Nick Gordon Returns to Dr. Phil To Discuss Bobbi Kristina Brown

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Nick Gordon is back Dr. Phil talking about Bobbi Kristina Brown in a two part interview that began today. Sigh. Let’s do this. When last we saw Nick on Dr. Phil he was a hot mess and was sent to rehab.  We start with a montage of Nick’s crazy drunk behavior from that episode. I’d forgotten how crazy he was. Nick agreed to go to rehab but he did not go quietly. He caused a huge scene in the hotel lobby and punched members of production. Nick supposedly did well in rehab. Yet, we are watching a ton of clips from his first episode on Dr. Phil.

Nick still seems to be lying. About what he was on the last time he was on the show (he says just alcohol and Xanax, I don’t believe that) and how he came to live with Whitney. His story about that makes no sense. Word on the street was that he was Whitney’s drug runner boy. He says that Whitney and Krissi were lonely after the divorce from Bobby Brown. He is lying about everything. Again. He says that he never saw Whitney do drugs. Dr. Phil is well aware he is lying. Nick paints a picture Whitney being a perfect 1950s stay at home mom who doles out good advice. At this time the tabloids were covered with photos of her wasted at public events.

There is no need to recap any of this.

Nick does admit that Krissi had a drug problem. Especially after Whitney died. They both popped a lot of pills in addiction to alcohol and pot.

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Nick claims he tried to do CPR on Whitney.

Nick cries out of both sides of his eyes. It’s weird. Like he has another tear duct on the outer part of his eyes.

Nick says that Krissi was a cutter. When she was young she had to go to the ER for cutting. It was possibly a suicide attempt. He talked about how Krissi’s drug use escalated just before the accident. I am not sure if he is referring to the car accident or the drowning.

Nick denies trying to distance Krissi from her family. He says that they both did drugs together and were basically equally to blame for their addictions. After some prodding by Dr. Phil he says they were bad influences on each other. Nick seems irritated when Dr. Phil points out all of his history of drug use, arrests, car accidents and basically says he has to understand that this is not the type of person her family would choose for Krissi.

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Nick says that Krissi had problems before he even met her. He is not the reason for her drug use.

This episode was sort of like a teaser episode for tomorrow when he is supposedly going to talk about the night Krissi drowned in the bathtub.


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6 responses to “Nick Gordon Returns to Dr. Phil To Discuss Bobbi Kristina Brown

  1. Jessica White

    Can we get Yolanda on Dr. Phil? please!

  2. JustJenn

    Nick was still a child when he was introduced into this mess and is probably now hard up for money..Dr. Phil should be ashamed.

  3. sandra

    Nick had control of Krissi. That was very clear on their reality show. He gives me the creeps.

  4. Cat

    This was a weird interview. I don’t know what to believe.

    But intentional or not, it’s obvious from his statements that he at least contributed to her death.

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