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I thought this was the season “finale” but it looks like that is next Tuesday.  According to Abby that was supposed to end the season but ratings must have been really good because in February they ordered more episodes for a B season.  Abby’s issue with production is apparently that the kids only get paid “a thousand dollars a week” to film and are treated badly. But when they go to do other projects they are pampered and asked what they would like to eat and treated like royalty. I have two problems with her story though. First of all California has very strict guidelines for child actors and how they are treated. There is often some issue with “documentaries” when kids are filmed doing their daily routines but the popularity of reality TV has cause some of those lines to be blurred and new laws to be created. Plus the royal treatment she mentions is of Maddie.

Abby also threatened that more kids than just Maddie and Mack might be missing in the B series of this season due to production’s treatment of the cast. Because Abby is all about treating the girls well, y’all. Actually, in a recent episode Abby said to Melissa, ” I better not see Maddie on So You Think You Can Dance Teen! ”  When in reality, Abby has been fighting for her to be on the show as either the host or the head judge. There really is no reality left on reality TV.

Dance Moms Season6

Anyway, the minis are in this episode and I think I will be able to get over my addiction to this show if the girls we started out move on and a new batch comes in. I’m used to these asshole moms. I do not want new asshole moms.

But we have a new mom on the mini team. Her name is Yolanda. I officially can’t deal with that name anymore. Her kid’s name is Elliana. I’m going to call her Elli.

The pyramid was the usual hogwash.  There are two group dances (one for the minis) and two solos, one musical theatre number for Maddie and one lyrical number about homeless people for Brynn. Of course there is a lot of fake drama around the solo choices. Jo Jo’s mom is so mean and threatened by Brynn. Brynn solo is based on that Maddie did several seasons ago. Last week they said Brynn was dressing like Jo Jo this week it’s Maddie. I am relieved to know this is all fake drama.

I can’t tell Jo Jo’s mom from Brynn’s mom. They are both loud blonde women with big hair. I like Brynn’s mom better, but I still can’t tell who is who unless they are next to each other. All the mean moms go out to lunch to trash talk Brynn, without Brynn’s mom Ashlee.  Back in the studio, the mean mom group trash talks the minis. Apparently, the mean moms think the minis and Brynn are going to take their place.  I’m not even going to recap the moms this week. It’s just a bunch of redundant insults.

Maddie’ Solo

Maddie’s flirty little solo danced to Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer was danced to perfection. That said, the choreography was minimal and it is unlikely there were enough points to earn in that number to be competitive.  Which Abby and everyone else knows.

Dance Moms Brynn Hip Hop

Brynn’s Solo

Brynn’s solo was much more sophisticated. Brynn danced it well. However she was SMILING the entire time. This had to be staged. Brynn talked about her face the entire episode and how important it is to act.

Mini Group

The group dance was really good (for them). There was one girl who was miles better than the rest. I think it was Elli, the new kid, but the cameras are so far away from this stage, it’s hard to tell. At first I thought it was Jo Jo. Looks like Abby brought in a ringer.

Junior Elite Group

The junior elite group was really good. I still saw spacing issues. I started to wonder if Maddie had rehearsed with group, because she often was the one in the wrong spot. It’s like she was off working and came in and picked the routine up really fast, and it sort of made the spacing off in places. That said, it was good and likely will win their division.

Brynn got third in her division. Maddie got fourth place in her division. HA! The minis won first and the Junior Elite Team got third. HA! HA!

So the moms tell the minis Abby called them trash.  Yolanda takes her kid and leaves ALDC. Good for her. I hope it takes.

Next week: The mid-season finale.


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10 responses to “Dance Moms: Mini Madness

  1. Cheychey

    I didn’t like Maddie’s solo. It was not anything special, not bad just not great. I think Abby did that on purpose then put her up against Brynn with a lyrical routine. They usually win. Kinda just an F you by Abbt because Maddie’s leaving her. Abby can be very petty. I’ve become really annoyed at Holly this season. Usually at least she is the voice of reason. To join in with all the other moms and get ALDC shirts and wear them to the competition and not include Ashley was just juvenile. What kind of message does that send to your kids.

