Southern Charm Recap: Birds of a Feather

Southern Charm Thomas

I’m number 2!

I’m still not sure I get why Kathryn lost her shit at the polo match. I guess she just wanted private time with Thomas, but driving all the way to Aiken just to have a hissy fit and leave is bizarre even for her.  Thomas doesn’t understand it either. He got pissed at Kathryn and told her he is not going to cosign her lease with her (which she doesn’t really need him to do anyway)  she got in a tizzy and had to go to the hospital.  Thomas conveys this to JD over coffee in JD’s mancave which is a completely separate structure out on the back 40.  JD is trying to let Thomas know that Kathryn’s illness and his sudden change of heart regarding her lease are awfully conveniently timed. Thomas says he doesn’t care, he now realizes that he needs to keep the woman who is carrying his child happy and as stress free as possible.  JD says that Kathryn’s current illness is not his fault. Thomas says he blames Jennifer! What the fuck?  Wait is this the girl that is suing Thomas and/or going to the press about how violent Thomas is and the time he accidently dropped the baby in the pool? Is that who that blond girl is? I’ll have to look in my archives.

Craig is actually going to sign up to take the bar. We think.

Meanwhile, everyone seems to be pressuring Cameran to have a baby. Why do people do that? If she doesn’t want to have a baby, why does everyone care so much? Cameran  now thinks she needs therapy because she isn’t ready to have a baby.

Patti is definitely going to use a vanity press for her “entertaining book.” She is going to take photos of 144 pink flamingo beer coozies and the giant pink plastic flamingo floating in a pool for this fascinating tome on  throwing party. She has also invented this thing called champagne towers. You may remember them from every wedding you ever went to in the 1990s.  To top off all the tacky, she has a fortune teller. I am not making any of this up.

Has Landon always been this annoying? I really tried to like her since she is from Georgia. But her put on accent from the valley is extra annoying to me this season. Jennifer calls Craig to let him know that Kathryn had a medical scare with the baby. Landon of course is agitated because this is interrupting her spa time with Craig.  Because it is Craig’s second day on the job, and after an exhausting morning filling out his application to that the SC bar, by noon he needed a spa break. Jennifer also notes that Thomas didn’t go to the hospital. Thomas told JD he did go to the hospital. Somehow this news is all about Landon and how Kathryn is trying to manipulate her. The fuck?

K. Cooper Ray

K. Cooper Ray

The Flamingo Party

What is it with these elderly women on Bravo with their penchant for pink, and giant inflatable flamingos?  Dear god, they have a whole flock of those stupid pink flamingos all over the back yard. Because clearly the beer coozies are not enough. Patti has a photographer take her picture for her book as she stands at the bar in such a way that it appears two plastic flamingos are growing out of her head.

Whitney is back this week, after a refreshing episode without him last week. He has apparently brought some Miss USA wannabe to the party.

FINALLY K, Cooper Ray is on the show. He was apparently holding out for a better contract. I know Craig is glad he got the deal he wanted as someone has to tie Craig’s ties.  Cameran arrives with a giant flamingo hat. At least someone acknowledges the farcical nature of the situation. There aren’t even PBRs in the beer coozies. Shep and one of his dates (he appears to have at least two) strip to their underwear and jump in the pool soaking poor Patti who was trying to get her future foretold, before the fortune teller her could utter the word, “limited.”

Craig tells Thomas that Jennifer said he didn’t go see Kathryn in the hospital. Thomas says that Jennifer is lying.

K. Cooper Ray confronts Patti about attempting to give him the cold shoulder for daring to be kind to Kathryn. Patti acts as if she didn’t mind at all and then in her talking head says that his friendship with Kathryn is “low rent.”  Did I point out that she is saying this is a pink muumuu while surrounded by dozens of empty pink beer coozies and plastic flamingos?  Because that happened. FINALLY, someone speaks the truth about the carpetbagger. K. Cooper Ray says that Patti is just jealous and bitter that Kathryn still has her beauty, her youth and her whole life ahead of her. And well, Patti is in her Grey Gardens years with her closeted  creepy son.  The bitch just called K. Cooper Ray a “poor man’s Truman Capote!”  What the hell does that even mean? Capote was one of the greatest southern authors of her generation. And mind you a man who should have written a book on how to throw a party. I can guarandamntee you he never stood in a pink muumuu on a lawn covered in plastic flamingos as if he had just invented the champagne tower. My God this women is deranged.

