Project Runway All Stars: We Are Counting on YOU Nina Garcia!

Kini's Final Look

Kini’s Final Look

I’m afraid to even watch this episode. The weight of the world is on Nina Garcia. Can she fix this messy situation that Isaac Misrahi has caused? Can we finally take the Oral Skill Bonus Points off the table?

Nina Garcia comes out on stage and Sam is hit with the realization that blowjobs and chin waves are not going to work with her.  Dom looks thrilled to see her. I think everyone but Sam was just praying for a judge without a willing penis. Kini points out that Sam has never been critiqued by Nina. He’s rather gleeful about that.

The Challenge is about technology. It’s sponsored by OtterBox a company that makes protective phone cases. What is with that name. No one knows what she is saying and when you finally see it, and understand the product, it gives on pause about the structure of on otter’s vagina. Are they really that hard to get into?  Because otters in the park seem quite frisky and plentiful.

Oh yeah, the challenge. Create an original print for print on print fashion that will look good in an otter’s vagina. I think. I sort of stopped paying attention.


Dom's Look

Dom’s Final Look

The Workroom

My boy, Ken has gone from “fusstrated” to “overwhelmed.”  You can do this Ken! You are coming off a win! Ken picks up a really nice brocade at Mood. Ken also grows up before our very eyes and clears the tension between him and Sam for the sake of the workroom environment. I’m so proud of  Ken!  Ken’s original print is the least bold.

My first look at Dom’s print is not pleasing. It is a bright pink and red geometric concept. However, I can see it in an otter’s vagina. So there is that. Dom is the projected winner before anyone even starts. BUT, she seems to have way too many ideas.

Sam’s pixelated flowers don’t suck. Isn’t he the one that can paint? I’m concerned. Oh goody! He has picked hideous neoprene mesh AGAIN!

Kini is doing a tuxedo suit look in black and white prints. So far so good. Kini is not interested in clearing the air between him and Sam. I’m okay with that.

Dimitri, Seth Aaron, Mondo and Anthony Ryan, four previous All Stars winners enter the workroom for a twist. They are not there to disrupt, but to give advice.  They are way better than the usual Zanna sabotage.  Maybe they finally realized Zanna was disruptive rather than helpful. May Mondo can sew for Sam. Mondo does tell Sam his execution sucks. Please let that be foreshadowing.

Ugh. Zanna is still there. She comes in and tries to sabotage everyone. But even she doesn’t like Sam.

Ken's Final Look

Ken’s Final Look

The Runway

Dom’s look makes zero sense to me. Is it a dress with a slit? Is it a one legged jumpsuit? I can’t get a good enough look at it for it to make any sense to me.  I don’t like it.  I don’t get it. I can’t even tune it in. Why do we only get a few glimpses of the actual designs?

Ken did a top out of his original material. His mentor told him to go for volume and dramatics due to his rather boring print. He did not listen. That said, the outfit is wearable and he might be okay. I am not sure the original print is otter vagina worthy though.

Kini’s look is the winning look.  Every time that model walks down the runway I think I would like her look if she was wearing a Coleman tent. She is everything.

Sam’s neoprene mesh monstrosity is not something I would wear for the one mile trip to the ghetto beer store if I had the Zika virus and it was the only thing available to cover my fat ass. I’d rather just go in my bra.

The prints don’t even go together. Nothing about this works. I was so nervous that he might stay because I really like his original print the best for a phone cover. But if this doesn’t send his ass home I am done with the farce of a show. It’s so bad it is nauseating. Even Isaac looks nauseated!!!

Sam's Final Look

Sam’s Final Look

For me this is simple as pie. Kini won and it’s WAY PAST TIME for Sam to go!

The Judges

The judges are judging Dom more harshly than Sam! What is wrong with them? The don’t like Ken’s look either. It’s clear Kini will win, but they were not excited about anything else.

Ken thinks he is going home and he is really worried and mad at himself. I can’t with these judges. I think they might send DOM home. And that would be an outage, one legged wrap dress or not. It seems like they like her better when she is off the stage. They are mad that Ken didn’t take any risks. Nina hates his sad fabrics.  Isaac is ready to let Sam go!  Isaac says the neoprene mesh is a disaster!

