WWHL With Carole Radziwill and Ryan Serhant

WWHL With Carole Radzi and


I totally forgot about this show today.  I’m going to hit the highlights because it is ShondaLand Thursday.

Carole doesn’t think Luann was jealous about her dating the chef, she just thinks she was in a bad place in her life and took it out on her.

I know I watched the first episode of MDLNY but I don’t remember Luis firing his entire staff. Maybe that happens tonight?  And why is Ryan’s fiancée butting in to Luis’ business tonight. I do not think I will like her this season.

Carole says she didn’t say bad things about Luann, but she did retweet a lot stuff that her fans said about Luann when Luann was  mean tweeting her. I missed all of this back and forth but even recently I think Carole was mean tweeting someone.

Carole thinks that John and Dorinda are in many ways a good match. It does seem they have lots of things in common.

million dollar Ryan

Andy always rags Ryan for hooking up with Sonja, something he completely denies.

I just figured out why the questions are so bad tonight. This show is not very interesting at all. It’s because other than the Luann situation, Carole has nothing going on really. So people are asking why Dorinda stays with John and things that she has no clue about.

Someone asks if Luis and Fredrik will be invited to his wedding this July. He says that is a question for his fiancée. Since it is a destination wedding in Corfu, I imagine there will not be a huge guest list. Since Andy knew the location, it’s likely he will be going.  And I would think if you were getting married in the Greek Isles that invitations would already be going out so that you could plan a vacation.

Carole is asked if she and Adam break up, who keeps the dog, Baby. She does but Adam could have visitation.

The Poll Question: Was Bethenny and Carole’s behavior at Jules house out of line? 68% said yes.


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20 responses to “WWHL With Carole Radziwill and Ryan Serhant

  1. Cheychey

    This one was kinda boring. Carol is sort of a wet blanket. I find her uninteresting even with the hot young boy toy.

  2. Lime Brain

    What is wrong with her cheek in the picture above?

    It looks like a giant heart-shaped tumor.

  3. Betty

    SO Carole and Bethenney can make fun of others height, weight, homes, but God forbid anybody mention Carole’s age. Then you’re “age shaming”. Lmao Whatever. She and Adam will eventually breakup, he will go on to marry someone younger and have kids. But at least she will still be ….hip. Bahahaha

    • Minky

      She’s not hip. Not to young people anyway. You can’t fool them, only other older people your own age. Carole’s trying way to hard. I’m surprised she’s not wearing a fedora and hipster glasses in the WWHL picture.

      It might sound funny, but young people actually like older people better when they act mature and take things seriously. Weird, huh?

      • jen

        What’s young? I’m in my 30s and I think she is ok. I’d hang out with her. Not the biggest fan or anything but.. I would be her friend. I like Bethany but she would drive me nuts. I actually like all of the NY Housewives but Jules.

      • Minky

        Just my opinion. I know I’m not necessarily right. Young is early to mid 20s. I think that’s what she’s aiming for. The “unlined face” comment was what sealed it for me.

      • blaine

        I agree Minky! That unlined-face comment made me think, Bitch, Cher and Joan Rivers have/had unlined faces. Doesn’t mean they aren’t accessing old age benefits!

      • Sliceo'pie

        That’s not been my experience with, “Young people”.. But (goes without saying I’m sure) everyone’s entitled to their own opinion!

    • Tigerlilly

      Hip…as in when she finally breaks one? Oh bad, bad me with my ageist jokes!

  4. JustJenn

    Oh Carole with your unlined yet overfilled face. The dig she took at Lunann on RHONY was just an example of the type of stuff that she’s tweeted about Luann…don’t act dumb and offended when you’re just as guilty. Luann wasn’t trying to be besties, she was simply trying to clear the air.

  5. jen

    I hate to dig on Carole about how she looks. It just makes me sad. She is just a down to earth chick looking for love.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Agree. And a talented writer. I hate when women rag on other women’s looks, unless of course it’s Yolanda and how wonderful she has looked through her journey to hell and back. I am not referring to her marriage to David Foster, but that fits, too. :)

  6. marc

    Bethanny & Carole are nasty, judgemental & immature calling out John on his physical apperance; so cruel & ill mannered. Look in the mirror before you start denigrating another persons visage & character.Ugly comments from ill bred & ill mannered posers. I just lost my jones for this season & I love the N.Y. Real Housewives maybe next season if they recast…

    • oh sheila! you a good judy

      i agree with everything you’ve said, marc! right down to clocking out of the rest of this season. bethenny and carole have completely RUINED this show for me as well. like you, this used to be my favorite bravo show. now it’s unwatchable.

  7. susan

    From looking at her high school photo, it appears Carole has the same heart shaped, cheek apple/heart.

    • oh sheila! you a good judy

      maybe she had them in high school, but she’s not had them for the past four years on television. it’s filler, and it’s overdone.

  8. Rach

    Carole has been mean tweeting about Luann, even in the last 2 weeks. I really don’t see the point of her on the show. And teaming up with Bethenney is a sure way for her to stay. I find her boring. I was watching an old episode from Kristen’s first season the other night and Sonja was dating a 22 year old that Ramona knew the mother of, and besides Ramona, Carole was the most judgemental about the age gap and called it sick. Yet fast forward a couple of years and she’s dating a guy only a few years older and no one dares say anything. So over Carole. Ever since Luann made the “uncool” comment in Turks & Caicos I’ve gone back to being a Luann fan haha.

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