RHOBH Reunion Part 2 Recap: So Many Feels!

RHOBH reunion yo


Once again, I have blocked this hot mess of a season out of my mind. With three franchises of housewives going, we all seem to be suffering from housewives fatigue. The RHOBH however are not fatigued at all. LVP has taken time away from her pet cause of regulating the dietary habits of a small Chinese village to get into it with Eileen on Twitter. Eileen told LVP to get a conscience after LVP suggested Eileen get a life. It was all very “Fix that body! Fix that face!”  Since the last episode I have blocked an estimated five hundred LVPlunatics who gleeful drilled me down to discover that my commenters paid for my lawyer in the Sheree Whitfield lawsuit and the fact that I think it is poetic justice when someone who lives off of millions acquired by knowingly selling snake oil to cancer patients then gets cancer and needs appropriate treatment. Shocking secrets all.

So let us gird our loins and prepare for LVP to cry and play the victim role and Andy Cohen to drag an alcoholic back on stage and interrogate her about “her lowest point.”  That question to Kim can’t help but make me wonder what Andy Cohen’s lowest point was? I’d say the way he is treating Yolanda and Kim on this reunion has to be a major part of his moral abyss.

We begin with Yolanda storming off the set in tears. Daisy is in the makeup room to dry Yolanda’s tears. Erika goes back to the couches to fight for Yolanda’s honor. Yolanda comes back out. Andy asks Yolanda who she believes. Yolanda says she has a history of manipulating people to make a good storyline and it’s possible that LVP said that. Rinna walks off yelling at LVP to “own it!”  Eileen chimes in.

RHOBH Reunion rinna
Nex, we talk about the Mohammed situation. Yolanda seems thrilled that Mohammed and LVP don’t talk anymore. Rinna and Eileen feel sorry for Yolanda. I said on the part one recap that Andy has succeed in making me feel bad for her too. Clearly there is something very wrong with Yolanda and it’s not Lyme disease. All of this poking and prodding is just feeding her illness.

Erika changes her story about why she lied about telling Yolanda about the conversation between LVP and Kyle about the kids. Now she says she didn’t understand the question. That’s bullshit. It was a simple question. Yolanda cries and talks about people living in a van down by the river because of Lyme disease. Everyone apologizes profusely. Rinna apologizes very sincerely one on one.

Next Andy is going to exploit Kim Richards condition. Kim is still not in a program. She wants to keep her recovery private. I see no point in recapping this. We all know the situation by now. I would have a comment on that eye shadow if it was on anyone other than Kim Richards. I don’t see why anyone thinks Rinna or Eileen have any sort of requirement to coddle Kim like the rest of them do. She did outrageous, scary, dangerous things in their presence. They did not appreciate it. Kim should be on an apology tour. I’m with Rinna, can we please move on!

Oh dear, Kyle has on the glitter eye shadow too. It’s fucking glitter!  I was so mesmerized by it that I forgot to recap a riveting discussion about wearing underwear. #SorryNotSorry

It’s time for Eileen versus LVP. Kyle’s expression is everything during this. You can tell she loves that Eileen is being very blunt with LVP. Eileen says to LVP, “I don’t trust you.” Yolanda smiles and nods knowingly. This scene is making me miss Kristen Dimera.

LVP has moment of honesty about a past violent relationship.

This was a completely unnecessary episode. LVP should have taken a stand on all the dead horses being beaten.

Next Week: More Munchausen! And some Brandi.


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108 responses to “RHOBH Reunion Part 2 Recap: So Many Feels!

  1. Gracious

    Hahaha…… Sums it ALL up perfectly TT! I’m pretty much over this season and feel just like the dead horse they are all beating must.

  2. JustJenn

    Tonight I didn’t tag a HW, but they responded to me anyway which means that they do read the hash tags!

    I really can’t stand Eileen. This episode with her whispers really showed her true colors. Why can’t anyone think for themselves on this show? It’s so annoying.

