The Awkwardness on Live! With Kelly & Michael Continues

kelly and michael cups

The next two weeks of Michael Strahan’s final days on Kelly & Michael are definitely, must see TV.  Kelly has dropped all pretense of liking Michael. For some reason today’s show has a lot of sites and TV shows talking about the situation.

First of all you should know that Friday shows are not live. Generally the Friday shows are taped on Thursday at some point after the Thursday show is recorded live.  One thing Kelly gets paid the big bucks for is to tell us what day it is. She generally makes a big production about it being Friday.  Perhaps today she was a bit more grateful than usual as she repeated the fact that we have all made it to Friday way more than usual. It was all very “Thank God this week of hell is finally over!”

For me the biggest snark from Kelly today was when she was telling a story about bird photographers in Central Park and how they have a bucket for tips and when you make a donation they will let you look through their lens at the bird.  After the story she said something to the effect of “I’m not a big fan of sharing my lens.” To me that was very telling and I immediately wondered if she was saying she does not want another co-host. When you think about it, she doesn’t need one and why should she have to train a new one?

kelly and Michael

But what everyone else is talking about today, I didn’t see as that big of a deal.  Michael has been divorced twice, once in 1996 and again in 2006.  He has talked about his divorces a few times with Barbara Walters and in Ebony magazine. He was also engaged to Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole for a while but they broke up. None of this is secret information.

So when Kelly begins a topic about “nesting” where divorced couples leave their kids in the family home and then rotate in and out as parents but telling Michael she wants his opinion on this because, “he’s been divorced.” I didn’t see that as any major shade.

Here is that clip.


So what do you think? Was that a dig?

I spent most of the episode trying to figure out how Kelly could look so teeny tiny in a busy print dress. If the camera adds ten pounds, she must be 43 pounds in total.

Have you been watching this all play out this week?  It’s chock full of deliciously awkward moments.


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46 responses to “The Awkwardness on Live! With Kelly & Michael Continues

  1. Georgia

    I was watching the show this morning and did not find this be awkward. It appeared to be pre-planned topic. I don’t think it was a dig, I think people are looking for any reason to find fault with Kelly. They should just have a seat.

  2. Matzah60

    I think all that money has gone to Ripa’s head. She makes $20 million a year for hosting a show with much time off. She has surely forgotten that Regis took her under his wings and made her into a star, a very, very rich star. She was a soap opera star; well known, but nonetheless, not playing in the big leagues. Everyone is replaceable and Ripa needs to remember that.

    Strahan owes her nothing. Everybody has mentors along the way to the top. So did Ripa. Regis and Gelman took a gamble on her and brought her fame and fortune. Someone needs to remind her about that.

    • tamaratattles

      She doesn’t make $20 million. This number goes up every time someone makes one up.

    • Swizzle

      I don’t get the hate for how much she makes. It’s just jealousy. If she’s getting paid $XX million it’s because the show makes more than that. If you watch some of rhe guest hosts, you’ll see it’s not as easy as it seems. Erin Andrews is horrible as a guest host as are many others.

      Kelly makes it look natural. You can always tell that Michael is bringing up a topic or question from a cue card. He doesn’t have that easy flow.

      And I think the divorce thing was small shade but nothing big. I saw it reported that Kelly went off script with that story. They don’t have a script and it was a planned topic because they had that dumb live feedback thing going as soon as she started.

  3. Cat

    I have been looking and looking for when this show airs here. Apparently, it doesn’t. I get Good Morning America, but not this show?

    And when I searched air times by zip code, the closest I found was Topeka…on NBC? Why would a show from ABC be on NBC?

    I’m obviously doing something wrong here.

    • DanielP

      Local affiliates have to agree to air the show. In some markets they choose to air another hour of local news or other programming. In my city, they air Live! later in the afternoon on an NBC affiliate.

      • tamaratattles

        Are you in the US? Because ABC affiliates here all carry Kelly & Michael. Kelly & Michael would never air on NBC. It’s an ABC show.

