Real Housewives of New York Recap: Finally, An Actual BBQ!

RHONY Bethenny BBQ
This week on RHONY we are back at the Hamptons where the new Bethenny is the type to throw herself a birthday party. It’s apparently a new Bravo requirement that every season of every franchise must attempt a “BBQ.” Who knows what this one will be like. Bethenny’s house at the Hamptons is so pretty. I have been having a lot of house envy lately. She has her outside bar just like LVP!

John has no memory of his argument with Bethenny or agreeing to apologize the night before.

Bethenny is having a real BBQ with a giant oil drum BBQ with rotating rows of grills inside. This looks amazing. Carole plans to keep a friendly distance from Luann. Ramona shows up with case of Corona’s instead of Pinot Grigio. This is officially a real BBQ!  There are Moscow Mules and spiked hot chocolate served in gorgeous copper mugs. This is probably the first housewives party I would want to go to! I’m in love with this whole thing.

John is making Bethenny super uncomfortable. He’s creeping around the edges of the party. Luann arrives with a hula hoop for  reasons that are unclear. There are two seating areas. Bethenny is in one, John  in the other. Luann joins the group with John to avoid Carole.  As people start to mill around Dorinda continues to be John to go apologize to Bethenny. After a drink are two, John hollers across the yard for Bethenny to “come here.” We go to commercial but I’d throw him out for that. He just needs to go.

Gif by T.Kyle at

Gif by T.Kyle at

Sidenote: What the hell do you take Bethenny Frankel for her birthday? I mean she has millions of dollars to buy whatever she wants.

Ramona has to leave early because it is date night!  John tries to approach Bethenny and she ignored him and walked off. Dorinda compares John to Hilter in her talking head. Sort of. Did I mention that Dorinda and Bethenny are not speaking right now? Well at least Bethenny blocked Dorinda on Twitter during one of her tirades.

Did Bethenny just say that if the marshmallow is too burned you can “pull the foreskin off?”  That’s an image that will haunt me each time I make S’mores from now on. Luann and Carole argue over the fire pit. Carole mentions that Luann called her a pedophile on Twitter and said that Carole broke up Adam and her niece. Luann says, “I never said you broke up Adam’s relationship!”  Um, other than the fact that she did say that, does anyone else see the problem here? Luann said a lot a crap about Carole when she first started dating Adam.  Someone told me recently that Carole tweets crap about Luann a lot but I rarely go to these women’s Twitter profiles unless I get a batsignal from someone that there is an event going on. It seems that Luann is making accusations about Carole having a ghostwriter. That’s just ridiculous. Carole has a distinct writing style and it’s very similar to her speaking voice. They agree to disagree and move forward without apologies. But Carole is astounded that she did not get an apology.

RHONY Bethenny  JohnBethenny and John end up in the bar at the same time and John realizes that he is at Bethenny’s birthday party and her actual birthday was the day he came in all fucked up on whatever and came at her. John wishes her a happy birthday and she makes a face. Bethenny pulls John to the side so that he can do his “apology scene.” #popcorn

Bethenny realizes that John doesn’t really have a clue what he is apologizing for, so she asks him. He responds with “So whaddayawannado? You wanna slice? You wanna dice?” He sounds just like Joe Giudice.  I wonder how Juicy is doing in jail tonight? John gives a schmarmy crappy apology of sorts and ends with “if you can’t accept that then we are done with this conversation.” Bethenny says, they  are in fact done with the conversation and walks off.  We are zero for two on mending fences at the party.

Bethenny goes to sit with Luann and Dorinda and Jules and says she doesn’t even need to rehash things with Dorinda. Her situation with John doesn’t involve her. Then Jules has to but in and tell Bethenny that if she wants to be close with Dorinda she has to make amends with John. Oh Jules, this is episode four and you have already sunk your ship.  Dorinda is highly emotional all the time and as she says “I’m tired of feeling bad. Everywhere I go I am upset.”  I do feel badly for Dorinda.

This beautiful party is going to hell. People are arguing and crying, and there isn’t even tequila shots to blame things on. Bethenny goes to John and tells him they are straight. She doesn’t want Dorinda to have to go through all the angst of them being at odds. In her talking head, Bethenny says this is the best birthday party she has ever had. And bless her heart, she’s serious. And it’s true.

