Updated Three Times! Is It Time For a Kim Richards Update?

RHOBH Reunion Kim 2


This afternoon Kim’s attorney came to court and admitted Kim doesn’t have proof of compliance with the court order. The judge withdrew the warrant and set a new court date for June 3rd. That is odd because last I heard she already had a court date for June 1st. Maybe that was with the Target judge. Anyway, she has 30 more days to attend as many meetings and do as much community service as possible. Delay, deny, lie, cry. etc. This is all Rinna and Eileen’s fault!


TMZ is now reporting that a judge (probably the one that handled the Beverly Hills case) has issued a bench warrant for Kim Richards. “9:40 AM PST — The bench warrant has now been signed by a judge. Bail was set at $26,000.” A bench warrant is an arrest warrant  issued by a judge, usually for failure to appear in court.  It could also be issued for failure to provide evidence of complying with the court’s order. 

Usually with a bench warrant, cops are not sent to your door to arrest you (though I suppose the judge could ask for that if he was pissed off enough about the situation) and you can just come in and pay your bail and a new court date is set.  The situation with the two cases and the two judges and two plea deals that seem to be allowed to be completed concurrently make this whole mess very confusing.  The judge in the Target case should have given a sentence separate from the first one. Now we have one judge saying community labor and the other saying community service. Either way, I don’t think she has does much of anything to comply with either court.

Story developing…..

It’s really NOT time for a Kim Richards update, but you will see a lot of them today because tonight is the season finale of  The Mother Daughter Experiment and certain large tabloid sites always seem to have a post about nothing to coincide with certain TV shows. It’s almost like they are paid to do so.  UPDATE:  It appears that Kim’s dramatic hospitalization on the finale may not air. It’s not on the Lifetime schedule for tonight and there is nothing on the site about when it will air. To me this is the most important part of this post!

Today’s big story is essentially “Kim could get arrested if she doesn’t complete the terms of her plea deal.” Well, of course she could.  But they are not going to show up at her Westwood apartment with an arrest warrant.  She already has a hearing set on June 1, 2016 to show she has been compliant with the terms of her probation as stated in her plea deal. Which it certainly does not seem like she has been compliant at all.

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As we saw on the reunion she is “keeping her recovery private” which is pretty much the opposite of any AA guidelines I have ever seen. She also still blames Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson for her situation rather than being remorseful and apologizing to them for her destructive behavior that concerned and disturbed them. She also didn’t show any remorse for all she has put Kyle and her family though.

WWHL with Kim Richards


Here is what Kim had to say in a Bravo Blog this week.  Wait, why did she even have a blog at all?   I’m just going to post her angry rant here. There are some mixed up sentences that Bravo editors apparently chose not to fix. Perhaps that is a nod to her incoherence?

“From what I did see, things seemed to only get worse with Lisa Rinna, and I and wasn’t even there to engage with her. I always seemed to be a constant topic of conversation for her and Eileen. I’m a little baffled as to how after almost two years of some sort of a personal attack on me that her response was, “I was actually shocked oops…,” “That was wrong, and I’m sorry,” ” I wish you well,” “That’s what I’ve got for you,” and “I’m human.” I didn’t feel like I got a proper or sincere apology. hank you from the bottom of my heartShe has done the same thing to my friends. For her to ever say the word Munchausen after everything Yolanda has been through is just AWFUL! What a hurtful thing to say. Yolanda already has enough on her plate. Lisa and Eileen have been talking about my friends and me since day one. I live in the now, not the past, and I don’t even choose to go into the future. So accepting an apology and moving forward is what I’m all about–if it is genuine. But I did not feel Lisa or Eileen were genuine. I feel bad about that. But I mostly feel bad for them. Living their lives constantly through other people’s worlds can’t be fun. Certainly there is no real happiness always storing and harboring negative energies.”

Kim thinks that she is owed an apology for being high in a van with Rinna and making a huge drunken/high scene in Eileen’s house.  This does not bode well for her recovery.