Cameran is having such a splendid time at Patti’s little hootenanny that she fell over into the ubiquitous  shrubbery.

Jennifer shows up with a headband with two bouncing pink flamingos on her head. Thomas hates Jennifer.  And Landon wants nothing more than to console Thomas. Because, gross. Jennifer is outed for lying about Thomas going to the hospital. She also lied to Elizabeth at the party about Kathryn not being upset with her.

Why is Jennifer on this show?  Craig and K. Cooper Ray could film with Kathryn. It’s hard to look as bad as Thomas on this show, but Jennifer succeeds with comments like, “He truly believes the shit that comes out of his mouth.”  Right after lying to everyone at the white trash party!

Whitney asks his elderly mother to throw Jennifer out of the party because she is upsetting his true love.

Next Week:  Landon throws Shep a birthday party at a skating rink. Despite being told to invite Kathryn, she does not. Also, the skating thing is really the most “not for pregnant women” sort of party one can throw.


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76 responses to “Southern Charm Recap: Birds of a Feather

  1. Katie

    Lauren Moser, Kathryn’s hairdresser, is the one who brought charges on Thomas.

    Jennifer hooked up with Thomas when Thomas told her that he and Kathryn were broken up (even though they weren’t) but Kathryn and her became good friends bc Kathryn saw that it wasn’t Jennifer’s fault bc Thomas had lied to her.

  2. B BELL

    You nailed it, sister!
    But I do like how Jennifer stood up to TRex. Funny how he can make such a mess everywhere he goes but takes no credit for it.

  3. alex1986

    I really think since Whitney is one of the creators of the show he is getting the other castmates to ice Kathryn out and not film with her. He obviously cannot stand her and I think he is jealous that she is one of the stand out cast members. I believe he thought that she would be hated and he could justify getting rid of her because of that.

  4. Wallace

    The Truman Capote line was mean and snide. Patricia’s trying to make the parallel between Truman’s years as the token homosexual gossipy best friend to the NY social elite of Slim Keith, Babe Paley, Lee Radziwell, etc. He was iced out when he wrote a thinly veiled tell all that exposed secrets they had confided. George Plumpton wrote a great book about it all.

    • SamaraO

      Good blog; I do think Snowden got a bit of a bad rap. She didn’t lie about TRAV. He wasn’t there when she was. I think with Elizabeth she was just in between a rock and a hard place. It is really hard to fathom why Elizabeth and JD cosign TRAV’s narcissism at 57. One thing that was obvious in his conversation with JSnow is that he is a classic gaslighter.

  5. Gracious

    Thomas is gross for certain but I don’t think it was appropriate for Jennifer to rattle Katherine’s cage about her confrontation with Thomas. I mean she went to the hospital because of stress. I like Landon up until tonight when she so grossly bitched about Kathryn supposedly crying wolf. She is f’ing pregnant and stressed!! These people are unreal. Yes, Patti please give us a sketch of your champagne tower in your book!! *big eye roll*

    • WillMii

      “You have to do it mathematically, you know.” LMAO

      • tamaratattles

        This was the only reason your comments went through. :) WTF was up with THAT? Your squares of glasses are decreased by one glass per side on the next highest tower. And you have to drink from coupes, which is just fundamentally the wrong glass for champagne. Flutes are the proper glass. GAWD this woman is an obnoxious yankee.

  6. bellabee

    At this point, I can’t stand any of the cast, well except for Craig. Landon’s voice is insufferable! Whitney was creepier than usual in tonight’s episode.

    • Gracious

      Agreed regarding Whitney. Can these men stop with the college girl thing? They come off so pervy!!

      • Miguel

        College girls make good beards, Gracious; as they aren’t worldly enough to notice that Thomas is the love of Whitney’s life, and perhaps vice versa 😉

      • FrostyTheOG

        Whitney is BEYOND butt-hurt that he lost Kathryn and Thomas. Then, to each other units top of it!? ? Could you even imagine Katherine and Whitney as lovers??? Accccck!

