Kelly Ripa RETURNS To Live With Kelly and Michael!

kelly and michael cups


I stayed up all night for this show. So it better be good.  Prayers for whoever is the guest. I am quivering with Antici……PATION.

OMG. Kelly doesn’t even let him pull out her chair. The hold hands and fake smile all the way out and then she walks away from Michael and stands off to the side facing the audience. THIS IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD! She stands there and let’s the audience applaud her until they simply have no claps left to give. ABC is already wondering why they don’t have a hook like the Apollo does.  Kelly is going to give a soliloquy!

Kelly makes this odd response to the audience saying, “Our long national nightmare is over. Please, please be seated. Really? They were barely clapping anymore, Kelly. You look ridiculous.  She says she is worried that there are trained snipers with tranquilizer darts in case she drifts (finger quotes) too far off message (end finger quotes).  She is not herself. It’s like another woman speaking a script that she does not believe. She says that ABC has assured her that Live! With God knows who is a priority. Jesus. Banjo is sick again NOW?  And she says “apologies have been made.”  This ain’t fake Kelly Ripa, this is a weird Kelly Ripa who is being herself for perhaps the first time on the show.  Kelly says she is thrilled for Micheal and EVERYTHING THEY ACCOMPLISHED TOGETHER.

She seems very weird. And now she says they are going to start the show. So they sit down and Michael professes his undying love for Kelly and the show as she nods like someone about to murder him.  They HATE each other.


kelly and Michael


Kelly talks about her planned 20th wedding anniversary trip with no kids. She will not even look at him. This is so awkward.


This is everything. It’s like if the War of the Roses couple had to sit down and pretend like they were besties. This is AWESOME.

Kelly talks about Prince dying. OMG. That was a rough week for her.:(

Kelly looks off to the right side of the audience the whole time.  This is awful.

Michael once again says how happy he that Kelly is back and she says, “I have no place else to be!” She will NOT look at him!

Bellamy Young is there. LOVE her! But bless her heart. She is the buffer. As a payment she gets two VIP Bruce Springsteen tickets.

Should we make anything of the fact Kelly is wearing a jumpsuit?  Cohen keeps saying he is too busy for this show but he would give his eye teeth for the job. He keeps suggesting Cooper, but I think he is above this crap despite trying to have his own talk show. I’d love to see Neil Patrick Harris, but he can’t commit that much time either. But it will be fun to see these three rotate in and out. Oprah’s BFF, Gayle wants Andy Cohen. #WomenSupportingMysogynists

I am so tired can’t spell misogyny.

Kelly’s weird grin of perpetual happiness is RUINED FOR ME NOW MICHAEL STRAHAN!

I’m still watching hoping Kelly will go rogue and say, FUCK YOU ALL I AM RICH AND I QUIT!

It’s really the only reason to keep watching.

She is doing a really shitty hosting job. It’s almost like she wants to be fired.

Someone sings. Bless her heart.

This is NOT going to work. Strahan will have to leave. There is no way this can go forward.

And with that, I bid you all good night.


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52 responses to “Kelly Ripa RETURNS To Live With Kelly and Michael!

  1. Matzah60

    Sleep well, Tamara and thanks for all the juicy tea and staying up all night to recap. Much appreciated!

  2. Cat

    Hahaaa….I LOVE it! Keep up with the fake Disney-Stepford-Wives-Robotic smile, Kelly! And tell Michael and ABC to “Have a DISNEY Day!”

    In case you don’t know, that is secret Disney speak for “Go fuck yourself!”. :)

    • I love it. I’m going to tell the other mothers at my kids school to have a Disney day! Try to shame me for letting my kid do his own project and not do it for him to make it look nice. Damn them. Anyway, thanks for this TT, I don’t watch the show but read about the drama.

      • Beignet

        I applaud you for teaching your son personal responsibility and ownership… And remember to smile real nice when you tell those “Molting Hens” to have a Disney Day! Just like we do in the South.. when we say, “Bless Your Heart!”

      • Heidi

        So glad we’re not the only ones to do this.

      • Cat

        Good for you, Nate Dogg!

        Here’s another insider phrase: When the moms try to shame you, again smile, make eye contact, and simply nod your head, saying “AH….” As if you are agreeing with them. Repeat as often as necessary.

        We did this whenever confronted with an irate guest. “AH” stands for “Ass Hole”.