    • Lisaj

      Thank you, can’t stand her holier than thou do not discuss my life and no apology is good enough for me persona. Something else must be going on.
      I don’t blame LVP for not getting it either, I still don’t see what was so offensive.

      • You didn’t think her “non-aplogies” were offensive? If I had said to someone that something they said hurt my feelings, I wouldn’t want some big to-do, just an acknowledgement that I understand (which is all Eileen wanted at the time) but instead LVP laughed at her while “apologizing”. And then whenever it was brought up later, LVP continued to say things that made it obvious she didn’t care and if anything was trying to twist the knife. “I’m sorry if I asked you too many questions about your life”. If that isn’t passive-aggressive at it’s best, I’m not sure what is.

      • JustJenn

        Katie it seems that Eileen had a bigger axe to grind than just an apology from LVP this season. Their relationship was anything but friendly at all this season and Eileen’s affair and hurt feekings over an “owed” apology are the least of it.

      • HiKitty

        It wasn’t offensive. Eileen wanted to portray a certain image on the show about herself & her marriage and got worked up about the fact that someone called her “romance” an affair. Let’s be honest, she didn’t like the word b/c last season, she worked really hard to sugar coat adultery & give viewers all this “soul mate” and “I’m bff w/ Vince’s ex” b.s. You’re a homewrecker Eileen, plain & simple – everyone seems over it but her – she should take her own advice & OWN IT. I don’t see why LVP should be sorry for calling out the obvious.

      • Pip

        Eileen’s marriage (past or present) is no ones fucking business.
        Homewrecker? Really? What a judgemental thing to say.

      • Minky

        Totally agree with you Pip! People talk like Vince had nothing at all to do with the dissolution of his marriage prior to the one with Eileen. Grow up people!

      • AMEN! Totally not digging Eileen. What’s was the face pulling “acting” crap… yikes.

    • I am sorry I have to agree with Katie. The point is that Lisa is always extracting information about everyone else and gets upset when they DON”T want to share. The thing is she never wants to divulge anything. She likes to store it all up and use it as ammunition as needed. I never liked Brandi BUT Lisa did move her around that chess board just as much as she needed too. She knows very well what she is doing. Just my opinion

      • Pip

        Very well said. I like LVP. She’s funny, she’s self-deprecating. But what you have said here is right on.

      • janet

        I dont care for people who ask personal questions and dont pay attention to the persons discomfort. I feel like people who do this, just want to judge and gossip. Most nicer people dont do this. Lisa Vanderpump has allways been terrible at apologies, shes convinced her shit doesnt stink. She surrounds herself with yes people, and acts like its such an imposition to extend effort on someone else’s feelings. I still remember how she backed and made excuses for Brandi, when she attacked people for no reason. Lisa only cared when it turned around on her and she became a targit for Brand’s rage.

  3. alex1986

    I really try but I just don’t have any compassion for Yolanda.

    • HiKitty

      Ditto, she’s obviously mentally ill, but her scenes were boring, I fast forwarded. She takes too much glee in lecturing the rest of the ladies, esp. LVP. Who is she to say people can’t ask questions or question her inconsistencies? If you do’nt want people asking questions, don’t post self-indulgent pics of yourself constantly.. This was the worst reunion yet.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I don’t think she’s even mentally ill, I think she’s a narcissist. She enjoys manipulating and controlling others and wants to be the center of attention and to be worshiped as a martyr. It’s all about her ego.

      • Exactly. And she will exploit anyone to get what she wants, even her children.

      • Minky

        Mmm hmm. My paternal grandmother was similar to this. She abandoned my father when he was a baby, and his paternal grandfather raised him until the age of 10 and then the mother put him in an orphanage after the grandfather died (my dad’s dad was killed in WW2), and didn’t want anything to do with him until he had become an adult and he had finally made his way in the world. And then she was all like: “You have to support me (financially) because I’m your mother!” I see a lot of that kind of thing in Yolanda. People like that make me wretch!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Minky my stepmother is a narcissist. I know a person with a personality disorder when I see one, unfortunately!