      • FrostyTheOG

        **Then to each other ON (not units) top of it**

    • therealdeb

      I totally thought he would try and make out with Thomas and all. He is just creepy, in a child molester way. Not that I think he is one, but he just gives a creepy vibe

      • elisabetta

        Honestly, he does. I have had that thought many times. Even tho, according to Patricia he is “absolute perfection.:

      • justmee80

        Miquel you totally hit the nail on the head, I think TRav and Whit are closer than we think, and Shep wants some Craig lol

  7. therealdeb

    Landon tries to do the dingbat i am so cute thing and it is very tired, the cutesy little girl voice is annoying when she giggle talks. Kathryn IS young, and she is under stress, and she is freaking hormonal… she will not be reasonable. Thomas is stupid, he saw youth and beauty and thought that could make him not so old because he is still trying to be the wealthy playboy and it’s not going so well. I do think those 2 love each other but are too crazy to deal with it in a mature manner. Whitney is whacked, and he is so in love with Thomas it oozes out his pores, as greasy as they are you can seeit. Cooper, i adore Cooper, and if Patti says he is a gossip then she is guilty as well because she loves that shit. When cooper said it was because Kathryn is young and beautiful he nailed most of it, and we know the other part is breeding and old south name. I do not understand Cameron’s need to suck Patti’s ass, I just do not get it! I love shep, somehow he makes the whole aging playboy thing work. He is charming and playful and loves women, you can tell.

    • Brittany

      @therealdeb I agree about Shep! He really is getting too old for this, but I love everything about him. The crazy smile and laugh makes me crazy smile and laugh. Shep also seems to tell the truth which is pretty refreshing with these guys. I hope he stands up for Kathryn next week as it appears in the previews.

  8. BKSweetheart

    I can’t stand Landon, she’s such a phony. Mean girl and a wannabe social climber.

  9. Sherrie

    Yes . . . I do believe that I can guess Landon’s fave color!!! PERIWINKLE!!! And, if I were a betting person . . . Whitney (who ALREADY loved periwinkle) must REBUKE his love for periwinkle . . . why all this over a poor color that did nothing to deserve such?? Landon is OBVIOUSLY in lust with T-Rav (while pining for true love from Shep); and Baby Whitney has been in love with Kathryn since the night she was too drunk to remember who she was with. This is as obvious as Patricia’s “butler” opening the door and leading you into the parlor to sit on the Mario Buatta chintz settee next to [a drunk at 10:00 a.m.] Patricia in a periwinkle moomoo . . Kathryn and Thomas belong together. That’s that. They love each other as much as they love fighting each other. If Kathryn can just drag it out a little while longer, T-Rav will be in an assisted living home and (let’s face it) beautiful Kathryn will barely be 40 (which by then will be the new 20), Patricia will be worm food, the T-Rav-ettes will be engaged to the English baby royalty (of about the same age) . . . and Katheryn will marry and eventually be the first lady. You heard it here first.

    NOW, INCLUDING PATRICIA (ESPECIALLY, PATRICIA) – can they miss a charity ball and hit a few high school grammar lessons? It seems there is a disease called “I”dio[t]pathic whereby you use “I” when “YOU” is correct because misusing “I” makes you think you are being grammatically correct, proper and elite . . . It seems to be extremely contagious — especially around housewives, but plays no favorites in the male/female Bravo world.

    Moral? I like Kathryn (even with the misuse of “I”) — and, with Thomas being so old and on his way out (like, really out), the children being extremely beautiful, Kathryn being lovely (and well-known), she will grow up and be the one to know. Craig may make it, but the rest are on their way to Gary Busey land . . . If Kathryn and Thomas would just be left alone — they would probably make it until he leaves for the home …

  10. More Tea Please!

    Thomas is coming off weak and pathetic. What an idiot.

  11. sevendays

    “Shep and one of his dates (he appears to have at least two) strip to their underwear and jump in the pool soaking poor Patti who was trying to get her future foretold, before the fortune teller her could utter the word, ‘limited.'”

    This made me LOL.