        I got that tip from management. It works! :)

    • Sam

      As a frequent Disney visitor, I believe the correct term is “have a magical day! Lol. Although either will suffice and can have the same meaning.
      Good for you for letting your kid do his or her own project. My kids always were fiercely independent and wanted to. And they can then be proud of what they’ve accomplished (or conversely, learn a lesson if they half-ass it.) And teachers always know when the parent did the project. In fact, this behavior became so rampant in my kids’ school that the teachers started having the kids do the projects during class and not assigning them as homework. My daughter would come home so many times talking about some other kids project and say “Mom, it was SO obvious her mom or dad did it!”

      • Cat

        Nope. When I was there, “Disney Day” was required. It has to do with repetition of the phrase, and making the guests subliminally believe their BEST day will be at Disney.

        At least that was what we were taught when I was there. That was several years ago, though.

        When you say this to those moms at your kid’s school, you MUST give them the FULL EFFECT. Make eye contact, do not blink, and flash a grin that makes your jaws ache.

        It truly IS “magical”…. Disney, ala Twisty the Clown. :)

        I am beyond thrilled at Kelly’s little speech. There were so many cast member phrases, it made total sense, to me. She really DID stick it to The Mouse.

        Thank you, Kelly, for giving me a zipadeedooda day! :)

    • Laughing Cat! Don’t forget the Disney Wave

      • Cat

        Yes! 16 years later, I still do the parade wave. And I still point with two fingers.

        But the Disney gaze and grin…outside of the parks, it’s a very intimidating combination. I use it often…which is probably why I no longer have friends. :)

    • Dee

      I love this Cat, thank you! I’m using when my neighbor tells me I can’t plant tomatoes! Lol. Tamara, thanks for story.

    • MickeyLovesMoney

      It’s “Have a Magical Day”…and when it’s said in reaction to someone being pissed, it’s definitely an “Eff You”. Good times being a cast member, good times.

  3. captivagrl

    Someone please give her a bra, little padded something to give her breasts some shape. And the jumpsuit highlighted the problem, so distracting. I’ve not seen more than 10 min segments of this show in years. I tuned in to catch the awkward return. How does this boring show get the ratings?

    • Dee

      I just looked at a picture from her first show with Regis, she has really lost a lot of weight since those days. I hardly recognize her from All My Children. I still love her but she needs to gain some weight back. She is way too skinny! She reminds me of Bethany Frankel, actually they look a bit alike now.

  4. Erica

    They need to hire her hubby.

  5. K

    Thank you for staying up all night to fill in those of us stuck at work unable to view the train wreck. I am all for the AC/AC/NPH rotating hosts! That would be awesome.

  6. I’ve never been into this show, but I might start now just to experience the awkwardness. Thanks, TT!

  7. Lisaj

    33 minutes until it’s on here! Taping for sure! Thanks for the heads up!

  8. I’ve watched off & on for years.
    Kelly’s talk was weird, she could have sat down and said that.
    I understand she was making fun part of the time but it was awkward.

    Yes talking of. snipers, not going off script and then saying she has been there long enough to take a few days off was strange.
    Kelly has no reason to be mad a Michael, she knows how management works.

  9. I haven’t been watching this show regularly. I recently retired and only caught it on days off or when I was sick. I did like both Kelly and Michael on the times that I tuned in. I really thought they were a good match and had some chemistry. Apparently I , and many of us were wrong. I understand how hurt Kelly was about the way this all played out and believed Michael had sincere regrets. This morning I caught only the tail end of the interview with the actress from “Blindspot (?)”. It was painful. She was clearly uncomfortable. Can’t see how this can go on. Fortunately, I rarely watch the show, but I think it may be dead.

  10. lawstangel

    Gosh, I must have watched a different show. I saw some of this differently than TT. Oh well, by the way, the tickets were for Rick Springfield NOT Bruce Springsteen ( I know you were tired TT). I did not find her “speech” that awkward, she had to say something.

    My take was she was making fun of the media circus around this with her comment about the “long national nightmare.” I think her main issue is with management and how they handled this. I cant tell if she likes Michael or not and at this point I do not think it really matters. One thing we have to remember is these people (Kelly, Michael) have a whole team of people behind them that earn their living off them. They have agents, lawyers, managers and publicisst who, in part, dictate what they say and do.

    Personally, I am puzzled why Michael wants to leave a show with his name on it, to join an ensemble cast where he will be the 5th wheel. Robin Roberts is the queen of that show and Stephanopoulos is the star. But maybe the money was the determining factor. I guess all we can do is watch and wait.

    • Toni Lee Gildea

      I watched the first 30 minutes this morning, and agree with you. I thought she looked nervous, but thought the part about the media circus was kind of funny. Parts were a bit awkward, but how could it not be?

      In my wildest dreams it would be the “Live with Kelley and Tamara! I’d tune in for that.