      • iloveearlgrey

        100% agree with everything you said. I can’t stand Yolanda. That smile on her face when she said Mohammed wasn’t talking to Lisa was crazy to me. She also kept badgering people and wouldn’t STFU with her lecturing when Kim and Lisa R. were talking. Isn’t it miraculous how her incurable Lyme is suddenly cured?

      • I agree with you, but isn’t Narcissism a mental illness too?
        A great story line for Yo would be her admitting to and getting treatment for Munchausen’s or whatever it is that’s making her so bloody weird.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Nope, it’s a personality disorder, not a mental illness.

      • There is a difference between being a narcissist and having narcissistic personality disorder. You can have narcissistic tendencies and not have the actual personality disorder. There are different kinds of personality disorders, and they are considered mental illnesses.

  4. Miguel

    I suspect that Erika J told us she didn’t feel like ruining her night by admitting she told Yo; whereas, Erika G didn’t understand the question. She’s not duplicitous; she’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle and cash!

  5. peachteachr

    I find Yolanda to be the most manipulative housewife of any town. The look on her face when LVP was read for filth was the real unvarnished truth. I feel NOTHING, no thing, for Yolanda. I also am not a LVP fan. It’s just so unfair to claim that Lisa won’t tell her story but wants Eileen to share hers. Huh? Who was in the midst of a divorce and never said a single word about it until the last regular episode? She attended filming IF she wanted to and didn’t when it didn’t suit her. Sorta like Sinatra, Yolanda did it her way. Just one more bad comment on Yolanda and then I’m done with her. What mother brings out her will to her children before elective surgery and says take care of my mommie, who actually has cancer? That’s a boatload of crazy in my book!

    • Swizzle

      Yolanda doing that to her children was a real low point. What a bunch of BS.

    • Sam

      I agree, I think she’s batshit crazy. I can’t feel sympathy for someone in her position who is abusing the trust of and misleading so many genuinely ill people who look to her for advice. Plus, she really jumped the shark in my mind when she said two of the kids had it, too.

    • K Slay

      That should have been a question on the reunion. Why would you do that to your children?! My mom has munchausens and has pulled that same Will crap since I was 12. Her answer would have been straight bs followed by crocodile tears so then again who cares. Can’t ask rational questions to a psycho.

    • justmee80

      @peachteachr hat was not crazy to tell her children about her will and take of her mom anything can go wrong . She did it her way because she dont have to dance for Bravos $$, thats why Andy pissed lol. Team Yo

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Who does that? A narcissist who wants to feed her own ego by seeing others cry over her.

    • Sabrina

      As she brings her will out and says she is afraid of the surgery, she then proceeds to have the surgery(which she says takes 8 hours) it in an outpatient setting, instead of in a hospital!

      So much for really being concerned, Yo- she simply says whatever she thinks gets her maximum dramatic impact, without a moment’s concern for her impact on her children, or anyone else.

    • Shannah

      Spot on! Peachteacher.

      As well as being a manipulative narcissist, there is something about Yolanda that I find very sinister. She has duped so many of her worshipful fans into believing she actually cares about them and is working to find an affordable cure for THEM. (As she posts bikini selfies from Bora Bora).

      And this whole thing with Lisa V. is very strange. She is basically saying to Lisa, “How dare you say my children are HEALTHY!!

      And, oh dear. LVP is beginning to look very Natasha Fatale.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Lisa Rinna’s instincts about Yolanda are spot on. Too bad Eileen talked her out of her feelings.

  6. MaryWanna

    I think it’s time for this show to be on the shelves. Nothing new season after season.

  7. Sounds about like what I was expecting. Debating whether to watch….

    I am all for a Kristen Dimera come back! I especially love those random scenes where she’s having a one-on-one convo with herself, or yelling at god. Plus I need her to slap some sense into Theresa. I cannot stand the current incarnation of that woman.