    • tamaratattles

      YES GAWD. I am going to try to watch my potty mouth since he is reading.

    • carolla

      YES! I was dying when he was comparing Kathryn to Pat – I wish he’d gone further. I wanted him to out Pat as a wannabe Southern aristocrat SO badly. Guess he is a true southern gentleman!

  12. Puddy

    Love all your comments, Sherrie!
    Poisonous Patricia was really throwing shade – also saying that she did not know how Craig’s gift was going to fit in with her 18th century Chelsea porcelain – while she stood knee deep in plastic pink flamingoes? (the price of Craig’s sticking up for Kathryn?) And I love Cooper Ray! I think he has great taste in parties, clothes and — people! He is starting to remind me of St. George bc his comments really slayed Patricia. I see so many women like her – old, wealthy, cold blooded, and sadistic to good hearted people, be they young or old, who do not fit their moldy “mold”. But especially wanting to destroy young, open hearted, beautiful women and in an sneaky, destructive way. Too bad T-Rav can’t deafen his ears to the Whitneys, JD’s, Landons and Patricia’s and just embrace Kathryn and his beautiful family and think for himself– for once! Kathryn will calm down once he marries her and gives his and her children the security and love they need. It is all these mean, hollow, snobby but totally classless people who are making Kathryn combustible bc they are destroying her chance at happiness. Wake up T-Rav and be a cavalier!!! and not a tool.

    • Sherrie

      Exactly — and, with all of Patricia’s party guests being under 40 (except T-Rav) . . . she’s like a dog. LIttle dogs bark and boss around the big dogs because they think they are the big dog (they don’t know what they look like). Patricia is short a few mirrors. I agree that Kathryn will settle — everybody does . . .

  13. k-slay

    “Patti has a photographer take her picture for her book as she stands at the bar in such a way that it appears two plastic flamingos are growing out of her head.” Dyyyinggg!!!

  14. Mark

    Who was the creepy lank, greasy-haired Whitney clone at T-Ravs House? He was clearly a Friend of Dorothy, and looked like The Childcatcher. One of Whitneys “LA Friends”?

  15. Meri

    Katherine’s behavior at Polo was just plan weird and made no sense. She is a mess and Thomas is stuck with that for the rest of his life. Kind of poetic justice. Landon is a nasty piece of work and not at all attractive. She has a flat nondescript face and an annoying voice. Patricia is hysterical…funny and sad and pathetic all at once. Whitney and his shit eating grin make no sense on the show and he doesn’t DO anything. Maybe T-Rav will give in to him when he runs out of teenagers and college students? I don’t care for Cameron this season and she isn’t the sweet narrator that she appeared to be in past seasons. I want to see her husband! I LOVE Shep and he is the only reason I watch this show (well, that and the Southern…CHARM. Are pink flamingos some kind of southern thing too? I saw champagne towers back in the 50’s so Patricia is really full of. Great recap…keep ’em coming because they really enhance the show and make it even better. I learn so much about the south reading here.

    • tamaratattles

      Sweetie, age card aside, I should point out that on every show you list all the people and why they all are horrid, horrid people. I’m just saying. Now you just end it with a random kiss up.

      Are you seriously feeling pity or something for Thomas screwing a very young woman and impregnating her TWICE????? COME ON!!!

      • Meri

        No, I don’t excuse T-Rav for being a total perv but I do think that Katherine should have used some kind of birth control. She knew what he was like and that he would never support her or be what she expected him to be. I agree with what you said about my style of writing on here but I honestly try to like these people. Then, I think of what they do and some kind of mind numbing dislike takes over! I guess the truth is that I DO like the shows or I wouldn’t watch them. I did stop watching the HW shows so I am capable of doing that. I like Southern Charm and the characters fascinate me. The southernisms are also fascinating since I am a yankee and know very little about southern living. I learn a lot reading here. I have to admit that my favorite part is the theme song!! No “kissing up” because I love your blogs. You have courage to say what I’d like to say and you know how to say it without caring what other people think….bravo for that. My generation (there goes that “age card thing), was taught to avoid confrontation whenever pospossiblesible.

  16. HappyGal

    TT OMG I literally just spit out my coffee laughing at THIS

    “Patti who was trying to get her future foretold, before the fortune teller her could utter the word, “limited.”