    • swizzle

      So far I’ve just watched her talk and not the rest of the show. She did seem a bit nervous, but I also had the feeling that we were seeing businesswoman Kelly and not entertainer Kelly. She delivered a good message with a sense of humor. I think she did what she needed to do and now everyone is moving on.

      I also don’t think she was as mad at Michael as she was at Disney. The general media made this out to be a war between the two. I think Michael was harmed by how this all went down, and Kelly was hurt by how it went down. After 26 years with one company, and in the role she has, she has right to expect to be more involved. Maybe this will result in her having a bigger role at the show in terms of production and the business side. Yes, she makes tons of money, but that’s only because the show is making Disney even more.

      I admit to being a Kelly fan (since the AMC days). People mock that all she does is sit there and talk. Have you ever seen it with a guest host who sucks? It’s those days when you appreciate what she does and how easy she makes it look.

  11. Miguel

    Thanks for the tea, TT – may have to tune in now 😉

  12. I understand why Kelly is mad to be left in the dark. Maybe she thinks Michael as a friend should had told her.
    ABC was underhanded and sneaky. They knew it. They put GMA’s ratings before the LIVE show. LIVE worked for their ratings and have a right to feel mistreated and put in second place by ABC.
    Michael could have demanded Kelly be told.

    I agree, why did Michael want to be a 5th wheel to mediocre morning show?

  13. @lawstangel ~ you misspelled the word publicist.

    I only point this out since, by the way, you felt the urge to correct TT.

    THANKS for revealing to everyone that many employees are involved . . . NOT❗️

    • Lawstangel

      @loriflack- What the hell? Yes I has an extra s when I typed publicist, I don’t mind you or anyone else pointing that out. It was a typo…so what? What I do not get is your hostility. I mentioned the ticket difference more for a historical reference than to “school” TT. BTW she is perfectly capable of letting any one of us know if something upsets her. Why you feel the need to run interference for her is beyond me.

      Your last sentence? How do you know who was involved? were you there? Do you really think their teams were not involved? Think again…but that is not the issue, is it. You said it to throw to engage in some sort of a little bitch fight with me.

      You need to dial back your attitude. I have just as much right to discuss what is going on here as anyone else does. I have never attacked you personally and I am not going to stand for it from you or anyone else. So have several seats…….the next time the chair may not be there when you sit down!

      • AKA Riley

        Thank you Lawstangle. I have been scrolling down to see if there was anyone else that saw the show differently as well. I saw Kelly look at Michael many times and was starting to think I must be crazy. Your post was in no way insulting. Like you, I am certain TT will certainly call you out if she is insulted.
        I think the response was so out of line and I am impressed with how you handled it.

  14. JoJoFLL

    Hahahaha! Kelly and Michael hate each other.

    I wonder who has the bigger ego?

    I wouldn’t think Andy Cohen would want the job because he’d be second fiddle to Kelly AND he’d have to get up too early in the morning.

    He’d rather stay up late, drink on his show, then go see cute boys in bars.

  15. Sliceo'pie

    Maybe I was tired too (damn allergies in the East) but I was so distracted by that ill fitting jump suit..I’m tall and lanky and not terribly well endowed so (TMI) I wear a padded push up bra to give the girls a boost. I kept wondering who told her that jump-suit looked good.
    That’s my whole take on the situation.

  16. Rose

    I can only take Kelly in small doses. I still believe she should be upset with the broadcast executives and not Michael. That’s my opinion, it wasn’t really his place to tell her and she’s blown the whole thing out of proportion by being unprofessional. She’s still getting a big fat juicy paycheck.

  17. SaraSally

    It’s my understanding that Strahan is leaving in two weeks, rather than in September as originally announced.

  18. Professionalism VS Personal … Kelly has been operating on ‘personal’ feelings, while Strahan has been giving us ‘professional’ duties.

    It’s being reported that Strahan is leaving early – last taping on May 13th…way ahead of the scheduled August departure date. Kelly must have wanted a ‘say’ in something. Maybe this was the executives ‘apology’ chip for her…to dismiss Strahan early.

    I was less-than-impressed with her entire scripted dialog. How sad for a women to want complete control of a show, Strahan’s future career goals & plans, and all ‘Live’ executive discussions to be cleared for her permission.

    She was acting like a self-entitled, jealous, woe-is-me victim. If a brinks truck pulled up to my driveway and gave me an opportunity and check of a lifetime, I’m out too! Real friends would have wished me well, not allowed this issue to blow up like it has. It’s great news that he’s leaving early…Kelly has managed to create a hostile working enviroment….I’m TeamMichael !

    • Lime Brain

      How was she acting like a self entitled, woe is me victim?

      She took one unplanned day off. She’s entitled. The other days were already preplanned.

