Carole Radziwill Is No Fan of Jules Wainstein

RHONY Carole Rad

Say what you will about Carole Radziwill, but she is one of the few housewives who writes her own blog and does it well. As we are trying to decide how we feel about Jules, Carole has filmed the entire season with her and has mad her assessment.  And she doesn’t hold back on het blog on last week’s episode entitled The Biggest Boob.

Here is an excerpt.

But if Ramona is the Double-D of boobs, Jules comes in second at Double C. Thing is, Jules is cute and nice and easy to laugh. She had me at hello, but she lost me somewhere between menopause and mom.

I must have missed the whole, “had you at hello” part. Because both you and Bethenny seem to have an agenda to imply that she is the one with the eating disorder.

I wasn’t even going to mention this because really, who cares? But from here on in I’ve decided I want to be offended…by everything. Offended that Ramona is offended that I was offended by her constant talking. Offended that Dorinda says Ramona and I can’t be friends. Offended that Bethenny offended Snoopy. Oh, yeah, and offended that Jules seems to have age-shaming Tourettes. These women could be my mom. They’ve gone off their menopause meds. The elderly. As the kids say, what up? It’s only the third episode.

Offended is the new black. It’s standing room only on that train.

RHONY Carole

I was going to let it go, honestly, I was. But I see a pattern, because later on in the season she insults my age to my unlined-face. At the time, I thought that was an isolated instance, a momentary lack of self-awareness, a brain-fart. We’ve all had them. Me included. But now I think she has a weird age thing.

It looks like we are going to hear her ageist thoughts every episode. Is she so dumb to think that the large majority viewers of the show are menopausal women?

What is surprising is that other than her hair flipping she doesn’t seem to be that much younger. We’re not talking different generations here. She’s generally cool on other subjects, so why all the slights about women’s age? Is she insecure about her own age? Or aging? Or maybe her ignorance of the meaning and origin of “Et tu, Brute?” the final words of Julius Caesar who Shakespeare immortalized in his play by the same name and not a movie? I thought it was charming.

You did not think it was charming. You thought it was hysterical that four grown adults with enough money to have summer homes were on TV murdering Shakespeare and showing their lack of education.

I suppose I could have been a teen mom. My mom had me when she was eighteen. I would have been 17 when I gave birth to Jules. I could have made that work, sure. Thing is, Jules couldn’t be my daughter. I would never have raised a daughter who made dumb sexist jokes about women. The same misogynistic crap we hear every day from men. The same misogynistic crap we hear from John in this very episode, first to Bethenny’s face, and then behind Ramona’s back. And menopause, last I checked, is a medical condition that affects two billion women in the world. Some women experience severe and debilitating side-effects. Is it okay to make light of a medical condition but not a mental health condition? In my opinion, neither is good.

Preach! And someone needs to tell Jules that pissing off gangs of menopausal women is not wise.

But it’s getting late, and I’m old. So as I close my lids, I have visions of college girls, binge-watching RHONY and rolling their eyes as Jules flips her hair and washes her hands in the ice bucket. Oh mom, you are soooo embarrassing.

I see what you did there.


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31 responses to “Carole Radziwill Is No Fan of Jules Wainstein

  1. jen

    Her blog and your comments are so on point. I love it.

  2. Sweet T

    I think ill buy this season on iTunes because you make it sound good. I never understood making fun of older people. Are you not going to get old?

    • FrostyTheOG

      New York is already highly entertaining this Season! 3 Episodes in and these people are nuts… in a fun I can’t wait until Wednesday night, kind of way ? I’m not sure how much iTunes charges, but I personally feel it is worth it! Under $10, then hell yes girl!

    • Minky

      A lot of people foolishly believe that they’ll be exempt from the ravages of old age. And then it happens to them and they try to repent. No! Too late bitch! It happened to you too. Bring on the botox/restyline/collagen cocktails!