Kim Richards got off easy on her sentencing for public drunkenness at The Beverly Hotel last September and for her shoplifting at Target when she was sentenced last October  Her Target sentence was pretty much NOTHING other than saying she had to do what the judge in the Beverly Hotel sentence said. She received a sentence of 300 hours of community service as opposed to thirty days of community labor because Kim managed to use her foot injury to get out of the previous community labor and it was changed to 300 hours of community service.



Now things are working out exactly how I predicted when I said here, “At any rate. Basically, nothing is going to happen to her either way.  She won’t do the AA meetings, she won’t do the community service unless it involves a red carpet and she will be back in court again in 2016 to answer for it just like Lindsey Lohan did with hers.”

The next court date I am aware of is June 1, 2016. However, there are actually two cases in two jurisdictions with two different judges. I feel like there should be one in May, which is next week from the first case regarding  the Beverly Hills Hotel.  That judge seems to be the most likely to seriously enforce the terms of the deal.  That is the judge that ordered she do community labor not community service.  The judge in the Target case let her claim a hurt foot and do community service.

These two cases have become muddled together in a confusing way when it comes to reporting on the situation. What is clear is that Kim doesn’t appear to be doing much of anything to meet the terms of her plea deal, and it is likely she will be taken from a courtroom to a jail cell in the near future.

Tonight on the finale of The Mother Daughter Experiment, Kim will be very unsteady on her feet and be removed during the middle of “group therapy” by ambulance.  These women were in the house for only two weeks the amount of alcohol that flowed was staggering to me. And we all know I enjoy my adult beverages.

Here is the part where I tell you that the finale is tonight on Lifetime and put the show time. Except it seems to be off the schedule!  I can find no listing of the finale anywhere. I’m off to look into this.  Did Kim manage to get it taken off the air?

Meanwhile, here is Kim’s fight with Natalie.





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28 responses to “Updated Three Times! Is It Time For a Kim Richards Update?

  1. Cat

    Ugh. Natalie. All she is doing is a repeat of her antics in the Bad Girl’s Club house.

    She needs new material, if she wants her own show.

    As for Kim…If you no longer live in the past, why would you need an apology from anyone? Waiting for an apology sounds like holding onto the past, to me.

    • BeetsWhy

      she doesn’t live in the past? how many times have we heard how Kyle and Kathy stole the palm beach house away from her???

      • Cat

        I know! Her whole blog is about the past.

        She no longer works on that show. If she wants to forget the past, she needs to move on.

  2. O.O

    Wow now I’m sorry I didn’t watch this . I didn’t think I could take watching Natalie on one more show . I was wrong .

  3. Tigerlilly

    It would appear Kim got a sweet, sweet deal. For her not to be compliant with it? Even though I feel bad for Kim and her issues that likely led to the substance abuse, this is some entitled bullshit and whether she will actually get it ot not, she deserves jail time, and not 48 minutes due to overcrowding either. She needs at least a good 10 days in the pokey.

    • VioletBlue

      You are correct, Tigerlilly. It is a bizarre “entitlement b.s.” kinda thing.

      It is actually called Personal Exceptionalism.

      Add “alcoholic” to that mix and you get Kim & other celebrities.

  4. Minky

    Why was house arrest not an option? At least it would force her to maybe think about her actions and their possible consequences. I know her issues are complicated and that she’s probably got a lot of pain in her past, but she also could try be a little more introspective.

    In Kim’s blog it’s interesting that she couldn’t be bothered to spell “thank you” completely, leaving off the “t”, but the word “Munchausen” was no problem at all. Was Yolanda there to help?

    • Tigerlilly

      What Kim needs is to learn how to take accountability for her actions. Jail time is the best bet for her to get on the right path to doing that for real. Jmo.

      • Minky

        Oh no, I totally agree with you. The reason I’m wondering about house arrest is that it would be a way of holding her accountable at least a little bit.

        As is stands now, she hasn’t had to suffer any consequences for her actions, which include; shoplifting, getting and being wasted in public, arguing with and frightening strangers in a bar that her family owns, driving under the influence, endangering both her own life and that of other motorists, AND hitting a cop.

        This is not even a question of her sobriety. She’s a grown woman and she can do whatever she wants. But putting other people in harm’s way and stealing and then not having to answer for it is just too much.

