It’s T- 2 hrs Until Lift Off With the Kelly and Michael Confrontation

kelly and Michael

Look how close we are! Oh wait, see that elbow behind her?

I am still up working and the sun is about to come up.  Bloggers works strange hours based on what is coming in. I still have a RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap waiting in the pipeline.  I super tired but if I go to bed now, I’ll sleep past noon. And in three hours and 45 minutes, Live with Kelly & Michael comes on and Kelly will be back.

I am completely mesmerized by this story. I was apparently completely duped. Back before my therapy sessions became a repetitive cycle of good advice I chose not to follow,  I mentioned that I was extremely intrigued by Kelly Ripa.  She is so damn peppy and happy everyday. I understand that is impossible, but day after day, for at least one full hour she gave Academy Award worthy performances of a perennially happy person. And nice. She seems nice. She has lots of friends. Very rich friends. Very rich snotty friends. Her GBF list includes Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris, and well, perhaps Andy Cohen was the red flag.  She was often out to dinner  with Muffy and Heather and Becky or whoever her childhood friends were. She’s self-deprecating. She’s married to a hot as hell husband who is aging well. They have kids that seem well-behaved and well adjusted. She hangs out with throngs of gay guys on yachts with her perfect family. The family vacations in Turks and Caicos every year. She has a very expensive house on the UES, and a giant place in the Hamptons. She is everything we want in a “real housewife”, er morning talk show host.

And she love, love, loves Michael Strahan. I mean doesn’t she? He’s charismatic and charming and bicoastal. He pulls out her chair every morning like a gentleman. He talks about his twins like a good father. They have “good chemistry.” He’s likeable, she’s likeable, they are Oprahesque in their ability to be normal people doing normal things just like us. Except they are Kelly is allegedly getting an eight figure salary and Micheal is getting a nice seven figures. They present a playful united front against Gelman. You know Gelman, the beleaguered show runner, the boss that likely less than the talent. Gelman, the real person that was totally blindsided who most needs a day off to day drink and watch a movie marathon on Lifetime.

kelly and michael cups

We are now three hours and fifteen minutes away.  I am fighting moths. I leave the back porch light on all the time and Banjo has eaten something he shouldn’t have. The moths are aware I have piles of cashmere in need of dry cleaning. We are at war.

So are Kelly and Michael apparently.

Some unconfirmed sources for other site say Kelly is a jealous bitch who was pissed that Michael started doing GMA. I remember Michael talking about filming for $100,000 pyramid and Kelly through some nice nasty shade at Michael for doing so many things.  I noticed some serious competitiveness lately when they had physical challenges on the show. Kelly would win often and Michael seems rather irked at times.  Other sites say it’s Michael who is the divo and that he can’t stand Kelly and wants to get away from her.  He wants to do other things. He’s tired of interviewing celebrities.

We are at three hours until the most watched episode in the history of Regis and Kathy Lee Regis and Kelly Live with Kelly and Michael. We have a new game of Who is Telling the Truth?  It’s a HUGE story in NYC and middle America. Not even the death of one of the biggest musical geniuses in history could kill this story. No one even knows what stupid shit Trump might have said this week was all about. Kelly is prancing out of her fancy pants apartment clutching a David versus Goliath book.  Michael is muddling through hours of live TV realizing that the show sucks without Kelly.

The really big question was asked by Andy Cohen on TMZ and the rest of America on social media, the world’s biggest office water cooler. Why in the hell do you leave a show with your name in the title and two very successful co-hosts who have been bringing the ratings to go to a morning news show with slipping ratings? GMA and Today show no mercy in sacrificing anyone in the name of ratings. Don’t believe me? Ask Ann Curry. Today is still trying to recover from that mistake.

I can tell you that Kelly Ripa’s fans are legion and well-placed. I’d bet on David in this fight with Goliath. And Goliath is Disney who just had a big ass kissy very special episode of Live With Kelly & Michael not too long ago.

And here is something interesting, Wendy Williams (I know but I believe this) said that Kelly was on her show and at the break she leaned over and said something about something going on with Michael that she did not disclose, and Kelly didn’t know about it. And Kelly made it clear that those two did not talk much off camera.

