I Need To Talk About The Blacklist (MAJOR SPOILERS)


While we are all losing hundreds of brain cells a day watching menopausal women arguing about invisible journeys, improper apologies, overweight mini-ponies and patting their pusses,  dramatic television continues to improve without our notice. I’ve been unable to watch The Blacklist for months now.  I was sure I had fallen so far behind I could never catch up.

I felt like checking it out today, likely simply to avoid the afore mentioned  reality hogwash, and was disappointed to find only the last three episodes available On Demand. I’m currently watching the latest of the three.


But I really need someone to talk to me about the one that precedes this episode.

If you are not caught up, do not read any further!


The Blacklist


How the hell is this possible? For season after season we have been playing the guessing game about whether or not Liz is Red’s daughter. She obviously was, except those times she obviously wasn’t.

The entire basis of the story is about the interactions between Red and Liz.  The Blacklist comes from Red and is given only to Liz. That is the foundation of the show.

So how can Liz die when there is already another season confirmed? And there is a rumor about a Tom-centric spin off???

None of this makes sense.  I need this to make sense.

Also, as an aside, the new versions of “The More You Know” PSAs don’t end with a rainbow.  That is also just wrong.


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14 responses to “I Need To Talk About The Blacklist (MAJOR SPOILERS)

  1. tamaratattles

    Okay, I just finished the last episode. There were none of the regular players in it except for Red and it was all a weird hallucination.

    It was a really good episode. I watched it with the blackout curtains closed to keep the house cool and it was one of those shows that sucks you in and makes the real world seem kind of odd when it is over.

  2. At first I was shocked too, for those very same reasons. But I think it’s a ploy, set in motion by the woman who is Reds right hand, to spirit Lizzie away from the “harm” and turmoil that the relationship with Red brings to her.

  3. FatByProxy

    Oh please basically said what I said and I had to fill in blanks to comment lol that chick in the hallucination is Liz’s mom

    • tamaratattles

      Yes, we know that. I just try to keep major spoilers off my Twitter timeline for people that haven’t watched yet.

  4. I gave Scandal up for Blacklist. I really enjoy this show but I don’t usually look/think to far ahead. I want Lizzie back yet can see her gone with a great story telling, writers.
    I don’t see a baby fitting in on this show.

    Criminal Minds is my favorite, Blacklist now is in competition.

    • I also liked the last episode even in its strangeness. It seems to be a set up for next season. The episode gave the writers room to stay on the story line or open it to a new direction.

  5. Dandy Lion

    I heard that Mr. Kaplan (with the doctor’s help) put her in an induced coma to get her and baby away from Red. Supposedly Tom’s in on it–no major signs of grief.

    • DoseOfReality

      Interesting theory! I too have no confidence Liz will stay “dead.” I liked the last episode too just because it was different but it almost sets the tone for Liz’s return but then there was the part where they were talking about having to let the mother go to save the child’s life… Still think Liz will be back soon. I sort of wish she would just stay where she is…she botches EVERYTHING.

    • tamaratattles

      Mr. Kaplan does whatever Red tells her to do. I don’t understand what her motive would be for getting Liz away from Red. This theory also requires Tom to be in collusion with Mr. Kaplan. IDGI.

      I’m not saying it’s not possible. Just that I may have missed too many episodes to follow this train of thought.

      • Dandy Lion

        It’s because when Mr. Kaplan was driving Lizzy and Tom to the makeshift clinic she was touched at how Lizzy said that she can’t live this life. Mr. Kaplan also later told Red at the hospital that she believed he could protect Lizzy but he couldn’t. I don’t know, just a theory.

  6. Lindsay

    I don’t think for one second that Liz is really dead, dead. I think that this is all a ruse to get Liz and the baby safe away from the last of the Kabal, and to keep her baby safe from Red… as the whole story is based upon Red finding his daughter, and the generational story would go on and on, so on and so on.. to the new baby, so there is that piece. I do think Tom is getting his own spin off.. and Megan Boone is coming back next season after her maternity leave. Mark my words.

  7. MzKRB

    Very good show, except for “Elizabeth Keen”‘s acting. Goodness she was terrible. But, I am in the camp that they wouldn’t kill off such a major character. So, I think she’ll be back next season. But then again, look McDreamy, and apparently Castle is getting rid of Beckett.. So, anything is possible.

  8. I believe that when she asked Red to leave the delivery area, that she, Liz, Tom and the doctor then planned on her to “die”. Watching last night’s episode, watching Tom in particular, I am further convinced of theory.

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