WWHL With Thomas Ravenal and Cary Deuber

WWHL Thomas Ravenel
I just realized that Cary Deuber from RHOD is on tonight. I haven’t had a chance to watch that tonight because it took me so long to recap the hot pink hootenanny that Patti threw on Southern Charm tonight.  I guess this will take a while as it is much easier to only cover one person. Apologies if Cary gets short shifted.

Andy says that Kathryn has been tweeting a lot tonight and says that Thomas knows what to do and what to stop doing to see his children. Thomas has no idea what she means by that to hear him tell it.

Cary’s dress is gorgeous!  What kind of pants is Thomas wearing? I just wasted a lot of time looking for the name of the old man brand of pants they used to wear back in the day. I don’t think it was Haggar. Anyway, the joke would not be funny enough for the time investment at this time of night. Sansabelt! It looks like Sansabelt old man pants!


Does this shirt make me look sleazy? (2013)

Does this shirt make me look sleazy? (2013 Periwinkle Collection)


Andy brings up the Landon and Thomas sexual tension and plays clips of both Shep and Craig confirming a hookup on their visits to WWHL. Thomas is in full on deny, deny, deny mode. Why? He admits to all the others?  He tries throwing Craig under the bus in some weird sort of way.

We see clips from RHOD where Cary is….well very in touch with his feminine side. Andy actually asks Cary if her husband is “a little bit gay.” She says no. Moving on…

How does Andy not know what “bowing up” means. Is that really a southern thing? I thought everyone said that. RHOD looks like it was good tonight. But it is more poop nonsense.

Thomas is asked what about Kathryn attracts him. He says she is an amazing woman with a tremendous personality and they don’t always show that side on the show. He says she is sweet and beautiful and sexy.  He must really be missing those kids. Andy asks if he thinks they could get back together. He says no, their relationship is too combustible and the kids don’t need to be around that negative energy.

Thomas says his parents are not happy with his relationship with Kathryn playing out on TV. They think it is bad for the kids. Andy asks why he goes after Kathryn on Twitter so much. He says he thinks it is “more talortory” he has problems controlling his temper. He is clearly too inebriated to pronounce retaliatory. His BFF, Whitney says that Thomas needs “that thing you breath into on cars before you can drive them” on his Twitter account.  We all need that T-Rav. We all do. But what a ghost town Twitter would be then.  Andy says we are all one tweet away from getting fired or losing custody of our kids and then fake laughs. Oh, Andrew. Andy is a bit tipsy tonight himself.

Thomas asks why Patti hates Kathryn so much.  Thomas sort of does this drunken loud exhale thing and says he doesn’t know if he wants to “go there.”  He says to ask Whitney next time he is on the show. Has Whitney ever been on this show?

Clearly, Cary can’t stand Leeane.

Someone asks Thomas if he is seeing anyone and if not what he looks for in a woman. He says he is not seeing anyone at the moment. But Andy reads a tweet from Kathryn that says that Thomas has a 20 year old high school drop out practically living with him. She has posted video of herself rubbing her bottom on every countertop in Thomas’ home.  Thomas does another drunken exhale and says he didn’t know anything about that and he “doesn’t know who all these people are.” He making zero sense. I mean even less sense that usual. He is incoherent at this point. Someone asks when the last time he hooked up with Kathryn was. He said “probably back in December, why?  Is she pregnant?”

Shady Andy gave Kim Fields the Jackhole of the day for staying on DWTS even though her doctor told her she has a stress fracture in her ankle bone.  She says she can push through the pain because “she has had kids.” Andy say, “She has kids? I hadn’t heard!”  Oh the SHADE!


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27 responses to “WWHL With Thomas Ravenal and Cary Deuber

  1. Theresa

    Did Andy not give out gifts? If he di, I missed it and don’t want to watch it again. I figured Thomas would have gotten something really bad and Cary a camisole or something.

    Sansabelt slacks, beloved by grandpa’s everywhere.

  2. Gladyskravitz


    • tamaratattles

      THANK YOU!!!

    • More Tea Please!

      Beat me to it!

      • Mark

        I think they’re trying to make it a “trendy” feature. I have a pair of Gucci chinos, a pair of Brooks Brothers ones and a cheap work suit that ALL have the same front bit. I normally hide it with a belt though?

