Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: Bleecker and Bleaker



I seem to have missed an episode of MDLNY. I have only seen one, so either I wasn’t paying attention or this is the third episode.


Luis has once again decided to trust Ryan to co-list with him on a $16 million dollar property owned by a developer he wants to do more business with. Ryan agreed to take the listing because he want to get in with the same developer, Soly. He seems to have already taken one of the listings that Luis was supposed to get after selling the initial property.  Luis says he will work through the deal with him, but he can’t trust Ryan (duh!)  and he questions Ryan’s integrity (duh!!).

Luis is having a Brokers’ Open on the joint listing with Ryan. Ryan comes in acting like an asshole and ordering Luis’s girl around. Production finally lets everyone into the apartment. There are brokers and buyers. I have to say this may be my favorite NYC apartment I’ve ever seen on the show. So many window and the views are AH MAY ZING. I want it. Now I just need $16 million dollars.

Amelia showed up and starts dressing down Luis. Luis politely tells her that it is none of her business. He is furious and wants to fire Ryan. No, Luis. You cannot do that!

MDLNY Fredrik and Derek


Fredrik has a listing appointment for a listing on Bleecker in NoHo. It is actually two listings. One is beautiful and elegantly staged for the potential buyers. They other one is still very much under construction. As in there is more progress going on at Chateau Sheree than at this first floor disaster zone. And I believe they are the same price. There is an ugly white refrigerator and a fugly while stove. This show is getting to be way too scripted. The developer is apparently working out of the first floor mess. There is no way this is real.

It’s Fredrik and Derek’s 5th anniversary. They go out to the Rainbow Room to celebrate. Derek wants to try again. Apparently there is only one girl egg fertilized by Fredrik left and several male embryos. It’s really a lot to figure out. Fredrik has always wanted to have a baby girl. Derek says he needs to be open to having a boy. Then Derek suggests that they put in two girls next one will be biologically Fredrik’s and the other is biologically Derek’s.

Fredrick has a Brokers’ Open in the penthouse on Bleecker that is very nice. Then he has to take them down to the first floor dump. It’s a joke. He does get an offer on the Penthouse for $9 million. That is just $250,000 under the listed price. But it is an all cash offer with a seven day close. The seller likes the offer but does not want the buyer to move in that fast because they need that property to show while the first floor property is being finished. This is not even a real reaction. You don’t delay a $9 million dollar deal for the purpose selling another property. Even the seller can’t drag out this stupid script and takes the deal.




Amelia and Ryan meet for dinner. Ryan tells Amelia all about Luis attacking him. We are getting Ryan the soap opera actor here. Sigh. Why can’t they just be real on these shows? I can see why Ryan didn’t stay employed on a soap opera.

Ryan and Luis have a meeting about Amelia and their problems in general. Ryan says that he should have called Luis. Ryan gives another performance about how he is the victim in all of this. Somehow these two just hug it out and get over it. Because their co-listing is a bit overpriced, Luis and Ryan do a CNBC interview at the property for one of their real estate shows.

The seller says if Luis and Ryan cannot sell the property within 30 days he is pulling the listing and going to rent it. Eleven days later, they get an offer of $11 million. Luis gets them up to $12 million, but this seller is delusional about the value of the property. He fires Luis and Ryan on their listing and fires Ryan on his other listing. Ryan is pissed and is taking it out on Luis.

Next Week:  More drama than housewives show. At least no one is faking an illness.


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14 responses to “Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: Bleecker and Bleaker

  1. Realityjunkie

    TT, Ryan was actually working with the developer before Luis reached out to him to come on board. Luis was never promised the same property. Ryan did nothing wrong.

  2. I know it’s pathetic to love, as well as loathe, people on these shows. But I cant help myself. Louis is one of the good guys, a friend in my head. I root for him; he is passionate, adorable, heartfelt, the underdog. I love those gorgeous eyes and those eyelashes for days, almost as much as I detest Serchant. Go Louis!

  3. Aerin

    That finished condo frederik was selling with the brick was gorgeous. Those ceilings?!? Love love love. Anyone have an extra $9 mil they want to lend me?

  4. Wallace

    Luis is so needy and always gets his feathers ruffled. He would be exhausting to be around on a regular basis.

    If Soly was really Luis’ great friend, shouldn’t Luis have been equally as upset with him?

    Ryan does seem to get himself into similar situations every season, but his talking heads are hilarious. He’s got great comic timing.

    Agree that the brick barrel vaulted ceilings in Frederick’s homes were so beautiful. Love!!!!

  5. More Tea Please!

    I love this show. What amazing properties! Fredrik is so special. Luis is a touch sensitive but so sweet. And then there’s Ryan, who swings back and forth between being an asshole and being a douchebag. Amelia butting in on the Luis and Ryan issue this episode was unnecessary.

    I do womder what % of the sales and scenarios are fake? Every realtor worst nightmare situation in one series.

    • Granny

      Ryan is adorable and funny to boot…and he is real !!! They all have their attributes and are delicious to watch…I’m addicted…yum yum As for Amelia…you go girl…having your man’s back is the right thing to do. And you handles it professionally. Luis just got his feathers a bit ruffled..but then..when doesn’t he lol
      I’m sooooooo sorry about the babies Frederik…you will make an amazing Father someday

  6. rainidaze

    TT, you didn’t miss an episode of MDLNY. This was the 2nd episode to air this season. Last week was the 1st.

  7. Lindsay

    Love this show, Love to dream, these places are just to die for., someday I will have made enough money to buy something like that , someday, but for now, this is a great guilty pleasure.

  8. beth

    when I saw this post I thought Dammit! I missed that this had started up again, but then as I’m reading it, my hopes sink lower and lower … aw crap! another Bravo show going scripted – I don’t know that I want to watch it anymore.

  9. Undine

    I used to love Luis but I see now he is a complete and utter dumbass. Ryan shouldn’t discuss whether a developer is about to sign him on to a project until they’ve signed on the dotted line. Luis is such a fool, he should’ve congratulated Ryan and moved on–there are dozens upon dozens of developers in NYC, get in on their projects instead.

  10. Jean Thomas

    The Instagram thing was stupid in my opinion. If you look at Luis and fredriks “likes” , it’s happening to them too. Click on their accounts to see yourselves. The people liking their photos have private accounts or little to no followers. it does not mean they are buying their “likes”.

    I do wonder why Luis even brought it up knowing full well that it happens to him and Freddie too. Maybe they wanted to get real people liking their photos, who knows. I thought it was kind of low to accuse Ryan of “buying” likes.

    Go and look at Luis and Fredrik’s likes, and you will see the same phenomena happening there.

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