Jules Has a Brunch

As Jules is trying to get things set our for her party, John is helping himself to all of the food. Bethenny ride out together, and plan to make an appearance and then leave and go to lunch together. Neither of these two want to go to this brunch. John answers the door and Bethenny is already annoyed. Bethenny has a flashback to 2008 and Alex and Simon’s perpetually under construction house.  Bethenny says she renovated her house in three months and they have to get surgical and execute with military precision all the renovations. Everyone starts taking the inventory of what everyone else is eating.

Luann shows up with a guy named Paul. Cut to Carole in a talking head saying, “I’m surprise Luann brought someone with her, usually her dates don’t stay for breakfast.”  Oh Carol. Mind your business. Later on a tour of the 20,000 square foot house,  Bethenny and Carole dip out. I kind of like Bethenny and Carole this season. I mean if I had to hang out with someone on this franchise I would choose them.

Next Week: Jules tells Dorinda and Carole (!!) she doesn’t like Bethenny.  Ramona points out that Sonja was not invited to the Hamptons. I realize I didn’t miss Sonja at all this episode.  Bethenny and Jules share eating disorder stories. Bethenny and Luann get heated. And Dorinda stays drunk.


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83 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap: Finally, An Actual BBQ!

  1. oghousewife

    What’s with the big duck outside Bethany’s home?

    • Barbara R

      The big duck is an affectionate symbol for the east end of Long Island. There is a duck shaped building on the way to the Hamptons that I remember as a snack bar. It would always put a smile on my face when I would pass it.

  2. Gracious

    Caught the foreskin comment and it really cracked me up as did the comment about toasting marshmallows on her titties.

    I’m sorry but Jules’ home was a mess. It felt chaotic and not a bit comfortable.

    Love Carole and agree with her regarding Luanne.

    I’m not really missing Sonja either.

  3. It certainly seems like John had no idea what he said or Did at the ” bra party”. And the fact that he didn’t even know he was at Bethanys house to celebrate her B-day…says ALOT. I liked Dorinda last season, so far she seems to be a mess. Carol…I just never could stand. Bethany is funny & witty, but is in fact an overbearing know it All. Luann….YAWN. And come to think of it I didn’t miss Sonja at all either.
    Ohhhh & Jules……….just, bye?

    • Once LuAnn gets married she will be gone! Thank you God. I feel very sad for Dorinda. She’s pretty cool but John and Bethenney have really done some damage to her. She really loves John, why, only she knows. Also was very embarrassed by what Ramona told her-more the way she did it but she has to wonder if this is how John is talking about their relationship to others. He seems like he is always drunk!

  4. Xanadude

    Drink some Maneshevitz each time Jules mentions she’s Jewish!

    I gotta say, I normally dig LuAnn, but this season she has just been horribly cranky and rude, and not in a fun to watch way. it almost makes me think she wanted Adam for herself and is just jealous.

    I do love Carole and Bethenney this season. Ducking out during the tour – the husband didn’t do anything to them and he really was so puppy dog cute wanting to show off his house – yeah, I would have wanted to do the same thing but I’d sick it out until he at least finished.

    • I am hoping once the ex countless gets married she will quit the show! Here’s hoping. I feel very sad for Dorinda, she is very hurt by John and Bethenney. AND of course Ramona. To hear that John is talking that way to others about their relationship is so horrible. For whatever reason she loves John but she deserves better. He grosses me out, all sweaty yuck!

    • Voyer II the sequel

      I wondered if Bethany & Carole ducked out from tour so quickly because LuAnn came in & asked Jules husband a question? It almost looked like LuAnn was trying to join the girls who were trying to avoid her.

      LuAnn is full of $&!#. She most certainly did tell Carole, rudely, all sorts of reasons that she should not be dating Adam. LuAnn said that her niece HAD dated him, then later says that her niece was dating him at the time Carole met him. I think she even said that Carole shouldn’t be dating “the help”.

      LuAnn’s always been like that though. I remember in one of the first seasons Bethany asked their driver his name and introduced herself. After they got in the car LuAnn told her that wasn’t proper to be friendly to the help. She’s really got herself convinced that she’s some kind of royalty, HA HA!

      Marrying into a countess-ship doesn’t buy you class either! She brings way too many strangers home for a one-night romp to have any class. Sorry, just my opinion. And I am no prude. I wouldn’t even make a comment about that if she didn’t act like she does, arrogant & so above everyone else.

      Apologies for the rant. I guess i’ve been wanting to say these things for awhile.