    Thank you!

  17. Twilly

    IIRC last week Thomas told Kathryn to come to his Polo match and then after the match they would take off alone for a family trip/day/weekend whatever. He never said the match would be a family event for just them. I don’t mind Kathryn but her behavior was insane especially in front of Kensington.

    And using her kids as a weapon is just awful.

    • Katherine 2.0

      I was surprised by her polo match behavior, too. After giving it some thought, however, my best guess is that being surrounded by T-Rav’s best buds was suffocating for her, knowing how all of them have advised him to turn tail and run. T-Rav is a follower, not a leader, obviously, and is very easily influenced by his friends.

    • I have learned to not even try and figure things out according to conversations we see. There may have been many other convos (or not) that lead Katheryn to think it was going to be a family thing. Bravo has learned to change things up in very clever ways to try to make us think as they wish. Sometimes I think there is some big megalomaniac (Andy?) at the helm who just gets a huge kick out of manipulating the hearts and minds of innocent viewers.

  18. Sherrie

    In next week’s preview . . . Kathryn asks Cameron to coffee where she is told she needs to just stay home and take care of her children. Landon and Cameron have been moved into the Whitney column in my book. (Whit gives me the creeps). Born and raised in the south, I want to let you know that acting the way they do is NOT acceptable.

  19. Katherine 2.0

    Whitney seems to be flying low this season, and putting his mom front and center to take up the slack. In his interview with Bravo after last season, it appears he clearly didn’t like the flack he got for being a douchy douchebag and is trying to redeem himself this season. He said he regretted being so “sardonic” and “snobby.”

    Patricia has taken up the baton, however. Ugh.

  20. Cheychey

    Landon went from like to loathe so quickly for me. Did she really say people go to the hospital all the time. So therefore nobody should care that a pregnant woman is there not especially the father of the child. She is a piece of work.

    • Ruthie

      I don’t like Landon either and think she wishes she had a sugar daddy so she didn’t have to worry about money again. She’s always feeling sorry for herself…whining that she is trying to find herself. She’s really saying she wants to be independently wealthy or wants someone to take care of her. But I love everyone else…in all their eccentricities. Theses just something very annoying about Landon for me…

      • Amy Lou

        I agree on the Landon sugar daddy thing and I can only assume California didn’t work for her because she’s insufferable and boring – not that it will take her far in the south but now she’s back home where people might feel obligated to tolerate her. I also get the feeling she’s not as much of a daddy’s girl as she’d like to be – even her father seemed bored with her and probably ready for her to either do something career-wise or remarry and become someone else’s problem. She was hoping daddy would open his wallet for her after golf and clearly he wants her off his payroll, which I completely respect.

    • Erica

      I think I hate her now because with just that one line, she reminded me of my friends’ stepmonster. She went after a married man (with kids), got him (because, yes, they should have never been married in the first place – but that isn’t the kids’ fault, and they both went into the marriage willingly.). Then she proceeded to pretend that her new husband was innocent – and wasn’t really married before apparently, and didn’t have obligations towards his children or their mother.

      I don’t know if Thomas went to the hospital or not – but she was totally making excuses for him as if he didn’t. People may go to the hospital every day – but the mother of her friend’s child doesn’t go every day. That was so fucking cold hearted. Children die every day – if something, God forbid, happened to either of Thomas’ children, would she say the same thing???

      • Kim

        Agree… I’ve seen many women like Landon. She appears to be sweet, innocent and lighthearted but she’s really calculating and jealous… It all comes out in the wash. Everyone will see her true colors eventually. Cameron is acting like an asshole as well. Not a good look.

      • elisabetta

        Cameran is getting season 3 disease — believing your own publicity.

  21. Miguel

    Hilarious recap, TT!!! I should’ve read this one away from the office, though – as nothing at work could be this funny; and, clearly, everyone now knows I’m goofing off!

