60 Days In: Alone For The Holidays

60 Days in D pod

Wait, of all the months they can choose to shoot this show, they do it over Thanksgiving? What a crappy time to leave your family. I really need them to get straight to Robert’s fake constipation. I really want him back in GenPop.


Over in D Pod the guys seem quite pleased with their Thanksgiving dinner. It actually looks pretty decent. Isaiah is missing his grandmother and her cooking. He is so cute. I hope his new lunatic friend doesn’t shank him in his sleep. His friend Treshawn is now stealing Kool-Aid from Isaiah’s bunky. Isaiah was his lookout. This is not good.  Treshawn continues to nudge Isaiah farther down the path of trouble. The guys are all smoking e-cigarette filters rolled in a coffee soaked coffee filter. Getting caught will give him 30 days in segregation. When the show ends it appears that Isaiah smoked the makeshift  “crack stick. ”

An inmate bumped a camera with his head (it looked deliberate) and was grabbed and taken solitary. This leaves an open bed in the pod in an actual room. The residents invite Zac to move in and he does.

Zac sleeps so soundly in his new room he sleeps through breakfast. One of his new bunkys is also a fellow Marine named Brian. Someone eats  his tray and Brian splits his tray with him. I think Brian is probably the one who took his tray.

60 days Miriam


We have a new inmate in F-Pod named Amber. Somehow she has been acting like the Pod Boss. I find that very odd. She has written Thanksgiving cards for each of the tables. Maryum thinks the cards are nice. I think Amber is a nutjob and I haven’t even heard her speak yet.

Barbra is back in sorority sleep over mode. She is professing her undying love for all the inmates. Tami finally remembers that she is there to do a job and starts actually doing it.

Cigarettes or something is being smuggled into the pod. When the food comes Amber announces that she is expecting something for her to be on one of the trays. They better give it to her. Does she not see the cameras?  When the producers come in later, Tami gives them the heads up that the contrabrand is coming in on the food trays. This is a lot of drama over a cigarette.

Maryum seems to think she is at an arts and crafts party. She draws pictures for the other inmates. She draws some sort of heart picture for a girl named Amy. Inside the heart she drew a bunch of little pictures. She tried to make an American flag but she messed it up. There was also a squiggly line that looks like a foot. Barbra had a fit and thinks it is a picture of someone stopping on the flag, and her husband is in the military. She’s OFFENDED, y’all.  Ugh.  Barbra gets Tami and Amy involved  and works everyone up.  Because Barbra is offended by some lady’s crappy drawing. We have an entire generation of perpetually offended people. Amy looks at Barbra like she is an idiot and says she is sure Maryum didn’t mean it that way. So Barbra charges off to whine about her feelings about the drawing on the phone with her husband.  He tells her basically that one of the rights he fights for is freedom of speech and she needs to let it go. Barbra has never liked Maryum. I don’t get it. All Maryum does is tutor girls and draw pictures all day. What is so offensive about her? When Barbra called her husband she started with, “remember that girl I told you was so rude?”  Seriously?

60 Days In Robert


There is no way this idiot is going to go back into general population. He is acting like he is dying rather than simply overdosing on junk food. Wait! Wait! When he found out that he would not be allowed back if he went to the hospital, his need for more camera time seems to have healed him from his near fatal bout of constipation. YAY!

Well, that was a false alarm. Later in the day, he is back to dying in his bunk over constipation. He taps out and goes to the hospital. The producers seem to genuinely believe he is in pain. The sheriff doesn’t buy it.

Next Week: At his debriefing, Robert is accused of faking it. Isaiah falls deeper into dealings with the wrong crowd. And there is a lot of drama in F-Pod and Tami gets all worked up again.  It’s possible Tami and Maryum will come to blows!  And Zac’s new room gets raided for prison hooch.


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21 responses to “60 Days In: Alone For The Holidays

  1. Xanadude

    I very rarely go straight to the race card, but, yeah, I think at least part of Barbra’s problem with “Yaz” is that shes black. Notice how she kept emphasizing “black foot stomping the American flag.”