      Management treated her like crap and they probably told her to make a speech.

      I don’t see any reason for having to take sides.

      • Really ? She didn’t show up to work the next day because she felt ‘blind-sided’. She let her feelings do the talking for her. I understand she had scheduled days off, but the next day was her ‘time to process the business’ decisions’ that was made without her knowledge and permission. Yeah…Woe-is-me !

      • Dee

        I agree Lime Brain. She said she didn’t want to come on the show and say something she would regret. Taking a day off was the smart thing to do. She knew she had back up.

    • swizzle

      Oh dear…unless you work there, you know nothing about the things you are saying. She wanted complete control of the show and Michael’s future and for all discussions to be cleared for her permission? Big leap there from what we know happened…he’s leaving, she was blindsided after the decision had been made and she took off a few days to regroup. Nowhere in there did she do anything more. People are just bitching because she makes a ton of money. Guess what, Disney makes more off the show than she does. Where’s your Disney hatred?

    • Sam

      Her name is on the frigging show. It’s HER show, along with him. To not tell her ahead of time, that her co-host and partner is leaving, is, IMO, disrespectful and fucking rude. She has worked hard to do a good job and the show has been successful largely due to he, like her or not. Yes, she has been well compensated, as is any host of a major network talk show. That doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be privy to what is going on on a show that carries her name, for Christ’s sake. I would be upset too. I can’t help but feel that if the situation were reversed, they wouldn’t have pulled this shit on Michael. And I think it’s more than we know, like her feeling they are putting her show behind GMA in terms of importance. I think she has every right to be pissed and I don’t think taking a day off was off sides. And as for him, if he truly “loved” her and they were honestly friends, he would have given her a heads up. They probably do hate each other. And so you know what, better he leaves now so they can get on with finding his replacement. Their chemistry is going to suck from this point on anyway. I don’t know how they expected anything else, really.

      • Sam

        And I would add, this is not about her fat juicy paycheck. It has to do with power and respect. She’s flexing her muscles, because despite acting like a dizzy fluff head on the air, she didn’t get where she is by letting people walk on her.

    • Daniel

      “She was acting like a self-entitled, jealous, woe-is-me victim.”

      I agree. I would’ve said “shallow, insincere, and painfully self-absorbed” but I like your description just as much.

  19. Sweet T

    I would have showed up, smiled and kept talking like nothing happened. But then I’m a shady bitch.

    • captivagrl

      Yes, that’s what I expected. But, it was so important to her that we all know that she received an apology. The ego with this one. The side stage talk, really Kelly?

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      Me too! My momma always said kill them with kindness. Or in the words of Beyoncé, always be humble best revenge is your paper. And we know Kelly is making plenty. She would have looked so much better if she’d just acted unbothered.
      Sidebar: I’d like to see Jenna Bush as her co-host.

  20. Lime Brain

    Sweet T, I like you’re way of thinking. :)

  21. Realityjunkie

    TT I believe they hate each other. It has been reported on my local news channel that he gave his 2 weeks notice after the show today. He was suppose to stay on until September. Hmmm….

  22. Toddy

    Just watched the clip of Kelly’s speech. Awkward – that sniper thing and that success together backhanded compliment. Good thing she didn’t do the show the next day, she was icy enough. Red jumpsuit was to look confident and powerful – no demure little sundress today. She probably is a diva – that standing there with the faux humility – but I can understand perceiving the situation as a threat to her livelihood…this was a winning formula. Off work today, so I’m tuning in.

  23. I watch this show as background noise, it’s getting old to me. I have noticed that it’s been looking like it’s been a gradual falling out to me. I put it on the day after the oscars to see who won since I totally forgot about it being on, and Kelly and Michael were there being interviewed by GMA to ask K &M who they were going to interview on their upcoming show – it was so obvious that my husband (who is oblivious to all things feelings-wise, especially on those on TV) said , “do they not see Kelly there, or do they hate her”? She had to interject twice to say “hello, I’m here. Michael never acted like she was there either…awkward.
    Kelly is a nice person, from Berlin, in south Jersey. I’ve spoken with girls who’ve grown up with her, and they say she is as she is on tv. If I were her, I’d take my money and go home , who needs this?

  24. Jessica White

    I thought on today’s show, Kelly was enjoying being rude to Michael. He was squirming talking about his ex wife and she was loving it.

    • swizzle

      I’ve noticed that Kelly is not working to have a smooth interaction with him. It’s obvious now how hard she works to keep the show on the rails most of the time. Without her doing that, Michael looks awkward and the show doesn’t flow. Michael also seems like a bundle of nerves. His speech is particularly bad this week.

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