  5. MaryWanna

    How desperate do you have to be to want John? ewww

    • Voyer II the sequel


    • Sliceo'pie

      I’m not sure desperate is the right word-John came along at a time when she was still mourning the loss of Richard (?) Based on what she’s shared, she was depressed and experiencing all the feelings that come along with loosing a spouse and John listened to her.. Unfortunately they also became party buddies (I’m curious how much she drank with Richard). Now it looks like they’re on a downward slide. I think there’s a line between hard partying and alcoholism – she’s gotta be careful or she’s gonna find herself on the wrong side of the line.

  6. Miguel

    I may be late/early to the party; so please, please no rebuffs. Is this the reveal on TT’s blind post regarding Bethenny and whom I thought was Sonja? If so, TT calls it way in advance, as always!!! Moreover, was I wrong (as, I didn’t think of Dorinda)?

    • Miguel

      OK, just read your latest post, TT – question asked and answered! You did have it way in advance and my first hunch was half-right. Now, let the Tipsy Girl fracas begin…

  7. Bridgett

    I am with you, this bbq was perfection!

    I am not usually a big Ramona fan, but she was star of te bbq…the only one comfortable and out of the fray.

  8. Tara

    I wonder if this was filmed before Sonja signed her contract. Maybe that is why the first couple of shows seemed odd??

  9. Sequoia

    I like that this show has a sense of humor. It’s what is lacking in the other HW shows.

  10. I can’t stand Bethenny.

    • anna

      Neither can I . ..she thinks she’s hot shit, & a no it all!!! I mean, c’mom…Trying to tell Jules’ hubby what to do with his house… ( isn’t he a VERY smart successful business man ?) AND…remember when she tried schooling Erica Jane on her videos??? Well, in the words of Miss Erica Jane herself . ..HOW MANY FUCHS DO I GIVE ( about bethany)….ZERO ZERO ZERO fucks!!

      • Lime Brain

        The whole house thing is ridiculous. It’s a white elephant. Or it will be if its ever finished. Bethany is right but she should have kept her mouth shut while she was there.

        The house shows that either they can’t make decisions (the husband can’t commit to where to put the bar by the indoor pool) or that they love to live in chaos. Again, because they can’t make a commitment.

        But on a positive note, I figure they are helping support the local economy with all the money they are spending on the house.

  11. Cherry Bomb

    Loved the barbecue… It seemed like it should have been a fun event…. I think Jules uses the need to keep kosher (and to say out loud so that everyone hears her ) as her excuse not to eat. My arms are the size of her legs… Just saying. I kinda missed Sonja though.

    • Wanda

      The bbq just seemed depressing to me. It looked like a chilly, gray day (or did it just look like that on my tv) and the end of the summer (looked like sometime in November). And somehow the vibe just seemed off.

      • Yeah, because they were all running around acting like teenagers, and trying to avoid each other. Good lord. I do miss Sonja, even though she is a whack job, she seems pretty guileless.

      • That was the most uncomfortable, awkward party ever. What a waste. Authentic bbq & moscow mules? Sign me up!

      • Gabriella

        No, I felt the same. The weather was horrible and depressing.

      • Lime Brain

        Bethenny’s birthday is in the beginning of November. So, actually, for that time of year in New York, they were having great weather. The leaves are still all on the trees in the background. They haven’t even started to turn yet. There was no wind, and nobody was wearing heavy coats.

        She lucked out. It was the way people were behaving that was so depressing.

  12. therealdeb

    I think Dorinda is a drunk, she gets a little in her and it is all slurry speech, and John is just shady as fuck. He is a greasy slimy pig and i cannot understand what she sees in him. Luann is so last year and last man, she is tired and needs to go away. Did not miss Sonja and her madness, Ramona was decent tonight and that was great. Love Carole!

    • Voyer II the sequel

      I completely agree with you about John.

      At the bra fitting party, when they were trying to get John out, he was insisting to Dorinda that he was not going anywhere, even after she said she wanted to go home alone.

      He was so insistent that he was going home with her (even tho it appeared that he eventually left). I think he is the type that does not care what Dorinda wants, he will insist on having his way. Which is to stay in a relationship with her. Could be a little scary trying to get rid of him.

  13. I don’t wish to break commenting rules, new or old, by starting rumors.. but John and Dorinda do appear stoked a lot this season. Even if Bethany wouldn’t have planted that seed, I would have noticed. Dorinda especially, looks and acts spun.