I am not going to get my hopes up.

Holy shit! Dom won!  I hate these people! 

No, seriously, I HATE THESE PEOPLE! The judges say they can’t decide between Sam and Ken. I found it odd when Kini said to Dom that it was a hard decision. Clearly, we know now that was staged after the fact.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!  They are going to make the SEW head to head. Ken immediately looks gleeful. I think Sam has shat himself. This is clearly all staged to out the fact that SAM CANNOT SEW A STRAIGHT STITCH!  There is no mannequin to drape and tack on! This is hilarious!


These idiots can’t be bothered to say to Sam that is a hot mess piece of shit. They are complimenting him.  There is no way they are going to pick Sam’s dress. Why do they coddle this boy? Who the hell is he related to?? This has to be more than just dick sucking. He has to be someone’s really dumb kid.



Project Runway Dom gif


Next week, I am going to be PRAYING for a Ken Win!  But I am happy with any of these three winning.


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26 responses to “Project Runway All Stars: We Are Counting on YOU Nina Garcia!

  1. I especially loved the Housewives-style flashbacks to all of the many times that Sam had done jumpsuits and used the neoprene mesh. He must have really pissed off one of the producers!

    I’ll be happy to see either Kini or Dom win the whole thing. I like Ken, but he doesn’t seem to be quite in the same league as the other two. So for next week: #TeamDom!

  2. BeetsWhy

    Sam is gone, I swear I was shitting little green apples because I thought they were going to let him slide again! Maybe he got a sore throat and couldn’t perform his duties? I love Doms mixing of prints and lines so much, she better win this thing. She’s a Philly girl, think she could design for a beach ball belly with four sticks for limbs? Oh and a broke one at that?

  3. Deb in SF

    It was a little gift to have them send Sam home…finally! I don’t have a strong favorite among the final three, but am leaning slightly toward Kini, who has been very consistent throughout the whole show, and he hasn’t won before. It would also piss off Sam the most, but gotta give the boy props, he left classily. I’m looking forward to the finale…they only have 4 days to make their collections! That’s a yuge difference from the regular Runway!

  4. Mark

    The more I think about it, the more this smacks of trade who has gotten too big for his boots and had to be shown who the boss was. Did Sam screw someone else while he was with Isaac?

  5. I could not believe even Nina praised Sam’s horrific mess at the end. Ken’s 1 hour dress was everything. I am looking forward to seeing Ken’s collection. I kind of have an idea of what Dom and Kini will put up but I don’t fully understand Ken’s ‘girl’.

  6. Cheychey

    That final dress Sam made was a train wreck. The colors didn’t go together and the judges kept talking about that they did and the jacket was great. I’m like are they looking at the same dress as me. I have to say I really liked the one that Ken made but I think he had 2 much easier dresses to put together. That being said he shouldn’t have been in a see off anyway because his runway look was far and away better than Sam. Kini should have won. I liked Dom’s print and the way she mixed her prints but the dress and coat look a sloppy mess. Kini’s is beautiful and red carpet ready.

  7. HappyGal

    I loved when Ken said he was worried until he looked over at Sam’s about 15 mins until the sew off was finished bwahahahhaha.

    I was exasperated when they praised that horrific jacket back that Sam created. I think they were trying to toss Isaac a bone – pun intended – for his support of Sam all along – so he did not come off as such a damn fool knowing they would eliminate Sam this round.

    Thank God Sam is gone and we can have a good finale – I am good with anyone of these designers winning but I am team Ken as I really think he as come such a long way from where he was and I love his designs when he follows his own instincts and does not doubt himself.

  8. Sequoia

    This episode could have been titled ‘Commercials; Sponsored by Project Runway.’

  9. Something Clever

    This season of PR Allstars has been a complete joke. I’m glad that Kini, Dom and Ken lasted this long (and I hope Kini wins), but it is a disgrace that they kept Sam longer than several others with greater talent. The judges’ complimentary comments about the atrocious final garment Sam made, in the sew off, had me yelling at the TV. I can’t even understand how Sam made it onto All Stars. He wouldn’t have lasted more than a few episodes of a regular PR season.