  8. Kim

    I want to hear Kim tell Rinna to eat a piece of bread, she’ll feel better. Just for the fact Kim had to sit through the footage of Lisa R talking so much about her “health” on camera. She’s displacing her anger about her sister on Kim, my opinion. Kim is in denial until she is ready to change. Andy just LOVES picking at that scab between those two! If Kim didn’t have static with Lisa R, she wouldn’t be sitting on that couch. I think he invited only her to the reunion because of that friction (so un-Bravo-ly, right?!).

  9. Katherine 2.0

    This is like watching Ground Hog Day, minus the charm, humor and Bill Murray.
    You’re right, Bravo could have whittled this to one episode.
    Oh, and Andy needs to see the Wizard for a heart. What a nasty piece of work.

  10. BKSweetheart

    This episode was pure drivel. I love LVP but I don’t put it past her to be manipulative and stir the pot from time to time. But I am utterly sick of Eileen and her smugness and how she feels “vindicated” now. She really needs to GTF over herself. Nobody cares anymore. No one even cared in the first place.

    • Behoro

      That’s why (if I were to actually “choose a side”) it would be LVP’s. It’s very clear to EVERYONE that Lisa doesn’t feel bad about asking those questions and Eileen keeps harping on it and getting hysterical about it and at this point, If it were me, I’d have dropped it long ago. LVP isn’t going to all of a sudden change her mind and feel bad now. Especially not after having been repeatedly hassled about it over and over and over again. That’s just causing resentment on LVP’s part and if it was me, at this point, Eileen would never ever get an apology from me. Eileen WANTS to have a problem with LVP so she has chosen to latch on to this and use something pretty minor to have an excuse to denigrate LVP along with her cohorts to try to bring her down.
      It’s not that I think LVP is innocent in the manipulation deal, but the others get so crazy and yelling about it ALL THE TIME, that it makes me not like them so I could never be on their side.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I agree Eileen WANTS to have a problem with LVP, and I think it has always been about deflecting from her marriage being a storyline. Stir up some drama with LVP so there is something else to film.

    • VioletBlue

      Exactly! I agree with you 100% BKSweetheart!

  11. bria

    Wow , am emotionally drained watching this mess. I feel so bad for Yolanda because she might be having some undiagnosed psych issues. She has lovely kids, she can focus on their careers and show us some behind the scenes family preparation not run around with mysterious illness. Which teenagers will want everyone to know their mother has a chronic illness.

  12. V

    I am annoyed with Eileen because she knows who LVP is and she gets that she isn’t going to get the apology she wanted, yet she seemingly still needs one, why? That aside, the hate that she is getting on social media is making me feel bad for her. I don’t understand why people need to be so aggressive and rude it’s really uncalled for, I at least wish she wasn’t tagged in some of those tweets.

  13. One of the things that I don’t get about Andy is why he doesn’t take Yolanda to task about the Lymes. He took Brooks and Kim Zolciak to task about the cancer, but he stays completely mum with Yo. He treats her with kid gloves and asks easy questions. I wish someone would grill Yo about all the conflicting photos, the different ways she supposedly contracted Lyme, how two of her kids are also stricken with Lyme when there are only 5 verified cases in the state of California!

  14. therealdeb

    Just watching Yolanda and her smugness at times makes me want to throat punch a bitch! She is whacked out, and her constantly say “journey” is making me never to want to hear that word again. Kim is a hot mess and Kyle needs to stop her double standard bullshit, she wants everyone else’s dirt and get crazed if someone mentions her sisters life. Screw her and her pencil lines lips and her hair flips, so over her. Still not a fan of Kathryn, she is a try hard as my teenagers would say. I do so love Erika, I do.

    • Minky

      I feel you on many of these points. Especially Kyle’s fuckery. And Yolanda either needs to answer for some shit or be off the show. IMO, if Yolanda’s not well mentally, then she’s doing a better good job of hiding it than she did with the Lymes.