      Sometimes age-shaming comments aren’t really about disparaging someone who’s older just because of their age, but the fact that they’re bitter about it, and maybe treat young people poorly because they rue their own misspent youths. Though, by the sound of it, Jules seems like the kind of person who doesn’t think that deeply about shit. So, like, whatevers.

      • Sweet T

        Whatevers. You bother convinced me. I’ll buy it now.

      • I’m absolutely not defending Jules (she’s an idiot) but I’m wondering if the agist comments are because she knows the ladies don’t take her seriously & she assumes it’s because she’s “young” when in reality it’s because she’s an idiot. Whew! That was a long run-on sentence that probably didn’t make any sense. Lymenopause!

  3. FrostyTheOG

    I LOVED Carol’s Blog this week, I enjoy them most weeks and am thoroughly glad she is back at them! That phone call scene between Ramona/Bethany and Jules and me dying last week… I could watch it on loop. It was hysterical. I’m not sure Jules will ever be “my girl”, but as Wendy Williams says “I can change my mind, that’s the joy of being a woman!” ⬅Totally a loose quote ?

  4. Gracious

    I love Carole, period. Always have. I also love reading her blogs. She is one of the very very few that I will read.

  5. TT great post.
    RHONY is my only constant HW show. It became better with Carole and now with Bethenny back.

    I’ve always liked those two and still do not care for Ramona. I recall her acting as if she was afraid of Brooklin and crossing the Booklin bridge. She acted like she would catch “the low class bug.” LOL

    Then there was Carole taking a after dark drive down Broadway (NYC) with the lights sparkling in a open convertible with her musician boyfriend. So cool.
    I wanted her life at that moment.
    That is what I expected from the HW shows, a peek at a dream.

  6. Lime Brain

    I have a feeling Jules is only going to be around for one season.

  7. JoJoFLL

    Like Meghan Edmonds, Jules doesn’t fit. She’s a good bit younger (isn’t she 33ish?), immature, and an actual housewife.

    I’ve always loved Carol.


    Jules lost me at the bra party with her shrimp/ice bucket freakout.

    • iKR? Then she blogged that it was ‘hilarious’. In episode 3, Bethenny was scooping ice into her drink from that same metal bowl. That twit could have given someone food poisoning or anaphylaxis. Or what if someone else was kosher?

      • Lime Brain

        Well, I would imagine that the people working the party would have replaced the ice bucket after it happened.

        And if for some reason they didn’t, those women had enough alcohol in them to kill any germs that were there. :)

  9. Larry

    This is shallow.

    If Jules didn’t comment on their ages I wouldn’t realize she’s younger. She doesn’t really look it, I’m kind of doubtful she actually is.

    Or maybe the others just look fantastic and well-preserved.

    • Emily

      Sorry the women even if they don’t look older are worse for wear especially Carole. Oh okay if I am honest it would only be Carole and Bethenny who actually look aged. The rest of them look really good for their age.

  10. sarcasatire

    The stiff forehead and taut face doesn’t make Jules look young, it makes her look like she’s trying to look young. Therefore, the ageist comments just make me feel second hand embarrassment. Like the, “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a Cool mom” type embarrassment. Kristen looked and seemed younger than the group…Jules just seems only a few years younger, not 17 years younger! Coquettish is not a good look; she should go for sophisticated, not for sorority girl.

  11. I see more of a newbie at the HW poker party – I see your eating disorder angle and will try to raise you with menopause comments.

    Jules loses the hand and game.

    Both Bethenney and Carol are waaaay better at this.

  12. Miguel

    I’m liking Carole more and more since Heather and Kristin (is that the model’s name?) have left the show… hollah!!!

  13. This post is pretty much the only good thing about today – it’s raining menopause in my world. “Offended is the new black” is genius.

  14. Amanda

    I wonder if Carole is feeling some kind of way because she has a much younger boyfriend. She is probably hyper-sensitive about age right now. I mean, she usually is cool, calm, and collected. She just seems really upset about this age thing.

  15. Cat

    Getting “old” is no picnic. But it beats the alternative.

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