Nene Leakes To Be Guest At The White House Correspondents Dinner for LBGT Advocacy

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You can’t make this shit up. On the very day Ted Cruz, who has no possible road to getting the necessary number of delegates to be the republican nominee unless a contested convention is held, announced Carly Fiorina as his running mate and she then proceeded to SING A MADE UP SONG ABOUT TED CRUZ’s CHILDREN, Nene Leakes is suddenly an “ally of the LGBT community”?  Hell, why not invite Ted Cruz for the same reason. It would make just as much sense.

The entire world has lost their mind today. I just can’t.  It’s like it is opposite day? Is this a joke?

I am so irritated by this ridiculousness I can feel my blood pressure rising.  Here is the story from Washington Blade along with my purple pen.

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The Washington Blade announced this week plans to escort two prominent LGBT allies to Saturday’s White House Correspondents Dinner: actress and reality TV star NeNe Leakes and professor and former MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry. 

Leakes has starred in “Glee” and “The New Normal” and appeared on Broadway in “Cinderella” and “Chicago” in addition to her role on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

So she was on a couple TV shows with gay characters and was on Broadway with presumably some gay actors. Have they ever watched RHOA where she has been criticized repeatedly for homophobic comments and gay slurs?

RHOA Nene gay honey
Harris-Perry is a professor at Wake Forest University. She hosted the “Melissa Harris-Perry” show on MSNBC from 2012-2016 and recently was named editor at large for

“Both of these women have been allies to the LGBT community in different ways and the Blade is happy to thank them for their visibility by inviting them to join our table at the White House Correspondents Dinner,” said Blade editor Kevin Naff, who will attend along with the Blade’s White House reporter, Chris Johnson. This year’s dinner marks the final appearance by President Obama, who is scheduled to deliver the traditional monologue. Larry Wilmore of Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show” is the emcee. Red carpet arrivals are televised starting at 6 p.m. on various cable networks; the program begins at 7:30 p.m.

Look, if you want to take Nene Leakes to the White House, by all means do so.  I don’t think it will go very well for you, but do your thing. But saying the basis of taking her with you is that she is an advocate for the LBGT community is like taking a fully clothed klansman and touting their work with minority groups.

This just blows my mind to the point I just need to stop typing now.

RHOA Nene teeth


Just to be clear, the White House Correspondents Dinner is an annual event put on by the journalists association for the White House press. The president and first lady usually attend. The president usually gives a comedic speech or does a skit or something silly. Back when journalism still existed, the event held some prestige. In the past decade or so, it has become a laughing stock with journalists bringing celebrities as their plus one. Nene is not the worst person ever to be invited to the event.

MY ISSUE is that the idiotic journalist who invited Nene is working for a gay news  site and as stated about claims that Nene is an ally of the gay community. She is not.  Had he just said he is taking her because she is his favorite housewife then I would not have really noticed. But to claim is an advocate or ally of the gay community is ridiculous. 

Nene will not be speaking. It is a dinner. She is not on the entertainment line up. She will sit at a table with God knows who and eat rubber chicken with her giant chompers while wearing a one shoulder dress and being loud and disruptive. This is not a matter of national security. It’s just a gay website being fools and in the process insulting the gay community.


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46 responses to “Nene Leakes To Be Guest At The White House Correspondents Dinner for LBGT Advocacy

  1. jen

    Wow! I just don’t get it…

    Well at least a Housewife isn’t crashing the White House I suppose…

    I get more scared for our country every day. Was Anderson Cooper busy?

    • Huh? You’re scared for our country because the Washington gay newspaper invited a female drag queen to be their guest at a professional conclave? Okay.

      The Correspondent’s Dinner does not take place at the White House, nor is it a political event. It is the annual gathering of the White House Correspondents Association.

      • Eric, Nene’s actions and words have seldom shown honest support towards the LGBT community. To me, Nene seemed to use LGBT community for herself rather than true support or belief in.
        If the Washington Post doesn’t know Nene then the action of a newspaper could be seen as scary. A newspaper is suppose to know the truth.
        Again for me, there are many more deserving people that have given commitment of their time and money.
        That’s all.

      • Oops NOT Washingtin Post that is taking her, sorry.

      • Xanadude

        The Correspondent’s Dinner is affectionately known as “Nerd Prom,” and you see all sorts of weird combinations as journalists use their +1s for an odd variety of people. Its all very high school.
        I DO enjoy watching Rachel Maddow play bartender afterward, though, especially when Mrs. Palin asks for a drink. Rachel is a treasure.

    • jen

      My bad. I clearly am clueless. :/

  2. eastjames

    Shall I be the one to make the obligatory joke about how perhaps they were confused and thought she was a drag queen?

  3. I’m just trying to think of the link or nexus that connected her being a good fit for this post. Who, what? There’s been a breakdown somewhere. Nobody cares about anything all the way to the White House if she is going there but for anything other than being the clown that she is. Fact checking went out the window ages ago, so just another fake, bullshit arrangement involving her handlers and some other dummies. You took the words out of my mouth when I read the title of this post TT: this has got to be some made up story, but you just can’t make this shit up…I guess.

    • Minky

      They must have been desperate for a “celebrity”. Any celebrity at all. Which makes me wonder whether or not this is a serious event if they’re willing to let Nene possibly ruin things with her buffoonery?

      • Oh, it’s a joke, right, buffoon. I should have guessed. This is a Correspondent’s dinner, they tell lots of jokes after all. Nene most certainly must be the butt of some of them, right? I hope! Hahaha!!