    • Yep. “Everything doctor! Up heez noze eet goes!”
      I feel for Dorinda too. If any of you have ever known of a widow whose hubby’s “best friend” is suddenly the widow’s BFF?… Well, I’ve seen this before. Guys like John are always “there” for her to be supportive, and after awhile he is more and more in her life and in her bed. It’s Dorinda trying to replace Richard and John is being Johnny on the Spot to fill the void. Is a sick co-pendency going on. John will become more demanding and pushy. He is jealous of Richard and Dorinda’s friends and if he had his way, everyone in her life would be banned from seeing her, including her daughter. Look at how much Dorinda’s daughter can’t stand John. She has good reasons, no doubt.

    • Jim

      Well that would explain why it sounds like Dorinda’s nasal cavity is fully impacted when she speaks. I wonder if she’s been able to draw a full breath of air through her nose in years?

  14. Skeeter

    John’s creep factor is off the charts. I really think Dorinda needs to give him some walking papers but then she’d have to pay for her dry cleaning! I don’t think she is into him all that much. She says he the kind that hangs all over her and is affectionate publicly and that makes her uncomfortable. I really hate to accuse anyone of abuse but those two look and act like they indulge in some sniffy stuff.

  15. Lime Brain

    Ugh! This episode was horrible and uncomfortable to watch. Everyone dislikes each other. There is no fun in this show anymore.

    Thank god Betheny’s obligatory birthday celebration is over and maybe she can calm down now.

    While watching it, I was beginning to miss Munchausen and Lyme discussions. That’s how bad it was.

    At least Jules kids were well behaved at the brunch, so I didn’t have to listen to Betheny bitch about that also.

    Well, this show can only go up, right?

    • Katherine 2.0

      I have to disagree. I thought it was a cool breeze after the steaming mess that is now the RHOBH. These women are smart and funny, and I enjoy watching them.

      Jules’ kids weren’t there. Maybe that’s why you didn’t see or hear them? Or did I miss something?

      John appears to get aggressive quickly. I don’t really want John to be front and center all season. He seems volatile.

      • Lime Brain

        I could have sworn I saw a shot of the son when Bethenny asked how they kept the kids away from the construction. But you’re probably right and she had the nanny take them away for the day.

  16. Cheychey

    Who invites people to brunch while your house is being renovated. Like they were literally working while they were eating, tacky. I also can’t get why you would bring your man to a party where it’s the hosts birthday if he had just had a major altercation with her. John was very quick to anger when Bethany wasn’t happy to receive his insincere apology. He reacted like she was supposed to just forget the things he had said and I don’t buy that he didn’t remember. He just doesn’t think it is wrong to behave aggressively like that to a woman. Some things are just beyond a simple apology.

    • Shae

      Completely agree. If john was insisting on going to this party he should’ve reached out to Bethenny before hand to apologize, sincerely, so it wouldn’t be so awkward. But to go and just hover, and make her uncomfortable, is just in really poor taste. I agree with Bethenny that I don’t think either of them, Dorinda or John, really remembers how bad the argument was and what John said or else they wouldn’t be there that way. John is a mega creep.

      I also fully support Carole avoiding Luann. If you have an issue with someone, you don’t trust them and it’s not going to get resolved, agree to disagree and let each other alone.

      Jules is abrasive as hell, what a whiny woman lacking completely in personality. Who cast her?

  17. Pip

    Oy vey! That was an uncomfortable show. So much bickering and weirdness.
    I agree that Bethenny’s house looks awesome. She really does seem happy.
    Luann seemed so out of her element. I kind of felt sorry for her… Until she couldn’t cop to her shit. Also… Has her voice dropped an octave? It was always low and raspy, but seems much more so now.

    • Shae

      Definitely. I always thought Luann was pretty, but she looks and sounds much rougher this season. Can’t put my finger on why, it just struck me.

      • Sabrina

        I also felt badly for Ramona- every time she was spoke it sounded forced-like the comment about needing to be in Manhattan for Saturday date night. I’m sure there is truth to it, that more dates occur there- but also suspect there are more memories in the Hamptons and sadness in the house she got from the divorce. She is trying very hard to get into what she thinks her new role calls for.
        I didn’t miss Sonya and felt Luanne both looked and acted uncomfortable – these controversies do not help- but her neck and chin looked fuller and she looked older to me. Carol had precise memories of who said what-as did Bethenny. John was so overtly angry that he turned the apologia tour into something that felt hostile. I continu8e to struggle to understand what Dorinda finds in him or how he makes her happy- have not seen that yet.

