchise is to new for me, so I have to eliminate them because I don’t know them. Plus, half of them would probably never leave Texas if they got the chance.

    The Atlanta franchise is a possibility. It’s been stated here that Marlo is in London. I don’t remember her, so I have no idea. Someone posted about the wolverine could be referring to Kenya. Also, Kenya is pretty, but she was going to the Beyonce concert this weekend.

    Did the source see them this weekend, or did Tamara hold onto this info for a week or so? Hmmm…

    Also, the source walked by this person and said their name to see if they would react to it, then claimed they had mistaken her for someone else. To get away with this, I am assuming this person has to have a common name. Kenya is not a common name as far as I know. It would be hard to get away with that lie. Even Marlo is not a common name. So I am crossing them off my list.

    Dang! I forgot about Cynthia. The source could have called out Cindy. Need to look up what she was doing this weekend.

    So, this leaves me with Beverly Hills. This group would most likely have 15 lv bags.

    Erika is pretty, has a common name, married and originally from Georgia. She could have been visiting family then hopped on a plane to England. She is also the type to need so many bags of luggage. But would she dare risk it? She has been married long enough (according to her) to get half in a divorce. And according to her, she gives zero fucks.

    Eileen doesn’t own any nice bags, it’s not Kyle’s style, Rinna, I think has been busy with her kids on instagram. They are all out of contention.

    That leaves Lisa.

    The title of this blind says an “English love affair”. When Lisa first asked about Eileens affair, she played innocent to the camera and said she was asking about the “love” affair.

    Lisa is pretty and has a very common name. I think she’s been traveling to promote her Sangria and could have taken off to visit her home in London, hence the need for a lot of luggage.

    I’m also assuming this person knew the airport well, and knew exactly where to find the bar to hide in. The source didn’t say that this person was wandering around and asking where it was.

    Ukare, an English charity, posted a tweet this weekend thanking her for becoming a patron. Did she visit them while there? Was it her excuse to go to London?

    Would Lisa make out in a bar? I think there’s just about as much chance that she would as any other married woman would.

    So, my first choice is Lisa V, followed by Erika, then as a distant third, Yolanda and Cynthia, because I didn’t look into them.

  40. Bugsy

    It has to be an Atlanta HW. The item states that she was collecting her baggage at an Atlanta flight carousel.

    • That’s what I was thinking at first, but then remembered that Atlanta is a major international HUB, so ruled that out. Someone from LA could have flown to the Atlanta Hub and then to Heathrow.
      I hope Tamara spills the tea soon.

  41. Wait a second. The tip off is Wolverines, which are very, very aggressive creatures who will fight you at the drop of a hat. The clue isn’t that they were “going at it” as in making out, smooching. It’s … “gorgeous man came in and walked over to her and they started to go at it like wolverines right at the bar and knocked over Mr. Ficus! The police and I’m unsure who else came running over to make sure they were okay and also not some terrorist, it was a big to do!”
    Now, IF the couple were making out, the cops would arrive over a fallen ficus? Naw… But they sure would show up quickly if those two were fighting like WOLVERINES!
    I think they were fighting/arguing and knocked over the ficus in the fracus. Tell me if I’m getting warm, please Tamara … Pleaaaaaase!

  42. Lime Brain

    Ok, Maybe it is Phaedra. Mr. Ficus = Mr Chocolate.

  43. Sounds like sneaky Phaedra to me.

    • It’s definitely Marlo or Portia they both owns lots of L V luggage Marlo always hides her boyfriends #RHOA other housewives beside Nene do not own more than 2 pieces of L V ,Marlo was seen a wk ago at airport traveling with lots of L V lugguge

  44. StubbyG

    Remember Lisa’s tag line? Throw me out to the wolves and I will come back leading the pack? (Or something similar?).

    • Lime Brain

      Ahhhh, good catch!

      Now I’m leaning back to LVP. Lol!

      I know it is probably really Marlo, but it’s a lot more fun thinking it’s Lisa.

  45. CanadaCat

    Who cares about Marlo?? I hope it’s not her, that wouldn’t be juicy enough for me.

  46. Dee

    It’s Lisa Vanderpump. Big clue is the Wolverine remark. Her husband Ken Todd played for the Wolverhampton Wanderers back in the 70’s.

  47. Mrs.S

    I wouldn’t think Erika since she’s bragged about 2 planes they own the big one and smaller for shorter trips Ahhh heck I don’t know

  48. jen

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it was Shannon Beador? Lol

  49. jpsblue

    This is Karent Sierra from Miami.

    It’s funny how no one has the Miami housewives on their radar anymore. Am I the only one who follows their Instagram posts?

    Karent Sierra is now in London.

  50. Amelias912

    Wasn’t Lisa VP housewife tagline something like throw me to the wolves…could wolverine be another word for wolves

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