  5. Toni Lee Gildea

    Did Kim manage to get it taken off the air?
    If only Kim would get taken off the air.
    Why was she even on the reunion show? Or the clips of Brandy? I just don’t get it.

  6. Shae

    Insanely upsetting, and as per usual, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Thinking she’s the one who is owed an apology by everyone else for her horrific, albeit sick, behavior is a bad sign for her recovery.

  7. Jen

    I don’t think she has hit the bottom yet. Taking no responsibility anywhere for ANY of her behavior. Too many enablers telling her it was all ok. Kathy, Kyle, Kimberly still not confronting any of the real issues. I think any of us would have sympathy and empathy if she said she wanted to take care of herself in private, and then actually stayed off tv and did it.
    Maybe a few days in jail and being held accountable for any part of her actions may snap her into reality.

    • Sabrina

      I agree, and am sure she has not hit bottom. In fairness, I am sure the family worried about the impact of Monty’s death on her. Now that is over, and if while filming this show she was high on some combination of drugs/booze/ sniffing, she has had no recovery and clearly is just lying through her teeth, gliding through the days, saying what she thinks are the right words.

      The Mother/Daughter show has been compelling in one way- Kimberly has made it clear that Kim’s way of dealing with issues/problem moments was to hide them from public view, and therefore make them go away. If the public doesn’t know about them, then they didn’t happen, appears to be the mantra. But it was very disappointing that the producers allowed her on the show, while failing to openly discuss her real issues- it had clearly been a negotiating point .

      Kimberly told Kim that would no longer work, and they needed to deal with issues. She said she felt motherly about Kim, and guilty if she did not take care of her. Kim managed to make a teenager her mother/caregiver, and robbed her of her life and freedom at a young age- all while feeling that she, Kim, was unfairly given responsibility for caring for her Mom while she was dying, and burdened with making money to fund her family’s life as a child.

      It is complicated, without doubt, and we all could feel for her, but these are clear and simple issues that the court presented her with- and a very privileged, easy round of tasks, each of which she fought to have removed, kicking and screaming. Kim continues,, even in court, to be given absolutely every possible benefit and easy way of dealing with her issues, yet she continues to blame everyone and thing else(except herself) , and fails to meet the most minimum standards of acceptable behavior.
      I believe the only way of getting through to her is to make her hit bottom the hard way- completely out of the influence of her family and money- in jail, and then in a lockdown rehab that requires her to WORK a 90 day program- not run away from each of them in the middle of the night, without meaningful therapy and improvement.
      I say this from experience- knowing that she needs to get completely off all the drugs( in a medical facility) in order to truly understand her addiction issues. Others in need are watching her situation – It is important that her failures to be responsible to herself and those she loves , let alone the court, no longer be rewarded.

      I am very sorry for all involved but it appears this is the only option left before Kim does more damage – one would think destroying a daughter s wedding and then being arrested multiple times ( and losing her job ) would be enough-, but it clearly has not been. .

      • Jen

        Yes. What is “rock bottom” for one, isn’t always for another. It is silly for her to say she wants privacy, then go on a show to fix the relationship she ruined with addiction, and not talk about the addiction. Boy, I can see how it goes in circles and never gets addressed 😉

        It takes so long to see clearly off the substances, she isn’t even close.

        All of that said, I am still hoping she recovers and straitens out her mess for her sake and everyone around her.

  8. HappyGal

    I cannot believe that the ‘therapist’ in the Mother Daughter Experiment agreed to let Kim participate knowing how much alcohol would be present in this house.

    That is to say – I’m sure the ‘therapist’ was well aware that their would be flowing alcohol and that it would be a TERRIBLE idea for Kim to be in this environment and yet she agreed to allow her to participate showing a total lack of regard for her patient/client or whatever you call that relationship.

    I know Lifetime is more concerned with rating but really doesn’t the therapist have a license or something to protect.

    And yes I do realize it is Kim’s choice to drink or not – but that is just a terrible idea to but her in that house.