      • bee

        i live in indiana and it shows on nbc

      • Kelly and Michael “LIVE” is a ABC program but here it airs after “CBS This Morning”
        7am-9am on CBS. (ch.5) at 9:am

        ABC channel has “Access Hollywood” airing at 9am after GMA.
        I wondered about that when Michael Strahan was doing early hour on GMA (ch.7)
        He was changing channels here.
        I don’t understand either.

    • Cat

      Found it! It airs here on FOX at 10am.

      They run some really awful local talk show on ABC, instead of Kelly and Michael. I would have never thought to check Fox.

      Weird. But, at least I’m not crazy.

      • GirlMe

        Im in Florida and its on Fox here too. I thought that was weird. We also have a bad local show on ABC at 9a.

    • Live With Kelly & Michael isn’t an ABC network show and has never been so. It’s produced and recorded in studio at ABC’s New York local affiliate but throughout it’s entire history its been a syndicated show handled by Disney’s domestic syndication division and while it does follow Good Morning America in the eight markets where the ABC affiliates are company owned and operated that’s not the case in the majority of the country. I live in an area where I can pick up signals from two different market areas and in the one I’m closest to it airs on the NBC affiliate during the same time slot that The View airs on ABC. In the other more distant market it airs on the local CBS affiliate in an afternoon slot. It even tells you during the closing credits that it’s distributed by Disney Domestic Syndicated Television in great big letters with a logo and all.

    • sandra

      It airs on CBS at 9am where I live.

  4. Shirley

    Can someone tell me why she hates him?

    • sarcasatire

      He’s popular, makes it look easy, and she feels like they shouldn’t be seen as equals; she was there first, he’s just a permanent guest, there to supplement her shine, not steal it.

  5. BeetsWhy

    I didn’t see shade over the divorce comment, he’s been divorced, she hasn’t and the topic was divorce and parenting. that’s it folks.

  6. O.O

    I was tired of reading the same foolishness ,article after article saying the same thing ! Does no one except for Tamara have a lucid thought or an opinion of their own? I agree with everything she said .
    I love the extra tid bits of information Tamara gave, I hope everyone notices the extra effort she puts into her art. I for one love it .

  7. I started to type something and then realized I do not care… #RichPeopleProblems

    • Lime Brain

      Lol! So true.

      This post made me wonder when does he have time to see his kids with all the jobs he is holding down.

    • GirlMe

      I thought the same thing as I wasted my day trying to spot hidden disgust. #RichPeopleProblems

      Kinda like what I think when 20/20 does Scientology stories. Rich people choosing to pursue weird religion with weird rules. #RichPeopleProblems

  8. Jessica White

    I noticed that divorce comment she made. It did tie into the story she was about to do but she seemed to revel in the fact she has only been married, never divorced while he has been divorced. He did seem offended by her comments. I’m sure they will both be glad when this is all over and they can go their separate ways.

  9. They talk about his divorce a lot so I don’t think it was shade but then again I’m horrible at reading shade.

    • Michael doesn’t like to discuss or talk about his divorces, so she it was a shock that this came up all over a sudden.

      I don’t look at Kelly and Michael but I hope she knows she can be replaced or begone.

      I bet within the year the show will be gone and GMA with Michael will take up that hour.

  10. JustJenn

    Kelly is as wide as the peice of paper that she’s holding..I’d love to be that thin!

    I didn’t see a dig in that segment. I have to admit that I love Michael. I never watched this show before him and probably won’t go out of my way to watch it without him. I’m also not going to watch GMA, so whatever. ABC seems to have a problem keeping morning hosts for their talk shows.

  11. Edward I am respecting Tamara’s rules so please just let me be brief. I was one of many All My Children fans when a very young actress worked her way into a major storyline. Yes..Kelly.. And she was awesome. Something though has changed with her..this show she is on does not cure cancer..and the ratings equal a bad bravo show.
    Anyways..she was never invited for even one scene at AMC as ended … That tells me alot..I do not blame her for standing up to her bosses..if she hates the guy though then why bother? Those of us who remember a great actress want HAYLEY.. Not a silly woman she has become.