  22. Lindsay

    Does anyone else think there is any truth to the rumors that Whitney and Kathryn had a longer-than-one-night affair? I swear I read something somewhere that talked about how she and Pat would have breakfast in the morning and were kinda friends and that’s where the total hate campaign started…
    That being said, I have no time for KD, and I do think she is manipulative AF. Who begs to be invited somewhere they aren’t welcome? I don’t enjoy being somewhere I’m not liked or accepted. Can anyone deny that she whips up a raging scene everywhere she goes? I can’t say I would invite someone who screams and goes bananas to a party…

    • Kathryn tweeted that she had been with Whitney for quite some time and had started having breakfast with Pat in the mornings. Pat replied that she always has breakfast in her room sooo. But I think I remember Pat having breakfast, or at least coffee, with some woman is supposedly seeing from Europe.

  23. FrostyTheOG

    Loved, LOVED when K. Cooper called Patricia out in his talking head (FINALLY) about her deep seeded Kathryn issues! Also, when Cameron fell flat ass backwards “trying to imagine Shep making love” I couldn’t stop laughing! That was hysterical, apparently neither could God? I really do have a feeling we are going to see our lil’ Shep fall in love. And soon. He’s changing. Despite the fact he has brought the same two dates to two events, last week and this week. LoL. How the hell does he get away with that?? A better question, WHY DO THESE CHICKS PUT UP WITH THAT SHIT!?

  24. tleighb

    Patti who was trying to get her future foretold, before the fortune teller her could utter the word, “limited.” Best. Line. Ever.

  25. Barbara

    The rumor is that Kathryn had a fit at the polo match because some of T Ravs friends were really into the white powder and she was upset because Kensie was there. Editing.

    • Sanny

      Oh that is such bullshit! She had a total meltdown before she even got out of the car. That is obviously a coverup to explain why she went ballistic over nothing. She should have calmly told Thomas what her issues were and have him fix whatever it was she was freaking out about. She is just nuts and I feel so sorry for her kids that are stuck in the middle of all that crazy.

    • B BELL

      VERY likely.

  26. Cheychey

    It really frustrates me to see all these beautiful young woman running after Thomas. If a middle aged man with a floundering minimum wage job and coke habit with no money that looked like him was dating he’d be lucky to pick up even a woman his own age who was drunk if he was the last guy there when the bar closed. Because he has a little money these girls fall into bed with him like he has the last room available at the Marriott on spring break.

  27. Jane

    I don’t get Kathryn’s blowup in Aiken. She brought Jennifer, he brought JD, each knowing their alternate would inflame the other. So much drama! Thought Landon… Most annoying person ever… Was unnecessarily brutal about the hospital visit.

  28. Marie

    I thought I was the only one with the thought that Landon is a c*** satchel, she along with Cameron, Whitley and Patricia. (btw Thank you TT for that word, it’s now a permanent part of my vocabulary).
    I understand why Kathryn left the Polo game/meet. 1)She thought they were going to have “family time”, because despite their tumultuous relationship she is in love with Thomas. 2) It could be, she felt that the other friends she made through Thomas have sided with Thomas, and despite having a child and a second pregnancy, they did not demonstrate care for her e.g. calling her to maintain friendship or see how she is doing.
    I love the comment from Cooper Ray, it was point on. Gosh how delusional (and annoying
    The cast of Southern Charm is an example that money cannot buy class.

    • Kim

      Kathryn is naive, young, pregnant and probably really insecure. She went in thinking she would have a family had false promises. I was married to an older man at that age (not as old as TRav ?) Its hard to not feel insecure and uncomfortable with people that are much older looking down there noses at you. May come off as a little bat shit crazy… Looking back at my age now the little things I may have over reacted to or got my feelings hurt are laughable but imagine having all that and then everyone watching Bravo having an opinion. Now Landon – shes irritating, mean girl and NOT cute at all… She has an obvious relationship going on with TRav and she can’t stand him expressing even the tiniest bit of of affection towards Kathryn – Can’t blame Kathryn – I would be pissed! Landons face, valley girl voice and everything thing else can’t stand. Loose her Southern Charm.

