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If you are interested in some good TV that won’t rot your brain cells, you can join me in watching a new  show on AMC called  The Night Watchman.

The show is based on a John Le Carre novel. As usual those who have read the book are less excited about the series. Filming locations include, Spain, Morocco, Switzerland, Egypt, and London. It’s a six-part miniseries that airs on AMC Tuesdays at 10 p.m. Episode one has aired and reruns often and can be found On Demand. It looks like the first two episodes are on the AMC website. I’m watching the first one on demand and it is 77 minutes long, I am wondering if it is long enough to be two episodes without commercials, or if the second on is just not up yet On Demand. Here is the official description from the AMC website.

The Night Manager, a six-part miniseries premiering on Tuesday, April 19, is a contemporary interpretation of John le Carré’s best-selling spy novel, which follows hotel manager Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) in his quest to bring down international arms dealer Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie). Pine, a former soldier, is thrust into a world of international intrigue when he is recruited by a British intelligence officer (Olivia Colman) to infiltrate Roper’s inner circle. To get to the heart of Roper’s vast empire, Pine must withstand the allure of his beautiful girlfriend Jed (Elizabeth Debicki) and the suspicious interrogations of his venal chief of staff Major Corkoran (Tom Hollander). In his quest to do the right thing, Pine must first become a criminal himself.

The Night Manager

Here is a second summary from IMDb

An Englishman, Jonathan Pine (played by Tom Hiddleston), is working as the night manager of a Cairo hotel. He gets involved with a local woman who is the girlfriend of a local gangster. Through her relationship with the gangster she has acquired information linking illegal international arms sales with Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie), an English billionaire. She is soon found dead, murdered due to her having this information. Fearing for his own life, Pine flees, ending up working at a remote hotel in Switzerland. Two years pass, and then Roper visits the Swiss hotel. This rekindles Pines thirst for revenge, and he is enlisted by British Intelligence to spy on Roper. What follows is a very dangerous game of intrigue and deception. Written by grantss  on IMDb

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24 responses to “The Night Manager on AMC

  1. Margarett

    Thanks, Tamara. Once again you’ve prevented my missing a good show! You are truly the best! You and Sir Banjo have a great weekend.

  2. Whyowhy

    I gave it 2 episodes before I gave up. I was bored. Not even my love for Tom Hiddleston could make me like it. I really wanted to like it.

  3. It’s phenomenal! It’s just finished here in Australia and I have now become a devout Hiddlestoner – the name the lead Tom Hiddlestone’s fans call him.

    It’s tense, well written, well acted and just great television – the lead female Jed in an Aussie too.

    Cannot recommend it more highly. If there was more of this stuff on TV I’d ditch Housewives altogether – (although maybe not Southern Charm – I love me some Charleston!)

    You’ll love it TT xxx

  4. BeetsWhy

    I’m trying to watch this because Hugh Laurie! I also love the woman from the original Broadchurch (forget the US version title). I’ve been distracted for a couple weeks but I won’t give up!

  5. Toddy

    Planning to watch it.

  6. Thanks, TT! John Le Carre is one of my favorite authors. I am in the middle of reading NM. Love the series so far.

  7. I have dvr’d the first two episodes and hope to watch them soon.

  8. Dee

    Than you Tamara! I’m watching. I love Hugh Laurie! Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  9. Mary

    Love this series!

  10. kendrawm

    I’ve been enjoying it, most reviews said hang in there as they take there time establishing and it will pick up episode 3.

  11. Nickinono

    Please please please watch it!!! It was shown here in the UK last month and it is the best TV I’ve watched in ages. The BBC spent £8m making the 4 episodes. By the end you will want the main character to be the next James Bond – episode 4 where he ordered the martini should have just been sent to whoever is casting for it. Seriously.

  12. Lovie

    I’m about to start the last episode. I’ve loved it and of course have loved Hiddles! His smile makes me weak in the knees. TT, there is an equally fabulous series currently showing on The Sundance Channel called The Last Panthers.

  13. Amy V

    First episode wet my whistle and at the end of the second I was drooling for more. Thanks TT.

  14. Christina

    It’s beautifully shot and I found myself totally immersed. I haven’t read the book and can’t say how faithful to the story it is but the tension ratchets up episode by episode and I binged watched it in two days ’cause I just had to know how it unfolded. Just finished Broadchurch (series 2) and Thirteen and am working my way through Happy Valley. I really love how British TV allows shorter runs for series which cuts out the need to stretch out story lines or the need for pointless filler.

    • Lovie

      Yes, yes on Broadchurch and Happy Valley! Sarah Lancaster’s character on Happy Valley is completely flawed yet totally bad assed. Love her.

  15. belladonna

    I missed the first two episodes. I had to search for them; they will be on BBCAmerica on Monday. I love Hugh Laurie and Olivia Colman (the actress from Broadchurch), and Hiddleston is going to keep my interest for at least one episode.

    I like that you are slowly nudging us away from the braincell draining bravo kibble.

  16. Beauxcefus

    Anything w/Hugh Laurie makes it infinitely watchable. I loved me some Dr. House and miss this talented and gorgeous man on my TV. So I’ll deal with this miniseries.

  17. captivagrl

    I really like Night Manager. The locations are stunning. And, This weekend I started watching The Americans. Season 4 starts soon, but for some reason this show wasn’t on my radar. I’m only on ep 6, season 1, so far I like it.

  18. Debbie

    I absolutely love this show. Tom Hiddelston is perfection and so is High Laurie. Great characters and great locations. And yes Tom Hiddelston is so sexy.

  19. tamaratattles

    Sidenote: Tom Hiddleston was at the White House Correspondents Dinner. He is British, right? I’m not asking because Brits can’t go to the dinner, I mean with Kendall Jenner, Hope Solo, and Nene Leakes there, we clearly have no limits. LOL. I just want to be sure he’s not Hugh Laurie in reverse. I’ll never forget the first time I heard Hugh speaking with a British accent. I was gobsmacked! lol.

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