    • Swizzle

      Actually that’s not true. Hayley and Mateo made a return appearance on the show in its final year. I forget the set up…a wedding or funeral.

  12. DarkThoughts

    I have never watched this show but tuned in 3 times this week cuz I love watching a train wreck. So far, no one has derailed but I see it coming.

    I am shocked at the decades long run of luck Kelly Ripa has had. That girl must have been born with a whole field of four leaf clovers shoved up her butt. Does anyone here remember her from Dance Party USA from the 1980s? She was curvy with big boobs as a teen. I’m sure something is up on YouTube. She had a really cute boyfriend on the show. Not as gorgeous as Mark…but still cute. Who would have thunk it, huh?

  13. I found her refusal to even look up from the article worse than the divorce comment. Very telling of her lack of respect for him. That being said, her comment caught him off guard…that’s for sure.

  14. Kika

    I very rarely watch Network TV. What network is it on and when? Can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

  15. Jane

    I watch their opening bit when I can and have enjoyed how they play off each other. Don’t know who’s at fault in the GMA move and I’d be pissed, too. Even so. Kelly needs to suck it up or risk losing fans. She needs a foil, because I don’t see her carrying the show on her own.

  16. JoJoFLL

    Kelly is teeny, tiny. Saw her on the street in NYC and would be surprised if she’s 5 foot tall and weighs 80 pounds.

    • Josie

      Yes, short and tiny. Susan Lucci is also incredibly tiny. Saw both in Midtown NYC.

      Part of Kelly’s schtick is being sweet with ribbing humor. Ad libbing is a part of the gig. I just think it was too soon. Came off as a dig. Felt awkward. However, Strahan handled it well even though he seemed perplexed and annoyed for a moment or two at the beginning.

  17. Isn’t Kelly and Bethany good friends?

  18. sarcasatire

    Kelly is way too skinny. Starting to look like a bobblehead. And acting hangry. (Hungry + Angry)

  19. sarcasatire

    Kelly should be mad at her network, her bosses. Working in this industry, we all know Michael signed an NDA. (Nondisclosure Agreement). His bosses, also hers, didn’t want her to know, for whatever reason. Sure, it was disrespectful, but Michael isn’t the bad guy here. Clearly there’s other issues happening with the higher ups. Because, even if he didn’t tell her, if someone at the network wanted her to know, she would’ve been told, no?

    • Matzah60

      Agree! He made it clear he was not allowed to disclose his departure to her. Apparently, there is a big shake-up in programming at GMA. Kelly may be pissed, but as you said d, she is mad at the wrong person. Calling in sick was unprofessional. Wish the man well and move on.

  20. sarcasatire

    Did you guys know that he was supposed to stay on until the summer? But after Kelly’s tantrum and no-show, he has to leave in two weeks.

    • Swizzle

      Seriously. If she were male would anyone be talking like this? A tantrum? I don’t think so. She’s been there for 15 years and her bosses made a major decision without the courtesy of filling her in until the last minute. And the worst part to me was that Michael was going to leave, but you sit here on camera for the next four months and make nice.

      We’re not talking your regular job where you can roll your eyes at your coworker. They have to be on camera. So, fine, move Michael, but Kelly a voice in the timing. Plus, now they can start the search for s replacement rather than waiting until fall.

      • sarcasatire

        So why is it making nice? Unless you acknowledge that she isn’t happy for him and is in fact bitter?
        It was a tantrum because she refused to come into work after finding out. Unprofessional. A tantrum.

        Why couldn’t she wish him well, and they spend their next few months having a good time, if they had a good working relationship? This makes it evident that they didn’t. He was smart to leave. On a high note, at that.

    • BGStyles Laughing

      Why would he stay? He’s not pressed for money and he already has a new job. What’s the point?

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