Teen Mom 2 Recap: Man of the House

Teen mom after show


Chelsea is excited about getting married. She is also anticipating a child support hearing. She has only gotten $150 a month in support for the last six years.

Adam has dogs now. Just what he needs more lives to be irresponsible with. Adam says he is paying double for Aubree because in addition to the huge payments of $150 to Chelsea, he has to buy a bed for her to sleep in at his house and pay for her food when she is with him. Seriously?

Chelsea and Cole both want babies right away. Chelsea says she barely remembers how to take care of a baby. Chelsea wants to change Aubrees last name to match the rest of the family.  Chelsea plans to ask the lawyer about hyphenating Aubree’s last name. Her lawyer says to hold off on that until Aubree has siblings.

Teen Mom 2 Leah


Leah goes out with her friend and the girls to eat pizza at some school type playground. She proceeds to sit with her back to the playground completely ignoring the girls while talking about Jeremy. I am nervous as a former teacher. This just makes me antsy. Sure enough Ali falls backward off a swing and hits her head HARD. God, the Leah scenes are so hard to watch.  She doesn’t check for cuts or bumps or apply ice or do anything other than tell her she is fine.

Later, while Leah whines on the phone, Ali is desperately trying to open a package of muffins to eat.

Leah and Corey meet at Ali’s doctor’s appointment. The doctor, who doesn’t even know how hard she hit her head this week, or that she hit it all reminds Leah to protect her head when she is playing. Heartbreaking.  Corey finds out about the new court date at the appointment. Leah gives a ridiculous account of Corey’s behavior to her friend on the phone.

On the after show, I notice for the first time that Leah has giant tattoos on the tops of her feet. How did I not know this? UGH.


Teen Mom 2 Jenelle


David really wants to go with Janelle to meet with Nathan about her assault charges and custody negotiation. David seems to have serious anger issues.

Meanwhile, Nathan points out all of David’s criminal history and says he is not dropping charges on Janelle.

Janelle goes to meet with Nathan. David promises to wait in the car. On the way David says that the donut needs his own bedroom to visit his father’s house.  David works himself and Jenelle into a frenzy before the meeting. Nathan is immediately disappointed that the donut isn’t with Janelle and is instead in daycare.  Janelle says that Nathan needs to prove he has a high chair and stuff before he can have visitation. Nathan starts to walk off but stays to try again. He says he is not thrilled the donut lives with a convicted felon. Janelle says he was not found guilty. Nathan asks to drop off some gifts for his son.  Janelle starts crying about the charges. Nathan gets teary eyed. He says he will talk to his girlfriend about the charges.

On the after show, everyone seems really hard on Nathan. I mean none of these guys are winners, but Nathan does seem to want to be in his kids life.

Teen Mom Kailyn


There are only two days left before Javi is deployed. Isaac is taking the deployment news very hard. He seems closer to Javi than to Jo or Kaitlyn for that matter.

Javi seems like a great guy, and has a lot of friends at his going away party. Kaitlyn admits she hopes that the deployment will make them closer after all the distance between them since the miscarriage. Javi cries during the video she made for him.  It’s not until Isaac’s part of the video telling Javi how he is going to take care of things while he is gone that Kaitlyn breaks down.

Javi leaving is so very sad. Heartbreaking.

On the aftershow, Kaitlyn is sobbing after watching the show. All the girls are crying.


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22 responses to “Teen Mom 2 Recap: Man of the House

  1. Dee

    $150 a month for child support? $150 a week would be low for daycare. I can’t watch Leah. Production sucks! Call CPS on her.

  2. Julia

    Coming from a single mother.. the idea that Adam is making close to 200k a year off this show and paying $150 a month in child support is absolutely infuriating.

    • Miguel

      Julia, it’s infuriating – PERIOD!!!

      • Dee

        I agree, $150 a month?! For a child? Even 30 years ago, daycare for a newborn was $150 a week in my area. This guy sucks!!

    • jen

      But he’s got a house, a car and a job…he says every single episode…same thing except this time he said he bought a bed. He just doesn’t see why that doesn’t make him a great father. Aubree is such a cute kid. I hope he gets his shit together.

  3. Wampascat

    Adam has the nerve to say he spent $500 on dog toys.

  4. Bugsy

    Leah has giant tattoos on her feet? Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t heroin addicts do that so that they can shoot up without anyone seeing track marks? The feet have more blood vessels in their relative area than anywhere else on the body.

    • Miguel

      This would be terrible, Bugsy – I can’t/don’t wish to imagine…

    • She’s hooked on pills. Heroin comes when she runs out of money. Pills are expensive.

    • Dee

      Gross Bugsy! I’ve never heard of that.

