Nick Gordon Speaks About Bobbi Kristina’s Last Night on Dr. Phil

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This recap covers the second part of Dr. Phil’s interview with Nick Gordon.  If you missed the first part, you can read that here.  Basically, he was lying and crying and denying basic facts like Whitney Houston had a serious, obvious drug problem during the time he claims he lived with her.

On today’s episode he is supposed to give details of the night Krissi drowned in the bathtub. We will see if he says anything that can be used against him by Bobbi Kristina’s estate, or the Roswell police. I am not holding my breath. Bobbi Kristina’s estate is involved in at least two law suits.

Dr. Phil says what happened the night that Krissi went into a coma.  He answers simply, “Drug overdose.”

Dr. Phil asks him to take us through that day.  Nick says he went out that day drinking with some friends. Krissi was not invited and she called him and heard female voices in the background and thought he was out with “chicks.”  She was pissed and told him to come home.  Eventually they came home and they had “a slight argument.”  He says they cleared things up and went upstairs to lay with each other for a little bit.

Nick says he got home around 4 a.m. (that’s a long day drinking session)  and saw that she had drank two bottles of wine and she was messed up. Phil asked if she was alone. He says “I think Danyela was there or something?”

They argued about 15 minutes when he got home and they went to their room and had sex for around 45 minutes. They he went downstairs to play video games and he says she got up and got dressed.  Who does that at five am after being up all night drunk?  He doesn’t remember how long he was playing video games. It was up until the Comcast guy showed up. So when he walked out of the room after having sex with her, that was the last time he saw her alive. In his version of the story.

Nick Gordon, Twitter

Nick Gordon, Twitter

Dr. Phil asks who was in the house with them at that point. He says two of his “ex-friends” and the Comcast guy.  The other couple was Max Lomas, a guy with some drug and criminal history, and his girlfriend at the time Danyela Bradley. Danyela has been deposed by Bobbi’s Estate attorney about Krissi’s drug use saying she did heroin and cocaine in addition to pot and alcohol.

Nick says that Max found the body because the Comcast guy needed to change out all the boxes on all the TVs. Nick told Max to keep an eye on the Comcast guy for him.

Dr. Phil says that it doesn’t make sense for her to be in a bathtub if she getting dressed when he last saw her. Nick says she got in to the bathtub later. How would he know when she got in the bathtub?  Max screamed for Nick.  Dr. Phil keeps pointing out that this is just like when Whitney died and that Nick is the common denominator between the two drownings. Nick says, ” It was a nightmare all over again.”

Nick says he gave her CPR (he also claims to have given CPR to Whitney) and says that whenever he blew into her mouth air would come out of her mouth and make a weird sound. Actually, her lungs would have been filled with water, wouldn’t they?”  Oh there it is. Perhaps he realized that he forgot about the water. He says that at one point she pushed water out of her mouth on her own and he thought she was coming around, but that never happened. This is all very valuable information when it comes to time of death, or brain death at least.

Phil asks if he knew if that she had taken drugs that day. He says no. Not until that happened. Which is bullshit. He’s already admitted that they both did drugs a lot and it seems like this whole day drinking with the boys story is a cover for not being there doing drugs with her. I have only seen parts of Danyela’s deposition but I’d be very interested to know about her version of events. However, if I recall correctly in the parts I did read she said that she knew Krissi did heroin and coke but she never did it in front of her. Danyela herself denies any use of hard drugs. Dr. Phil keeps bringing up the similarities between Krissi and Whitney.

Dr Phil Nick Gordon

Nick said he never believed the reports that she was not going to wake up. He was sure she would make it. He said he was told she had brain damage, he was not sure what state her brain was in. Based on everything that went down treatment wise, it was clear she was brain dead when she first arrived at the hospital. The family members all had a very difficult time accepting that.

He was not allowed to attend the funeral. He has visited her grave in New Jersey.

Dr. Phil asks about the civil suit filed by the estate and Nick laughs at the $10 million dollar civil suit and says that law suit is a joke. He says that the case states that Nick injected Bobbi with a dangerous cocktail of drugs and then put her face in a bathtub of cold water to kill her. They say that all of that happened at the time that he claims they were having sex.

Nick just says that sounds insane and calmly repeats “No, that’s not true.”

He brings up the fact that Nick took $11,000 of out of Crissy’s account while she was in the hospital and maneuvered himself into a situation to attempt to control her wealth. Nick says they give him a lot of credit for being smarter than he is and then says “Where is the wealth?”  Then he laughs and says where are they going to get ten million dollars from?

This is a good time to point out that there does not appear to be an attorney for Nick sitting off to the side telling him when to shut up. This would be that time. In fact, no attorney would have allowed him to do this interview. He’s looking very guilty just when I decided that the cops had no case on him.  This was a really dumb move on his part.

When it comes to discussing this lawsuit, Nick looks very nervous and avoids eye contact with Dr. Phil. He laughs at inappropriate times. He is fidgety.

Bobbi and Nick

Dr. Phil reads the part of the suit about him laying with (the female houseguest) putting his head on her ankle and saying, “Now I want a pretty white girl like you.” Nick says half of that is true. He says he was laying at the foot of the bed in another bedroom but he did not say that. Danyela is just feeling overly confident in herself.  I should say this is a good time to point out the editing is really bad. Phil is reading from several different parts of the documents and not airing them in chronological order. That mixed with Nick’s shady retelling makes things look even worse for him. Dr. Phil says Nick went running around the house screaming “Clean up! Clean Up!”  Nick denies this.