        Maybe they go in the bin. I wasn’t aware that they were modelled on incontinence slacks or something. Bloody hell…

      • tamaratattles

        Sorry dear. K. Cooper Ray pooh poohed the look as well. Check out his stuff. We’ll have you dressing like a Southern Gent in no time. He has books and everything. He can get you straight. If Gucci is making Sansabelt reminiscent pants, perhaps you should avoid them. At least in the States.

      • Mark

        I can only dress like a Southern Gent for like two weeks out of the year. Yaaaay Britain. I DO love a pocket square, I ain’t gonna lie…

        Ah, to be able to wear linen and sit outdoors with an iced tea and a bourbon… *wistful sigh*

  3. rebecca

    Theresa beat me to it – I also believe those are the famous (or infamous) Sansabelt slacks. For some reason, the person I always think o when I see them is Neil Diamond.

  4. Katie

    What does Kathryn care if Thomas is hooking up with a 20 year old? A few years ago, SHE was that 20 year old. It’s not like her and TRav were married for 20 years and now all of the sudden he’s having a mid-life crisis.
    And what is the point of including that said 20 year old has pictures of herself in the house where the two kids bedrooms are upstairs?? What does that have to do with anything.
    I was really starting to like Kathryn season 1 reunion- she seemed like she had matured a lot.
    Season 2- I liked her a lot and have her the benefit of the doubt when she had her little tantrums bc she was obviously being played by Thomas and just couldn’t see it yet.
    Season 3- I’m getting sick of her. I’m no Thomas fan, but the guy has shown that he just does not care that much about you! Grow up and move on gracefully. Aside from filming, why does she care so much if she’s excluded from this group? She does have a temper and can’t control herself when she gets upset. I don’t really blame people for not wanting to being around that at a party.

  5. therealdeb

    Woowho, question… What does “bow at me ” mean? Pacific Northwest here and have never heard that term.

    • tamaratattles

      When someone is “bowing up” (it’s usually used for a guy) it means…it’s kind of like manspreading from the waist up. It means to well bow up.. to expanding the space you are using picture like WWE wrestles kind of making fists and expanding their back muscles and curving their arms and well…. bowing up. lol. I know you can’t use a word to define a word, but I don’t think there really is a synonym. It’s an act of impending aggression, or a threatening behavior where a guy sort of flexes and you know bows up! When a female “bows up” especially teenaged girls, it’s more about taking off your earrangs and tying your hair back. When someone bows up it is a warning that they are prepared for things to get physical and it is an intimation tactic.

      I’m exhausted or I could explain this better.

    • Thanks, I’ve been wondering as well. It’s not a term I’ve ever heard used in the upper Midwest.

      • KaraW

        Didn’t know it in the Northeast either. Thanks! I was hoping to learn the answer here. In the 70’s it was Put Up Your Dukes, but now I don’t know what it would be. I heard my son say, “You wanna go?!” the other day and it cracked me up because I had just heard Jax Taylor say it on a VP Rules re-run of the fight in Vegas.

  6. JoJoFLL

    Yay, Sansabelts.

  7. i want to party with Kim Z

    I don’t understand how she can keep the kids from T Rav….and I think she is making it very clear that she is more than willing to use them to get what she wants. I guess I misspoke…. I don’t understand why he hasn’t taken her to court to get official child support decided so that he can get a true custody agreement set up. sure it will cost him some $$ but then it will be done with and he will have a leg to stand on. I really enjoyed watching him when he was a single childless sleaze ball…he seemed like he was really having fun and would probably be fun to be around but since season one he has just seemed like he is truly miserable…clearly regretting the last 2 years of his life and the horrific decision making skills he has displayed

  8. Jessica White

    Cary looked gorgeous!

  9. Cheychey

    I really have a soft spot for Katheryn even though she can be a little crazy. Maybe because a lot of women, myself included have been victims of a Trav. In our 20’s. Maybe not one 20 yrs. our senior but a scumbag no less. Most of us get thru it unscathed and without children. Often in the process though we act a fool and keep going back to said scumbag until we realize that he is an idiot. She to will come to her senses and grow up but the lines become way more blurred when your first love also is the father of your 2 kids. That makes breaking away a bit more complicated. Then you have that ideal of the perfect family confusing the situation. One of which he is incapable of creating because he is a cheating egotistical ass who is self absorbed.

  10. T D

    Whar’s up with the hand gesture? It’s that the universal symbol for…?

  11. Why was Thomas being coy about Landon now? He made it pretty clear this episode that they’d been together.

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