    • JoJoFLL

      Sam is a talented designer but he cannot sew. Everyone left can sew and design. I agree there were others who should have stayed over Sam. All of them.

  10. belladonna

    I have to agree that this season was a joke. Sam should have gone home several times, and was saved for some producer known reason. Probably to keep people watching to see Sam go away. People calling his designs “fresh” is puzzling. All judges for project runway are always talking about keeping in mind the female figure, and Sam puts out these blocky coats and awful jumpsuits.

    I may be the only one who hated Sam’s print. I think he did an ugly drawn flower and pixelated it to pretend he meant it that way. Really, you all liked that ugly print? And that neoprene, that is fashion forward?

    I would like to see more from Dom. Kini as has been said can get too crazy, but at least he puts something out there. That last dress made his model look even more divine. With Tim Gunn to rein him in a bit, he might do something interesting, but alas, this won’t happen with this wreck of a show.

  11. GirlMe

    Sam is the Sanjaya of Project Runway. They both made a once great show look ridiculous. Sam and Isaac ruined All Stars.

    Wish we could get Isaac off. Cant even stand to look at his face anymore. Used to love him. Now he reaks dirty old man. Just gross.

    Thank God for Nina. Loved how Georgina let it slip ” that Sam’s jumpsuit was hiddous. It made no sense. It was sloppy” or something like that. Aylssa never played the coddle Sam game.

    Sam cant really think he is good. Ken comment while in sew off was hiliarious.

    • tamaratattles

      I wonder if someone had to thread the machine for Sam? Have we even seen him on a sewing machine all season? I also loved the producers editing in all of his “I’ll just whip stitch this” sort of comments when there was a sewing machine right there. It looked like there were even two machines for them so Sam would have a spare when he jammed the first one.

      • Lime Brain

        I just googled “whip stitch” to see what it is because I don’t sew. It made me laugh when I saw what it is and realised this is the stitch they taught us in Brownies when I was in elementary school. My sewing skills are on par with Sam’s. Lol!

        On another note, last night I put PR season 7 on Hulu for something to watch. In the very first episode, the judges sent home a girl because her hem wasn’t sewn straight. That was back in the good old days when sewing mattered.

        I miss Michael Kors and his snarkiness.

  12. What about Mondo saying Sam’s ideas were there, just not executed?

    I’m with TT – this kid is related to somebody.

  13. Cheychey

    In the end Sam realized he was out of his league. I think that’s why he left so humbled. There were a few good designers on the show but I would love to see a face off off real all stars. All first place winners. I’m sure most of them are to busy or ‘above’ a competition like that. But I’d love to see it. The best of the best. Maybe if the price is right it could happen.

    • tamaratattles

      lol. This show does not exactly produce famous designers. There are like two that are well known after the show. Neither of them won All Stars.

    • Lawstangel

      Dom won her season and Kini came in second on his season.

  14. JoJoFLL

    Go Kini Go! I hope he wins!

  15. Jane

    Spot on recap. I was giggling here in my robe about the ghetto beer run. Yeah, that outfit looked like a cover-up you’d buy at a cheesy beach store, next to the neoprene beer holders. The show lacks Tim gunn. He brings thoughtful, but frank critiques and a love of bringing out the best in the designers.

    I love Dom’s clothes, they bring a smile to my face.

  16. Something Clever

    Kini, once again, was robbed.

    • Lime Brain

      I don’t believe Kini was robbed because part of the challenge was to design a print that would look good on a case for your phone. Out of all the prints that they made, I would want Dom’s print on my phone. And I hate to admit it, but Sam’s print would be my second choice, only because it was bright and colorful. His whole outfit was hideous, though. I can’t understand why his outfits always look so much better in pictures than they do on tv.

      I want a case that is easy to see and identify when I’m leaving the bar, so I don’t forget it or pick the wrong one up.

      Also, Nina has designed cases for Otter box and Dom’s design is the closest to what Nina has done.

      • Something Clever

        Sorry, I was commenting on the finale under this posting, because it took Tamara some time to post about the finale.

        But I still loved Kini’s look in this episode.

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