  9. Jen

    The Woman takes the drink, then the drink takes the Woman. I hope that she survives this….
    Public intoxication, judges, rehabilitation and soon jail. Geeze an ambulance in a emergency situation?! Guess what’s next?
    I sincerely hope that a judge sends her to a rehab where she is required to stay in treatment. Let the Hilton’s foot the Bill. She needs it and a damn judge better use his common sense to help save this Woman. She is a DANGER to herself and others. Imagine how many times she’s been drinking, pill popping and driving? She’s going to kill herself or someone else.

  10. “It appears that Kim’s dramatic hospitalization on the finale may not air”… I feel badly about how badly I feel about this update, having been curious about most of these women’s stories. And since I’m obsessive by nature, I looked for the previous episode’s “next week on TMDE” – that footage is still up. It certainly looked like Kim ingested too much of a mind-altering substance. Given the depth of her denial, it almost makes sense that she might spin it as a health crisis acute enough to warrant an ambulance, giving her the means to beat a very hasty retreat. Not all addicts can recover – I hope Kim doesn’t fall into that camp. This obviously isn’t the life anyone would want for themselves.

    • HappyGal

      Maybe her attorney pushed for it to be pulled as too prejudicial for her ongoing court cases? She did not want to comment on the reunion show siting ongoing court cases so maybe she got it pulled for that reason and Lifetime agreed to do so ?

    • Katherine 2.0

      Well said.

      Sadly, I feel the same way. Kim cannot stay out of the spotlight, and that harsh glare is hurting her recovery efforts. I believe she thinks she can redeem herself and magically resurrect her career, and she has done nothing but damage her reputation at every turn.

      If you wanted to pick a project guaranteed to humiliate Kim and expose her as a liar about her sobriety, this show was it. Unbelievable that anyone who loves her could think this was a good idea.

      To have a successful recovery, Kim needs to get away from the cameras. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    • tamaratattles

      I found a Tweet from Dr. Debbie from Wednesday saying tune in Friday for the reunion and then YESTERDAY tweeting the show had been RESCHEDULED and she is waiting for the new airdate.

      Fingers crossed that there will be one, Because on the Lifetime website it’s not even listed under current shows anymore….All of the other episodes are available on the site though for you folks that watch on the Interwebs…

  11. As gruesome as it is, I was looking forward to the finale tonight…

    • Xanadude

      As was I. I’ve invested a minimal amount of time, but, dammit, I need closure. Especially in regards to Cassie and Shar, who seem to be really decent people who genuinely benefitted from the little therapy that actually occurred.

  12. Jane

    Kids, don’t do drugs.

    That’s all I got.

  13. Alyssa

    California does not mess around with bench warrants. I had one for a FTA about a ticket I got for a broken taillight. A cop called me and said if I didn’t come down to the station and turn myself in that would ‘track me down’ immediately. Lol
    Also, my mom knows Natalie’s mom. She is from the same town I grew up in. She is the sweetest woman. Ughhhh some many trouble stories about young Natalie. Blechh

  14. Mark

    If I ever want to bad stuff, I’m coming to the U.S. in Britain, if you do bad stuff, you do the time. Yup, being wealthy may have its advantages in terms of being able to afford the best legal representation, but after that, you’re on your own. No “overcrowding,” no “white collar” rubbish. Guilty, jail, done.

  15. Josie

    Natalie is only slightly more tolerable than Tanisha aka “i did not get no sleep cause of yall”. Her screeching gave me a headache.

    I think Kim thinks that because she is probably doing drugs with little or no alcohol that she is sober.

    Kim needs to take responsibility for her actions….unless she is blaming Lisa for manipulating her to take a drink. Lol

  16. janet

    I noticed as soon as Kim was remorseful at all and admitting she was hard to love, Kyle comes rushing in saying oh no no thats not true! I allways loved you. I got annoyed with Kyle, they have such an ass kissing sugar coated sweep everything under the carpet style of relating to one another. For gods sake can we admit Kim is hard to love with her behaviour. Her dog attacked Kyle’s daughter and she threatened them over it, ruined her daughters wedding, got arrested when her son needed her, and has hijacked her youngest daughters life. How many tears and anguish has Kim caused for one to admit shes hard to love? The family is hell bent on never letting that woman face reality.

    • tamaratattles

      But…but.. but… Janet dear. that was all Rinna and Eileen’s fault for mentioning anything was going on!

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