He talks about a fight they had days before where he pummeled her so hard with his fists it broke the couch, knocked her tooth loose, she was bloody and screaming in the fetal position and then he dragged her up the stairs by her hair. He just calmly says, “No, that’s not true.”

Basically, all of these stories are coming from Max and Danyela in their depositions.  Nick says he thinks they must have been paid to make stuff like that up.

UNLESS, there has been speculation that there are videos of the night from the Nest security cameras in the home and that the estate has them. However, if they did have him injecting her or beating her on video, then the Roswell Police could have charged him.

Oh I just realized he has two attorneys, one of which  is Jose Baez, a familiar name to my trial watching crowd. They seem stuck on the fact that there is nothing about an injection site on the autopsy report. Dr. Phil seems mystified by that. But the autopsy was done many, many months after she was killed because they kept her brain dead body on life support. The injection site, if there was one would have had lots of time to heal!

Nick says he was hoping that “this would go away” after the autopsy report But it didn’t.

Bobbi Kriss ans Cissy

Nick says that Bobby Brown’s comments about Nick harming Krissi are delusional. He says that he hurt his daughter and Nick was there to pick up the pieces.

They play a clip of Leolah Brown, who is the craziest person in the Brown family and that is saying a lot, claiming that Krissi was murdered and Nick did it. Dr. Phil keeps going on about Leolah’s claims. Nick says Leolah is crazy. That is one of the few things Nick has said that I believe.

Finally we bring up the ring from the original interview.  It was referred to as Krissi’s engagement ring but it was actually Whitney’s engagement ring. While Nick was fucked up out of his mind on the show, he was adamant that the ring be protected. The Houston family contacted the show and said that Nick had stolen Whitney’s ring. Nick says that Krissi lost that ring on an airplane. He would never steal from Krissi. That boy has that ring.

Dr. Phil is really driving home the bathtub death comparisons. Nick says he doesn’t understand why Krissi was in the bathtub by herself anyway because after Whitney died that way, they would only take baths if they were together. The always took showers because the bathtub reminded them of how Whitney died.  Phil is really, really, really talking about the bathtub situation. Nick chimes in and says that the night before Whitney drowned, Krissi had done the same thing and fallen asleep in the tub after drinking too much and it soaked the hotel room floor. Oh this is new information.  Dr. Phil is just play acting along. He is being the worst actor ever. He’s clearly fishing for information.

The interview ends with Nick saying he is glad that he did it.  And it ends with me back to seeing Nick as a suspect. Nick’s mom was seen at the end and she looks great and very happy with the outcome of the interview.


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11 responses to “Nick Gordon Speaks About Bobbi Kristina’s Last Night on Dr. Phil

  1. I remember Krissi saying something to, I think it was Oprah after her Mom died. Oprah asked how her life had changed and she said something to the effect of “I’ll never take a bath again” and she was half-laughing. That is the first thing I thought about when I heard she was found in a bathtub. I believe Nick was abusive to Bobbi but I don’t think he would be dumb enough to hurt his meal ticket. That’s what she was to him. He had to keep her happy so he could go on collecting his “allowance.”

  2. Cat

    I agree. He looked and sounded really “off” in this interview.

    Who laughs when being accused of not one, but TWO suspicious deaths? And one being one of the most famous people in the world? It’s not like he is being accused of jaywalking.

    I think he was right when he said they give him too much credit, that he’s not that smart. I mean, the two cases are nearly identical.

    Ugh. Baez. If this goes to trial, and it’s aired on TV, we will have to put up with THAT ugly mug again. And then, another killer (allegedly) will walk.

  3. I now completely believe Nick was Whitney’s drug runner. His ‘man of the house’ bit was fake and stupid. Only guilty people hire Baez. Also Nick is clearly a homosexual.

  4. Allison

    I think Nick Gordon was an opportunist and predator, probably abusive, but I dont think he killed her. I think he may have injected her because she asked him to (a lot of IV users can’t inject themselves for whatever reason, another way for her to be dependent on him) but it wasnt to kill her. Sometimes things are just what they are, and I feel like her death was a horrible, sad coincidence. Maybe she was suicidal-maybe she wanted to be closer to her mother by dying the same way. We’ll never know. But I just don’t think he’d be stupid enough to end the gravy train.

    • Amy

      Unless he hurt her in a rage and didn’t mean to kill her, this is an amazing coincidence with Whitney and Krissy. I think he killed them both but Krissy was an accident.

  5. Sam

    Perhaps Bobbi had had enough and was in a state of mind to think by dying the way her mother had she would make a statement of some kind. Whether a symbolic one, or to imply somehow that Nick was responsible for her mother’s death. Or maybe he did kill her. I think he’s a piece of shit, but I do tend to think he would not have gotten rid of his cash cow (as others have stated.) Sadly I think this was her ultimate “fuck you” to him for everything he had done to her and her mother in the past. Perhaps she did not even mean to die but assumed she would be found before things got to that point. Whatever the case, the odds were stacked against this poor girl with the life she led, with her parents both addicts.

  6. jen

    The whole thing is so sad. That poor girl.

  7. Mrs. Strib

    I’m glad I get to read a recap instead of watching more of his terrible acting. He’s a land barnacle who latch onto a big money colored boat. I hope he talks himself right into prison where he belongs.

    • Dee

      Me too Mrs Strib, I hope lawyers are watching. In an interview the chauffer said her parents were doing crack in front of her when she was about 5 or 6. So sorry for her.

  8. Laura Charles

    Odd that Nick’s mother was pleased with the “interview” and said her son had “told the truth”. She didn’t see her little lamb being led to slaughter by Dr. Phil?

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