  15. I’ve been a huge fan of Eileen over the years….dating back to Ashley Abbott to date. I like both LVP and Rinna, never could get into VP Rules tho’ and have liked Rinna less and less since her visit to the hometown thing all the way up to breaking the glass and going after Kim Richards. I hate that TT has internet whackadoodles hounding her….but, lol

    Both Eileen and Rinna are doing themselves no favors with this whole thing with LVP. Just not a good look and so ridiculous. Both are furious they couldn’t out-maneuver the editing and were outplayed by both BRAVO and LVP. Both look so desperate.

  16. CanadaCat

    Thanks for the recap, TT.
    I’m in LA now and drive by the BHPD the other day. I couldn’t help thinking of Kim. I hope she’s doing ok.
    I’m going to dine tomorrow night at SUR. After watching RHOBH and VPR from afar for several seasons, I’m looking forward to it.
    Not exactly related to the topic at hand, but my life became much smaller in the past few years (hence the watching of these shows- no offence intended to anyone) and this is a thrill for me!

  17. CanadaCat

    Plus, I a staying at a Hilton- so I’m reminded of these women all the time.

  18. I'm Here

    TT you love Kristen Dimera too??

  19. Skeeter

    After I just typed War & Peace and ready to hit the Post Comment button, I deleted it! HA! I looked at how long it was and thought to myself “yanno I don’t read anyone’s long winded comments unless it has a blue box around it :) For the rest of the posters, sorry.

    I’m on no one’s side, but I just can’t with this LVP/Rinna. They’re arguing over something that ALLEGEDLY was said off camera as Rinna was leaving LVPs house. I have to wonder if anything was said at all or if the entire thing is fabricated. I also don’t believe the “there goes our fucking storyline” comment that Rinna claims LVP said, again, off camera.

    I’m calling pure bullshit on both scenarios.

  20. Thanks TT. I think I’ll pass on this one too. Yolanda…yuck. Hopefully she will be gone next season.

  21. Toni

    I really really hope this is Yolanda’s final season. She’s so sanctimonious, it’s kinda gross to watch. I agree with all the above comments, her smiling behind her hand and joyously announcing that Mohammed and lvp are no longer friends…Yolanda got her pound of flesh.

    With the manipulative stuff, it’s so hypocritical- they are all manipulative…particularly Eileen. Eileen states she knew for months about lvp’s behind the scenes machinations yet she only encouraged Rinna to bring them forth when she, Eileen, had a personal score to settle against lvp.

    Finally, Lisa Rinna is probably a really nice woman, too nice for reality tv. She played it wrong, point blank. If Rinna kept to the storyline, Kyle and lvp would’ve had her back and the audience would view her as the smart one who saw through all the lymes disease bs who wasnt afraid to call it out. Instead she waffled, first out of fear of being viewed as picking on a sick woman, and then by being encouraged to throw lvp under the bus. Yolanda won’t forgive her and lvp certainly won’t. Eileen may have cost Rinna a job

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Your last paragraph is EVERYTHING. I wish so badly that Rinna had stuck to the storyline. She is a pushover though and exactly as you said, once Eileen had a score to settle with LVP she openly manipulated Rinna into doing it for her, for all of us to see. And Rinna’s the one that’s losing out in this scenario. I don’t disbelieve what she says about LVP, but I do think it’s blown way out of proportion at Eileen’s encouragement.

    • Friday'smom

      That’s pretty much how I see it. So disappointed in Eileen, so tired of Rinna.

      • Eileen was skunky towards LVP before the “affair” questions.
        Remember when LVP and someone else… Kyle maybe? visited Eileen at the studio and LVP asked to see the script and pretend a scene? Eileen got all snappy at LVP and that made zero sense to me.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @punkinseed I definitely think there’s more going on than what we’ve seen. What about Eileen leaving LVP’s hotel? That whole thing was just weird.

  22. Coco's MaMa

    I could be wrong but it seems like LVP was trying really hard to muster up her “I was in an abusive relationship, too” tag. She was trying to hard to get emotional and bring on the tears. IDK?

  23. Auntie Velvet

    LVP certainly knew she was trying to take Eileen down a peg or two by asking her about the affair so “innocently.” But because it wasn’t making a big public scene or outright confronting her, in her mind it was probably like a 2 on the Richter scale of messing with people. And she was totally patronizing the first time Eileen brought it up — no question.