      • Allison

        The whole shooting up in the feet is preferable isn’t true anyway. Leah’s problem was pills. She hadn’t escalated to heroin use, and they start out by snorting it most of the time. IV drug use is the final frontier, last slippery slope, and end of the road for opiate addicts. Thank GOD she never made it that far. Regardless-shes got tattoos on her feet because she wanted tattoos on her feet, nothing more. Not to hide tracks.

  5. Victoria

    David said “I feel like I’m about to fill this whole street with uppercut” and I could not stop laughing.

    • That guy David is going to beat the shit out of Janelle. We can hope. You can tell he’s possessive, you’re my woman now? Yikes. Red flags.

      • FrostyTheOG

        Did you really just say “We can Hope.” In regards to David eventually beating up Jenelle? Wow. Hoping I read that wrong or better yet, that was a typo.

    • jen

      He is so dumb. I don’t see what she sees in him at all and he is creepy. I can’t wait to see what makes Barb say, “you are the worst boyyfriend she eva haaad,” like in the previews.

      I mean he is definitely the dumbest but he is worse than Keifer? Kiefer had her buying and doing herion on tv…and he is worse? Yikes.

      I think Jenelle likes him because he just agrees with her. She says, “ya dude ya know dude.” And he just nods. Nathan didn’t put up with her shit. She would get crazy jealous with him and flip out.

  6. Allison

    No, Heroin addicts dont tattoo their feet to cover track marks, thats an urban legend or something. Just not true. Feet are the last place a heroin addict wants to shoot up.

    I dont know where david gets off on dictating to Nathan when, how, and where hegets to see donut. David has been in that kids life (when I say been in his life, I use that term loosely) for a whole 30 seconds and now it’s “we” when it comes to donut? Thats infuriating to me. Worry about your own kid.

    • jen

      It really bugged me too..sorry commenting so much but its thw onoy show I had time to actually watch all week…sorry TT

      Anyway, yes it is totally inappropriate that he says anything. She should not have had him move in so soon. Nathan has every right to be mad. I was not a Nathan fan but this season makes me see his side clearly. She, in my opinion is totally wrong. He also needs to keep his girlfriend out of it. She seems a little too involved. He is such a cute baby and she doesn’t even play with him (from what they show). I hope if it goes to court it is 50/50 but who knows. Bottom line David is a dumbass. The fact that she only asked that he have a high chair makes her a dumbass. Nathan needs to file for joint custody and take that MTV check to the piggily wiggily and get a car seat, crib, diapers and some bottles and be done with it.

  7. jen

    Adam is a POS but it bugs me how Chelsea constantly puts him down in front of her. Its just wrong. Hurtful to the child. Her house must smell really bad. It just looks like it does. The pig, the dog, just everything but they are happy so who cares?

    Nathan when he speaks lol. Poor guy tries to get out words…Jenelle can really get to him crying. That was the fakest crying I’ve seen her do yet. David is a dumb as a box of rocks. I do have to say he by far argues the most healthy out of any of her boyfriends, so at least there is that. No one went to jail so its an improvement. It was a total bitch move to not bring the baby. The baby needs to see his father. Nathan is not the best but he does seem like he wants to be a decent father.

    Isaac is the sweetest child. Kail just doesn’t seem like she has love for Javi anymore and its so sad because I want to see them all happy. I wish they could be.

    Leah, “I’ve got my shit together.” Just because you say it 500 times to people doesn’t make it true. That green carpet just gives me the heeby jeebies…its gross. The poor little girl fell hard like TT said and she basically told her to stop crying. Her phone calls on her cracked phone are really annoying. She is so delusional.

    • Bravocueen

      I think Chelsea is really careful about not putting Adam down in front of Aubree. She slips sometimes but she has been a fantastic mom to that girl in spite of all he has done to her and the child.

      Janelle, I hate her for making me defend Nathan. Nathan is one of the biggest POS’s I’ve ever seen — until I “met” David. Good grief WTF is wrong with her?

      Javi — I’m almost 50 years old and never cried over any reality tv scene. But that scene just made me bawl. Reminded me of years ago when my husband left for Iraq (18 months that tour by the time all was said and done) and my 7 year old son had big old crocodile tears running down his face all the way home. The “silent cry” is the most heartbreaking sometimes.

      Leah. I just can’t.

  8. jen

    Only one Barb scene…the planting of the tree. She is the best! “Whadddaa a wimp?” Loll then covers him in kisses. Barb ♡

    • FrostyTheOG

      Love Barbara! To this day, I walk around my house calling out “Jenelle…Keifah!” My teenager boys just laugh. Finally had to show them Barb?

      • jen

        She really is great. Poor woman. She just loves Janelle unconditionally. She is also hilarious. When Janelle said she doesn’t fight with the new loser…she laughed and laughed and said, “oh you don’t miss arguing?” Haha. Then she and Janelle discuss her pending charge of assault with a weapon and its like they are just no biggie…eh..

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