      • Katherine 2.0

        I think the drinking and smoking are catching up to Miss Lu.

      • iloveearlgrey

        She looks like she has alcohol bloat.

    • JoJoFLL

      She’s a smoker.

  18. Cat

    You had me at BBQ. I could not focus after that.

    Is that John in the photo? At first, I thought Joe had somehow gotten out and crashed the party.

    Sigh. I need to go grocery shopping. I need BBQ. :)

  19. Friday'smom

    carole could use some insight into her own behaviour. I hope this fight with Luann is not going to be her only storyline. Also although the I don’t like John, her and Bethany’s criticisms of his appearance are so shallow and immature. On the up side I loved Bethany’s house and needed more scenes… Maybe we could see the interior.

  20. Friday'smom

    … And I loved that plaid jacket Bethanny was wearing at the BBQ

  21. Jen

    They’re all Bitchy because they’re old and have Eating disorders or are Hangry n medicated….add Pinogrigio on an empty stomach….wahlah = Instant Catfight haha

  22. margroc

    Beth needs to grow up. She acts like she knows everything about everything. I used to like Carol, but now she’s turning into another Beth, saying mean, immature things. Her comment about Luanne’s dates was way too low brow and I found myself disappointed in her. She’s too smart to act like that. Beth and Carol acted like petulant, bratty 12 year olds at Jules’ house. She just does not have the ability to be gracious about anything. For those who excuse her behaviour because of her childhood – at what point in your life o you start taking responsibility for your own actions.

    • I agree they were so rude at Jules house running out and laughing at her house. I like Bethanny but Carole really is up Beth’s anus.

    • Sweet T

      Carol tries to imitate bethanny’ snark but it always comes out as a lame mean girl joke. Bad delivery.

    • QueenB

      I agree wholeheartedly. Bethanny and Carole come off as mean and pretentious. Who cares if Bethanny completed her house in 3 months. She has no tolerance for people who operate differently than her and its annoying.

      For the record, I’ve been a Bethanny fan from Day One but now .. not so much.

  23. Meri

    I loved Bethenny’s marshmellow bris and I felt sorry for Dorinda. She seems so unhappy and desperate to be with a man like John. I don’t think that she ever recovered from losing RIchard and hung on to the first man who paid attention to her. Bethenny is funny but she is also annoying. I think that the show would be dull without her though. Carole, following Bethenny around takes away from her own personality and wit. She’s better on her own, imo. Luann is a big zero and I do NOT miss Sonja at all since she makes everything about her. I liked Ramona at this party because she refused to be caught up in the drama. The food looked really yummy and made me run around searching for something to eat. Sadly, the frig was empty and I wound up with a rice cake. It did NOT have any foreskin! The blog was perfection.

  24. Jessica White

    I’m loving Bethenny this season. She is too much for some people but I love her, she’s great TV. LVP was inspired to build her outside bar after her visit to Bethenny’s house when BH ladies made their trip to the Hamptons.

  25. Pantaloons

    What’s with John and the whole Ronco slice and dice thing? “and if you talk to me right now,I’ll throw in this amazing Ginsu knife! It cuts right through this metal can!” Void where prohibited. Dorinda is on standby.

  26. HappyGal

    and we now for sure know why Jules was cast – the eating disorder that may or may not be – to go along with the alcoholism that Sonja may or may not have.

    Really Andy is there not some other story line besides addiction or illness that these franchises and woman can focus on?

    • Who says Jules has an eating disorder? Because Bethanny says she does its the truth? I think she’s projecting on Jules her hate for her own mother. She said first episode she reminds me of my mother.

      • FrostyTheOG

        I’m not saying that Jules has an eating disorder. However, in the previews they do show her and Bethenny having a HEAVY conversation about it. Which would lead you, or Bravo would like to lead you to believe, that Jules is about to admit to a PAST problem?
        IMHO that might be what HappyGal is referring to…

      • Sweet T

        I swear in the previews Jules says she had an eating disorder in her teens

  27. Stephanie

    Any updates on Sheree’s lieberry?

  28. Pretty In Pink

    I believe Bethanny had the out door bar first. LVP admired the bar while in the Hamptons and added one at her home.

    • Jim

      Yes, the RHOBH ladies visited Bethenny’s house in the Hamptons. LVP admired the outdoor bar. I think she even said she was going to steal the idea. Which she did.