    AFTER that, though, I think she was feeling genuine anxiety that she wasn’t “doing it right” no matter what she did.

    Also, it kind of slid under the radar but LVP basically said that she and Muhammed are pretty much OK again, or nearly. She said he told her he’s calmed down now. Yolanda was talking over her at the time, or she would have gotten pretty pissed, I think.

    (And of course it’s probably the case that he wasn’t mad at LVP for “claiming” the kids weren’t sick, but for making his concerns about Yolanda’s mental health, and how they affect the kids, public.)

    • Katherine 2.0

      Agree with your assessment of Affair-Gate. Mo was likely pissed after hearing Yolanda’s version of events, and steered clear of Lisa throughout the rest of filming season.

      Did LVP ever get a chance to finish a sentence without someone talking or yelling over her? Or was she being purposefully quiet, letting them hang themselves? Either way, LVP appears to have adopted Erika Jane’s mantra of giving zero fucks for getting through this reunion.

  24. Sharon

    Good recap TT-you should read LVP blog-purple pen is needed. LVP is grasping at straws to keep her “fans” on her side. I have finally allowed myself to see her differently and I still like her but see her foibles clearer now. Thx TT

  25. Meri

    Great blog. I got really weary watching this mess and rather than do what I usually do (going over each and every woman and why I dislike them), I will simply say that I don’t like any of them and I hope that this show either gets a new cast or is taken off of the air soon. It all made me feel like I needed to take a shower after watching it. If I NEVER hear the words “Own it” again I will be a happy camper. My Mom used to say “Say what you mean and mean what you say” which covered the owning part and made a whole lot more sense. So many neurotics in one place is a bit hard to take.

  26. Cat

    I am not choosing sides. With any war, there are no true winners.

    I will say this, though. If these women are supposed to reflect the lives of the wealthy, I think I’d rather be poor. And happy. And sane.

    • Toni Lee Gildea

      Big ole thumbs up!

    • Minky

      Very wise Cat. Conflict just brings more conflict.

      And I don’t believe any of these women are as wealthy as they seem. People with serious money wouldn’t embarrass themselves like this. It’s just not worth it.

      • Cat

        I agree. If I was filthy rich, the last thing I would do is be on a reality TV show. I’d be travelling, and shopping.

      • Minky, with most of the very wealthy people, I agree.

        LVP and Erica are amoung the very rich. Kyle is getting there.
        True they are not the Getty’s or Vanderbiilts and those familys are not on a reality show.
        Kathy Hilton had her own reality show years ago.

        It is the difference between old and new family money. The difference appears quickly..

      • tamaratattles

        It’s like you don’t even read here. LVP is so desperate for dollars that she is doing those tacky little Women’s Expo things. She been desperately trying to unload Villa Blanca and found no takers. LVP is on the path to be the next HW to file bankruptcy. Allegedly. Kyle and Mauricio are WAY BETTER off financially than LVP.

      • sandra

        For some reason it makes me happy that Kyle has more wealth than LVP.

      • TT I do read here, I did not read desperate in her selling Villa Blanca. LVP might not be doing as well as she appears.
        Eric’s and Kyle are doing well.

        Still the difference of who does reality shows is the difference between old and new money..
        True what Minky said that these women are not the super rich.

      • microop

        It doesn’t really matter if money is new or old (also this is America most money is new we aren’t talking about tons of people that can trace their lineage to sultans of the ottoman empire) some people want fame and this is one avenue to it.

    • Dee

      I’m with you Cat! I always thought if I had enough money I would be happy. Back to the drawing board 😉

  27. FrostyTheOG


  28. Lindsay

    Lisa Rinna makes me cringe so hard. I think something is truly wrong with her. The screeching. I swear if I hear her scream OWN IT one more…
    I love her talking about throwing a REAL barbecue. Hoping she is not asked back and won’t get the chance to talk about how she’ll eat it later. She’s just pissed that her daughters aren’t happening like the Hadid sisters.