Two hours and twenty minutes until lift off. I really don’t know if I can make it. Banjo is out back eating grass again and not longer even trying to eat the pumpkin cure for his tummy issues.

I wonder if this is a GMA day for Strahan.

In 2010,  Kelly and Mark put their apartment on Crosby street on the market as a pocket listing which sold in 2013 for $20 million dollars. They more than doubled their investment less the extensive and expensive renovations.  They bought their current digs on East  76th for $27 million. They also paid around three millions for a secluded property in Southampton with a pool and putting green. A loss of an eight figure income would cause a major lifestyle change for the Consuelos family.

Banjo is back sleeping peacefully. Two hours left. I’m gonna have to watch this later. I’m running out of things to say and blogging can only keep me awake for so long. I have read that “ABC” apologized to both Kelly and Michael for how the whole thing went down. I think that Kelly will want an apology from the head of Disney. And maybe she got one, and some reassurances that she still has a job.  Strahan has supposedly apologized to her too.  See? David is winning. And this whole debacle happened because they underestimated the Kelly fans. Michael is going to regret this. He won’t last long on GMA.

I’ll chat with you hear as soon as I watch. Maybe I can catnap.

GMA is starting, and it’s all Trump all the time so far…


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22 responses to “It’s T- 2 hrs Until Lift Off With the Kelly and Michael Confrontation

  1. Matzah60

    This is fascinating and juicy news. I was an avid fan of Regis and Kathy Lee, but I wasn’t a real fan of Kathie Lee. It didn’t really matter because the chemistry between the two of them was real. Regis and Kathie Lee have remained solid friends since their departure from the show and they see each other once a week for dinner. Interestingly, Kelly, once a big soap star who was catapulted to fame along with a huge pay day has stated in interviews that she doesn’t see or speak to Regis since he departed the show. Can’t wait for the rest of your story!

  2. Cheychey

    With all the ego in involved I can’t see why you would want to go from being the big fish in a little pond to the little fish in a big pond. Like Andy said being 1 of 5 hosts jousts doesn’t sound like a step up career move. I guess of course the money was a motivation but it seems in the terms of longevity he had a better gig where he was. But with all the strife between Kelly and him maybe he felt he wasn’t going to be able to stick it out much longer.

    • Matzah60

      Along with the money, I think the shift from morning fluff to dealing with more critical news stories makes it appear that it is a more prestigious position for him.

  3. Auntie Velvet

    The only two ways this move would make sense to him is if Kelly and/or Gelman are making life a nightmare for him, or if he wants to transition to harder news (you mentioned fewer celebrity interviews). GMA could be a good first step for that.

  4. ? T minus 1 minute❗️

  5. @TT~ Sorry about Banjo’s tummy trouble. Try chic peas! A few months ago, one of mine was having issues in the middle of the night and I was out of pumpkin, so I opened a can of chic peas, rinsed them off and fed my pup about a handful of them…he thought he was getting a treat. The next morning, he was fine again. Lentils are great too. Mash them up and form them into a ball (this is actually how I feed turmeric paste to mine too). Again, he will think it is a treat. The fiber is what helps the tummy and like pumpkin, chic peas and lentils are great sources of it.
    I stopped watching GMA a couple of years ago. It has morphed into a morning version of Entertainment Tonight and crazy person that I am, I prefer news first thing in the morning. Plus, Lara Spencer made me want to throw my coffee cup at my TV and she is not worth wasting coffee.

  6. Natalie

    She looks pissed or at least uncomfortable.

  7. Cat

    Hahaaaaaa! I LOVE IT! Stick it to The Mouse, Kelly! Stick it to The Mouse! Meow!!!

  8. Lime Brain

    Kelli’s first comment about snipers up in the balcony was the most telling statement of the whole thing.

    She is pissed but she better stick to the Disney script or else.

    I noticed during her speech they never put the cameras on Michael.

    I can understand Michael not saying anything before hand to Kellie because he was under orders not to. Sometimes you can’t take the chance that someone will blab. He’s just an employee when all is said and done.