    Barbra is that one woman on your street you avoid because she wants to be your friend so she can complain to you about everyone else. She’s the lady who, when she raises her hand at a PTA meeting, everyone cringes, groans, and looks at their watches.

    Meanwhile, Zac is still dreamy…

    • Pip

      Xanadude- you are right on about Barbra. She is so immature. Thinking she is “changing the world” by doing this show, all while playing victim to her husband, who didn’t want her there in the first place. And going after Maryum? The most passive, kind person there? What an awful, horrible woman.
      I can’t wait until they all find out who is in the program. I hope Barbra will end up feeling like a jack-ass. Maybe this whole thing will make her grow up a bit.

    • PopcornAndVodka

      My thought exactly, “Someone’s a little bit racist.” The drama she was drumming up over a crayon drawing was the worst I’ve seen since high school.

      • Marvin

        ADMIN EDIT: You are going to have to find another site to spread vitriol about the Islam religion. Not going to happen here ever. It’s particularly offensive now, as it is Ramadan. Ignorance and bigotry is not tolerated here. Seek some knowledge.

    • Gapeachinsc

      Xanadude – Zac is dreamy, isn’t he? ?

    • Miguel

      Seriously, Xanadude – as if the lone racialized person in the women’s pod would dare to draw such a thing! Yaz would have to be an idiot to draw, then present, Barbara’s racist constructs/imaginings to a fellow inmate.

      Tonight, I may have discovered the truth behind her husband’s dismay regarding her constant phone calls – he wants a reprieve from her STUPIDITY!!!

  2. Ray

    Robert straight faking it. He needs to quit being a big baby and go back in General population. I’m not buying his crap. Barbara, needs to quit acting like high school. Can’t wait til next week!

  3. Ralee

    What is this show and where do you watch it?

    • tamaratattles

      It’s a super secret show that we have been selected to preview. It is being beamed into our minds by the aliens. Oh no, I’ve said too much.

  4. BeetsWhy

    Thank you so much for recapping so quickly….this episode was insane!

    Robert: Is the jail not allowed to give him Fleet to knock that shit out (?)? What a puss wimp after all his big talk and then about three days in he “accidentally” covers the cameras and gets 30 days in segregation, I mean meditation retreat. I hope they call him over and over on this little act. I dislike this man so much I demand to see what the hospital empties out of him! He was of zero use to this program.

    Zac/Isaiah: Both are a little too comfortable and need to have a plan to keep themselves safe from real charges. I would hope they would be pulled before that can happen. Again making them not very valuable to the program.

    Tami: I thought this was hilarious, she seemed so happy to report on contraband coming in via the food trays…even though it was announced on camera for the whole block to hear!

    Yaz: I felt bad for her, she’s just doing crayon drawings to keep her mind calm and Barbra goes crazy. It was a weird and unfortunate crayola moment when I saw it but come on, really? I get their point about how something so nothing can turn in to much more. Is that really news or something the program can control after this experiment is done?

    Barbra: ugh.

    I really hope they have a several episode “reunion”/update after this is over. The only thing I don’t like is that they have “documentary” film crews in there so that automatically changes the dynamic from the get go. I want super secret cameras and mics installed and a do over!

    • GirlMe

      Im so sad this show is almost over. There are only 12 episodes total.

      Barbra is so funny. She has nothing to do but call home. That husband answering the fone voice was “ugh hey you again”

      When Tami said “i feel like I was sent here to do a job”. It was like really! Did you think you were there for committing a crime?

      I read Robert followed a rawfood diet. Junk food was a bad move for sure. His impending ass whopping is what got me interested in the show. Im almost sad hes gone sans ass whopping;) He scamed them for 30 days pay for sleeping.

      Miriam pic did look like a foot. Its art but not the misconception you need when ur muslim in America.

  5. Crazydoesit

    I am so into the show, it’s so interesting. I loathe Barbara and Robert. Zac is dreamy and Isaiah is such a follower. I really hope Isaiah doesn’t end up with charges when all is said and done. I adore Tami and Yaz. I wish we could binge watch all of these episodes

  6. Robert is ridiculous, and managed to actually cost everyone time and money. Having made trips to the ER doubled over in pain myself, I could not care less about reading material and he demands a book. He is a liar and everyone knows it. Tami is not exactly a super sleuth.