  29. Friday'smom

    Mohamed told tmz a couple weeks ago that he and LVP are friends… Always. So suck on that lemmon, Yolanda. I thought your recap pretty much nails it. It was exhausting, uncomfortable and ultimately unwatchable. None of them are looking good here. My only disagreement is the dog thing- it’s really barbaric. I am still a follower TT, even if we don’t always agree ?

  30. Naike

    I’m not a fan of LVP, and believe she’s manipulative.
    Kyle bugs me, she’s such a suck-up esp. to LVP.
    Kim should not have been on the show, and I’m still not sure why she came. She still looked fragile.
    Katherine appears be very sensitive, she cries continuously. Enough already. Not sure if I like her or not.
    Lisa R said: she’ll have a real BBQ next year, is she sure she’ll be back next year?! It’s not a good look on Lisa R claiming LVR encouraged her to mention the *M* word. Can she not think for herself.
    Erika is BAWSE, Luv her!
    I like Yolanda and Eileen, and do hope they both return next season.

  31. Shae

    people living in a van down by the river, LMAO. I needed that today.

    Agreed on the whole Kim bit, I felt Lisa and Eileen’s reactions to Kim’s behavior were totally appropriate (with the exception of Lisa’s threatening texts). This whole “respond positively always” to an addict idea they all had going on is impractical. You can’t tell people they can’t have human reactions to the hell addicts wreak when they’re using. Like everyone should’ve been caring, patient and never frustrated or angry with Kim because she’s suffering? Sorry, life doesn’t work that way. I think it was classy and genuine for both Eileen and Lisa to sincerely tell Kim they wish her the best, past is past and move on. Shame that wasn’t sufficient for Yolanda and Co.

    I’m sorry but LVP was not reacting like a person who was being accused of outrageous statements she never said, someone in that situation would be furious, outraged, etc. She was dodging, making no sense, being evasive, etc. Not how I would respond if a friend was outright lying about statements I’d made. The absolute bullshit with Eileen continued, she knows DAMN well exactly what Eileen was saying and what her point was, LVP does many things well but playing stupid is not one of them.

    Also didn’t buy Erika’s claim she didn’t “understand’ what the question was. She plainly said she knows she said it but was “not in the right headspace” to deal with their shit that night. She’s better than that, just own up to it, don’t lie. Ugh.

    • Suzybabyyeah

      I think that LVP’s reaction was what I would expect from a fellow Englishwoman who wasn’t trying to engage and was keeping her head down. I like LVP a lot, and I do think she is manipulative…but no more than any other person in the show (well except for the arch-narcissist, Yolanda).

      Yolanda is unbearable to watch

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      My husband theorizes she was too high that night to talk about it. He was so sure she was on E. I’m not 100% convinced but I think she may have been…

  32. annie moore

    Eileen tries to come off as so articulate, yet she failed completely to, at every turn, state to LVP exactly what/why/how she wanted the apology. No wonder LVP was confused, I’m confused. Rinna’s constant OWN IT drives me nuts. Yet – when asked why she said she was outraged, she didn’t want to Own It. One moment she’s furious, then the next she does that tilt of her head, the nod of understanding, the sympathetic smile, and usually some meaningless show of support for whatever anybody says. She’s a people pleaser with moments of rage.

  33. Josie

    Did Eileen actually say that it wasnt because LV said the A word but because she didnt trust her and she was asking her questions? On a reality show. While she sat next to her. That is why she was angry?? Really?

    Did Erika actually say she lied when asked about telling Yolanda because she was tired? Miss Zero Fucks?

    Did Rinna actually say Lisa never said the M word or that she thought Yo had M but was directional? Why cant she come up with the actual words or a sentence that made her accuse her of manipulating her?? Were the 10 calls just to prove that she called her? What any about getting the ponies? Any of the calls about that?

    What was in the wine I was drinking?? I must be imagining this crap.