      • I pray I don’t see Nene, but I don’t plan on watching the entire 4 hours.

  4. Jim

    Well we all know that she won’t understand ANY of the political humor.

  5. AKA Riley

    It makes the same kind of sense as Porsha being asked to speak at a school.
    No one doing their homework anymore?

  6. Billie_bee

    I’m sitting by my window waiting for the pigs to fly by.

  7. Toddy

    I recall Tom Brokaw saying the White House Correspondents’ dinner had lost its credibility once Lindsay Lohan attended. Maybe there’s now a trashy guest quota to fill.

  8. Ms.Minnie

    I find this so funny but it seems Nene has been “Choosen” so it’s nothing we can do about it now. It’s very telling that Kenya has little to no success since being on this show and hasn’t got half the offers as Nene, Cynthia, Porsha and Kandi.

    • Ms.Minnie

      And unfortunately Porsha and phaedra will be back for season 9 ? andy and carlos just won’t let us be great lol. Hell put my ass on there.

  9. IMO

    The fall of Western Civilization . How many “dem, dose, usn’s, ain’ts, britemades, can the US of A take? But she is on the Tee Vee so all fall down.

    I do not envy NeNe. NeNe’s ignorance prevents that.

    We are now elevating the lowest denominator.

    Good luck, Moose Breath

  10. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Well this is absurd.

  11. Sequoia

    TamaraTattles has the first comment posted on the Blade web site and she said all that needs to be said.

    You go girl.

  12. TAT

    I’m pretty sure the Blade is looking for publicity. Someone commented on the Washington Post – it’s not the Post. The Blade is a niche paper as TT mentioned, catering to the gay community. The fact that Nene is their poster child tells you all you need to know about the major brain trust behind this publication. I know no one in the DC area that takes the Blade seriously.

  13. Lisaj

    The world has gone insane

  14. Nisha

    This is ridiculous!

  15. Crazy in NC

    I saw this mess on my Facebook and immediately came here.
    Does she count as an advocate because she uses the same slang Miss Lawrence uses, or WHAT? On what planet is she an advocate for the LGBT community?
    Someone should send them a clip of Nene on the reunion a couple seasons ago where she was mocking Andy and gay pride parades.

  16. Dracla Dunning

    I hope Nene spends some time at a charm farm to address her atrocious table manners. I could not stomach watching her eat on TV as she sloshed food from one side of her cavernous mouth to the other with that big ole cow tongue of hers. Can you imagine being placed at the same table as her while she dines?

  17. @immelza

    Well Phadrea will be jealous!

  18. Miguel

    As always,you’ve applied your purple pen masterfully, TT! Nene’s presence there is offensive an hypocritical… #pure#b/s!!!

  19. tamaratattles

    I’m over being outraged and just feeling pity for the gay men who somehow think they identify with Nene Leakes as an ally. The should probably talk to Miss Lawrence.

    Oddly Miss Lawrence used to follow me and I went to share this link and am blocked. I don’t have time to read my follow list hardly ever so I could have been blocked years ago when I was in court with Sheree, I mean I think he liked her. Maybe it was because someone fried off all of Sheree’s hair at one point and it was probably him? I dunno. I do know that I am a fan of Derek and was so proud of him being on Empire.

    I did a story about why he quit RHOA (which was basically because Nene would beg him for gay jargon and then make t-shirts and at the very same damn time GAYBASH.)

    I’m sorry that he doesn’t like me, I don’t think I’ve ever tweeted him before or had a bad word to say about him. But he is certainly entitled to block whomever he pleases.

    But this must be irritating the fuck out of him.

  20. marc

    Nene Leakes verbally bashes every single gay man she has contact with ( including her boss ) & she is going to speak out about LBGT issues? # fix ot jesus indeed.

  21. Cheychey

    This is very telling of people in our government positions that they still don’t take people in the LBGT community seriously or carry respect for them. There are many people who have led the fight for equality for their cause who are very deserving of an honor to attend something like this and it is just one more smack in the face to include someone who is neither a part of nor a champion of their fight.

  22. Cat

    She will be fine, unless she opens her mouth to speak.

    Oh…wait…there is still the eye roll and the finger snap.

    This should be interesting….

  23. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Well there was that one time she made an “appearance” on The Prancing Elites Project… I dunno, was Big Freeda not available? Sheesh!

  24. natalie

    Maybe Nene started out as a man or this is just a teaser to a Trump white house.

    Truthfully though I think they were desperate.

  25. I knew this election was crazy now it’s s***show

  26. tamaratattles

    Nene wore a giant black tent dress with lace sleeves (IN THE SPRING!!!) and a slit up to her hello kitty. But Raven Simone looked worse dressed as a homeless guy and carrying a giant black bag in to smuggle out left over chicken. In fact all of the very hosts looked horrible except for the Full House chick who wore a gorgeous strapless gown.

  27. tamaratattles

    The best part of all of this is that Phaedra Parks would sell both of her boys on Ebay to go to this function. She desperately wants to be the new Al Sharpton. And he was there. LOL. Hell, even Omarosa was there. While THOT one and THOT two were smoking a hookah with someone who could replace either of them, Nene was at the WHCD. heh.



  28. Ms.Minnie

    Nene definitely reads TT because every since my post calling her the chosen one she has been referencing herself as such on Instagram. Hey Nene boo I see you lol.

  29. Justlokkn2

    Sounds like you are bitter

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