  7. Wallace

    Damn HIPPA laws will probably keep production from being able to show the ER docs calling Robert out on faking constipation. Such a despicable person.

  8. I marathoned this last weekend and I’m really enjoying it. Barbara is so disillusioned and judgmental to boot. Can’t wait till she’s looking at Maryum face to face after. This was actually the perfect place for Barbara to grow up, like her mother said. She unwittingly forced herself to learn a lesson. It’s actually funny. And so not as smart as she thinks she is. I loved how she ran to Tami immediately after her “best” friend left the pod. She didn’t waste a second sucking up to Tami. She really has no life skills, she’s need to get back to being a housewife ASAP. I’m beginning to think she’s a bit off.

  9. Gapeachinsc

    Sadly, I have the feeling that Barbra will leave this experience having learned nothing. I don’t have children and generally try not to comment on motherhood and all that but it makes me wonder what kind of mother she must be…I hope she’s better than I think she is. (After all, what do I know?)

  10. Patty

    Did you not get the memo that there are already 2 seasons filmed with a 3rd being scouted for location? You will be surprised by a new member of the 2nd cast! Loving watching each episode with all of you fellow bloggers, and yes, there is some helpful feedback to the sheriff from some of the “inmates.” Some of the real inmates commented that things got better as soon as Sheriff Noel took over.

  11. Bravocueen

    heart this show and the recaps. I must be the only one in the world to think Yaz is a waste of breath. Of course, Barbra is nuts and in desperate need of attention. THAT is why she joined this show. Pure attention. Robert is a pussy.

  12. Wendy

    Barbra-crazy, desperate for attention, weak, insecure, drives husband nuts with her need for attn; Thinks she’s making a difference; lol. Hilarious; didn’t help sheriffs at all; she’s dillusional and needs serious help;
    Robert-even crazier. Nutjob; dillusional; arrogant; weak; liar; got out of everything cuz he was afraid of going back to gen pop; it was so obvious to all watching he was scared; I’m surprised he didn’t cure himself after they told him “if u stay ur going back to gen pop” cuz he looked like he was sh**tting his pants! All of a sudden he’s going to hospital and results: NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM! Lol. but we all knew that; terrible actor lol.
    Zac-cute; brave; good guy; seems like only one smart enough to hold it together and actually do what he was hired to do there; got some Intel, kept his cover, didn’t panic at drop of hat or if a “friend” got out. Lol. That’s hilarious with Barbra and tami, they flip flopped so many x on who they liked, who they despised, acted like they grew sooo much in 60 days, gimme a break, those 3 (Robert, Barbra and Tami) were a waste of jails time. They were a joke. Couldn’t handle it
    Tami-was as bad as Robert; for being a cop, I’m shocked! She broke down more than anyone; was so unprofessional as far as blowing her cover and trying to put a little thought into inmates & staffs ears that she’d show them in the end. Lol. Show em what? She’s a weak, sad woman who doesn’t sound as confident as she believes she is because I myself thought she’d be one of the best as she’s in law enforcement and was one of the weakest. Couldn’t handle even the fact she was getting teased, the noise in cell, EVERYTHING bothered her and upset her. She didn’t have ANY social skills to interact with the other inmates and didn’t provide any info to sheriff that he didn’t or couldn’t see on cameras???? She acted, when she got out, like nothing happened in there and she did her job and got thru it ok but in actuality, I know if it were a day longer, she’d have quit. She was at her breaking point. Now everyone is gonna look at u like a joke. How can anyone have any respect for you now? Uve let everyone know how weak and vulnerable u are. Not good
    Yaz-no comment except how many x do you need to say “being (or) because I’m Mohammad Ali’s daughter…” Uuggg. We know, we know… Uve said it 100x in first 10 minutes of meeting u! Provided nothing to sheriff
    Isaiah-did ok. A little vulnerable. Wish him luck in future.

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