  34. eastjames

    LOVE Kristen Dimera. I was secretly hoping Eileen would be a villain on this show but I like her the way she is. Also nobody ever played Billie as good as Rinna. I couldn’t imagine anyone else breaking up Bo and Hope! Also, I’ll wear the hell out of some glitter eyeshadow! No shame here.

  35. Sweet T

    This was a filler episode. Next week Brandi comes on so we will see what happens then. Poor Katherine is grieving her nephew and crying at everything. I guess she and Kim have some sort of relationship if they are blowing kisses in the air.

    Yolanda had a huge grin when lvp talked about their relationship being over. Finally I broke them up. But alas lvp muttered that things were going well.

  36. Twilly

    I didnt/couldn’t watch 5 minutes of this season. This used to be my favorite. I can’t watch any of them anymore. And can barely deal with the recaps. The whole franchise needs to go.

  37. Hiya

    Why is Kyle still even on this show? All she does is shake in fear over LVP agree with everything she says and makes big eyes over and over at everything everyone says. Snooze fest.

  38. Gabriella

    I have only just watched Reunion part 1 here, part 2 is showing later today, but I was thinking, these women need to be prepared upfront for what this programme can do to long established friendships. From TT’s comment above, I am sorry to hear that LVP and Mohammed no longer speak, and I can’t see the two Lisas ever getting back that great, long friendship that they had before, which is also very sad.

  39. Something Clever

    LVP is lying about being in an abusive relationship. The numerous hesitations, the lack of detail, the claim that it was a long term relationship (when she was only 21 when she married Ken), and the way she stated that she thought she was going to cry, rather than actually crying real tears – all of this screams BS. Just another shady maneuver to manipulate the cast and the viewers when she is cornered.

  40. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Yolanda was horrendous to Lisa and Eileen in her “defense” of Kim. It’s clear she doesn’t much like either one of them. And the look on Eileen’s face said the feeling was mutual. So why is Eileen all on the “poor Yolanda” bandwagon? Simply an opportunity to make Lisa V look bad, and help create an alternate storyline than her marriage troubles? Who steps over dead bodies for a storyline again? I think Eileen was probably ok with Rinna bringing up the M word until Lisa V pissed her off. Then Rinna realized Eileen would no longer back her up about it (and maybe even go against her) and that she better change her tune.

  41. Jane

    There were some entertaining parts to the season and that’s the best I can say. Put a fork in it. Give it a colonic. It’s done.

  42. I’m coming away from this season not even being able to take a ‘side.’ How frustrating, this has never happened. Yolanda and LVP are both snakes in the grass, so the top two vying for HBIC are out.
    Kyle caved to LVP partly because she didn’t want to face the wrath of the Pinky stans. I mean, who would, but still she doesn’t get extra points for being a patsy either, and she knows LVP is lying like a dog.
    I was hanging with Rinna until she decided to apologize to Yolanda YET again because I think Rinna still strongly suspects YoYo is koo-koo, and maybe subconsciously says things like “whether she’s sick or NOT.”
    Eileen is all right, but she’s gonna have to amp it up some. She was so funny when Kim R said she over-exaggerated, and she said back, all aghast, “I over-EXAGGERATE???????” I could watch that over and over :)
    Kathryn is a non-factor for me, and so that leaves Erika. I actually like Erika, but she’s in cahoots with Yo, so that’s awkward, since I think Yo is nuts. So, what do you do with that?
    I also think everybody will be back next season (hopefully no Kim or Brandi -UGH) and we are going to start off again where we left off. Maybe it will be a better season because this one has rather sucked, mostly due to Yolanda. I wish Bravo would unload Yolanda, and Erika and LVP could duke it out for HBIC. I would like to see LVP try and maneuver Erika around…lol…that would be a real chess game!

  43. IMO

    A herd of screaming anorexics and liars is not good TV.

    LVP IS A conniving , cunting , nasty bitch. Her Pinkness is a hot mess who has managed to swaddle her evil intents in her hair extensions and the drugged swans. JMHO

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