    What I do find fault with is management. He is going to be there for the next four months. What was the fucking hurrey to announce it without letting Kellie know first. And why did they have to do it just when she was going on her anniversary vacation and most likely putting a huge damper on it?

    Total lack of respect on management’s part.

    • My 30 cents that will likely get the snipers out for me. In regards to management. In the real business world things like this happen all the time and you may or may not be ‘in the know’ when you think you should. People get promoted, get laid off, leave the company and it is not a fact there may be very good (legal) reasons…that you’re not told until a time management deems appropriate. They’re management and your not. It’s their decision You’re just the talking piece and your replaceable. Would it have been nice to get a better heads up? Sure but again..not the way the world works. I find Kelly’s (alleged) stomping off and holding her breath unprofessional. If any of us acted like that in our offices we’d likely be fired and or a documented counseling session on our conduct. Grow up Kelly….get over yourself…and get on with you job …or don’t.

  9. FrostyTheOG

    Does Michael not remember what happen with Josh at GMA? That 3rd hour sucked. Big time. Josh pulled the same on Sam (and Lara). It was sad. Not saying this is going to kill Michael’s career or anything like that, I only tend to think he had a good thing going. It looked that way on the outside at least. I didn’t realize he was so loved on GMA and I do watch every morning, but stopped Live, years ago. Obviously GMA is shaking it up. Hopefully those Metamucil “Mercials” pay REALLY well? ?

  10. Rose

    I think Michael will continue to do well at GMA. Some of those GMA people should be concerned about their jobs since they’ve now got 5 cohosts. I still think Kelly is unprofessional in how she handled it…she gets no sympathy from me. So much for the peppy happy personality. No one was forced out like NBC did to Anne Curry just to keep Matt Lauer happy.

  11. Wallace

    I am rarely intrigued by eternally peppy people but instead annoyed and feel it must be disingenuous.

    Oh, but then I took a Myers Briggs-like personality test with my team at work and it turns out I am the problem! Apparently there’s a type for those of us who can’t believe that others are rays of sunshine all damn day. I about fell off my chair when I read the results. Very insightful.

    • Jane

      I took the same test. Fav line:” likes to work alone, wonders why others don’t feel the same.’ My famous person match was Nixon. Mmhmm.

  12. sarcasatire

    Andy Cohen is an idiot. Plus, need just defending Kelly.

    I’ll tell you why Michael left. Because the show runners want to cancel LIVE. They want to absorb that extra hour into GMA, so they places Michael on the other show before they cancel Kelly’s. That’s why she was angry. Not because Michael left, by because she knows what it means for her show.

    She then forced Michael to leave in two weeks instead of four months. Big mistake. Power play, sure, but his fans would’ve kept her ratings steady through the summer. Now, they’ll rise and dip according to the popularity of her guest host. Then people won’t will stop caring, and her show will eventually be cancelled. She’s too expensive for the ratings. Better to spread the wealth around GMA, make that show bigger, better.

    • tamaratattles

      You might be right because Kelly and Michael allegedly began feuding when he started GMA.

      That said, Michael going to GMA is sure to push another anchor out. I don’t think he will last on GMA. He was an idiot to leave a how with his name on it that was like a gift from the heavens for him.

      While I do think GMA wants the timeslot, I think they will just push Kelly to 10 if that happens. Having her go against Wendy Williams is not wise. Whatever one thinks about WW, she has a VERY LOYAL following. I record my morning shows, Because mornings. And I would DVR both but watch Wendy first as I do now.

      I keep hearing Anderson Cooper as being the shoo in for the slot. On WWHL I expected him to say he would not be able to do it because of CNN but he did NOT say that and seems interested. HE WOULD BE A FANTASTIC GET! That said, he had his own talk show and it did not do well, so who knows about the ratings.

    • tamaratattles

      P.S. Am I staying with you for the Olympics? Have you bought our tickets? My passport is expired and I keep waiting for a mental sanity/ good hair day to get my new old fucking lady photos. :(

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