  29. Jim

    Another BBQ failure! Although Bethenney got the menu and the setting right, the seating was a mess.

    Half of the people looked like they were uncomfortably crammed onto a child’s picnic table and the other had to sit around the fire pit. And this wasn’t food that could be easily eaten while standing and mingling. This was ribs and corn-on-the-cob which need to be eaten while your forearms are resting on a sturdy table.

    And then the “shmear” at Jule’s chaotic construction site… I just can’t. Huge mounds of yummy toasted bagels going cold while people scrambled around trying to find something to “shmear” on them.

    Do any of these people know how to eat outside of a restaurant?!

  30. JoJoFLL

    I can’t wrap my head around a house that big. What does Jules husband do?

  31. JustJenn

    I find RHONY to be the most enjoyable franchise as of late. Maybe it’s because I’m not overly invested in any of these ladies and my opinion of them changes on a weekly basis, or maybe it’s because they seem to roll with the punches a bit more, but I’m happy for RHONY after a disappointing season of RHOBH

  32. Sweet T

    I find Jules to be uncultured and dumb. I can’t get into her. I try and then she says something ignorant and stupid and I go right back to dislike.

    I completely forgot about Sonja. Oops.

  33. Roxanne

    Did anyone notice when Bethany went up to John at the end of the BBQ that he had something out next to him that he suspiciously picked it up and stick it in his pocket quickly!?!

    • Cupcake Scholar

      What do you think it was? I would have been sneaking bar-b-q into a Ziploc and hiding it in my purse because I am super classy. Classy as in not wanting to get sauce on my purse!

    • Barbara R

      I saw that and thought it was a pack of cigarettes.

  34. AshK

    I’m sure this was already discussed somewhere in the comments since NY started, but I can’t get over how bad Dorinda looks this season. Her face is so sunken in!

  35. Nila

    I find Bethenny extremely immature and Carole followed her footsteps. You don’t invite someone to your home then run around to avoid them, walk away when they try to approach you and speak ill of them during the party! If you didn’t want uninvited him, then suck it up. I found her behavior very child like. Carole should really not be throwing any shade about Luann not acting her age with the Hulu hoop, hello miss bicycle bars! She was so rude at Jules house, just an immature asshole.

  36. Roxanne

    It looked like something wrapped in plastic to me. I just thought it was suspicious how he swooped it up and looked nervous. I think it’s pretty obvious that Mr. John was hyped up on something other than booze that night (bra party scene) Gotta love this Bravo entertainment! I always say I’m not watching this season but then I get reeled in!

  37. Elizabeth

    Bethenny is hilarious…these are her TV friends not her real friends. All of them are so lame compared to her. She really should have taken John’s apology though, what did she expect from him? Luanne ugh she has really always been a bit of a loser I thought….

  38. Finally caught the eppie and agree with those it’s great after the RHoBH messiness – still hate that the Dubai trip was wrecked by bs. The BBQ was derailed with the producer infused drama, but still got to enjoy The Hamptons, lol.

    I disagree with those that think Dorinda really loves John, cuz I just may be projecting my own experiences into this opinion. I was with a guy after a really bad time of my life – he was there, took charge and we partied super hard. He was never overbearing to me or rude to my friends, but had a lot of the other qualities, right down to the purple and pink button down shirts. Not to be Dorinda-defensive – this was during the Miami Vice years is my excuse, lol. He was even buikt exactly like John! I think Dorinda’s thing with John is lasting longer than my experience did due to her age. It was easier for me to move on while still relatively young, not sure how long it would last facing the future at 50plus. (I know how that sounds, but mean it in a “good” way, if that makes any sense.) With all that said, I’d like to think that I would prefer to be alone at this point.

    Not being able to stand John and my so far dislike of Jules doesn’t give a pass to Bethenney indeed acting as judge and jury on ALL things! I’m liking that Andy/BRAVO is letting the scenes speak for themselves on how high and mighty she views herself – I was prepared for soft edit.She is getting into Jill Zarin territory and the Season is so young, lol!

    I’m looking forward to The Countess taking both her and Carole on.

    • tamaratattles

      The difference in editing with Bethenny and Jill is that Andy doesn’t see Bethenny as high and mighty but as above the others and therefore on par with him. You know, Andy, who just this week was whining that the FLOTUS had done all the other shows except for his, and that she might be coming next MARCH. He seems to be pouting that the FLOTUS doesn’t just stop by WWHL whenever he asks her.

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