  2. BeetsWhy

    It seems like Brynn was set up…again. Maddie has Resting Constipation Face, she has to employ no acting to look that way. Brynn has Resting Cupid Face, she always looks like she is somewhat happy. My problem is that Brynns makeup did nothing to help her natural face look any less happy. She needs to work on the acting part but damn, throw some contouring on the child to help her out! And Maddie dancing to the Entertainer? Really? That’s the first step up in piano lessons from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! It’s just so childish. Hated it! now, you mentioned the B season. Is that in addition to these shows? That would be interesting to see how things go without Maddie and Mackenzie…and with her pending court dates!

    • Swizzle

      Excellent point. Maddie was applauded for her resting constipation face for years when it was really just the same face every time. She’s evolved since then, but I never understood the love for the Maddie face.

      Brynn’s default face is a pleasant expression. I’m sure she’ll evolve too over time. I know they film the dances a couple of times. I wouldn’t put it past the producers to ask her to do a version where she smiles.

  3. happygal2

    I remember when Mattie was young and her sole facial expression looked like she was in pain – she had to grow in that regard and I think that Brynn can as well.

    I am not as interested in the Mini Moms – not sure if I have just outgrown wanting to watch this show or if they are not as interesting to watch as the old original crazy moms

  4. I can’t believe that the moms, especially jessa or heffa or whatever her name is. Jojo’s mom. I forget exactly what she said about Brynn. But it was personal and unrelated to dance. A grown woman putting a kid down. And the other legacy moms all agreeing or at least not correcting her bad behaviors. I know I’m hypocritical and I’m about to get moreso. But I am not on TV and the child will not read what I’ve written (and if she does, shame on her mom for allowing her to read blogs and social media unscreened). But…jojo. I’ve come to actually LIKE her personality. She is funny and nice and a good friend. But that speech impediment. Oh dear god she is way too old to baby talk. I know nothing about speech issues. I’m sure one of the experts here is an expert on speech and vocal cancer and I’ll be chastised and not give a shit as usual. But anyhow, it seems like something that is readily correctable. I think sometimes it is caused by hearing issues. One of the nurses at my Drs office talks like that and she is in her sixties probably. And she is white trash so I’m doubting she ever had the means or inclination to deal with it. Anyhow, I’ve dug too deep. The simple point I wanted to make is HOW does jessa (? Jojo’s mom) get off trashing another little girl when her house is fragile glass??

    I agree with whoever wondered what it’ll be like with Maddie and sexy Mckenzie gone. (It makes me sick how they have sexualized that child this season). But they really are not giving us the chance to miss them because they won’t go the fuck away. Jesus this is like The Who’s farewell tour. Seems like it’s going on for decades. Go already!!!

    And as usual, Nia is untalented and misshapen and distracting. She has no business on anything remotely “elite” unless it’s a moustache growth comp. yeah. I said it. Fuck you if you don’t like it.

    • Swizzle

      I hope Jojo is in speech therapy. I do know that the R speech issue is really hard to correct. Much harder than a lisp. She’ll have to work hard to fix it.

  5. Cheychey

    I’ve always thought the same thing about Nia. She is a sweet young lady but only an average dancer. I could never figure out how she ended up on an elite team either.

    • Suzanne D

      Nia is one of my favorites, but she peaked 2 seasons ago. Haven’t seen any improvement since. It’s not about Abby or not caring. Nia is an average dancer. She’s a sweet girl who is well behaved and respectful. I just don’t think she works outside of what she minimally has to do. When given a solo, she starts out great but poops out half way through. Yes, she’s representing the ALDC, but she’s also representing herself. I really like her and hope her music career takes off beyond YouTube and iTunes.

      The other mothers have been horrible this season. Especially Jill and Jessalyn. They should be lucky that Ashlee is Brynn’s mom and not me. I would have beaten the piss out of both of them off camera. I really hope the second part of the season focuses on the minis. I absolutely adore them.

  6. Ernestine Mbah

    I swear Mattie’s mom, jojo’s mom and Jill are so fucking annoying and are unbelievable to be talking shyt about the woman whose daughter got a chance to dance for her disabled brother. Nobody should be this self centered. It is unacceptable. Mattie leaving is no where near raising a sick child and one having to grow up so fast Cz she has to take care of her brother. These mothers are hideous parents I swear I hate them

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