  29. tamaratattles

    Exciting news today! Patti tweeted someone that her NYC attorneys are suing me! Sadly I think that they are just billing her for some hours because I squashed this back in April 2015. But maybe she will check with them to see how the lawsuit is going. I know she would not be able to make the trip to Atlanta at her age, but I’d still like for her attorneys to fly down here. And of course she would have to be deposed by my lawyer and THAT would be fantastic. My attorney would be a great person to go to Charleston with. :)

    Let me stop dreaming this little dream. Clearly she is lying again. As she does. I think I sent the NEW YORK CITY attorneys my address so I can be served Should I resend? Should I wait for that Pet Taint site to do it for me?

    Is it too soon to start the T-Shirt designs? I’m thinking “Yankee Go Home” or Oh I don’t know. I don’ want to get too excited just yet. I know someone who I had a big blow up with a whose good graces I could get back in if I flew her in for the proceedings. She would DEFINATELY sit on Patti’s side though.,, bitch. :(

    • FrostyTheOG

      Love it! Patty got the “Bitters” in her morning Martini(s)!?

    • Lindsay

      Hahahaha you should be honored, as obviously you have struck a nerve. You should counter sue! Hope you’re perfecting the recipe for your Deposition Drink!

    • Lindsay

      Quel joke! Lawsuits are the highest form of flattery in your line of work, it usually means you’ve exposed a kernel of truth.
      I have a few recipes for Deposition Drinks if you’re interested!!

    • Tara

      TT- I apologize about the tweet. I got too excited. I kept thinking about seersucker suits, TT t-shirts, court room and dressing drinks.

    • jen

      She is such an awful woman.

  30. I am enjoying this show. The treachery and backstabbing is so over the top it reminds me of a night time soap (which I’ve always enjoyed). Every time I see some of these folks onscreen though, they set off little red flags for me:

    Patricia’s unusual pre-occupation with all things Kathryn is disconcerting. What 70+ year old socialite has all that time to be invested enough into a girl in her early 20s…invested enough to waste her martini infused dragon breath on publicly bashing her at every opportunity? To me it’s always reeked of “I see you in me therefore I must stomp you to maintain stature” aka Old Ram on the Hill Syndrome . Good on K. Cooper Ray for calling it. btw, that little comparison of Cooper to Truman Capote to me implies that she then is Babe Paley? Gloria Guinness? No M’am. Have several seats.

    Stevie Wonder could be blindfolded sitting in a linen closet and see that Landon has been rolling around in the sack with Thomas Ravenel. That child is clearly penis whipped and it oozes through every pore at the very mention of Kathryn’s name. How dastardly of Thomas to all but confirm it as he basically tried to pawn her off to the young gentleman in his home the night of Patricia’s party. The streets of Charleston sure do brim over with salaciousness!

  31. I keep wondering if Katherine’s Aiken blowup was about her suspicion that Thomas was sleeping with one of those random women drinking at his tent. She seems to have an irrationally strong jealous streak.

    And Landon’s vehement anti-Katherine stance (purely based on being dickmatized by TRav) isn’t a good look. She’s so pathetic I almost feel bad for her.

  32. coys pond

    cameran not only kicked katherine when she was down and looking for some support, but did it with a smile and with no hesitation. i liked cameran when she was the washed up mtv’s real world “star” with the work-a-day mom and humility around her cast mates who came from rich old families. she was the sweet, cute, middle class voice of reason in a sea of spoiled, drunk, lazy douchebags. maybe now that she has landed herself a successful doctor she feels like she is closer to being on the same financial footing as some of the others and she feels like she can throw her weight around and be mean without being shut out. she has turned rotten……being a shit to katherine was painful to watch, but her new status as whitney’s sidekick is truly sad to watch. whitney is probably the person i find most distasteful, rude and pathetic on any of the bravo shows….why cameran spends time with him and sides with him is puzzling. i guess she feels that patricia is someone who could help or hurt her real estate career in charleston and it is just a calculated move based on finances……really sad.
    landon i find very pretty…..period.
    she is totally self absorbed.
    she is jealous that the beautiful planation heiress katherine popped out two babies with t-rav while her own stock plummets and her eggs harden.
    in one segment you see her saying, with light flashing from her eyes, how she spent just, absolutely, her whole entire childhood, just, like playing golf with her dad” ….. cut to her with her dad at a driving range where she is so awful it truly appears she has played no golf other than putt putt mini golf behind a mall.

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